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21 jan — 28 jan1
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R$ 3.464
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Voo de Rio de Janeiro Galeão Internacional a Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl
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Qatar AirwaysPontuação geral com base em 11340 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

I like the comfort. Food was ok, could have been lot better. Crew definitely needs assistance or training, very unprofessional

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I like the comfort. Food was ok, could have been lot better. Crew definitely needs assistance or training, very unprofessional

It's getting to the point in life that a flight in coach in those little seats for 9 to 15 hours is just too cramped. This was a packed flight with nearly every center seat taken. Good for Qatar airlines, which is a terrific airline, but its tough to ride in those little seats on long-haul flights

They did not let my uncle fly at all

Prós: "The crew was the best!"
Contras: "I wish food would improve in general on planes"
Prós: "Boarding was smooth."
Contras: "The crew were not attentive. I needed milk for my child but they never came back. Their food was HORRIBLE and only two choices and both spicy and tasted disgusting. Honestly the worst flight for me with Qatar airways"
Prós: "It was like flying in a Four Seasons but better."
Contras: "Boring movie selections. 80% Marvel films."
Prós: "The crew was exceptional! Seat was comfortable and extra seat not occupied next to me giving me extra elbow room also in addition to sufficient leg room."
Contras: "I would have a few suggestions but it would rise the price of ticket significantly. We got what we paid for."
Prós: "N/A"
Contras: "We were told to board, but then kept in another area close on 1 hour before we could get on the plane and this area had no bathroom facilities. The spread of seating on the plane made no sense with many open seats but also many squashed rows of people. The crew was visibly tired and irritated, they also ran out of a few catering items. It seemed as if last minute, a few different flights were combined into this one which lowered the quality."
Contras: "Delayed by 1 hout"
Contras: "More refreshments"
Prós: "the crew was amazing"
Contras: "Lights did not work, so diner was guessing whats was in the tray"
Contras: "Boarding by bus at Doha is lengthy and not very comfortable."
Prós: "Everything"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Staff was friendly and helpful, aircrafts were all comfortable, food was incredible. If I could only ever fly one airline again I would pick Qatar!"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "The crew was very friendly throughout the 7-hour flight."
Prós: "All good"
Prós: "Of all the flights and airlines I have used this was definitely the top of my list . The aircraft was clean , the crew were polite, curious, and attentive nothing was too much trouble. The food looked good tasted good and was plentiful. The pyjama were a nice added touch and very comfortable for the long flight. Flying into Cardiff airport was so good for my intended destination. I would certainly recommend them to others and many airlines could learn from their example.Well done and thank you"
Contras: "There was nothing I didn't like about this flight"
Prós: "Food and entertainment was fine."
Contras: "Crew was not very organized or helpful. Need more training/experience."
Prós: "It is so far a cut above the American carriers. There’s no way to compare them, because Qatar Airways is so far superior. The seats are far more comfortable and larger, the amount of legroom is far superior, you have much more personal space, and the craft is cleaner. Flight Attendants are fantastic! They provide excellent personal care, and are there for everything. They are supremely polite and courteous, and bring things in mediately. Very often anticipating your needs. This is what flying used to be like on United and American. But those people have completely forgotten what service is. Qatar is a 5 star airline. United and American, to my view, are 2 star at best."
Prós: "So many movies to spend flight time with great crew"
Contras: "There are couple things. First of all, it was cold almost for everyone: everyone used a blanket, and some people asked for a second blanket. Secondly, I think that if this airline became the best airline in 2017, staff should care about their passengers’ stuff more than they do, so backpacks or suitcases don't lose parts or get crushed during flights. When I got my backpack back, I thought that someone had used it to play football. My backpack had lost some parts, and some pieces of it were torn!"
Prós: "Food and flight attendants were excellent in Business Class"
Contras: "Sitting near bathrooms was a bit noisy and difficult to sleep"
Prós: "all nice"
Contras: "nothing but avoid bread"
Contras: "My seats from Doha to Mumbai were very uncomfortable....37EFG. The 37D was a pain stepping out and in."
Prós: "I enjoyed my flight,it was a smooth trip from Doha to Manila, the Cabin Crew received adequate training on taking care of people, as a professional nurse who is use to taking care of others ,I see someone else looking after me and I really appreciate their efforts. Shortly before we landed at Manila, we were informed that in order to meet international flight rules and regulations that insecticide will be sprayed we were advised to cover our nose,as a medical personnel I see it not good cos it can trigger an Asthmatic attack in a known asthmatic patient ,it was a lovely journey"
Contras: "I enjoyed their meal and services wanted to be Oliver Twist"
Prós: "Everything"
Contras: "Everything"
Prós: "I was already travelling 5000km so I didn't notice anything"
Contras: "Turbulences ... but it's ok."
Contras: "Qatar airways should allocate separate seating for families. The crowd was generally composed of labour from Qatar and other middle eastern countries making the flight an unpleasant experience. It felt like going to a factory shift at 4 in the morning."
Prós: "Good food and services"
Contras: "Boarding slow and luggage too strict"
Prós: "Good service but need to improve food quality and quantity."
Prós: "Small airport"
Contras: "Transfer is inconvenient."
Contras: "Screaming children; not the airliners fault"
Prós: "Very Good Company"
Contras: "My flight was delayed almksr 3 hours...nothing more. It's very frustrating because the problem could have been avoided if they were more careful but oh well. I'm making this review very short compared to my others because I know that if I start on a rant, I won't stop. Trust me, I'll safe that for the phone call complaint I'll be making in a few hours..."
Prós: "Cabin crew including the ground staff were awesome in providing best of its class customer service. Food and entertainment onboard was really good."
Contras: "The flight from Sao Paulo to Doha was canceled which delayed our travel by 24 hrs. With the baggage being mis-labeled from Rio we almost lost our bags. the crew was not communicative and the entire experience terribly stressful."
Prós: "All"
Contras: "None"
Prós: "Food OK"
Contras: "Massive delay over 15 hours! I was shocked. Once arrived, also luggage was delayed ADDITIONAL 7 hours"
Contras: "Food"
Prós: "We had requested wheelchair assistance. And the way helper was assisting us its not professional services. Which Qatar Airways promissi g to us."
Contras: "Helper was literally dragging two whelchairs at a one time. Means two passengers sitting on two different whelchair was pulled by one helper. I actually want to share video with airline so they will understand what they are promissing and what they are providing to their customers."
Contras: "Poor service, didn't get to sit with rest of our party, food average, overbooked flight, no room for luggage storage."
Prós: "The flight went fairly smooth, the staff were courteous and the food was as good as can be expected of airline food. There were several courses and options, which is always appreciated."
Prós: "For the first time, my vegetarian food was pretty good and I didn't have an upset stomach as soon as I landed in India. It was a miracle for me. Thanks, Qatar airways."
Contras: "The seat was uncomfortable as usual, I am in my 60s. But most of my economy seats are somewhat the same, so no difference."
Prós: "Good service from cabin crew"
Contras: "Seat is quite small compared to other flight"
Contras: "The legroom is ok but the space between two seats is very tight and felt very cramped throughout."
Prós: "Crew was friendly."
Contras: "Catering not up-to the standard. Ran out of food. Seats too congested"
Prós: "I had a great experience with overall trip."
Contras: "I was not very impressed with hostesses service. on the second leg of the trip. The boarding process was not organized at all. We have zone numbers but people just boarded at first come first served basis"
Prós: "TImings"
Contras: "Price"
Prós: "One of the best flights in the past 5 years! 5 gold star service!"
Contras: "Wonderful friendly and helpful crew and check in staff. Excellent food and service. On time departure and arrival. Help with bags during the check in process."
Prós: "Entertainment"
Contras: "Food"
Contras: "While boarding the flight from Dubai to Houston, no one announced about family boarding. About a quarter of the flight had boarded before we decided to get in the line ourselves, and they took us in without any questions. It would have been better if an announcement for family boarding was made. The Dubai to Houston crew could have been more friendly and welcoming."
Prós: "plane is comfortable and business class bar is great"
Contras: "Boarding was a mess and food is terrible"
Prós: "Entertainment, punctuality, helpful crew"
Contras: "Food"
Prós: "The overall experience was good."
Prós: "Nothing. Missed the flight as the crew directed us to the wrong gate"
Contras: "Support staff"
Prós: "Everything"
Contras: "No need for improvement"
Contras: "They ran out of non-vegetarian meals, which is not acceptable. The seats were rather narrow"
Prós: "Crew was ok Food was good Seats were comfortable"
Contras: "Overall was good and we definitely travel again"
Prós: "New york dubai seats were very comfortable. Dubai mumbai were okk. Crew was very pleasing"
Prós: "reached before schedule. giving passengers enough time for getting off board and give them a little extra time in hand."
Contras: "flight attendant responsible for boarding the flight was rude. he gave unclear instructions creating confusions. the flight interior was average/below average. really inferior quality compared to other emirates flight."
Prós: "Latam could not issue a boarding pass at Santiago. This led to long waiting at Brazilian immigration checkpoint. Not having a Visa kept me.from entering the immigration and security wont let me in without a boarding pass. security supervisor had to contact Emirates ground staff who escorted me."
Prós: "entertainment options"
Contras: "They ran out of chicken for the back part of the plane so we all had salmon"
Prós: "In general, everything as expected, some crew members were even extra nice."
Contras: "When checking in, they were quite slow and they didn't seem like they wanted to be helpful. Some crew members were not as helpful as when we were going to Brazil, and even the way they communicated the rules was not always very nice, but not rude either."
Prós: "Excellent service"
Prós: "Food, staff, flight"
Contras: "Cabin luggage limit, too long layover"
Prós: "We went almost 4hours without water served"
Contras: "Had "summon the crew" light on for 40 minutes, no one showed up"
Prós: "I like the most........ very comfortable take off n landing .... special compliments to the captain.... I specifically told this to an airhostess"
Contras: "Everything was good"
Prós: "Good aircraft. A 380"
Contras: "People carried a lot of hand luggage and the overhead bins were crammed"
Prós: "Good selection of food"
Contras: "Having to listen to everything in both English and Arabic"
Prós: "Punctual on Time. Clean Cabin. Nice Crew"
Contras: "They should be little flexible in timing for serving Dinner, as it happened, they served Dinner as soon as the Seat belt sign was switched off, at that time it was 4 pm local time. Since we were not ready for Dinner we suggested to bring it after an hour, which they declined stating that once they take back the trays it can not be served again."
Prós: "Flights on time /comfy seats and crew"
Contras: "One particular airhostess was little rude ..too much wait time in Dubai"
Prós: "Airbus was comfortable. Entertainment was really great."
Contras: "I wish there was more legroom."
Prós: "Clarified baggage guidelines should be provided on the eticket. Due to lack of communication and clear documentation, i have paid approx $200 in excess baggage at the time of checkin"
Contras: "Baggage policy cimmunication"
Prós: "Every thing was good"
Contras: "No food for vegetarian"
Prós: "Leg Room"
Prós: "380's mostly comfortable serious entertainment system and well trained,efficient ,friendly staff."
Contras: "During flight from San Fransico to Delhi,flight was to changed at Dubai for Delhi.There was no information on board as new the "gate no" at Dubai for Delhi."
Prós: "Comfortable seat"
Contras: "I was inzble to select vegetarian meal on ypur website"
Contras: "Overall handling of delay and missed connection flight was disappointing. The meal voucher that was given was of no use. Absolutely disappointed with the overall handling of the situation that day."
Prós: "The cabin crew"
Prós: "Felt at home"
Prós: "Boarding"
Contras: "Late take off"
Contras: "Sat next to a man who smelled terribly like alcohol. He then ordered and was served a small bottle of wine... I'm not sure he should have been allowed to board or served more alcohol. He was not causing any disturbance, mostly slept, but smelled awful I had to turn my head the other way and would have liked to move seats."
Contras: "I did not get the seats I selected when booking"
Prós: "Console"
Contras: "Late take off"
Prós: "Comfort, friendly crew, excellent service. Good food"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Pleased with everything."
Contras: "My baggage was ripped and the material inside was damaged. Never expected that from Emirates."
Prós: "Wow totally worth it. I'm now spoiled by how fantastic this airline is. Entertainment, service, food, and comfort. If emirates is flying to my destination I will for sure use them."
Prós: "Nothing !"
Contras: "Security staff did not know English and asking ladies passengers to remove bangles which was impossible."
Prós: "Overall experience was good"
Contras: "Up grade with new movies. When I was booking the flight I choose my seats. But they at the airport they change the seating and separate the family."
Contras: "The plane was very messy and not well kept throughout the flight. The fight attendants expressed levels of frustration with passengers as if we were bothering them. Me and the the passenger next to me lost picture during a movie that were watching and had to have our monitors reset."
Prós: "The service, entertainment and food were all excellent."
Prós: "Food , entertainment"
Contras: "Seats very compact"
Prós: "Warm hospitality and excellent service during connecting flights."
Prós: "good."
Prós: "Y"
Prós: "Great enterteiment, spacious seats and great service"

Overbooked flight. No seat for me. I had to stay extra day because of it. No customer service available for a whole that time. I spent 3h trying to get in touch with them. No luck.

Prós: "Comfortable and Clean"
Prós: "The incoming pilot to Nice parked at the wrong gate and apparently, once parked, it could not be moved. So the airport had to scramble buses which made the flight depart more than an hour late. We had a 50-minute layover and Lufthansa did not hold the plane. So we got home a day late."
Contras: "They could have left Nice on time, or held the plane for us in Munich."
Contras: "The bathrooms really needed more care in this trip, VERY different from my trip to Brazil."
Prós: "It was really nice having the bassinet for our little one."
Contras: "My wife encountered a rude attendant after simply getting up and asking for water."
Contras: "The plane was delayed"
Prós: "Crew was helpful, food was good"
Contras: "Seats could have been better"
Prós: "excellent crew"
Contras: "seats could be wider and seatbealts cud be wider"
Contras: "Lufthansa lost my luggage. Still waiting in my hotel."
Prós: "Very amazing"
Contras: "N/a"
Prós: "Comfort and space"
Prós: "Good leg room in aircraft and comfortable seating."
Contras: "My checkedin baggage did not reach the final destination and was delayed by 24 hours. Further, when my baggage did reach, one suitcase was damaged. Did not expect this from Luftansa."
Contras: "The boarding gate has too little space and was chaos."
Prós: "Good service, decent food, nice entertainment options and it's nice not to feel like the airline thinks it's doing you a favor by letting you fly with them."
Prós: "The flight was on time. The cabin crew was helpful and very friendly and the food was the best we have recently had on an international flight. The entertainment selection was enormous and spanned the realm of all venues."
Prós: "The food and crew were great.."
Contras: "There was a four hour delay due to a malfunction on the plane in Frankfurt. Upon landing in Atlanta there was no gate to deplane from so we had to sit on the hot plane for over an hour (still sitting as I’m writing this)."
Prós: "Live TV"
Contras: "Good quality"
Prós: "nice sevice"
Contras: "I asked a bald headed steward for an additional chocolate and he said he was saving for first class. come on poor customer service"
Prós: "The seats were spacious. I loved the options for viewing, klistening, etc on the tablets attached to the seat in front of me. Great service from the flight attendants. Lots of food service & drinks. Thankful for sitting close to first class."
Contras: "I would have preferred an aisle seat. Difficult to get out of the rows without everyone having to get up."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Everything"
Prós: "Crew we're very efficient and courteous."
Contras: "Seating comfort.The seat from Frankfurt to Mumbai was not very comfortable. The assigned seat didn't recline. Had to change seat but the old aircraft seating comfort was not up to business class mark."
Prós: "Flight crew, including air-hostesses were very polite, accomodating, and helpful. Entertainment system consisted of a big screen LED."
Prós: "Comfortable seats. On-time flight."
Contras: "Entertainment system difficult to use. Vegetarian food was mediocre at best."
Contras: "Food Seats"
Contras: "Worst hospitality. Asked for water, never came to serve. Had to remind and call couple of times."
Prós: "I did get my meal request for the 2nd leg."
Contras: "Food quality on Detroit - Frankfurt could have been better. About Frankfurt airport: the security check (between gates - for going to gate for connecting flight) was in-efficient. A single agent working while multiple other agents idle nearby. Processing speed was slower than other European & US international airports."
Prós: "It was a good flight. Crew, boarding, food were good."
Contras: "Very narrow seats."
Contras: "Travellers"
Prós: "I enjoyed just relaxing, eating good food, drinking as much quality alcohol as I pleased and having all the entertainment I could ask for"
Contras: "The entertainment system could remain active till the actual opening of the doors. Why not?"
Contras: "Rude staff and poor connection management. Airport sucks."
Prós: "excellent service."
Contras: "I always feel that Lufthansa short changes passengers for the flights to the East. 2 tiny washrooms for business class passengers. Toilet lids non- functional. The flat seats are definitely not comparable to ones for travel in the Western Sector."
Contras: "Less leg room"
Prós: "1. Good choice of movies. The entertainment recommendations by airlines were well thought of. 2. Crew and service was one of the best. They timely came and offered juice and water. 3. We were well informed when flight had to make few rounds in the air before landing."
Prós: "Boarding is efficient. Flight very smooth."
Contras: "great crew"
Prós: "I just love flaying with Lufthansa Airline, absolutely love it! Everything starting from customer service to blankets is great quality."
Contras: "The food could be better tobut I was pleased with the service"
Prós: "Good flight, nice crew"
Contras: "2,5 hrs delay, no bus available despite boarding started"
Prós: "I liked the food - especially vegetarian options."
Contras: "There was very limited vegetarian food available, should have been amply available. The crew was running around to get more veg meals."
Prós: "New planes but staff not friendly"
Contras: "Food was terrible. Definitely need to increase food budget and quality. Compare with Emirates about same fare much better food and drinks."
Prós: "Nice flight."
Contras: "Delayed flight."
Prós: "The friendly crew were good."
Contras: "Insufficient legroom, limited drink options and dirty toilets. The flight was booked completely and hence the toilets were always occupied and unclean."
Contras: "Food was served burning hot, and nobody came over to collect the trays in for minutes"
Contras: "Awful customer service once out of the airplane. It took 2 hours from landing to get our luggage. Just terrible. How many times can someone hear a generic announcement about luggage being here momentarily? This left a very poor impression of Lufthansa overall for me and everyone in my party."
Prós: "Very comfortable sleep Crew attentive"
Contras: "Food not worth the first class ticket"
Prós: "The onboard staff worked throughout the trip taking care of the passengers."
Contras: "The plan was over 4 hours late leaving and we had to board an Airbus 380 with buses. There was never any clear explanation as to why the flight was delayed."
Prós: "WiFi, entertainment and USB charging was good."
Contras: "Felt herded like cattle during the boarding process. No children's amenities as advertised. Children's meal was so-so. Adult meals had chocolate included, which children's meal did not have. Seriously?! The snack provided was all inclusive for adults and children and was way too spicy for my 6-year-old."
Contras: "The seat that I paid for was taken from me by Lufthansa without explanation or a refund."
Prós: "Everything except food"
Contras: "My family took a flight earlier and my daughter complained about giving chicken to her although she was registered asian vegeterian. Same think happened to me as well. I was offered chicken even when i asked for asian vegeterian. When i asked to replace with vege option, the crew member replace with sea food, If this happens again, on my return flight, i am not going to let it go."
Prós: "Good service, clean airy aircraft"
Contras: "Boarding in Munich not well organized for business class passengers as it could be"
Contras: "The quality of vegetable roll served was absolutely not upto the mark. And when asked for an alternative such as a bread bun with butter .. that too was denied. For a long flight this small things make a lot of difference in the customer satisfaction."
Prós: "Seats were very comfortable. Plane interior was in new condition, including electronic window shade tinting."
Contras: "Staff was not particularly warm or attentive. Was never offered more to drink, and after asking for more wine was ignored."
Prós: "The crew from Kili to DarEsSalam was tired. A fresh crew worked from DarEsSalam to AMS and they were great."
Contras: "The boarding process was chaotic. The passengers in the first boarding group had to fight through the crowd because there were no boarding lanes."
Prós: "The crew tried to be helpful but were equally frustrated with the ground crew."
Contras: "Follow your own policies. Allow people to board (economy plus) with their hand luggage who have followed all the rules and chosen a seat in the front of the plane. My daughter and my KLM approved baggage were taken by the boarding crew while allowing other passengers to go with more than allowed"
Prós: "economy plus seats were nice, great movie selection, especially international movies"
Contras: "crew was not friendly, i had to ask for water many times, usually water person walk the aisle. food was terrible. other carriers food were better"
Contras: "Flight got cancelled"
Prós: "Fantastic gate agents!"
Contras: "The food was terrible."
Prós: "Yes"
Contras: "Everything was good"
Contras: "Don’t be late"
Prós: "Reasonable space in economy class seats"
Contras: "Staff hurrying us up 40 minutes before departing and threatening to take our bags out of the plane in case we didn’t board then. I had to leave my coffee and run."
Contras: "Staff rude and short"
Prós: "The crew is really welcoming"
Contras: "The seats are too narrow and a bit too hard"
Prós: "Entertainment was amazing"
Contras: "Seats a bit hard"
Contras: "This was just a short commuter flight from Lyon to Amsterdam for connection."
Prós: "Crew was fantastic."
Contras: "This was the most narrow airplane seat I’ve ever experienced. So uncomfortable."
Prós: "KLM staff is great"
Prós: "My seat at the window was great and the staff really friendly and courteous!"
Contras: "The check in desk was late opening & the carry on luggage size was smaller than advertised on their website, so it had to be put in the hold. Open on time to prevent less stress to travelers & give more accurate information about cabin luggage."
Prós: "The crew were amazing and the flight was very smooth."
Contras: "Keep up the good work"
Prós: "Friendly and efficient crew. Flights were on time if not even early."
Contras: "My suitcase didn't come with the airline."
Contras: "Trouble checking in regarding a visa issue?.. no other trouble at the other airports.."
Prós: "Friendly crew! More legroom, good entertainment and food was great! Smooth landings pretty much on time."
Contras: "Boarding could be better"
Prós: "Nothing to mention"
Contras: "Crew was rude when I asked if there was a vegetarian option for the snack. I did request special meals for the trip. Even if they did not have a vegetarian option, they don't need to be rude!! Boarding was ridiculous. we were supposed to form a line and wait. Would have been a lot better if they boarded by seat numbers. Also they made me check in my fairly small and light carry on bag resulting in its contents arriving broken!"
Contras: "Our lougage did not arrive"
Prós: "Good flight, very attentive crew."
Prós: "Easy flight; loved the crew and their friendly customer service. Great food, kept everyone hydrated and fed."
Contras: "The movie options, as well as music and TV options were limited. There were no electrical outlets."
Contras: "Food had only vegetarian choices. No charging place and ambiance was noisy"
Prós: "Easy to board and easy flight."
Prós: "The cabin crew was so kind, efficient, and attentive. All meals and snacks were delicious."
Prós: "Everything excellent. Comfortable seats in business."
Prós: "The leg room, was surprisingly roomy"
Contras: "The food and that there was no entertainment."
Prós: "Great"
Contras: "Great"
Prós: "Fabulous trip with friendly, helpful staff"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Food was just fine, movie selection very good"
Contras: "Uncomfortable seat cushions, lights were truned on too early (1.5 hours before flight landed)"
Prós: "Boarding was quick, Flight on time....just a regular service and plane"
Contras: "Terminal 3 Manchester is not worth staying longer then necessary, loud music, crowded....old"
Prós: "Just great crew."
Contras: "Not comfortable at all and will not book KLM again."
Prós: "The cabin crew were good. They explained what the arrangements were for the delayed flight connections"
Contras: "The plane wasn't refueled and so was not ready for take off once the passengers were loaded. The plane had a technical problem when it tried the first take off and so it had to be abandoned. This was alarming.."
Prós: "Nice seats, comfortable."
Contras: "Again, no aisle seat for SkyTeam Gold member. Also, my baggage was lost. First bag arrived a day late, second after I had left Billund and it was six days before the bag with my clothes reached me. I was told I will have 100 euro credit for clothing, but in the winter and for 6 days, this was not even close to the amount I needed for clothing and necessities, to have my time here."
Prós: "Excellent experience with the cabin crew."
Contras: "Seats on the 777 were too narrow. This 777 had a 3-4-3 seating arraignment, it would have been better with a 3-3-3, similar to a 787 configuration. With the current layout, even with an aisle seat, I was sitting in the aisle. And I am not a large person! The flight was full, so use the 787 and two daily non-stops. For a twelve hour flight, the food was only Okay, could have been better and with a better selection. Meal timing was poor."
Prós: "Cabin crew very pleasant"
Contras: "Lost our bags, little sympathy from staff"
Prós: "Boarding/unboarding"
Contras: "Didn't allow my carry on. Said too big. Same bag was on earlier connecting flight on much smaller plane. Also on flight on Southwest week prior. But larger intercontinental flight wouldn't allow it."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Flight from Amsterdam was 2 hours late. Caused me to miss connection on train from London to Leeds which then cost me 124 pounds to rebook. No information was forthcoming at all at the airport and there were 3 different departure times given. Absolute chaos. The airline is a joke"
Prós: "Everything was good. The crew was very friendly and attentive. The plane was comfortable, with great entertainment on the personal screens. The food was delicious. Flight was on time and actually arrived early, but then we had to wait for a gate (not the airline's fault)."
Contras: "No complaints at all."
Prós: "The staff and crew"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "delayed"
Prós: "Flight unpleasant. Ground staff in Marseiile great but gate crew didn't control carry on baggage and many of us could not use overhead bins because of passengers who stowed more than one and often oversized suitcases above, so we and many others had to place carry on suitcases under seat. Attendant on plane totally unhelpful and could have rearranged a few bags to make room but preferred to stay in back of plane and talk. To be fair, rest of flight was pleasant although late due in part to boarding issues."
Contras: "Carry on baggage issues and storage on plane. One aloof and unhelpful member of flight crew."
Prós: "Special treat for King's Day Friendly crew"
Contras: "15 min late boarding 30 min delay leaving the gate Very little leg room"
Contras: "seats on Jet air flight are very uncomfortable"
Prós: "Short flight friendly crew"
Contras: "Good flight nothing to complain about. Was spoiled by the entertainment choices on the longer flights."
Contras: "Our flight from Nairobi to Lusaka was cancelled for some reason and we did not find out until we happened to log into the website to double check our itinerary. They automatically rescheduled the flight only giving us 25 minutes to reach our next flight...impossible. so, after calling, we were re-booked again and forced into a 13 hour layover in Amsterdam. Our original flight plan had 4 hours. so, because we are a family of 7 with a baby, we had to buy a hotel room to rest, costing us a lot of extra money we had not planned to spend. We contacted KLM for help with the cost but were rejected. We also lost 5 bags somewhere between Chicago and Lusaka, but after 2 days, we received them."
Contras: "Not to have 2 distressed cats on board meowing non stop for 10 hours."
Prós: "Clean plane , good crew ,"
Contras: "they didn't load my baggage from flight 1 to 2"
Prós: "Easy boarding, entertainment"
Contras: "Crew was not very friendly on bot departure and return flights. Will make me reconsider Air France in the future."
Prós: "The crew and the food were great!"
Contras: "The seats weren’t very comfortable. You could tell the plane was a little dated. There was no WiFi and nowhere to charge your devices."
Prós: "The crew was OK, but nothing special."
Contras: "Air France should not sell tickets for which the connection flights are almost impossible to catch. My luggage was not transferred to my connecting flight. I had to run to catch the flight to Bucharest. At CDC there were only two custom officers for checking passport of EU citizens, on a Saturday morning with hundreds and hundreds incoming travelers. On top of it, one female officer was rude. Typical french :("
Prós: "Na"
Contras: "They have a terrible communication problem, they never communicated why the flight was late, they never communicated what they were doing or what was happening. Bad customer service. Bad communication with the client. They told us when I asked several times that we would not lose our connection and that everything was fine and that was not the case. We lost the connection. No one told us anything. Another problem was that the girl in the boarding process removed the suitcases tickets from the boarding pass and did not want to return them, and held it without any cause. The flight staff went looking for us. Pretty sad and disappointed by their service. I understand that they were causes outside the airline but must communicate to the client. They cannot remain silent and say nothing."
Prós: "Cops is always a good reason to flight"
Contras: "They always change the gates, also too many disorders in the gate previous the boarding process, the process it is not clean. They took hand baggage aleatory to send to down and do not ask if we have fragile stuffs there."
Contras: "Comfort plus seats need some work. Very thin padding on a hard seat. The leg rest needs to come up higher so you don’t slide down while semi reclined. Nice compromise between business and coach though."
Prós: "Good selection of movies."
Contras: "Had to use a shoe horn to get into and out of my seat and I'm not a large guy. But really my harsh criticism comes from the loss of my girlfriends luggage. It was left behind in Paris on our way to Casablanca causing us to waste a day in Casablanca traveling back to the airport the grab the bag the next day. And to add injury to insult her bag was left behind in JFK during our transfer for our flight to Seattle. No big deal right, Delta will deliver the bag to our house the next day, wrong, we were told we have to go to the airport ourselves to get the bag."
Prós: "Perfectly on time, no hassle, seat OK. This is the way I appreciate a flight."
Contras: "Food. No choice, three "madeleine" (sweet) cookies for all, no sugar-free (salty) alternative..."
Prós: "Entertainment system"
Contras: "Awoke to find ill man laying on floor in aisle next to me with oxygen. Shortly after... Passenger in seat near man on floor (diabetic but no one tells us anything) needs to lay across four seats with oxygen for heart issues for remainder of trip with staff and doctor on board nearby. Nevdr informed what was happening, never offered to move our seats or move iIl passengers. Glad all turned out ok. Could have given them more privacy and better informed other passengers."
Contras: "Seat angle adjustment was not the most comfortable for sleeping."
Prós: "The crew was excellent and surprisingly the seats were comfortable."
Contras: "I think more attention should be paid to cleaning the plane and eeek, there was no liqueur in economy class. Music selection in entertainment should be wider too"
Prós: "Excellent service"
Contras: "Couldn’t understand announcements"
Contras: "Seat was super uncomfortable. Could not fit in my legs at all, could not recline it enough. Maybe sufficient for a one hour flight, definitely not on an intercontinental flight."
Contras: "Flight was delayed by at least an hour leaving Paris - a regular situation I experienced with AF."
Prós: "Flight was on time."
Contras: "Food could have been much better in comparison with other airlines."
Prós: "Over all pretty good for price."
Prós: "The plain was ok, the crew really nice and attentive. The only “problem” would be the food, mostly for the breakfast that was awful."
Prós: "En deux mots, tout était médiocre, avion, « nourriture » (si on appeler ça comme ça) même les hôtesses travaillaient avec une sale gueule.. Très déçu d’Air France"
Contras: "Le capitain et l’aterrisage"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Missed flight due to lack of direction, last minute gate change and they shut door in our face after telling us they were holding plane"
Contras: "Entertainment screen did not work; in neighboring seat it could not be switched off when we wanted to sleep; sourly employees everywhere (re-booking counter an exception); food close not being edible and cold; I forgot my watch on when going through security in the Air France terminal; when I started to say "sorry" I was yelled at by the screener who said that she will do the talking; she sent me back through the scanner twice without my watch, then once more with the carry-on and made sure that I went to the end of a very long line to wait for another screening rather than having me just go through the scanner without my watch. Needless to say, there was nothing else suspicious about me once the watch was removed. Eager to exercise her power, the security person did not seem to consider that she slowed down a long line of people waiting to be screened. I should add that I am 73 yrs old grey haired female who has traveled a lot both for pleasure and business during my entire life, often to some difficult places and that I do not argue with or provoke those in power in a situation like this. The yelling and the sending me repeatedly through the scanner, which did not beep once the watch was removed, was beyond anything I had experienced anywhere else. The sending me to the very end of the line seemed outright spiteful. (I did miss the plane connection.)"
Prós: "Great food (Economy class). Good Service"
Contras: "Not enough bathrooms on Economy class area due to aircraft design."
Prós: "Nothing."
Contras: "Everything. The crew seemed to skip over me and my husband multiple times. So we sat there with garbage the whole flight. My entertainment was broken and they had no solution but giving me $30 to use at the duty free shop the same day as the flighty. I paid extra for premium seating in an exit row and that was their idea of fair compensation. The crew ran out of vegetarian food so I didn’t eat anything but cold stale bread. The crew was non-existent most of the flight."
Contras: "It is very difficult to get around CDG airport with a disabled person. There is no shuttle. By the time we got to check in, we were ten minutes late. They would not check us in, and we paid over $700 to change tickets to the next flight. When I complained, I was told to stop being rude or I would get no ticket at all. My mother is 94 years old and we did the best we could given the circumstance."
Prós: "Personnel"
Contras: "Nothing"
Contras: "No offer of snack with no egg in it."
Prós: "The airplane was modern, and the crew very good. Nice, service oriented and in general trying to make the flight experience as good as possible."
Contras: "The flight was very late. I lost my connection. My bag was lost and unable to recover it so far (after more than 24 hours). About to initiate the next leg of the trip with no clothes or any idea if my luggage will be recovered."
Prós: "The crew was super friendly and always gave the feeling that they want the customers to feel comfortable and enjoy the flight. One of the crew members even offered me to move to an emergency exit seat (without me asking to move) because I am tall. Amazing!"
Prós: "Boarding for BUsiness class was fine. Seating was cramped."
Contras: "As I said in my rating, seating was cramped. Food was mediocre. Crew was pleasant."
Prós: "Faster"
Contras: "Waited a while before take off."
Prós: "The service was very professional."
Contras: "Everything went well."
Prós: "The crew and flight was faultless"
Contras: "We were not advised of a flight number change or checking in location change. This could have resulted in us missing our flight."
Prós: "Food and service was good and price was acceptable"
Contras: "Very long route"
Prós: "Great hospitality. Champagne as apero, cognac as digestif. Excellent on board entertainment. Comfy pillow and blanket."
Prós: "Nothing."
Contras: "They loosed our reserved seats, our luggage, food was awful, ground staff was disrespectful."
Prós: "In cabin crew was attentive and friendly. Food was good and came at good times. Middle bathroom on Airbus 380 was big and comfy."
Contras: "Boarding was not too well organized and I followed Security's direction who put me in wrong line and I wasn't able to board with my priority group. Sitting in exit row with no floor storage so this delay made it hard to find overhead storage above my seat. (Grrrr) Entertainment system didn't work which made the flight feel LOOONG. (They offered an in-flight credit, but I'd paid for premium exit row seat and had to choose between moving to working system in crowded middle seat or keep premium, exit seat. I decided to have them move me to a seat with a working entertainment system, which were available and they'd offered, but never happened.) When I got home, I discovered the gift I purchased with in-flight credit and my own money wasn't the one I'd requested from Duty Free catalog so now I have to figure out how to solve this problem. (COULDN'T GET IT RIGHT.) Premium exit row seat was narrow, due to in-seat tray table & entertainment system, but seatbelt mounts and thinly padded seat made it even more uncomfortable on a long flight."
Prós: "The food, entertainment, and service. Waited for me after almost missing my flight."
Contras: "Nothing."
Prós: "Smoothness of flight and service"
Contras: "In a french airline, chinese-cuisine meal was more attractive than western. Unbelievable! Entertainment: films were either too old, or too uninteresting"
Prós: "nothing"
Contras: "very old planes we waited 1 hour to drop our bags as their belt had an issue we had to pay extra 70 pounds to reserve a baby cot on the plane"
Prós: "The check in process was much better in the CFG airport than SFO. Very organized."
Contras: "The food was mediocre on this flight. The seats also are surprisingly uncomfortable."
Prós: "the food"
Contras: "no room for legs"
Prós: "Friendly people on board"
Contras: "Crew was not very responsive. It would take over 45 minutes for them to respond to a customer call. Plane landed and we were kept on runway for 1.15 hours and crew only checked in with us twice during that time. People were panicking regarding missing their connections"
Prós: "Crew and boarding, not much else to talk about. Late for take off, but made it on time"
Contras: "Late leaving and arriving."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Everything. AF changed seats without authorization or notification, separating a mother from her 3 year old daughter. Their entire attitude was "nothing to be done, now board plane and leave" no compensation was offered, nothing done to remedy their mistake or rude behavior and treatment"
Prós: "Great food, pleasant crew."
Contras: "Comfort economy okis seats are wide, with good legroom, but did not recline and hard as a rock. Entertainment system hard to use, finding movies very tedious."
Prós: "Loved the lovely food and wine from Air France, they even serve fresh french bread with camembert, ice cream, champagne (in economy) and brandy with your coffee!"
Contras: "The cabin on the 777-200 was far too hot (about 25c) and with no individual air vent I found this unbearable on a 12 hour flight. And despite the flight taking place entirely during daylight hours and leaving at 10:30 am, inexplicably we were made to all pull our blinds down and the lights went off after a couple of hours - in the middle of the day and for about 8 hours! So although I had paid for a window seat there was nothing to see apart from the window shade. As it was the middle of the day I could not go to sleep, the person in front of me reclined fully so for me the flight was a hot, claustropobic, dark hell. An utterly miserable experience. I felt like I was going mad, trapped in my own little cell."
Contras: "Poor communication. Did not know was airfrance the booking was completed with Austria airline. In the ticket was not the information. Also, airfrance could not find me in their systems I was late to board the plane. Terrible messy and confusing time for me."
Prós: "After riding in premium economy for the 8 hour flight we had, this one wasn't the same. No tvs, way less leg room, we were able to have a window seat which was great for my sister since before we didn't have the window seat option. The snack was good also."
Contras: "After riding in premium economy for the 8 hour flight we had, this one wasn't the same. No tvs, way less leg room."
Informações sobre a COVID-19

Medidas de segurança das companhias aéreas que voam para Mumbai

Companhias aéreas que voam para Mumbai implementaram medidas de segurança adicionais e ajustaram suas políticas para melhor acomodar os viajantes. As políticas variam de acordo com a companhia.

Higiene intensificada

Limpeza diária e filtros HEPA a bordo em voos para Mumbai

Máscaras obrigatórias

Máscaras obrigatórias e fornecidas a bordo em voos para Mumbai

Distanciamento social nos assentos

Assentos do meio não disponíveis para reserva em voos para Mumbai

Exame pré-voo

Teste de anticorpos e triagem de sintomas em voos para Mumbai

Cancelamentos flexíveis

Sem taxas de alteração. Pesquise voos flexíveis para Mumbai

Reserve passagens baratas para Mumbai

Ofertas recentes de voos de ida e volta

1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
22h 20mGRU-BOM
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 10mBOM-GRU
R$ 5.551
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
37h 25mBSB-BOM
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
40h 25mBOM-BSB
R$ 5.557
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
22h 15mGRU-BOM
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
32h 45mBOM-GRU
R$ 5.745
2 escalasLufthansa
44h 20mGRU-BOM
2 escalasLufthansa
35h 10mBOM-GRU
R$ 5.750
1 escalaAir France
24h 25mGRU-BOM
1 escalaAir France
23h 15mBOM-GRU
R$ 5.844
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
24h 25mGRU-BOM
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
30h 55mBOM-GRU
R$ 5.965
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
45h 05mGRU-BOM
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
29h 40mBOM-GRU
R$ 6.076
2 escalasLufthansa
25h 45mBSB-BOM
3 escalasLufthansa
40h 35mBOM-BSB
R$ 6.412
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
29h 50mBSB-BOM
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
36h 10mBOM-BSB
R$ 6.423
1 escalaQatar Airways
19h 40mGRU-BOM
1 escalaQatar Airways
19h 30mBOM-GRU
R$ 6.782
1 escalaQatar Airways
19h 40mGRU-BOM
1 escalaQatar Airways
21h 10mBOM-GRU
R$ 6.793
1 escalaQatar Airways
39h 15mGRU-BOM
1 escalaQatar Airways
19h 45mBOM-GRU
R$ 7.190
1 escalaEmirates
40h 35mGRU-BOM
1 escalaEmirates
27h 10mBOM-GRU
R$ 7.350
1 escalaQatar Airways
21h 20mGRU-BOM
1 escalaQatar Airways
19h 45mBOM-GRU
R$ 7.665
2 escalasEmirates
29h 15mCWB-BOM
2 escalasEmirates
26h 35mBOM-CWB
R$ 7.676
2 escalasKLM
23h 50mGRU-BOM
1 escalaKLM
24h 00mBOM-GRU
R$ 8.338
2 escalasKLM
23h 50mGRU-BOM
2 escalasKLM
61h 20mBOM-GRU
R$ 8.537
1 escalaAir France
24h 25mGRU-BOM
1 escalaAir France
23h 15mBOM-GRU
R$ 9.387
2 escalasAir France
24h 50mGRU-BOM
2 escalasAir France
44h 50mBOM-GRU
R$ 9.530
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
39h 40mGRU-BOM
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
36h 35mBOM-GRU
R$ 15.368

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida

1 escalaAir France
23h 05mGIG-BOM
R$ 3.438
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
46h 25mGIG-BOM
R$ 4.442
1 escalaQatar Airways
21h 40mGRU-BOM
R$ 4.536
1 escalaQatar Airways
26h 00mGRU-BOM
R$ 4.542
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
29h 40mSDU-BOM
R$ 4.547
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 04mGRU-BOM
R$ 4.751
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
39h 00mGIG-BOM
R$ 4.889
1 escalaKLM
43h 20mGIG-BOM
R$ 4.895
1 escalaKLM
42h 05mGIG-BOM
R$ 4.917
2 escalasAir France
26h 50mCGH-BOM
R$ 4.939
2 escalasAir France
27h 30mSDU-BOM
R$ 4.950
2 escalasAir France
30h 05mGIG-BOM
R$ 4.955
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
29h 35mGIG-BOM
R$ 4.978
2 escalasKLM
23h 50mGRU-BOM
R$ 5.016
2 escalasUnited Airlines
37h 20mGRU-BOM
R$ 5.033
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
44h 10mCGH-BOM
R$ 5.270
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
25h 40mGRU-BOM
R$ 5.805
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 30mGIG-BOM
R$ 6.385
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
37h 44mGRU-BOM
R$ 8.151
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
40h 00mGRU-BOM
R$ 21.052

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Ofertas recentes de voos nacionais

1h 35mBLR-BOM
1h 45mBOM-BLR
R$ 315
1h 25mHYD-BOM
1h 35mBOM-HYD
R$ 353
diretoAir India
1h 55mNAG-BOM
diretoAir India
1h 45mBOM-NAG
R$ 359
2h 10mDEL-BOM
2h 05mBOM-DEL
R$ 397
1 escalaAir India
3h 45mDEL-BOM
diretoAir India
2h 15mBOM-DEL
R$ 419

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Voos para Mumbai


Mumbai (BOM)Índia

Ofertas de voo de volta:

Mumbai - Brasil

Classe de cabine:

R$ 4.513

Descubra aeroportos de origem:

R$ 6.423
R$ 7.488
R$ 6.512
R$ 8.288
R$ 6.793

Descubra destinos:

R$ 6.423