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18 jan — 25 jan2
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  • Procurando passagens baratas para Seattle? 25% dos nossos usuários encontraram passagens para Seattle por preços iguais ou inferiores a: Só ida de São Paulo por R$ 6.473 - ida e volta por R$ 4.631, só ida de Fortaleza por R$ 6.830 - ida e volta por R$ 6.152, ida e volta de Curitiba por R$ 7.367
  • Reserve pelo menos 5 semanas antes da partida para conseguir um preço abaixo da média.
  • Considera-se alta temporada os meses de abril, maio e junho. O mês mais barato para voar a Seattle é abril.
  • Insira seu aeroporto de origem preferido e suas datas de viagem nos campos de busca e descubra as ofertas mais recentes de passagens para Seattle.
  • Seattle é um importante polo econômico e turístico do oeste e noroeste dos Estados Unidos. Quase na fronteira com o Canadá, a cidade é servida pelo Aeroporto Internacional de Seattle-Tacoma (SEA). O Sea-Tac, como também é conhecido, fica a cerca de 25 km do centro da cidade, e você consegue ir de um ponto até o outro de ônibus, no serviço Metro Transit. Os veículos circulam 24 horas por dia e a passagem custa cerca de $ 3 (R$ 14). Outra alternativa é o Link Light Rail, uma espécie de VLT que custa aproximadamente $ 2,75 (R$ 13) e cuja estação fica no terminal 4 do aeroporto.
  • O aeroporto de Seattle é um hub importante de ligações aéreas da região, portanto conta com uma boa estrutura para os viajantes. No aeroporto, você vai encontrar serviços de câmbio, bancos, lojas de diferentes perfis, duty free, lounges para descanso, restaurantes, bares e mais.
  • A chegada a Seattle é um espetáculo à parte, uma vez que a cidade está localizada em uma região de montanhas e às margens do estuário de Puget. Na ida para Seattle, escolha um assento do lado esquerdo do avião para aproveitar as melhores vistas. Já na volta, o lado direito oferece a experiência visual mais interessante.

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DeltaPontuação geral com base em 30282 avaliações
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The seat back entertainment screen didn’t work at my seat. Staff was great.

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The seat back entertainment screen didn’t work at my seat. Staff was great.

The plane was hot. my seatbelt was too small; of the 4 planes we were on on this trip, this was the only belt I had a problem with. The in-flight entertainment screen was not responsive so it was stuck on one movie the entire flight. This experience was very much unlike any other Delta experience.

Airport experience is exhausting. Extremely long lines for check-in and then even longer lines at TSA. Hand sanitizer stations are almost all empty and in the mens room, people are crowding together to get soap from one dispenser that has just a bit left... flight was no better than Southwest Airlines, and it took over an hour for the bags to start coming out. Delta bag claim attendant just said, "I don't know what's going on with them, just wait a bit longer".

As with the outbound flight, this return flight was not full - maybe 40-50%. As they started boarding they announced they located a few people the help with 'load a balance' of the aircraft. What they had done was to compress all passengers in the middle of the plane leaving no space between anyone. It is difficult to understand why everyone is required to wear Masks, then relocated to remove all space between passengers, when there was ample room to allow everyone to be seated with space between.

Great service during the pandemic.

As a silver medallion I don’t know how to request upgrade and when I call delta I have been on hold 3 times for over 2 hours each and can’t reach anyone.

Pilots found a smooth flight path! Wowza!!

Prós: "We flew from Anchorage to Boston via Seattle. If there had not been a delay in Anchorage, the flight would have been excellent. However, there was a mechanical problem earlier in the day with a plane to Cincinnati. Our flight was scheduled to leave Anchorage at 4pm, but Delta decided to take our pane from us and use it as a substitute for the original but nonfunctional Cincinatti plane. A ridiculous decision. The Cincinnati people already had missed all their connections, but now all the Seattle people missed theirs as well. When we finally got to Seattle 3 hours late (just before midnight), the desk agent said that Delta had no hotel rooms for us and also no hotel vouchers. We thus had to find a room and pay for it on our own. The next day, we had been rescheduled to Detroit and then on another flight from there to Boston. The flight to Detroit arrived nearly 30 minutes late, and we just barely made our connection. Had we missed it, we would have had to spend that night in Detroit. Delta did its best to keep the two of us together. On the Seattle-Detroit flight we were on opposite sides of the aisle in the same row, but that was in a row right behind a bulkhead, making it easy for us to walk over to each other. On the Detroit-Boston flight we were next to each other. Both flights were completely full, so Delta must have made some effort to keep us together as well as possible."
Contras: "Delta should not have made the dumb decision to take the Seattle-bound plane and use it as a substitute for the malfunctioning Cincinnati plane. Delta should have provided accommodations for the stranded travelers once they arrived in Seattle."
Prós: "The crew members were nice and didn't bother while sleep when giving out snacks & drinks (I've had this done to me before, annoying). Plane was comfortable because it wasn't packed, so was able to have a seat empty in-between me. The entertainment offered was really good, the connecting to the Go-inflight WiFi was a bit difficult, but no biggie."
Contras: "Crew was abrasive and put off by people asking for service. Monitors had to be rebooted 3 times. Ran out of water and snacks."
Prós: "Crew is amazing and friendly"
Prós: "Super comfortable and inflight entertainment was amazing"
Contras: "Space on airplanes"
Contras: "Flight into Seattle delayed, flight out of Seattle to Minneapolis delayed flights out of Minneapolis to Bismarck delayed. Ran from gate F to gate c24 arrived at 10:23 p.m. Slight to the park at 10:25 p.m. and they closed the door on me as I was running up there. Ran across the entire terminal to get there and they would not let me on. Last Flight of the night to Bismarck. Missed my uncle's 90th birthday party. Would not give me food voucher. Delta gate agent told me she would lose her job if she did not close the doors 8 minutes prior. However the Minneapolis flight waited for 15 minutes for people to board that plane. How does that compute? Why would they not wait 3 minutes for me rather than pay the money to put me up in a hotel?"
Contras: "Miniature candy bars are not sufficient for an hour and a half flight."
Prós: "On time"
Contras: "Flight attendants not friendly"
Prós: "Food was so good. Crew was also very nice."
Prós: "Every one but the gate agent at Detroit going to Seattle at 7:40 loading time on 4-11-19. She was mean and curt and would not get my seat corrected I had to sprint for at least a mile to even make it. We landed the same time they were boarding"
Contras: "The attendants on the Detroit to Seattle flight suggested I go talk to the gate agent to get my seat corrected. They said the flight was not full. So I did. To be greeted again by the mean agent you told me to take my rear and get it on the plane that the attendants didn’t know anything"
Prós: "Good service"
Contras: "Video system locked up at my seat"
Prós: "Crew and generous pours of wine"
Contras: "The food was at best edible"
Prós: "The flight left on time and arrived on time, crew was pleasant and helpful."
Contras: "I am over 6 foot so comfort for me isn’t possible. It was an older aircraft so the seat monitor was of the older version but it did work and helped to pass the time while I was in my no leg room seat! I am NOT over weight! With turbulence there was only one opportunity for inflight beverage service."
Prós: "Good snacks. Nice crew. Nice seats."
Contras: "Pay WiFi? JetBlue does it for free.."
Prós: "Boarded and left JFK on time and arrived 15 minutes early to Seattle. Love DELTA."
Prós: "The nice staff and entertainment options."
Contras: "I usually fly delta and have a great experience - unfortunately my flight from Detroit to Seattle was not. To start off, i was flying with two other people and we were not able to get seats together, and the whole seating process with delta is really difficult even when I had called weeks in advance to see if they could try and seat us together. I understand with main cabin tickets you can only choose your seat as you check in, but it would be nice to be able to request seating with a person/group you are flying with. I was placed in the very back row of a busy flight, and noticed that the horrible smell from the bathrooms which made it unpleasant. As said above, I normally have a pleasant experience.. but being a delta sky member I feel as though i do not really receive any differences as to a non-member. I hope this review helps for the next customers! Thank you."
Prós: "Entertainment on the flight was fantastic."
Contras: "Delta really struggles with trying to get everyone in the plane in an orderly fashion. Window seats must climb over all of the aisle passengers that got on before."
Prós: "Surprised to see the hostess serving food on a domestic flight. Were courteous when we were sitting on the tarmac for 3 hrs waiting for clearance."
Contras: "Folks at the boarding counter were rude. Had one bag as a carry on, and was forced to check it in. Whereas saw other folks stow their two personal items in the overhead cabin."
Prós: "Flight attendants were great!"
Contras: "Flight was super late, I’m hearing impaired and there’s no apparent closed captioning option for anything I was trying to watch"
Prós: "On the first leg I liked the entertainment options. There were plenty of current content to watch and the screen was good enough. I still resorted to my iPad after a while but it was more because I wanted to watch something specifically rather than I had to. The food was decent but as usual the good stuff runs out before you get your turn. Order special food next time."
Contras: "I don’t like any airlines boarding process in general. They always seem inefficient and slow. I didn’t like the free headphones they passed out. They’re so awful that they really ruin whatever you’re trying to watch."
Prós: "I like Delta but this crew had such a shi**y attitude it was contagious. Yikes!"
Contras: "The gate staff and the flight staff. Rude"
Prós: "We boarded quickly, in zones. Staff were professional and courteous."
Contras: "Perhaps more than just 2 episodes of some TV programs eg Goldrush. Also more current shows."
Prós: "Staff were friendly and boarding was and getting off was easy because flight was super empty. Timeliness was appreciated too."
Contras: "Seats don't recline far enough."
Prós: "Was able to sleep for once. Nobody in center seat."
Contras: "Crying babies"
Prós: "Delta has great seats, friendly employees and engaged managers and pilots. Even their customer service Center reaches out to help on suggestions. I am flying to Portland for School over 40 round trips and I am saving $4,000 vs Alaska Air. Plus I get miles and discounts with the Delta Amex Card. I am very pleased."
Contras: "I don’t like harsh change in schedule fees but it forces me to plan. I wish the Seattle to Portland Eve flight landed in time to catch Portland Rail system at 11:50 PM"
Prós: "Gate personal kept us notified about flight delay. Flight crew was very positive on plane and they were as miserable about the delay as we were. Snacks and drinks were brought out. The gate crew keeping us updated is what saved the name of Delta. If she didnt do that people would have been angry."
Contras: "Flight was supposed to depart at 0730. Actual departure was 1045. Three out of seven of the flight crew were not happy about how badly they were being treated by call center and /or management while they were delayed with us at gate. Snacks were brought out because of delay but they were just junk food. Nothing I could eat due to allergies."
Prós: "The seats"
Contras: "We purchased tickets together and our seats were not together when we checked in. We had one small roller bag for the two of us and we ended up having to gate check it along with 3 other people and then there was clearly enough room for it once we were boarded."
Prós: "Tons of free entertainment on the screen in front of your seat! Movies, games, and details on your flight, all available on your touch screen. USB charging is also available."
Contras: "No one told us they wanted everyone with a roller carry-on to.check their bags. An attendant told my sister that her bag needed to be checked. We did not receive this notification until we were at the gate, boarding."
Contras: "Left about 2.5 hours late because of a broken seat of all things. Apparently Delta doesn't bother to have maintenance staff on site at the airport."
Prós: "I LOVED the 2 seater plane, so comfortable traveling with a companion and not having the third person."
Contras: "Boarding. It seems that it would be smarter to board from the back forward. I didn't have any food so I rated that wrong. Maybe add an N/A to the survey."
Prós: "Received sky boarding despite having a seat near the front. I like the smaller plane because there was plenty more leg room where I was (9c). A variety of free snacks were offered along with starbucks coffee, score! I wish I'd brought my ipad to take advantage of the free wi-fi and movies in-flight. Take-off & landing were very smooth despite a delay upon take-off. Made my connecting flight with time to buy lunch."
Prós: "The flight was quick and quiet with a kind crew and captain that had a great smile."
Contras: "I didn't like the food."
Prós: "There were only two lines. The economy line took so long because there were many passengers checking in their fish catch boxes. So those of us with only one baggage were lumped with them. There was no option to tag your own bag if you alr day checked in, as it was the same checking and bag drop line."
Contras: "If we were standing in line for a long time, I hope they can increase the number of counters. They can also dispense with the nonsense chitchat. It's not needed, just move it along. The roving staff should to remind those next in line to prepare their documents, it seems the lady at the counter had to ask for photo ID every time!"
Prós: "Availability of flight. Quick flight, on time"
Contras: "Lay over"
Prós: "Complimentary snack mini-meal. Early departure and arrival. Availability of extra seat and elbow room. Free movies."
Contras: "Entertainment screen would not tilt to comfortable angle when passenger in front of me reclined his seat, and the screen/system stopped functioning properly near end of flight."
Prós: "Getting to the correct destination."
Contras: "The fact that the lack of knowledge regarding international travel visas by the counter staff and supervisor meant that two days of the vacation were lost. Upon arrival in China the 144 hour travel visa was granted with no problem within minutes, but the U.S. staff was completely befuddled by the possibility. The interrogation was completely stressful and resulted in a reschedule of the original flight and during the second attempt at flying even an email from the U.S. consulate with a link to the Shanghai/Chinese government immigration site was deemed "not official enough". i will be expecting proper compensation. I was once given an $850 travel voucher for voluntarily giving up my seat, and was flown first class to Hawaii, given 4 star accomodation and then flown first class on to China within 48 hours. This was an involuntary bump from our chosen flight time, all because of a lack of knowledge about current visa regulations and international law on the part of the check in staff. We have been loyal Delta users for over 15 years, and this was the biggest blunder ever. Also humiliating and extremely frustrating, stressful and a big problem with fulfilling our travel plans between son and father."
Prós: "New comfort seats. Nice staff. Pilot kept us continuously updated."
Contras: "Unclear info on upgrade [priority boarding when upgraded?]. Inability to upgrade ticket made using mileage points or upgrade at counter at gate."
Prós: "The seats were the widest with the most cushion and padding I've ever had on any flight, I think all their seats were like that. The plane we were on had more leg room than your average flight. Also the backs of the chair were very tall, leaving even mpre head room perfect for tall people . I fly a lot and sometimes my knees hit the seat in front of me or when they recline it shoves the tray to close to you. Not on this flight there was enough room for me to lay back in the seat had the adjustable headrest that went up and down and also curved in to hold your head from falling on your neighbor next to you. Love the fact they had the USB plug-in in front of you. And the crew constantly kept coming through to empty trash and offer beverages. The plane was clean bathrooms in front and back of the airplane. Over all quiet engine and we were above the wings. Temperature good."
Contras: "The crew member that was checking in people at the gate would talk so fast we could barely understand what he was saying on the overhead announcement. I was traveling with someone who was hearing impaired so we were unaware of that they were getting ready to board. The electronic TV monitor wasn't updating to say boarding to notify people that would be helpful for the hearing impaired. Or--if a crew member is muffled on the announcement or talks too fast you can't understand or know what's going on. The most frustrating thing for me and my daughter we were both expecting to use Delta online entertainment. There are no monitor screens in the seats in front of us on this plane. So we were able to use our phones, but it would not download and once It finally downloaded we couldn't upload any of the movies. Connection speed way too slow. The warning said there were too many people on it at that time. Also I like it when they offer free headphones for people that don't have them. An example that would benefit people that don't want to listen to loud people on the plane or babies that are crying."
Contras: "Three bags were left at Paris and were delivered to me only after more than 48 hrs - lock of one bag was missing and other bag was in damaged condition"
Prós: "They had aircraft flying to my destination. All other airlines were booked for the time and the destination I had in mind."
Contras: "Long Delays, Over Booked Flights, Customer Service is not helpful, Wrong info delivered by Customer Service, No boarding gate info, Luggage was damaged, and I was charged a large premium with no added value. Delta sold me a 1st class flight because of their delays and overbooking their flights. This was because they could not fulfill the ticket I had. This was Delta's solution to their problem caused by them. I still have no idea why the flights were delayed. On top of all this, I overheard a walk-on pilot ask if there was room for him to catch a lift home. The flight attendant responded with "absolutely this flight is not full at all, you can sit right here". Wait I had to pay 200 bucks extra for an overbooked flight and you are having your Delta representatives say different. This was my first and last trip with Delta. I spent 1000 dollars for round trip ticket from Seattle to Spokane WA. No way is that OK or acceptable under any circumstances to treat your customers like this. The best part about all of this is, I have sent feedback and called customer service to talk to a manager to hear the blame put on back on me. Perception is reality Delta. Awful service, awful prices, awful care, awful communication, and awful value for the money."
Prós: "Bags arrived on the belt quickly"
Contras: "Why is there not saying precheck to use after you've been funneled through customs? ATL is advanced enough to have kiosk for arrival, even for those confused and not with global entry, but then forces you to wait in security line instead of the typically faster tea precheck line. Every minute I'm in line, I'm not spending money"
Prós: "Flight was on time, food was fairly good, even on economy class."
Contras: "Probably not under Delta's control, but the customs at Seatac is extremely disorganized. The contrast between CDG (Paris), which was very good, and SEA (Seattle), which was very chaotic, was quite large."

Need certificate yellow fevor we dont know this,boarding impossible

Contras: "More humane treatment. Honor diet request"
Contras: "The flight was full and all seats were taken. It means it was impossible to maintain the required and necessary social distancing."
Prós: "The crew was great"
Contras: "They should be on time but we left 30 minutes later."
Prós: "Comfortable flight, friendly staff"
Contras: "The flight was delayed 7 hours"
Prós: "Crew speaking french"
Contras: "Check in process is a disaster. The passenger is asked to even weight the luggage to be said by the machine to gonto a counter without good reason: the only thing missing with LATAM is to pilote the plane. Awful."
Prós: "Close to nothing. If i had to applaud something it would be the fact that you have an option to check in early via your mobile or laptop."
Contras: "LATAM was incredibly unprofessional, alarming, and entirely non-communicative. After a 3 hour delay that caused me (and tons of others) to miss a connecting international flight, LATAM’s telephone servers had the nerve to claim I was a no show and needed to pay them for my absence. This resulted in a long discussion where I was held on hold until they could adequately determine that yes i missed the flight because they held us late. This was the only way that i was able to avoid their charge to me for being a “no show.”"
Contras: "The boarding in Rio de Janeiro was great, the land crew was very helpful. In Lima it was below par, the crew was not helpful at all, and no warnings or communications to when to board. Had to wait an hour inside the plane for some sort of maintenance."
Contras: "After getting off the shuttle to board the plane via stairs, men at the bottom and top of the stairs both stopped everyone and refused anyone to board. We were stuck on the tarmac for around 2-3 minutes. No entertainment options during the flight. No free food. Only water."
Prós: "Puntual"
Prós: "We bought "priority boarding" and this was key, because we could board early, choose good seats (exit row) and take our bags on board."
Contras: "It's a short flight, only water offered on board."
Prós: "Nothing. My advice is to look for alternatives. Latam has gone from good to worse. Believe it or not, low cost are giving a better service"
Contras: "Everything. It is a mess. Delays, baggage problems, aircraft passenger entry... the list goes on"
Prós: "The fly time"
Contras: "The check in process, too slow ,we waist almost 2hrs in the process"
Prós: "Crew was very helpful and polite. Seats are ok"
Contras: "Didn’t know that Mac users need to download app before the flight. My suitcase handle was ripped, filed a report. See what happens. I guess someone will contact me."
Prós: "The food and in-fight entertainment"
Contras: "Comfortable seats"
Prós: "They're very professional I would recommend to everyone"
Contras: "Free soft drinks it was $10 brasilian money"
Prós: "Price was reasonable as well as ease of booking"
Contras: "Fix their flipping seating algorithm so you that family members are seated together. I will only use Latam again as the very last resort."
Prós: "The seats were typical airliner seats - good enough but more leg room would be nice. Our flights ran on time, and the crew was excellent. Our experience at the Lima Airport was much improved from our first stop there."
Prós: "Left on time."
Contras: "Inform people of the fee of about $50 that needs to be paid to enter the island!"
Prós: "The crew was very kínd!"
Prós: "On time"
Contras: "Travel agency accessed through kayak (kiwi travel) didn’t allow for online check in ahead of time. It also didn’t allow for seat selection ahead of time, so I was stuck with middle seats both ways."
Prós: "We made the flight in great time after our connecting flight was delayed."
Contras: "Our bags didn’t make our flight. We are very disappointed."
Prós: "Flight on time"
Prós: "Nice friendly crew"
Contras: "Very cramped seating. My knees were jammed against seat in front of me. I am 6' 2""
Prós: "Staff were excellent, food was ok"
Contras: "Seats on this aircraft are terribly uncomfortable. Our three hour flight was awful. Narrow thin seat enable more passengers to be crammed in. Great for Latam’s profit but terrible for thief customers. I’d never fly on an A321 again if I could avoid i."
Prós: "Smooth flight good staff"
Contras: "Very cramped seating"
Contras: "The crew was unfriendly and unhelpful. I will fly Avianca on domestic flights in Colombia"
Prós: "the flight was quiet"
Contras: "only a sandwich and 1 glass of coke for a four hours flight? And if ask for a beer you has to wait until the end of the services... VERY POOR"
Prós: "the entertainment console's on the seat backs are modern and have a lot of content."
Contras: "LATAM made me pour out all the water at the gate that I purchased on the concourse after security. they also made me throw away my food. I am very displeased that I had to throw out $15+ dollars of food and drink and that I had zero water when getting on an 11 hour flight. that's outrageous."
Prós: "The food, entertainment, boarding and comfortable seating. The check in was great, they changed my flight and I flew direct. It wa really good."
Contras: "The crew was really rude to me"
Contras: "5 hour flight and only 1 pass through with breakfast and beverages. Never saw another flight attendant pass through the cabin again. Bring your own water because you won’t get any onboard."
Contras: "Child behind my seat was loud kicked my seat and parents did nothing."
Contras: "Boarding was very disorganized and not on time. My seat assignment was changed upon boarding the plane. They had assigned 3 people to my seat which was an isle seat I had chosen upon purchasing my ticket 5 months prior. I was changed to a middle seat. They had an extra (makeshift) security check point on the actual boarding ramp. They made everyone open their carry-on bags and suitcases on folding tables just before entering the plane. They also took beverages bought at the gift shops, right before getting on the plane which was unusual. Overall ground crew was not very customer service oriented. In flight crew was better."
Prós: "I left a scarf on the plain when we landed in NY. And a lamd team member, Kelly, went out of her way to get it back for me right at the airport, and I did!!!! So helpful and efficient and curtious!!! Thank you!!!"
Contras: "There was a 1hour delay leaving Chile, but they made up some time in the air."
Prós: "The entertainment was good. The crew was very friendly and helpful throughout the flight."
Contras: "The coach seats were unreasonably small. I have never been on an airline with such small coach seats. There was virtually no leg room. For this reason alone, I don't think I would fly LATAM again for a long distance flight. It was too uncomfortable."
Prós: "El cumplimiento"
Contras: "El costo de los productos en vuelo y que no tienen cambio."
Prós: "Kindness of the crew"
Prós: "The manner in which they treated handicapped travelers"
Prós: "Enjoyed looking at the Andes. Flight was underbooked. Open seats."
Contras: "Boarding was a cattle call. Typical these days. Crew was aloof. Brought my own food and drink because i know how airlines can be. Didn't pay much attention. Looked out the window."
Prós: "Every employee is super helpful and the airline is family friendly. Airplanes are always new and clean. The meals are always good as far as airplane food goes. They have a generous baggage policy and unlike other airlines the airport departure tax is included in the fare. They serve the customers unlike the domestic airlines."
Contras: "Overhead bins on the inside rows are a bit on the small side."
Contras: "Para abordar tuvimos que caminar hasta la salida en la puerta 30 y después esperar en el bus más de veinte minutos, pesima organización de subir los pasajeros para que esperen tanto tiempo en el bus con un calor sofocante Mi asiento era el 1B y no tenia la mesita para la bandeja"
Prós: "I travel a lot and for an international flight during lunch time I expected more than a small sandwich. Small airplane (A320) so no personal screen and tight spaces between seats. Service was ok. Flight ok. I miss big airplanes between Chile and Brasil"
Contras: "I travel a lot and for an international flight during lunch time I expected more than a small sandwich. Small airplane (A320) so no personal screen and tight spaces between seats. Service was ok. Flight ok. I miss big airplanes between Chile and Brasil"
Prós: "The staff at the airport was very helpful. I got in the wrong line (domestic instead of international) but they still checked me in and my luggage. I had to go over to the international line to drop my luggage and didn't have to get in line once again. The crew was very nice and I was impressed that we received a meal for a 4 hour flight. Although I understand it was considered an international flight, I wasn't expecting a full blown meal. SUPER GREAT!"
Prós: "Good service during flight."
Contras: "They changed the flight departure time for 3 hours early. The only way I found out was by checking that morning to ensure the flight was departing on time... When I asked the ticket agent why the change in time, her response was that the scheduled departure time is only estimated......!!"
Contras: "American Airline did not announce the change of gate in proper time. LATAM on the other hand was very good and smooth"
Prós: "The meal offerings given my "special" menu request (vegetarian) was better than expected, portions were of a nice quantity, the food wasn't bland, and in terms of variety they offered a good food selection. The available entertainment catalog (movies, TV shows, etc) was vast, and included recently released films. I also love that LAN offers pillows, blankets (of good, warm material) and headsets. The crew was attentive and helpful. The plane plane was clean, which is expected to be but not always ends up being that way."
Contras: "The plane looked like an older model, which is not a problem itself, the problems were: my seat was missing the cup holder ring (looked like it broke) meaning no place to keep a cup to drink water throughout the flight. The remote for the "t.v."/entertainment system, that is nestled on the side of the seat, wasn't working and the touch screen glitched (it would freeze, or kick me back to the root menu while I was browsing through options) Small technical problems that given the $$ flights cost, one expects them to work properly."
Prós: "While my flight attendants were all fine and everything was very good, my daughter flew w/ LATAM 3 days later than us and her experience was good on all flights except from Lima to Rio de Janeiro."
Contras: "It was all very good on the flight TO Lima. No problems."
Prós: "The ride was good, the view of the Andes was great"
Contras: "To my knowledge, the passengers were not told that the plane would be delayed for another 2 hours because they had to get a new plane - 30 mins after the flight was supposed to board. It was ridiculous, then it took 15 mins for us to be able to get out the plane after we landed in Santiago. Overall, boarding was very disorganized and ruined my general schedule after arrival into the country."
Prós: "Everything was seamless. Glad they are not on strike like Sky!"
Contras: "Everything was fine."

I’m having trouble recovering a backpack that was left behind.

Prós: "No bueno"
Contras: "La comida"
Prós: "everyone professional and polite very nice."
Contras: "I cant think of anything"
Prós: "Time and service were excellent."
Contras: "Food. I don’t mía be to pay"
Prós: "I wi not use aeromexico again"
Contras: "Everything, see prior notes"
Contras: "Need water"
Contras: "Was not allowed to board the plane, this causing me to miss my flight."
Prós: "We were given 100 different excuses for our overnight delay and processing all the passengers took much too long."
Contras: "Tell the truth and be prepared to resolve it quickly. We waited on the plane for more than an hour and then again in the airport to get our new tickets and vouchers that no restaurant would accept."
Contras: "I have nothing to complaint about Aeromexico is truly a good airline, friendly and. Has good customer service. We were very satisfied with our flight. Thank you"
Prós: "Very friendly and helpful crew"
Contras: "Getting seat assignments at front desk was confusing and a little hectic"
Prós: "very nice timely flight, overall great attention to safety and professionalism, also had plenty of space and great entertainment!"
Contras: "one more pass through cabin with a snack on the 5 hour flight would have been nice!"
Contras: "Delays!!"
Contras: "Will not travel with this airline again"
Prós: "Lots of free entertainment options. Easy USB locations where you can charge your phone. Somehow got called to cut line and board right away. They provided food (though had I known, I would have ordered vegetarian)."
Contras: "Some turbulence"
Prós: "One of the meal options was vegetarian. When I asked the flight attendant about it (I’d forgotten to request a veggie meal) they mentioned there was an extra vegetarian meal and got me that instead, which was even cooler."
Contras: "My screen didn’t work / worked erratically. Luckily there was nobody in the middle seat next to me and I could use that one."
Contras: "No access to video No leg room"
Prós: "The food, space and movies!"
Prós: "Service was good! Didn’t have problem"
Contras: "Flight was on time nothing to say went bad"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Check in took more than 1.5 hrs. Traveling with two kids an a baby is challenging enough and adding all sorts of incompetente and lack of help makes traveling a nightmare Also crew allocated seating all in diferentes rows which is not acceptable when traveling with small kids. Once we went to the boarding gate we forgot a piece luggage and we ask Assistance after boarding still at the gate and crew told us they could not do anything as they are user of gate space not the owners #WTH"
Prós: "The crew was very nice helpful and always there in case of questions. We arrived earlier for about 18 minutes it was unexpected but good. Thank you."
Contras: "This time the flight had a no service bathroom in the back so because of that there was a huge line. I think in those situations the first class bathroom should be an option to use it was a little or more than that for some passengers because some times is hard to wait. But first time this happens and is not the crews fault. Thank you"
Prós: "N/A"
Contras: "I have traveled all over the world. From China to Peru, name it and I’ve been there, and I have never been treated more poorly as consistently as I was by Aeromexico today. After forgetting the bottom of a piece of paper I was not told I needed to keep with me (it was given to me when I landed in Mexico), I was turned away from the gate minutes before boarding. I was told to exit the terminal (with no options as to what to do with my duty free purchases) and pay a 600 pesos fee for a new piece of paper. Ok, fair enough. When I get there, they don’t take credit cards. Aeromexico shrugs their shoulders yet again. I run across the airport to another terminal to get cash to pay for the silly paper, run back to get it, sprint across the airport (again, with ZERO help from the airline getting through security to make my flight) only to have the door closed in my face. Defeated I walk to the module in the terminal to ask for a new flight to be told I have to exit the terminal AGAIN. I ask what I do with my duty free purchases (bottles of tequila I cannot bring in again) and I’m told I should check them in with my luggage. After informing the agent I don’t have luggage (it was a short trip) i was told I would need to purchase luggage. THEN, I was told my rescheduling fee for the flight would be $720, a full priced fare. Never flying Aeromexico again. I’ll take 3 planes on American before a direct flight with them. Enjoy."
Prós: "We think the upgrade to AM Plus was worth it."
Contras: "Crew not attentive. Announcements in English were almost impossible to hear - need to be louder. Video screens were very limited: no games to play, no instructions on how to use it, and map of route was inflexible."
Prós: "Very friendly staff/crew, sufficient leg room even in a regular seat. Hot meal."
Contras: "Zero entertainment options available - the computer screens didn’t work at all, no movies, music, map. Also no functioning WiFi as advertised (on either flight) and the machine would only barely and intermittently charge my phone."
Prós: "Both international flights to and from Mexico City were exceptional. The staff was very nice and the plane was very comfortable. I will choose them again next time I fly to Mexico."
Prós: "I had plenty of leg room."
Prós: "I like that I and my luggage arrived at my destination."
Contras: "Flight Delays: It happens, BUT every flight, but 1 was severely delayed leaving, arriving, and then departing again. The only flight that left and arrived on time was Guatemala to Mexico City. Mis information from Flight Crew: Aero Mexico flight crew put everyone in a panic on flight from LAX to MEX and Guatemala to MEX by saying that everyone had to pick up their luggarge.. even if you were just in transit to another country. Once I went down and asked Information, they stated that I did not need to pick up my bags as they would in fact be transportated to my final destination. When I told AeroMexico about this.. they didn’t seem to care that they were saying something completely different to everyone on their planes. In the future I will avoid booking with Aero Mexico.. I felt vulnerable and that Mexico didn’t have its clients in their best interest. Additionally, their lack of WiFi is embarrassingly cheap of them. Guatemala has free wifi, I assumed everywhere provides wifi for its visitors. Mexico supposedly gives you 5 min free and they don’t make that easy to access."
Prós: "I really enjoyed this subsidiary of Delta Airlines and was happy that the level of service from the flight attendants was top notch. None were snarky nor annoyed to attend to the passengers. All the flight attendants were very nice and gave me good vibes about their flight crew.I will be flying AeroMexico again."
Prós: "The service was great!"
Contras: "N/A"
Prós: "Everything was great,,, good crew attitude"
Contras: "N/A"
Contras: "No wifi"
Prós: "Same as above."
Prós: "A long story short, I had to check my carry-on bag in order to get sealed duty free liquor through the Mexico city airport. I was able to eventually get the bag checked gratis due to the circumstances. It took half a dozen AeroMexico staff to get there, but I did."
Contras: "Flight was too hot, like they forgot to turn the AC on"
Prós: "Aeromexico was very accommodating even though I was late, got great seat and even food!"
Prós: "Seat assignment"
Contras: "Airlines are skipping on quality"
Prós: "Everything was great. It was a red eye so only snacks and drinks were served but they were sufficient. The flight had plenty of room"
Contras: "There was nothing about the flight that I didn’t enjoy"
Prós: "Having a direct flight from Mexico City at a great price with excellent service, what's not to like about it!"
Prós: "The crew is great, and the comfort of the airplane was outstanding!! Really happy with the whole experience."
Prós: "Staff was very friendly and helpful."
Prós: "They offer food and entertainment its good. Also is amazing to flight none stop to Mexico City"
Contras: "Getting to Mexico or leaving Mexico is a hassle if you are in a wheelchair. They have a really poor service, I really struggle since I was flying by myself."
Prós: "The in flight meal was just what we needed and they got us to San Jose safe and sound. No complaints!"
Prós: "Food and entertainment was good, everyone was profesional"
Contras: "The waiting time when boarding"
Contras: "I didn’t like the food"
Prós: "I like everything about, food was good, entertainment was good crew was good. They give you free beer or wine"
Prós: "Nothing they cancelled my connecting flight"
Contras: "First time flying with Aeromexico and it will be my last. The cancelled the flight just when we are about to board and have not responded or compensated me for my substitute flight to get home."
Prós: "Entertainment, food, service, it was awesome!!"
Contras: "Amazing flight"
Contras: "It was a horrible flight because the plane did not land in Mexico city due to fog. The plane was about 600 feet from the ground and then diverted to Acapulo. We sat on the plane for 3 hours then waited in line for an additional 4 hours to get another flight. Then when we got to Mexico city, our next flight was canceled after boarding the plane. Again their excuse was due to weather. All other airlines were landing and taking off just fine. Aeromexico did not compensate us and we ended up spending the night in the airport. We will never fly Aeromexico again!"
Prós: "Most everything was fine, on time, nice crew, good entertainment..."
Contras: "Avoid this food like the plague, disgusting."
Prós: "The crew it’s the best"

Boarded late. Missed first landing attempt, landed almost an hour late and missed connecting flight.

Prós: "."
Contras: "Plane was too hot!! Ac nor working !"
Prós: "Yes!"
Contras: "No more comments!"
Prós: "Friendly crew, good food and entertainment."
Contras: "Seat comfort and space aboard."
Contras: "Bigger seats"
Contras: "The flight comfort was very bad. The plane was extremely warm and people we beginning to feel bad. Several mentioned it and asked multiple times to have the the cabin air conditioning turned down"
Prós: "The entertainment was good with WiFi that worked well"
Contras: "The flight delay was a hassle especially considering the estimated arrival was almost 1am. No information was provided as to why it was almost an hour late but it made for a super late night. Not to mention the seat was unbearably cramped making for an impossible inflight rest... wait, I just mentioned it"
Prós: "Nothing. I missed this flight because of a delay of my flight on Friday."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Everything"
Contras: "Better snacks."
Contras: "It was very hot on the plane."
Prós: "The attendant in first class was really good at his job. The rest seemed a bit lost"
Contras: "The food. The "lasagna" looked and tasted like it came from chef boyardee can"
Prós: "comfortable seats"
Contras: "food"
Contras: "Weather related, mostly, so not AA’s fault"
Prós: "One of the few non-stop flights between Seattle and Philadelphia. Convenient times for my travel needs"
Contras: "There are 9 boarding groups some of which have no one in them. I don't understand why. Seats don't have screens for entertainment so you have to use your own device to. Make sure you have extra batteries since there is no power to charge on board."
Prós: "Nothing, this was a miserable flight."
Contras: "Gate at Philadelphia was tiny with not enough space for everyone on the plane, it was a 6 hour flight and no snacks beyond pretzels were available-not even for purchase. I'd just come off an 8 hour international flight where I was provided lunch, ice cream, a pot pie snack and frequent beverage service. Somehow as soon as you are flying domestic on a slightly shorter flight American Airlines thinks its okay to treat customers like garbage-nothing but some sad pretzels and 2 rounds of drink service was provided for a 6 hour flight. The seats were super uncomfortable with no head rest, no personal entertainment devices were provided, and there was no general entertainment for the whole plane-seriously I've never been so bored. I would have fallen asleep from boredom but the seat was too uncomfortable so I couldn't even do that. The plane landed in Seattle but sat without unloading passengers for 20 minutes because the gate crew wasn't ready. We didn't get our checked baggage for over an hour after landing. When asked, customer service reps said that the S gate was far from baggage claim-seriously I'm not sure how that is a reasonable excuse. Other airlines arrive into S gates and have timely baggage claim service. American Airlines has no standard for timely baggage claim service like other airlines (Alaska) so there were no repercussions for such late baggage service. We left the airport with our luggage over 90 minutes after the plane landed. The entire experience is just another example of American Airlines of why the terrorists won't even fly American Airlines. I was seriously disappointed to find out that the British Airways flights we booked were operated by American instead of BA crews. I seriously will never select this option (or fly American) again if I can help it."
Prós: "Seats in general Economy ended up being fairly comfortable and headrests would bend enough to actually support my head while sleeping. Nice to have granual baggage tracking info in the AA app."
Contras: "Overhead entertainment video quality was horrible. Awful user interface for trying to figure out and use the personal device streaming entertainment. Did not order food on the flight, but options were very limited for a 5.5 hour night-time flight (8p EST -> 11p PST)"
Prós: "Both the departing and returning flights departed in schedule and arrived a solid half hour early. Staff was accommodating and friendly, and very helpful with me juggling luggage and a toddler by myself."
Prós: "Flight left and arrived on time Crew was very friendly Free movies while in flight is always nice Mobile boarding pass - every airline should have them (but they don't)"
Contras: "Having to pay $35 for a little extra leg room"
Contras: "The bathroom supplies were not replenished. In fact, the facial tissue was empty at beginning of flight. When the toilet paper ran out, I finally informed the attendant and they fixed everything. It seems that checking on that stuff was not part of their routine."
Prós: "seemed more comfortable on this plane, still squishy."
Contras: "really.. a 6 hour flight with just a cookie.."
Prós: "The flight crew were amazing!"
Contras: "Gaye agent refused to let me take my medically necessary medical equipment and meds on board. She refused to look at my Dr note that TSA had no problems with after screening. It was humiliating and horrible!! I have a video ad well as statements on the flight from other passengers regarding how she treated me it was horrible!!"
Prós: "Smooth flight, pilots were friendly. It was a nice flight"
Contras: "No entertainment and no gate printed on my ticket. My flight to Dallas was delayed and I had to waste time figuring out what gate to take a train to."
Prós: "Left on time, relatively comfortable considering I had already spent almost 9 hours on a previous flight, landed 30 minutes early"
Contras: "Mixed feelings about the entertainment app, I was pleased that something was available at all, however had the person sitting next to me not mentioned I needed an app to watch the in flight entertainment moments before it would have been too late to use the internet to download it, I would not have been able to use it, unless paying for a limited time package from AA to use the internet to download the app. A better job of advertising of the gogo app is needed more than the booklet in the seat pocket. Also I was only able to watch one movie, after that the system kicked me out saying high usage was making it not work for me. The gate changed a couple of times which had me trawling up and down the H and K concourses, could have done without that after the 9 hour journey I had already taken."
Prós: "Comfortable, very friendly helpful staff"
Contras: "Nothing, well I miss the movies shown on their divides rather than my tablet"
Prós: "Everything was great, but they didn't serve ANY complementary food on a 5 hour flight. What happened to lunch?"
Contras: "We had too little time to switch flights. We were stressed and had to run a lot in order to make it to required connecting flight"
Contras: "It took a while day to get our bags after they decided to put it on the next flight"
Prós: "Lovely service, but less comfortable plane... nothing terrible though"
Contras: "Dry / borderline rude staff and hostess. Dated plane. Tiny seats. But that is pretty much the baseline of airlines in the US. When will carriers start to take note from International carriers..leaps and bounds ahead."
Prós: "It was not a full flight, so I was given an aisle instead of a middle seat...for which I was grateful."
Contras: "Flight was 6 hours...almost as much as my previous international flight, yet food and drink was only available for purchase. No entertainment options. Plus, wireless was $21! I needed to work and had to purchase, but that is really quite a rip off compared to other airlines."
Prós: "This flight was amazing! The crew was friendly and helped me when I had a panic attack from flying. It was very appreciated"
Prós: "Helpful crew"
Contras: "Would have liked to be able to power up digital devices"
Prós: "He enjoyed everything about the flight it was comfortable the crew was excellent he met nice ppl thank you for the safety and class."
Contras: "Longer flights should have screens in the headrests"
Contras: "I asked the woman at the gate prior to boarding if there were electrical outlets on the plane. She looked it up and said, its an Airbus, yes they have outlets at each seat. I didn't worry too much about charging my devices at my layover because I knew I could charge them on the plane. When I got on it was clear that there was no outlets, no video on the backs of seats, no devices being handed out for purchase. Nothing. I'm definitely used to more updated planes, but I would have been ok without the misinformation. I ended up on a 4 hr flight bored out of my gourd—which could have been avoided."
Contras: "Despite arriving more than an hour ahead of time, I had to wait in a long line to get to the ticket counter and by the time I got there the assistant refused to check my bag. I then had the choice of catching another flight standby, possibly not even arriving on the same day, or changing my ticket for an obscene amount of money. I hope to never deal with AA again."
Contras: "The captain announced that the flight crew exceeded 9 work hour per day due to the takeoff delay so the passengers were forced to sit and wait in a stuffy stationary aircraft for 2 hours prior to takeoff until a different crew could arrive to service the flight."
Contras: "As it was the continuation of an international flight, I believe I travelers like me deserved to be treated with free food and not just drink and water."
Prós: "Chairs were very comfy and wider than some airlines."
Contras: "Crew not overly friendly and not very attentive, and there were lots of empty seats so there wasn't much excuse. Also, I had an issue with the plane. I think no screens on a cross-country flight is not good business. Not everyone is savvy with go-go inflight. And if there are no screens, could there at least be outlets? I was so tired after my Paris flight and wanted to chill with some go-go entertainment, but my battery was low and there were no outlets. I know not all flights can have these luxuries, but if the flight is over five hours, I think it should be better equipped."
Prós: "Free beverage"
Contras: "My bag was lost and it still hasn't showed up at the airport. Seems like I would get some kind of credit of some kind for this inconvenience."
Prós: "I was upgraded to the comfort economy after waiting 10 hours at DFW for my flight."
Contras: "After being in DFW airport for 10hrs all I wanted to do was watch a movie on board and sleep. Go figure, my TV didn't work. I called the attendant and she said she would reset them. The "resetting process" took a while. She attempted, and the other stewardess did as well. They said that the TV issue that *some* of the people were experiencing wasn't able to be fixed by them and only by the company that provides it's service. So there wasn't anything that could be done. I know that at least the two guys that were traveling next to me had issues with the tv monitors as well. It was just driving it home that I will never fly on American Airlines again. I don't ask for much these days while flying, it's not like it's a luxury anymore. But the saddest part is that customer satisfaction is completely out of the question. Just pay the extra money and fly another airline. -Deidre Fugate"
Prós: "I did not like have to stay in a hotel room when I could be sleeping in my room I'm on medication I don't even have my medicine with me because American Airlines had engine trouble in Dallas we went back to the Terminal 3 times before they ever got it fixed slit throat me late getting into Seattle and I missed the flight to Yakima I don't feel that this was my fault I didn't nothing to delay the airplanes and I walked as fast as I could to the terminal on in Seattle so I didn't have such a pleasure to little trip but your airline get put me up in a hotel but it's still not does not change the fact I have my blood pressure medicine and about 10 other medications but my blood pressure is the biggest and I will think twice before I fly Alaska Airlines again"
Prós: "I got home"
Contras: "No tvs"
Prós: "I had my first experience in the Admiral's Lounge at O'Hare and enjoyed it very much."
Contras: "My traveling companion's tray table was disgusting when she folded it down for beverage service. She asked for a wet towel and the flight attendant was snarky but went to get one without even looking or asking to see what the problem was. Her entertainment console wasn't working so they reset it but instead it reset mine (two seats over) they did this again and I let them know it was resetting mine. I was told that I was not in the seat they were resetting for ...I inquired if perhaps they should try to reset mine and see if it would, in fact, fix did. When she slipped off her shoes the carpet was soaking wet. This was a really crummy, crummy flight."
Contras: "3 hrs on tarmac then weather canceled flight then hoax shutdown JFK"
Prós: "A comfortable flight with good snack and drink selection. The crew really tried to take care of us, but with no in flight entertainment it was a long flight."
Contras: "No inflight entertainment. We ran into luggage issues at our conncecting flight in Seattle after being strongly encouraged to check our carry on baggage in Philadelphia."
Contras: "Broken seat and terrible gogo video experience with an attendant crew that was dysfunctional together for food/beverage service. I prefer to not fly AA."
Prós: "The young woman running the admirals club front desk was excellent Friday July 29"
Prós: "Fast boarding, welcoming staff. Good experience"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Not much. Poor service, bad crew"
Contras: "Better service"
Prós: "Nice crew."
Contras: "We were waiting for a long time in the bus from the airport to the aircraft. Once we got to the plane, we were waiting inside the bus again."
Prós: "The crew and personal were ok."
Contras: "They have the most uncomfortable seats in the industry. Seat was literally 5 cm (2 inches) thick and did not recline. Impossible to relax/sleep, I ended up with back pain and legs cramped for 2 full days. Terrible overnight flight. Luggage policy is not clear. Carry on items have to weight less than 8 kg (normally is 12 kg), and to check your bag you have to pay. No personal tv/entertainment."
Prós: "The staff"
Contras: "Providing more drinks and beverages"
Prós: "The crew was fabulous"
Contras: "We had a crying baby onboard for the entire flight. I found it difficult to sleep as a result but understand this was outside the control of the airline. A bit more legroom would have been nice but I booked economy so again that was on me."
Prós: "Boarding in Lisbon well organized but delayed at check in and on the tarmac - 40 mins. Food on this flight good. Crew fine both flights."
Contras: "Both Tap flights delayed, little info'/explanation about this.Boarding in Copenhagen chaotic, problematic tickets holding up the queue with only one staff member. Food on board was so boring and unappetising."
Contras: "Somehow, ticket was not being accepted to board on TAP's flight. Crew had to manually check it"
Prós: "The flight crew was great. The boarding crew and gate staff where rude."
Contras: "Flight was delayed by 2 hours. Long day. Did not inform you of what was going on. Changed gated not very clear."
Prós: "Great Crew nice plane"
Contras: "Uncomfortable seats, not enough space for carry on, due to luggage cost is way overpriced, as well as seats too expensive"
Prós: "The one glass of white wine I was served was delicious. Crew was friendly. Food was surprisingly elaborate for a short flight."
Contras: "Boarding process a bit chaotic. The process started before they were ready to let us on the plane. My special meal was forgotten until after meal service. They skipped our row for beverage service and there was nothing served prior to the meal."
Prós: "Would appreciate a voucher for how bad the Flight was. Seriously UAL is using a plane last built in 2004? UAL only cares about taking people’s money not a wonderful flying experience!!!"
Contras: "Everything!"
Prós: "Encouraged to take the pillows home they were nice"
Contras: "Headphone jacks that work would have been nice. 6.5hr flight without sound! The crew disappeared and would only give half cups of water when asked for. ALCOHOL not just wine and warm beer."
Prós: "The crew was generously serving me and the price was more reasonable than any other."
Contras: "I had a huge passenger next to me who took most of my space the whole time during the flight and ended up hurting my neck and back. I understand it had nothing to do with the crew, but not comfortable at all. Besides, there was no entertainment and even outlet available."
Contras: "Everything was good"
Prós: "Flight went smoothly overall. Decent leg room. Food was good. We left ontime"
Contras: "The temperature control in the cabin was poor. Too warm for my liking and no personal air vents. Also their was a passenger behind me who incessantly kicked at my seat each time I tried to recline."
Contras: "I did all my research when I booked my flight. Nowhere did it tell me I was booking a discount flight. I had to pay extra for my bag on a long international flight, which I make frequently. Absolutely misleading an unjust. I feel cheated, I will never fly Air Portugal again and I will warn all my colleagues in the travel and tourism industry that I work about the disgrace I felt as a passenger with Air Portugal. It's not the first time I flew with them, but it will be the last!"
Prós: "Prompt and courteous"
Contras: "Not enough leg room, just not enough space al the way around to be comfortable."
Prós: "Excelent fly! No deley! Excelent crew! Good food!"
Prós: "Movies"
Contras: "Food"
Prós: "We had comfort seats and I liked that because of the space you have, 2 simple meals and they served water in between the meals I will fly TAP again"
Contras: "Entertainment is okay, poor sound, and the quality of the screen was so so,"
Contras: "Food is horrible and the airplane la are very old."
Prós: "Entertainment was fine"
Contras: "Boarding was a mess, my seat recline was messed up so the button didn't do anything, but if I leaned back it would too... Flight crew was also not particularly friendly."
Prós: "everything:personal, services"
Contras: "The sound for the movies did not work at my seat or my wife's seat."
Contras: "Where to start. No soap to wash your hands in the WC. Air conditioning dripping water to a seat next to us. They run out of on food option we wanted. The flight to Lisbon was delayed. The plain was dirty. One of out seats the entertainment system did not work. We alerted the crew, they did not do anything to remediate these problems. Only bad experience of the trip. Portugal deserves a better airline than this one. Last the best of all, $90 dollars per bag we checked in, so we spent $360 dollars just to carry our luggage."
Contras: "Huge delay. No clear explanation what caused the delay"
Contras: "Boarding was refused at gate due to late arrival of previous flight which was also a TAP flight. No assistance to delay following flight or accelerate our deplaning even though the next identical flight was three days later."
Prós: "Friendly and kind captain and crew"
Contras: "I was very very sick, so after the 3 hours delay I asked to stay in Lisbon and be sending next day to continue my journey home ... Surprisingly TAP told me that they could pay the hotel in Newark, but not in Lisbon.. Go figure! Called TAP Customer Service 4 times, 2 from Lisbon 2 from Newark... all cases more than 1 hour wait... AND THEY NEVER EVER ANSWERED!?!?!"
Prós: "Crew was friendly and great!"
Contras: "TVs did not work, no sound/frozen on games"
Prós: "The leg room"
Contras: "The lack of entertainment"
Contras: "Too sleep deprived from earlier missed connection to notice much about this flight except for the complete mess when it came to boarding. You can't line up 4 boarding zones in an area that is maybe 10ft by 10"
Prós: "I have traveled with Air Portugal numerous time. Here is a little country very proud of having its own airline company and they do great. The value is great."
Contras: "Flight to LIS was delayed 2.5 hours, missed BCN flight. I was given a new flight, but boardng pass was canceled at gate. I'm stranded!"
Prós: "The Magnum ice cream was a great touch."
Contras: "We thought that $35 per bag is a bit too much when other airlines are $25."
Prós: "Boarding was 3:35hrs late. I landed from Boston around 9 am and left around 12:35. The layover was longer than scheduled. I was not pleased."
Prós: "One of the best flights my husband and I have had in awhile. Comfortable, especially for a 6 hr flight. Good movies, crew very nice, food okay."
Contras: "Overall it was a good flight - no complaints!"
Prós: "it had a feet support the toilet was big it was airplane food, still better than most companies I know from Europe, Asia and the USA."
Contras: "the head rest was too hard"
Contras: "They cancelled the flight, losted the baggage and couldn't help to resolve the problem. They also lied about the flight they wanted to replace to solve the problem which even didn't exist in their company. So, I will never ever take the flight from this compound again."
Prós: "everything was great"
Contras: "they had some video problems early in the flight but had it fixed about a third into the flight"
Prós: "The checkin staff at LHR were really good and helped me with my visa application. They helped me to not miss my flight. Ten out of ten for them."
Contras: "In flight food was very poor"
Contras: "childs crying, no sleep, but what can we do right?"
Prós: "Roomy, clean, meals included-didn't think airlines did that anymore, very friendly staff"
Contras: "Nothing-no entertainment but this was a short flight so didn't matter to me"
Prós: "Crew were very friendly, planes are in good condition, meals were served, luggage arrived safely, flights were on time."
Contras: "I was put on standby for both legs due to the flights being overbooked. No entertainment provided. Poor communication from ground staff"
Prós: "Loved the customer service. Very friendly and helpful staff."
Contras: "The plane was making the strangest noises!! Something with the landing gear perhaps? Very high pitched noise. Also, the boarding was horrendous. No warning of the fact that we would have such a long trek to the airplane and in the rain, no less. However, I was grateful that we ended up taking a larger plane to accommodate all of the luggage. But then the stewardess had to spray something in the air around the bins, I found that to be very strange."
Prós: "Nice crow"
Contras: "We spent about a half hour waiting to take off"
Prós: "Easy checking and boarding process"
Prós: "Lisbon is a great location to have a long layover, any time of the year!"
Contras: "The customs line for non-EU passengers at the Lisbon airport was absurd..."
Prós: "The worst entertainment system I've seen."
Prós: "There was enough space between the rows of seats!"
Informações sobre a COVID-19

Medidas de segurança das companhias aéreas que voam para Seattle

Companhias aéreas que voam para Seattle implementaram medidas de segurança adicionais e ajustaram suas políticas para melhor acomodar os viajantes. As políticas variam de acordo com a companhia.

Higiene intensificada

Limpeza diária e filtros HEPA a bordo em voos para Seattle

Máscaras obrigatórias

Máscaras obrigatórias e fornecidas a bordo em voos para Seattle

Distanciamento social nos assentos

Assentos do meio não disponíveis para reserva em voos para Seattle

Exame pré-voo

Teste de anticorpos e triagem de sintomas em voos para Seattle

Cancelamentos flexíveis

Sem taxas de alteração. Pesquise voos flexíveis para Seattle

Reserve passagens baratas para Seattle

Ofertas recentes de voos de ida e volta

2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
25h 18mGRU-SEA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
20h 11mSEA-GRU
R$ 3.204
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 30mGRU-SEA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
27h 36mSEA-GRU
R$ 3.398
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
27h 04mGRU-SEA
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
30h 49mSEA-GRU
R$ 3.409
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
21h 30mGRU-SEA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
22h 11mSEA-GRU
R$ 3.458
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
21h 35mGRU-SEA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
25h 55mSEA-GRU
R$ 3.514
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
21h 30mGRU-SEA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
21h 51mSEA-GRU
R$ 3.558
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
24h 00mGRU-SEA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
22h 11mSEA-GRU
R$ 3.580
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
21h 50mGRU-SEA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
21h 51mSEA-GRU
R$ 3.586
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
21h 30mGRU-SEA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
25h 55mSEA-GRU
R$ 3.597
2 escalasDelta
24h 17mPOA-SEA
2 escalasDelta
22h 20mSEA-POA
R$ 5.473
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
33h 09mPOA-SEA
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
27h 47mSEA-POA
R$ 5.639
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
33h 09mPOA-SEA
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
30h 11mSEA-POA
R$ 5.722
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
32h 29mPOA-SEA
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
30h 11mSEA-POA
R$ 5.805
2 escalasDelta
24h 51mCWB-SEA
2 escalasDelta
44h 30mSEA-CWB
R$ 5.915
2 escalasDelta
28h 22mCWB-SEA
2 escalasDelta
47h 50mSEA-CWB
R$ 6.137
1 escalaUnited Airlines
19h 30mGIG-SEA
1 escalaUnited Airlines
23h 30mSEA-GIG
R$ 6.336
1 escalaUnited Airlines
19h 30mGIG-SEA
1 escalaUnited Airlines
18h 04mSEA-GIG
R$ 6.380
2 escalasAir Canada
34h 18mSDU-SEA
2 escalasAir Canada
32h 55mSEA-SDU
R$ 6.491
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
46h 45mGIG-SEA
3 escalasLATAM Airlines
31h 20mSEA-GIG
R$ 7.133
2 escalasAeromexico
34h 57mSDU-SEA
2 escalasAeromexico
34h 25mSEA-SDU
R$ 9.180

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida

2 escalasAir Canada
22h 23mGRU-SEA
R$ 874
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
33h 43mGRU-SEA
R$ 1.571
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
28h 42mGRU-SEA
R$ 1.605
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
37h 04mGRU-SEA
R$ 1.649
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
30h 20mGRU-SEA
R$ 1.666
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
41h 10mGRU-SEA
R$ 1.682
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
26h 23mGRU-SEA
R$ 1.704
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
39h 33mGRU-SEA
R$ 1.710
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
43h 24mGRU-SEA
R$ 1.721
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 32mGRU-SEA
R$ 1.737
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
39h 55mCGH-SEA
R$ 1.743
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 32mGRU-SEA
R$ 1.749
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
56h 30mVCP-SEA
R$ 1.749
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
26h 50mGRU-SEA
R$ 1.765
2 escalasDelta
28h 18mCWB-SEA
R$ 5.179
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
24h 42mCWB-SEA
R$ 5.318
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
32h 19mVCP-SEA
R$ 5.428
2 escalasAeromexico
44h 15mCWB-SEA
R$ 7.061
1 escalaUnited Airlines
19h 36mGIG-SEA
R$ 8.295
38h 09mVCP-SEA
R$ 8.770

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Ofertas recentes de voos nacionais

3h 03mDEN-SEA
2h 48mSEA-DEN
R$ 542
1 escalaSpirit Airlines
27h 14mSNA-SEA
1 escalaSpirit Airlines
20h 37mSEA-SNA
R$ 631
diretoAlaska Airlines
3h 00mSNA-SEA
diretoAlaska Airlines
2h 46mSEA-SNA
R$ 653
diretoAlaska Airlines
3h 08mDEN-SEA
diretoAlaska Airlines
2h 37mSEA-DEN
R$ 681
2h 54mSNA-SEA
1 escalaDelta
5h 34mSEA-SNA
R$ 703

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Voos para Seattle


Seattle (SEA)Estados Unidos

Ofertas de voo de volta:

Seattle - Brasil

Classe de cabine:

R$ 2.614

Descubra aeroportos de origem:

R$ 3.486
R$ 3.979
R$ 8.876
R$ 6.452
R$ 6.657
R$ 7.968
R$ 4.399
R$ 3.896
R$ 6.435
R$ 3.398

Descubra destinos:

R$ 3.398