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Encontre passagens aéreas baratas de Pernambuco para Seattle

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Contras: "I just had the worst experience ever with Aeromexico. First, they refused to change my flight, even with me willing to pay any applicable extra-charges. So I went ahead and bought a second flight, from Mexico City to Tijuana. Then, when I arrived at the checkin counter, I was surprised with how unprofessional and disorganized the staff was: nobody was respecting social distance, several people were not wearing a face mask and nobody from the Aeromexico staff was asking them to do so. But the worst part was the fact that my new flight — supposed to leave at 13:05 (AM 176) — only took off at 19:15. We’re talking about a 6:30hr delay and NO SUPPORT from the staff at all during this almost 7 hours of waiting. No clear information, no alternatives, no solutions, nothing. To top it all, after delaying several hours, we finally boarded the aircraft and after 1 hour seating there, the pilot told us that Aeromexico had just told him that his first officer simply wasn’t there, and therefore we couldn’t take of. WHAT??????? We had to leave the plane for another hour or so and the show only came to a finale at 19:15hr when we finally boarded and took of to Tijuana. Anyway, I honestly think I should be reimbursed or at least have 10x, 15x more the miles this flight will give to me."

Prós: "Time and service were excellent."
Contras: "Food. I don’t mía be to pay"

Prós: "I wi not use aeromexico again"
Contras: "Everything, see prior notes"

Prós: "A comida estava agradável e os filmes também!"
Contras: "Teria sido melhor se eu não ter tomado um banho de chá quente quando as comissárias passaram distribuindo e por algum motivo caiu um copo cheio de chá bem em cima de mim. Péssima experiência."

Prós: "Entretenimento"
Contras: "No voo da cidade do México para Guadalajara perdi a conexão chegando no portão de embarque com 20 minutos de antecedência e o painel de voos indicando BOARDING. Não houve nenhum assistência da cia no deslocamento para a conexão e me fizeram pagar nova tarifa/nova passagem."

Prós: "A tripulação foi muito atenciosa. Também o espaço disponível foi maior do que o que vem sendo oferecido por outras empresas aéreas."

Prós: "Good flight"

Contras: "I didn’t like that the flight had a 4 hour delay!"

Contras: "O voo atrasou."

Contras: "Tripulação poderia ser mais simpática, poltrona estreita"

Contras: "Need water"

Contras: "Was not allowed to board the plane, this causing me to miss my flight."

Prós: "you were on time"
Contras: "more space between seats"

Prós: "Educação da tripulação"
Contras: "Nem todos os filmes tem tradução para português. Não foi servido comida após o almoço (1hrs antes do pouso)"

Contras: "Comida muito ruim, Assentos muito apertados."

Contras: "O tempo de espera entre as conexões"

Prós: "We were given 100 different excuses for our overnight delay and processing all the passengers took much too long."
Contras: "Tell the truth and be prepared to resolve it quickly. We waited on the plane for more than an hour and then again in the airport to get our new tickets and vouchers that no restaurant would accept."

Contras: "I have nothing to complaint about Aeromexico is truly a good airline, friendly and. Has good customer service. We were very satisfied with our flight. Thank you"

Contras: "Café da manhã"

Prós: "Very friendly and helpful crew"
Contras: "Getting seat assignments at front desk was confusing and a little hectic"

Contras: "Poltronas desconfortáveis."

Prós: "Boas informações e tripulação."
Contras: "Poltronas desconfortáveis."

Prós: "very nice timely flight, overall great attention to safety and professionalism, also had plenty of space and great entertainment!"
Contras: "one more pass through cabin with a snack on the 5 hour flight would have been nice!"

Contras: "Delays!!"

Prós: "The plane had TVs for each seat. The seats had a footrest! Service was awesome."

Contras: "O Embarque foi super confuso. Chamaram duas vezes e depois mandaram todos sentarem de uma forma rude. O Voo atrasou quase uma hora."

Contras: "missing luggage for 2 days now. not Good!!!"

Contras: "Will not travel with this airline again"

Contras: "La comida"

Prós: "Excelente"

Prós: "I missed my connection flight. I couldn’t get my situation fixed and got stranded in Mexico City because of the most horrendous service I have experienced in my entire life."
Contras: "The organization for boarding. Communication and costumer service. I am really disappointed on this airline"

Prós: "The staff are very nice and accommodating."

Prós: "One of the meal options was vegetarian. When I asked the flight attendant about it (I’d forgotten to request a veggie meal) they mentioned there was an extra vegetarian meal and got me that instead, which was even cooler."
Contras: "My screen didn’t work / worked erratically. Luckily there was nobody in the middle seat next to me and I could use that one."

Contras: "No access to video No leg room"

Prós: "The food, space and movies!"

Prós: "The staff on board was very friendly and helpful."
Contras: "Once again the gate crew was rude. I was in line behind a family that had trouble with paperwork and once they finished let them through then sent me to the very back of the last line to board. I do not speak fluent Spanish and when I tried to clarify was told very curtly “ontra linea” and he forcefully pointed to the back of the line and turned away."

Prós: "Service was good! Didn’t have problem"
Contras: "Flight was on time nothing to say went bad"

Prós: "A simpatia da tripulação fez com que uma viagem de 9 horas se torna-se um passeio agradável."
Contras: "Nada que pudesse atrapalhar a viagem"

Prós: "O tempo previsto é de 4 horas, mas foi bem mais rápido."
Contras: "Nada em especial"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Did not let me check in so I missed my flight. Last time I will ever pay for an Alaska airline flight."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Check in took more than 1.5 hrs. Traveling with two kids an a baby is challenging enough and adding all sorts of incompetente and lack of help makes traveling a nightmare Also crew allocated seating all in diferentes rows which is not acceptable when traveling with small kids. Once we went to the boarding gate we forgot a piece luggage and we ask Assistance after boarding still at the gate and crew told us they could not do anything as they are user of gate space not the owners #WTH"

Prós: "The crew was very nice helpful and always there in case of questions. We arrived earlier for about 18 minutes it was unexpected but good. Thank you."
Contras: "This time the flight had a no service bathroom in the back so because of that there was a huge line. I think in those situations the first class bathroom should be an option to use it was a little or more than that for some passengers because some times is hard to wait. But first time this happens and is not the crews fault. Thank you"

Prós: "N/A"
Contras: "I have traveled all over the world. From China to Peru, name it and I’ve been there, and I have never been treated more poorly as consistently as I was by Aeromexico today. After forgetting the bottom of a piece of paper I was not told I needed to keep with me (it was given to me when I landed in Mexico), I was turned away from the gate minutes before boarding. I was told to exit the terminal (with no options as to what to do with my duty free purchases) and pay a 600 pesos fee for a new piece of paper. Ok, fair enough. When I get there, they don’t take credit cards. Aeromexico shrugs their shoulders yet again. I run across the airport to another terminal to get cash to pay for the silly paper, run back to get it, sprint across the airport (again, with ZERO help from the airline getting through security to make my flight) only to have the door closed in my face. Defeated I walk to the module in the terminal to ask for a new flight to be told I have to exit the terminal AGAIN. I ask what I do with my duty free purchases (bottles of tequila I cannot bring in again) and I’m told I should check them in with my luggage. After informing the agent I don’t have luggage (it was a short trip) i was told I would need to purchase luggage. THEN, I was told my rescheduling fee for the flight would be $720, a full priced fare. Never flying Aeromexico again. I’ll take 3 planes on American before a direct flight with them. Enjoy."

Prós: "We think the upgrade to AM Plus was worth it."
Contras: "Crew not attentive. Announcements in English were almost impossible to hear - need to be louder. Video screens were very limited: no games to play, no instructions on how to use it, and map of route was inflexible."

Prós: "Rapidez no embarque e desembarque. Muito rápido para pegar as malas"

Prós: "Atendimento a bordo"
Contras: "Wi-Fi não estava funcionando."

Prós: "Very friendly staff/crew, sufficient leg room even in a regular seat. Hot meal."
Contras: "Zero entertainment options available - the computer screens didn’t work at all, no movies, music, map. Also no functioning WiFi as advertised (on either flight) and the machine would only barely and intermittently charge my phone."

Prós: "Both international flights to and from Mexico City were exceptional. The staff was very nice and the plane was very comfortable. I will choose them again next time I fly to Mexico."

Prós: "I had plenty of leg room."

Contras: "I missed boarding by one minute and was told there was nothing they could do. Our connecting flight landed on the other side of the airport and after literally running through DFW, we were told our flight home had already boarded, we arrived at 6:21, flight left at 6:30. American Airlines screwed us again. Just paid $300 for a rental vehicle so I could make it home."

Prós: "They held the flight for us."
Contras: "Something to eat"

Contras: "I have never been on an AA flight where the entertainment system has worked all the way through. Additionally, when willl there be plugs on these planes? In a six and half hour flight where you need to use your device (when the system is working), this seems like it is a little old school"

Prós: "I was moved up to seat 9E from 16E move leg room makes a difference"
Contras: "I had started a movie on the earlier flight but I could not finish it because it was not offered on this flight"

Contras: "Bigger seats"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Everything"

Prós: "Great Crew"
Contras: "More drinks"

Contras: "Better snacks."

Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Assento com defeito. Não reclinava nada. Voo atrasado. Confuso por causa do clima. Chegada além de atrasada, demora enorme no desembarque."

Contras: "O snack poderia ter sido melhor. E o assento poderia ser mais confortável"

Contras: "Estive em Dallas em conexão para montreal e não consegui voar. A cia não deu assistência e tive um b prejuízo de mais de 10mil reais"

Contras: "Wider seating"

Prós: "Embarque"
Contras: "Mais atenção no serviço de bordo"

Prós: "nice entertainment when you use the AA app."
Contras: "Unbelievable turbulent and bumpy ride. Not AA's fault but the question was "how was the trip?" It was a white-knuckle ride."

Prós: "that it's over."
Contras: "sat on tarmac for 45 minutes! AFTER landing... unacceptable."

Prós: "Tudo"

Contras: "Everything. My first leg of this trip was the worst flight I had ever been on and this leg lived up to that standard"

Prós: "The attendant in first class was really good at his job. The rest seemed a bit lost"
Contras: "The food. The "lasagna" looked and tasted like it came from chef boyardee can"

Contras: "Well organized loading, consistent beverage service"

Contras: "Educação da aeromoça, má vontade . Cara sempre feia e até discutiu com uma moça que estava com 2 crianças"

Contras: "Weather related, mostly, so not AA’s fault"

Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Não serviram lanche num voo de 6 h, só biscoito e suco e não tinha o que comprar! Esgotou antes de chegar no meu assento. Tripulação mal educada, o voo atrasou, turbulento quase o tempo todo. Não houve tempo habil pra comprar nada de lanche porque o voo de Los Angeles chegou em cima do embarque dele"

Contras: "One crew member is not particularly helpful when passengers needed assistance."

Prós: "- entertainment - smooth boarding"
Contras: "- very small airplane for a 6 hour flight - no comfort seats"

Prós: "Gostei do espaço entre os bancos, a tripulação foi atenciosa e tivemos um vôo tranquilo."
Contras: "Informação quanto ao embarque e tempo para isso não foi muito boa e a distância entre o check-in e o portão de embarque era bem distante."

Contras: "Poucas opções de filme, e varios deles sem legenda em português."

Contras: "Tripulação barulhenta conversando e gritando em voo noturno . Não existia fones disponíveis"

Contras: "Serviram apenas um pacote com 2 bolachas no cafe da manha"

Prós: "Atendimento e atenção muito bom, principalmente os funcionários do aeroporto."
Contras: "A opção de comida vegetariana/vegana, o bife de soja e o arroz integral não tinham muito tempero."

Prós: "Do atendimento da tripulação. Estou me referindo ao trecho entre Philadelfia e Lisboa. O trecho de Miami a Philadelfia foi aceitável."
Contras: "Devido ao tempo de duração do voo a aeronave poderia ser melhor com ponto de energia, e espaço maior entre as poltronas"

Contras: "A menina que sentou ao meu lado estava com cigarro eletrônico e deu umas tragadas durante o vôo. Tinha apenas um comissário de bordo que não viu a fumaça que ela fazia. :("

Prós: "A AA está com aviões reformados e peguei um 787 Dreamliner de LAX para GRU, na saída de emergência. A poltrona é bem confortável, os banheiros estiveram surpreendente limpos até o final e os horários foram respeitados."
Contras: "O atendimento das FAs foi daquela secura habitual, a comida era um lixo de chicken or pasta usual e o entretenimento conta com nos filmes, mas leve seu fone de ouvido porque o que eles entregam é ruim de doer."

Prós: "Nada superou as expectativas"
Contras: "O atendimento no aeroporto nos USA foi terrivel, com atendentes mal-humoradas e sem nenhuma vontade em ajudar. Houve atraso na decolagem do aviao de quase 1hora. O voo nao estava lotado, no entanto, apesar do conhecimento, me deixaram embarcar em uma poltrona recem-vomitada. Apesar da limpeza o cinto de seguranca apresentava o cheiro caracteristico. Ainda assim, viajei nessa poltrona usando o cobertor da companhia para abafar o cheiro. As refeicoes oferecidas eram horriveis as duas."

Prós: "Janela do avião com gradiente de abertura"
Contras: "Demora no raio x no terminal 4 em LAX"

Prós: "Seats in general Economy ended up being fairly comfortable and headrests would bend enough to actually support my head while sleeping. Nice to have granual baggage tracking info in the AA app."
Contras: "Overhead entertainment video quality was horrible. Awful user interface for trying to figure out and use the personal device streaming entertainment. Did not order food on the flight, but options were very limited for a 5.5 hour night-time flight (8p EST -> 11p PST)"

Prós: "Foi pontual e comida estava boa."
Contras: "Poltronas apertadas bem desconfortáveis. Não há entretenimento individual."

Contras: "As opções de menu não eram tão boas quanto o voo Aa950 ( Sao Paulo - New York) O aviao era um 767, que não possuia entretenimento indicidual. Alguns passageiros não respeitaram os demais, conversando auto ou utilizando a lanterna do celular. Os comissários não eram simpaticos"

Prós: "Tripulação muito fofa. Conforto ok. Entretenimento muito bom."
Contras: "Comida sempre nada demais - poderiam melhorar muito. Problema no check-in - cheguei com uma mala de 27 kg e disseram que agora para o Brasil é 23 kg. Mencionei que sabia lógico disso, mas que tinha lido na noite anterior minha reserva da American e dizia que era de 32 kg. Eu disse que teria que seguir o que estava falando e eles nem quiseram ler o email que a própria American me enviou. No final a passagem tinha sido emitida em novembro e podia ser uma de 32 kg."

Prós: "Classe executiva oferecida espontaneamente pela AA"

Prós: "Both the departing and returning flights departed in schedule and arrived a solid half hour early. Staff was accommodating and friendly, and very helpful with me juggling luggage and a toddler by myself."

Prós: "The fight was not over crowded."

Prós: "O serviço de embarque do Aeroporto LAX é ótimo , tripulação cordial e atenciosa."
Contras: "As opções de alimentação são limitadas"

Prós: "The aircratf and on time operation"
Contras: "Gate agents not following AA.com policies to charge extra fees"

Prós: "Acesso rápido e funcionários práticos."
Contras: "Avião velho, cadeiras apertadas, pequeno, comida ruim... VIAGEM EXTREMAMENTE DESCONFORTÁVEL."

Contras: "Voo atrasado, faltou manutenção no avião, sem conforto algum, sem entretenimento e, para finalizar, minha mala nova chegou quebrada no destino final. Nunca mais vou de American Airlines."

Prós: "A boa vontade da senhora que me atendeu no despacho fez com que eu não perdesse o voo, já que o terminal automático dizia que eu não poderia mais despachar minha bagagem, mesmo tendo 50 minutos até o voo."
Contras: "Faltou um pouco de cordialidade da equipe desde o checkin até o embarque, mas o principal problema não foi da American e sim do aeroporto que teve um fila estupidamente grande na parte de checagem de segurança. Não perdi o voo por segundos."

Prós: "O avião estava em um de seus primeiros voos. O 787 é mais silencioso, tem janelas maiores e com tecnologia que "escurece" as mesmas até o total blackout, WiFi a um preço justo, a classe econômica premium é equivalente a executiva de muitas companhias aéreas com um preço muito mais justo. A American surpreendeu nesse voo e ganhou minha fidelidade que até então estava com a Latam."
Contras: "Apesar do preço justo, o WiFi deu algum trabalho para ser configurado, já que precisei descobrir sozinho qual era o endereço para comprar o WiFi. A velocidade não era das melhores, mas dava para navegar, fazer downloads e usar mensageiros e redes sociais tranquilamente."

Contras: "Left s half hour late because they had to shift cargo, then we taxied on the runway for what seemed like a half hour. My wife and I purchased our tickets in July but could never pick our seats and ended up 9 rows apart."

Prós: "Flight was great. Crew was very attentive and the flight was under booked giving my wife and I an empty middle seat. The entertainment was vast consisting of movies and TV shows to pass the time."
Contras: "n/a"

Prós: "São eficientes"
Contras: "Os assentos são muito apertados para uma viagem de 10 horas"

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