Encontre passagens aéreas baratas de Salvador para Sydney


Encontre passagens aéreas baratas de Salvador para Sydney

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Ida e volta
Salvador (SSA)
Sydney Kingsford Smith
qui 23/9
qui 30/9
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outubroMelhor época para evitar as multidões, com uma queda média de 25% no preço.

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dezembroÉpoca mais popular para voar, com um aumento médio de 35% no preço.

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R$ 8.462(preço médio das últimas 2 semanas)

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R$ 5.644ou menos

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R$ 4.312ou menos

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  • Procurando uma passagem barata? 25% de nossos usuários encontraram um voo para esta rota por R$ 4.312 ou menos (ida) e R$ 5.644 ou menos (ida e volta).
  • Considera-se alta temporada os meses de novembro, dezembro e janeiro. O mês mais barato para voar é outubro.

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Principais companhias aéreas voando de Salvador Luis E. Magalhaes to Sydney Kingsford Smith

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de usuários do KAYAK

Pontuação geral com base em 15.476 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Prós: "Friendly staff, new aircraft, great food"
Contras: "Just some help with hand luggage"

Contras: "The flight crew and gate crew were the rudest I have seen in my entire life. They acted as if they were too good to acknowledge passengers and ignored the flight attendant light and other efforts to get their attention to ask a question."

Prós: "Seats comfortable. Entertainment was extensive. Food was good!"
Contras: "Landing was rough!"

Contras: "Stuff not helpful, rude and not helping at all despite us being with a baby"

Prós: "All good."
Contras: "Actually, pretty all right, so no recommendations."

Prós: "The crew was on point and did there jobs well."
Contras: "The food was old fashioned and stuck in the 1960s. Having an option of Beef brisket or Salmon or two polarizing choices. I opted for the brisket and it was decent but not actually worth finishing. It was too fatty and strange tasting. Boarding in Sydney needs much improved screens and communication."

Prós: "Crew was super nice and accommodating. Entertainment was the best selection I’ve ever seen."
Contras: "It was impressive. Can’t yhink of anything."

Prós: "The service, food , amenities were all A +++"

Contras: "2 hour delay sitting in Bangkok airport due to sick passengers and their luggage getting off"

Prós: "Crew was friendly. Comfortable."

Prós: "Crew were more friendly from Dubai to Sydney than on other Emirates flights."
Contras: "Screaming kids for whole 14 hours!"

Contras: "Only one thing thaar I'd suggest as an improvements would be to provide water on a mores frequently basis"

Prós: "Information from the captain"
Contras: "Serving alcohol to someone who had consumed a lot, difficult for the crew to know though."

Prós: "The flight certainly lived up to its reputation as being one of the nicest airlines to fly, even in being in economy. Great service, great food, great on board entertainment."
Contras: "There was an incident prior to take off where a passenger in first class had to be removed from the plane. Though it’s certainly not the airlines fault that there was an issue with a passenger, they should’ve been a lot more transparent and gave us a lot more information on what exactly was going on other then “we need to go back to a special area to get this passenger off.” Couple that with the security checks to “make sure there is nothing on the plane that shouldn’t be” and very little explanation of what actually occurred, it made for a very stressful flight. Not knowing if this passenger had made any kind of threat against the plane, or safety of other passengers... etc, it was very hard to feel safe for the remainder of my trip being left in the dark as the incident occurred in first class."

Prós: "The flight was incredibly comfortable, and Emirates reputation is well warranted. Service was impeccable and food was great. Seats were great, especially in business."
Contras: "Overall business class was great, however I didn’t like the placement of the remote at my left shoulder. I hit rabdom buttons a few times and it changed the channels and I would have to re-search for the movie I was watching. Everything else was absolutely perfect."

Prós: "Ease of checkin"
Contras: "Delayed take off Delayed baggage retrieval’s"

Prós: "Attention to detail Great Entertainment Excellent food Pilot updates on timing"
Contras: "Movie channels and music could be easier to use"

Prós: "This was operated by Qantas. Nice movie/music setup. Crew friendly"
Contras: "Food plentiful but meat was tough and pretty instututional in taste. Couldn’t eat but half of any meal"

Prós: "Nice airplane, good entertainment, good food, ontime service, pleasant cabin crew"

Contras: "N/A"

Prós: "Crew were great"
Contras: "Boarding is chaotic. Why ask First and Business passengers to start boarding when all you are doing is getting them to leave their seats and stand up for fifteen minutes in front of the closed doors going out of the departure lounge?. This has happened three out of three flights and must be standard operating procedure."

Prós: "Best airline so far for economy long haul flight, was emerites flight"
Contras: "No Arabs on board but everything in Arabic, no real issues. Would have been hard for my Thai girl to navigate on her own"

Contras: "The boarding gate space was quite small and there was no separate queue for business. So you literally had to push through people who were already in the queue to board as a business class. There was no space to go around."

Contras: "They didn’t have enough landing cards in English, the aircraft temperature inside was too cold, the staff didn’t close the curtains to the galley area and made noise and light while everyone is trying to sleep, our baggage came out last despite having priority tags and the boarding process from the lounge in Dubai with lifts was very combersome"

Prós: "Service is phenomenal, comfort of the seats and in flight entertainment was fab."
Contras: "Food was mediocre, but then again haven't ever had a wonderful meal on an aeroplane before!"

Prós: "Pretty uniforms and good service: Polite, gentle, helpful"

Prós: "They were on time and excellent service all the way. It couldn't have been better."

Prós: "I was impressed by the professionalism!"
Contras: "Chinese passengers passing gas!"

Prós: "The plane. The thoughtfulness of the crew. My seat's location. I was lucky to be in the front center! The flight information display. Flying at night across the Tasman Sea it was as though we were stationary (apart from a little vibration as we crossed the Southern Alps). Besides, the Air Bus is so quiet (comparatively). Oh yes. One other thing: the fare."
Contras: "We are vegetarians (not vegan). I wasn't keen on the chicken/fish option. But I didn't complain."

Contras: "The boarding process could be more organized and more smoothly."

Prós: "Food selection Wine not as good as usual"
Contras: "Boarding was chaotic. Why usher First Class into an area make ten stand up for ten minutes before boarding?"

Prós: "I enjoyed the meals that were provided, the comfortable seats, and all of the flight attendants were very friendly."

Contras: "Headphone was taken by crew the moment plane landed."

Prós: "Great flight, very attentive staff, gluten free meal was not very good. At all"

Prós: "more leg room compare with other carriers, a variety of meals to choose from for special needed people (need to pre book online)"
Contras: "can't find anything to complain with"

Prós: "Really comfortable, good service."

Prós: "F"

Prós: "The economy was just as well served as Business Class. There were 22 different countries represented in the crew on the flight. We were served a hot meal and a cocktail. Also, had more leg room than normal. Very efficient boarding system, as well."
Contras: "There wasn't anything about the flight to and from Sydney to New Zealand we didn't like."

Prós: "I requested a blanket for my Son and was told there was none available....."
Contras: "On disembarking I notice a various overhead compartments with bags full of blankets. Why was a deny a simple Blanket? This is unacceptable in an airline that praises itself to be one with the best customer services.......Bad, really bad...."

Prós: "So comfy... Great service. Wished the flight was longer b"
Contras: "Nothing"

Prós: "Emirates is always excellent however the crew were not very engaging"

Prós: "La amabilidad de la tripulación, que sí el menú es completamente vegetariano. No como otras aerolíneas que te ponen manteca, leche para el café..."
Contras: "Todas las veces me cae muy, pero muy mal. Cuando llegó el momento del té o café, me dieron sal en vez de edulcorante. Demasiado condimento. No es comida para un vuelo, es difícil de digerir. Hasta produce síntomas de indigestión."

Contras: "We fid not enjoy the close proximity of several screaming children who insisted in screaming at all hoyrs, making sleep impossible. What was concerning was the reluctance of the staff to intervene. Most disappointing as we did not have any sleep at all overnight."

Prós: "Boarding"
Contras: "Toilets"

Prós: "Fantastic service all around"
Contras: "Seat could have a more comfortable bottom and IFE was a bit dated"

Prós: "seats reclined nice, movie selection great"
Contras: "i didn't care for the manner in which you are charged for baggage fees"

Prós: "Entertainment was good, staff friendly and accomodating,"
Contras: "Food was just ok, breakfast lacking, only given croissant and yoghurt, the angled lie flat beds are not as good as the 180 degree lie flats, would be nice to have complete lie flats."

Prós: "Economy seats still comfortable"

Prós: "Amenities and food, customer service."

Prós: "Super friendly crew and great seats."

Prós: "Crew cordiality"
Contras: "Luggage....it is allowed to charge but they shouldn’t charge. During on boarding they communicate that because the cabin was full of hand luggage the rest of the passengers needed to dispatch their hand luggage for free. This occurs only because they charge to dispatch luggage when buying the tickets. So nobody dispatch luggage and those who dis became frustrated because they payed. This unfortunately occurs on all companies."

Contras: "Good airline, will fly them again"

Prós: "Helpful crews"
Contras: "self-serve bag drop to speed up the bag drop process"

Prós: "Crew was nice"
Contras: "I could have been allowed to take an earlier flight and you could offer complimentary beverages"

Contras: "Low cost, no frills, but on time. It's what we want and they delivered that today."

Contras: "More diverse snacks/drinks."

Prós: "Good seat. Nice aircraft Helpful check in."

Prós: "nothing, it was awful"
Contras: "4 hour delay for no reason, no vouchers for food or anything."

Contras: "Food quality can be improved a little"

Prós: "The flight was very comfortable"
Contras: "The flight should be not delay.. I paid money for been late...45 dollars they don’t appreciate loyalty"

Prós: "My fellow passengers."
Contras: "Entertainment — too limited, not enough choices, interface/system is outdated. Terrible service — no food service for entire first part of flight. Cancelled meal because of turbulence."

Prós: "the crew was realy great and everything was very good."

Contras: "They changed our boarding gate three times"

Contras: "Snack . Don’t have 0 snack in the plane"

Prós: "The inflight crew was nice."
Contras: "I hate checking in with LATAM! I swear they make up new bag rules for every person that walks up. There were people with 2 carry ones, purses, and shopping bags. But I couldn't bring 2 backpacks(school backpacks!) on. I had to check one. I HATE LATAM! Every time it is something different with them."

Prós: "Food was pretty good"
Contras: "The seats are so freaking small and packed together!!!"

Prós: "They're very professional I would recommend to everyone"
Contras: "Free soft drinks it was $10 brasilian money"

Prós: "The seats were typical airliner seats - good enough but more leg room would be nice. Our flights ran on time, and the crew was excellent. Our experience at the Lima Airport was much improved from our first stop there."

Contras: "No choice in food and very little provided. Half a sandwich with stale bread for breakfast"

Prós: "Departed exactly on time & arrived early. Excellent!"
Contras: "Check in / bag drop was very slow and impersonal. Cabin service restricted to tea, coffee, or soda - for a 3 hour flight (5am-8am). Cramped seating."

Prós: "Q z bsv"
Contras: "Gate changes were not announced and the crew didn't help passengers get their luggage in place to allow for enough room for the last passengers to board. Many passengers places small items that belong below the seat in the over head. I had to ask passengers myself who's bag is this to get them to put it under the seats in front of them."

Prós: "Nothing, they had been VERY unprofessional and incompetent, they lost the luggage and is been now two days of going around back and forth with phone calls to AA and Latham, needless to say this has been a great inconvenience for the passenger and I'm constipated because of it!"
Contras: "Nothing, they had been VERY unprofessional and incompetent, they lost the luggage and is been now two days of going around back and forth with phone calls to AA and Latham, needless to say this has been a great inconvenience for the passenger and I'm constipated because of it!"

Prós: "The plane itself was awesome!"
Contras: "The customer service I received on the plane however was probably the worst service I've ever had and I fly a lot. From a stewardess giving me grief for requesting coke and crackers to the overall customer experience was very much lacking!"

Contras: "Delay meant I missed a meeting deadline."

Prós: "We are an American Family. We traveled on LATAM Sydney to Auckland round trip. The plane was brand new Boeing Dreamliner 787-8 with all the bells and whistles. The attendants who are Spanish speakers but bilingual were delightful. We had one meal on each flight and 2 rounds of drinks. We had no issues with carry on or checked luggage. To summarize we had 2 perfect on-time flights with no fuss or drama. I couldn't recommend them more even if I tried.."

Prós: "It was very fast to board, and the landing was great"
Contras: "No entertainment, no free snacks"

Prós: "The flight was great! The attention getting the boarding pass in Chicago was wonderful! I believe that isabela was the name of the person that helped me with my bags and she was extraordinary"
Contras: "When I was boarding the plain... the people in charge was very rude. I had to give them my carry on bag because there was not space and the way in which they asked for it was very unpolite."

Prós: "On time flight & very nice service."

Prós: "The aircraft."
Contras: "Charger $190 for a second check in bag of 7kg. Extremely rude staff. Terrible food. Never fly with them again!"

Prós: "The flight was comfortable and enjoyable."

Contras: "Hidden baggage fees. Extra fee to check in a bag was not disclosed at the moment I purchased my ticket. This airline doesn't even provide water to passengers. It's as stingy as it gets among all other airlines I've flow and value for money is poor."

Prós: "Dreamliners are absolutely awesome. I felt refreshed when I landed. Smooth flight, awesome crew."

Prós: "Normally, getting on a plane in Colombia is an absolute nightmare. People pushing, standing right next to you, when you get on the plane all the old women who do not know how to read always walk to the back of the plane when they're supposed to be sitting in seat 7? Been there? Seen that? Yes ! Seen it a million times. What makes this particular flight so unbelievable, and maybe it was just a training day because there was a lot of airline personnel at the check in kiosk, but I have never processed on to a flight in Columbia, given up my baggage, and be walking to the gate so fast in my life! I truly hope this is something that will become standard, and I pray to God that the other airlines especially Viva will learn how to do!"
Contras: "Overall very good, good crew... minus point.. seats SO tiny, it makes Asian airline economy seats feel like 1st class!"

Prós: "Good service by attendants. Good food."
Contras: "The long delays one after the other. Delayed take off, re routing mid-air to Rio instead of São Paulo. The trip took +4 hours more than planned. Chaotic."

Prós: "Entertainment is ware out, headphones jacks don't work well."
Contras: "Headphones jacks Food can be better and warmer"

Prós: "It was a new plane, the pilot waited for our bags to be put into the plane. Because we made it to the plane after they had loaded everyone. This was due to our late arrival From our Delayed connection from Washington."
Contras: "At our arrival a couple had taken our seats. The flight attendant told us to get on any other seat available. We had our family (the three of us ) spread out in the plane. I had to ask another attendant to please ask for our seats back. Finally after a while we got them back but it wasn't a Pleasant experience. They didn't have enough headphones to give everyone. My son and I had to share one headphone. The food was really bad for an international flight, Not even the wine was given without paying for it"

Prós: "Enjoyed my first trip on LATAM."

Prós: "Was pleasantly surprised to find more legroom, more storage and a great selection of entertainment.."

Prós: "Every employee is super helpful and the airline is family friendly. Airplanes are always new and clean. The meals are always good as far as airplane food goes. They have a generous baggage policy and unlike other airlines the airport departure tax is included in the fare. They serve the customers unlike the domestic airlines."
Contras: "Overhead bins on the inside rows are a bit on the small side."

Prós: "Excellent service and courteous staff very clean aircraft great choice of movies/TV and music. Tasty snack provided. Good value.."
Contras: "Nothing"


Prós: "They lost my luggage and I still don't have it back. Today is 30-Dec-2016. They also said they can't deliver it to me until at least tomorrow. Calling their customer service line has been generally unhelpful and they don't always give consistent information."

Prós: "I liked the spaciousness and services of the 787 I liked the curteous and generous service of the crew I liked the boarding and deplaning I will consider using LATAM in my long-distance overseas travel"

Prós: "loved it"

Prós: "Overall the flight was excellent and the crew were very charismatic and always with a smile."

Contras: "Lost my luggage. Could've taken an earlier flight.."

Prós: "New Airplane and a lot leg room"
Contras: "N/a"

Prós: "the price"
Contras: "everything else"

Prós: "The flight was good. The food was good. They gave complimentary wine and whisky. Comfortable for a long distance flight."
Contras: "The bad was that the jewelry was stolen from my bag (checked in). If you have valuables, even inexpensive jewelry, take it with you on board."

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