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THAI SmilePontuação geral com base em 368 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Please on time.

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Please on time.

Contras: "We got drinking water after landing. Would be better to provide some snacks on the way out."
Prós: "Brilliantly safety-conscious crew but very personable."
Contras: "It would been very nice to not have to board a shuttle bus to be taken to the flight in BKK."
Prós: "Crew are efficient and friendly"
Contras: "Portion of food could have been slightly bigger"
Prós: "Good meal"
Contras: "Check in and luggage drop for share code with Thai airways. It is not clear instruction when booking with Thai airways. We lost time with Thai airways but finally need to drop the luggage at Thai smil counter."
Prós: "Lovely people. Lovely service. Good food."
Contras: "Good job"
Prós: "Seamless boarding and deviating."
Contras: "Thai Smole seats offer the least legroom in my experience. Very narrow."
Contras: "An hour delay for no expressed reason is not acceptable."
Prós: "I'm very justifying for the flight."
Prós: "Airfare was reasonably priced."
Contras: "Delay. This was the third flight in a week that I encountered flight delays of up to 15-20 minutes."
Prós: "love the food"
Contras: "Getting our bags took a long time"
Prós: "Services"
Contras: "Non"
Prós: "Easy to book, travel and get around with."
Contras: "The on board snack isn’t great."
Prós: "The relaxed atmosphere and attentiveness of the flight attendants"
Contras: "The distance of the terminal to the aircraft"
Prós: "Friendly staff overall good experience."
Contras: "Only issue is there is no alchohol on these flights."
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Our train from Chiang Mai was 2 hrs late. Our taxi driver sped us as fast as he could, but we had only 15 min from check in to the airplane take off. The counter personnel were so helpful in calling the gate for permission to board. We ran across the airport and made it thanks to Thai Smile staff."
Contras: "Vegetarian food option"
Prós: "Boarding was super fast and efficient. For a 1,5 hour flight, we were given food and drinks. Can’t find that in the US."
Contras: "Loved everything"
Prós: "Overall service including f Meals and drinks provided on flight and the ground handling and air crew all excellent."
Contras: "None."
Prós: "Service"
Contras: "Delay"
Prós: "For a budget friendly airline you can't go wrong with Thai Smile. they were on time, food was provided free, staff was friendly."
Contras: "Nothing."
Prós: "Flew out of BKK versus other airport in Bangkok. Easier to connect to international flights. Good service and frequent flights"
Contras: "They have sandwiches on the flights but they weren’t the best quality, I didn’t like what they gave out. We had roaches next to us crawling up the wall on our last flight, ended up finding some food Trash under our seat that was missed. not pleasant."
Prós: "Very good"
Prós: "Great service"
Prós: "Very nice"
Prós: "We arrived safely"
Contras: "They kept canceling flights. Bad service would not fly again."
Prós: "Crew was friendly and helpful, boarding was easy, flight was smooth"
Contras: "No entetainment, food just a pretty untasty sandwich"
Prós: "smooth as silk"
Contras: "The flight from BKK-VTE did not allow online check-in and had to check in at the airport. The line to check in had 10 people in front of me which then proceeded to take over 1.5 hours to reach the counter. then was the very last person to get on the flight - the plane then didn’t leave for another 30 minutes. Thai Smile managed to make a 1 hour flight to Vientiane turn into a 4-5 hour journey between arriving early, waiting forever in the counter check in line, then being driven to the plane and actually leaving. Bangkok Airways and Air Asia (don meaung) is the better option for this short journey."
Contras: "I had a fracture in my leg several days prior to my trip so had to cancal all. My thai smile tickets were booked with vayama. They r the only suppliers whom declined my request for free cancaltion or even freeze our tickets."
Prós: "Love the AirBus 320, the service, to get all the passengers a sandwich in an hour flight is amazing! Luggage delivery is amazingly fast!"
Contras: "Would like to have later flights in the evening so connections to overseas flights at BKK are easier. Otherwise, nothing!"
Contras: "Arrived to BKK international with Turkmen airlines. Found Thai Smile transfer counter in transit zone. Was refused to Thai Smile flight, was explained that they serve only customers which arrived to BKK with Thai airways. Lost my money and had to buy another ecpencieve flight from Malaysia airlines because couldn't stay in transit zone more than 12 hours and couldn't get visa on arrival. Later coldn'd find that stupid transit policy ether on Thai Smile or Kayak. If that policy in place why not publish that BEFORE people spend their money for service not provided? Very unsatisfied"
Prós: "The crew was incredibly friendly, warm and helpful. Excellent service on board the aircraft with comfortable seating. And the meal served was delicious! (I never thought I would say that about food served on an airplane)"
Contras: "Boarding process was a bit slow and cumbersome, but, to be fair, I noticed it wasn't much different than all my other flight experiences in Thailand."
Prós: "Ground and in flight service, food, aircraft"
Prós: "what's not to like. Free checked bag, free food, sandwich and bottle of water, soda and hot coffee and tea at no charge. All of the cheaper budget airlines charge for everything including checked bags, drinks and food. It's only a few baht/ US dollars more than the other airlines but well worth it for what you get in return compared to the other airlines such as Air Asia!"
Contras: "Nothing that I can think of."
Prós: "Its only a short flight so there's not much time for anything to go wrong but it's good anyway. The staff are always friendly and helpful."
Contras: "Sometimes it can be difficult to hear announcements at the departure gate but apart from that no problem. Obviously there isn't any entertainment so I've left it at 5 stars. There should be a 'not applicable' option on this."
Contras: "The crew had a poor attitude and even rude, I asked to move to get past the food trolley as my 4 year old son needed the toilet and they just said wait, they would only have to move 2 metres. We were sitting directly behind upper class but were not offered the chance to use the forward toilet even though there was no one sitting in that section. They seemed to have an attitude problem and not at al like Thai International who are excellent. will never fly again with Thai smile."
Prós: "Food is good for a short flight. The crew were professional."
Contras: "The check-in process at terrible. No instruction to follow and no one give direction on where to get boarding pass. the line for luggage drop-off was really long without people to give direction."
Prós: "Good flight, reasonable price"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Everything was first rate and efficient"
Contras: "Nothjng"
Prós: "Great flight. On time. The crew was polite and professional. Nice experience."
Prós: "Chaotic check in process, ok boarding process, poor entertainment and nothing for vehetarians"
Contras: "Food was with meat."
Prós: "Such an amazing experience! From start to finish!"
Prós: "Only problem we encountered was a lost bag containing all my clothes. I arrived on a Friday and did not receive my bag until 2:50 am on Sunday morning"
Prós: "New and comfortable plane."
Contras: "Last call came much earlier than described at check in"
Prós: "Our flight was amazingly smooth. We had lunch, which was unexpected, and it was delicious. Flight attendants were very friendly and efficient. 10/10 would recommend."
Prós: "Such a quick flight Bangkok to Phuket, I wouldn't expect food, especially on Thai Smile which I think is the economy version of regular Thai Air, but they had very neat pre packed snack bags with Shu Mai. Efficient staff, always love flying Thai Air."
Prós: "The flight attendants were wonderful and the business class seats were very spacious and comfortable."
Prós: "Friendly crew. Short flight, very efficient"
Prós: "I love flying on Vietnam Airlines Clean planes Crew always friendly and helpful"
Contras: "Ruined flight due to excessive baggage charge which is clearly just stealing from customer at check in... 1800 bhat for one small case! Never again with Vietnam Air"
Prós: "Crew"
Contras: "Slow check-in not very comfortable seats and food was awful."
Prós: "The flights left and arrived on time."
Contras: "When connecting from a domestic flight to an international flight in Hanoi they do not check your bags to the final destination. They also do not inform you that you have to change terminals when arriving in Hanoi. I barely made the connection because of these two issues."
Contras: "More chairs at boarding gate in Bangkok, please"
Prós: "The crew was very nice."
Contras: "There were passengers clapping through the whole flight."
Contras: "Was denied entrance fir my wife to the lounge even having two passes both in my name. Was given one in Da Nang however lounge not open at 4:30 AM. My wife was traveling economy I was in business. Nasty reception at the Vietnam Air lounge in Hanoi. The other lounge great not affiliated with Vietnam."
Prós: "Only 15 minutes late, could have been worse"
Contras: "I had to use a belt extension, which did not work. I tried to attract the attention of the crew, but did not succeed."
Prós: "Comfort"
Contras: "They changed the time without notice and wouldn’t even accept checked baggage."
Prós: "Assento confortavel"
Contras: "Check in meio intimidador mesmo eu tendo todos os documentos"
Prós: "Our flight was actually through Vietnam Airlines. The confusion of having two different flight numbers caused some Trouble about what terminal to go to in Seoul and we almost missed our flight."
Contras: "Better info on what the flight number is. More info that is airport specific."
Prós: "Boarding was quick and Flight was Smooth"
Contras: "Food basic,Crew not so friendly.Flight left 15 minutes late."
Contras: "Delayed with no announcements or explanation."
Prós: "The crew were great."
Contras: "Not much entertainment available."
Prós: "-"
Contras: "-"
Prós: "Comfortable seats"
Contras: "No vegeterian meal (all options include meat); the staff spoke English poorly; no media system; pretty old airplane"
Contras: "The choice of English language films were limited. I did not enjoy the food too much"
Contras: "It was super hot before and after the flight took off. Felt like tha AC of the airplane was broken. Other passengers and I had to use magazines, safety info leaflet to fan off the heat."
Prós: "Food. Food is Life"
Prós: "Excellent staff"
Contras: "NA"
Contras: "Hygiene of local passengers"
Prós: "Comfortable, good food, good drinks , on time"
Contras: "Edited movies and the headsets were uncomfortable but you couldn't use your own because the left and right we're separated jacks"
Contras: "The plane was late in boarding, and even later in arrival. We were given no explanation, only an apology. And it turns out worse, because apparently we had been shifted to a plane that was going to continue into Laos, so the plane came in at the International Arrivals Section and we had to take a bus from there to get our luggage in the Domestic Arrivals Hall. Making it all even later. No food offered for this quite expensive flight, only water, and no entertainment either."
Prós: "Good boarding process, punctual,great cabin service"
Contras: "Baggage arrival"
Prós: "The UA rep gave poor directions for transferring in Seoul; we ended up nearly missing the flight (and other UA passengers did miss it despite VN holding the plane for 40-plus minutes). The crew was helpful and friendly, defusing a truly stressful situation."
Prós: "Crew and airplane were great!"
Contras: "Food was not as good as I'd remembered on previous trips."
Prós: "A modern aircraft - the Boeing Dreamliner with plenty of legroom in economy."
Contras: "Only two check-in counters were available. The waiting time for check in was, therefore, quite long, and the time was very tight until the boarding. The seat allocation was horrible, and I was surrounded by nasty neighbors, who were chatting throughout the 10+hour flight, even after my verbal warning, not to mention the way children were taken care of. I am not blaming children making noise. I am blaming the lack of control over the parents who bring noisy toys for children and play videos loud enough to disturb the neighbor's sleep throughout the flight."
Prós: "The evening meal was far better than the mystery cold cuts and drowned slaw on the daytime flight out of Hanoi. Crew were pro -- if a little terse at times. Pilot launched and landed the aircraft successfully, always a big plus in my books."
Contras: "Seat was hard and somewhat uncomfortable. I wanted bottomless refills of white wine but the stewardesses had other ideas. Pours were on the skimpy side, too. Passengers were fiddling with their damned devices during takeoff and landing, and the crew shoulda laid down the law there."
Prós: "The whole flight"
Contras: "Nil by"
Contras: "In Beijing, the check in desk didn’t even post a sign saying that the desk moved from terminals E to terminal A. There was no self service kiosk so we were waiting around forever to get our Boarding pass."
Contras: "Entertainment system wasn't switched on immediately after take off and safety demos"
Prós: "Airplane food is usually drab & this fish in chili sauce was really tasty. Pleasant crew"
Contras: "Miss channels fir tv or music or movies. No wi-fi"
Prós: "The crew was really polite, nice and helpful, a good change for someone that uses Chinese airlines"
Contras: "The food was really dreadful and I am used to the Chinese airlines standards so the bar is really low. Beef or pork as options, the meat was really bad"
Prós: "Great service"
Contras: "plane a little old"
Prós: "Good weather and a quick smooth flight"
Contras: "They kept shutting the lights off. The plane was very hot when we first boarded. In the air the air conditioner slowly began to cool off the plane."
Prós: "Provided food for only a 3 hour flight"
Contras: "Boarding was a bit slow (still arrived on time)"
Prós: "Food was nice and plane was clean and not too crowded."
Contras: "Before and during flight the plane released a gas into the seating area that made us feel sick, with a headache, and suddenly feeling very sleepy. Right after we got off the plane, we suddenly felt better. If we didn't get a sick feeling, the flight would have been good."
Prós: "On time, smooth flight"
Contras: "seats seem "cheap" plastic. They crackle as you move in them and don't seem to be a very high quality."
Prós: "Happy to use this airline everytime I'm in Vietnam or Laos. Very comfortable flight with good room."
Contras: "Nothing to dislike about this flight"
Contras: "Our flight was scheduled to depart at 7:15 pm. We decided to grab a quick bite to eat before boarding. Our boarding pass indicated that boarding would begin at 6:45. They called "final boarding" at 6:35, just as we were wrapping up. I believe we were the last to board at about 6:35 or 6:40. Once we were on board the plane pulled away and departed a full half-hour before schedule. The early departure was welcome, but unexpected and made us feel more rushed than necessary without prior notice."
Prós: "For flying overseas the airplane was old and uncomfortable. I've flown overseas before and the seats have been a lot more comfy. The crew was fantastic and the food just crappy like any plane food."
Contras: "The seats and the food."
Prós: "excellent ,no complaints. Good flight all around."
Prós: "Managed to take off close to scheduled time despite inclement weather. Offered disposable raincoats for passengers for transfer from tarmac bus to plane. Staff are always polite and courteous."
Contras: "Ran out of chicken and only had fish. Not a fan of fish. Was offered "chicken or fish" but when I selected chicken there was none!!! Not a fan of the bus transfer."
Prós: "None."
Contras: "Flight attendants were not friendly and courteous. There was not enough blankets for every passengers. Food was a cold sandwich with water, juice or soda only, no alcohol available on the international flight. Overall, I would give this airline a "F" for failing to keep up with the standard of other airlines."
Prós: "Very attentive to handicapped passengers. Which is me. Yhe flight is short yet they served a light lunch we seemed like a waste to. I had a coke. The plane was clean I love the hostess uniforms. Beautiful and very feminine. Refreshing in today's world"
Contras: "For a short hop I have nothing to suggest. Perfect"
Prós: "Everything was great in the flight. It felt fantastic to be treated like a princess."


Flights in time, crew is nice, value for money

Pedi água para beber junto com meu remédio e tive que pagar

At least they shoud have offer water 🤭

Customer service sucks

Contras: "arrived one hour before flight, all counter staff had disappeared. On-line check-in was not available as an option, could not get checked in and as a result missed my flight"
Prós: "O aeroporto de Singapura é simplesmente faraônico!"
Contras: "O embarque com ônibus em um deslocamento grande."
Contras: "Flight delayed."
Prós: "The leg room"
Contras: "Boarding process"
Contras: "Leg room"
Prós: "Enjoyed buying extended leg room"
Contras: "Water should be a standard on a 4 hour flight"
Prós: "The flight was smooth despite bouts of turbulence. The crew ensured everyone was strapped in and the pilot made a prior announcement before flight take-off. Most Pilots don’t."
Contras: "The check-in process took extremely Long as there were only two counters open. The boarding process was a joke. Despite the announcement to board by rows, there was no enforcement whatsoever and it was free for all."
Prós: "Amazig Airplane"
Prós: "Crew were good"
Contras: "Flight was late."
Prós: "Crew were good."
Contras: "I paid for priority boarding but could not find the queue easily to check in as well as there was no priority boarding line up during boarding. My seat did not decline at all. I paid for a window seat but got a completely blank wall. Flights were late."
Prós: "we were on time and landed ahead of schedule."
Contras: "nowhere to store our cabin luggage"
Contras: "Allow us to upgrade class"
Prós: "Head rest not comfortable. Short distance okay not long one."
Contras: "Plane is old i think. Take off and landing time plane some shaky and sound not pleasant."
Prós: "I hope never to fly Scoot again."
Contras: "Extremely rude and uncaring staff. I hate not being booked through with boarding passes. You have to wait in line at every stop, go through security and wait to get your ongoing boarding pass. The Scoot transfer people in Singapore are the most rude people I've ever met."
Contras: "Wasn’t allowed to board the plane because my passport only had five months left on it but you still let me book the flight and I was not refunded"
Prós: "There is nothing to say this is a no frills airline and that is what you get. Departure was on time and arrival was also on time. Food on any airline isn’t good at least on airline i fly. The important thing is getting there safely and this airline company does that."
Prós: "Overall okay. Food was not in our list because the flight is about one and a half hour. No entertainment as it was a short one and we departed earlier than the estimated time."
Prós: "Good price. Was on time, seats were comfortable, helpful staff"
Contras: "No use of headphones 30 minutes before take off and arrival"
Prós: "It was a good flight"
Contras: "The long delay......"
Contras: "Unfair policy of no outside food, treating its customers in a captive state; cabin is dirty with little cleaning work done. Won't fly if it were not cheap."
Prós: "Overall it was a good flight."
Contras: "No offer to book my seat assignment during the booking process. A kiosk check-in would be a nice addition."
Contras: "Minha poltrona estava situada em frente à porta do banheiro. Além de todos esbarrarem em mim durante todo o voo, o barulho foi incômodo"
Contras: "Seats we given did not recline .as they were just in front of emergency exit . The extra leg room seats were empty, but would have to pay extra to sit on them"
Contras: "I didn't realise I was going to be in such a poor airline after booking through the Singapore Airlines website. There was hardly any space, food options were limited, there was no entertainment, they even charged for water! Equal worst airline with jetstar"
Prós: "on time and departed early"
Contras: "none. is budget airline"
Contras: "The flight was delayed for over 30 mins."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Flight crew’s attitude. The fact that there was no overhead space and the crew didn’t Check additional bags. Had to stove the bags u def the seat and there was no room to stretch my legs. The flight crew had the most pathetic attitude and was rude beyond imagination."
Prós: "Pilot"
Contras: "Boarding process Delayed flight"
Prós: "comfortable seat"
Contras: "No TV on plane"
Prós: "Singapore to Hanoi flight."
Contras: "Boarding is thru T2 airport bus which brings all passengers to Flyskoot plane parked somewhere. Not good for those with strollers. Will avoid Flyskoot if going to Hanoi."
Contras: "We were given just one very small water about 150ml and told we have to pay if we need more water. Restriction on providing drinking water in Business class seems unfair. Please reconsider"
Prós: "i did not see any entertainment."
Prós: "Being a budget airline, you really get what you pay for. Seats do not recline. Minimum legroom. I was thankful that it was only a 1-hour flight"
Contras: "Stiff, uncomfortable seats without controls. Just adequate legroom for a 5’3” person"
Prós: "Affordable biz class"
Contras: "Really poor food and flight was delayed 2 hours both ways"
Prós: "check in - fast via machine. boarding - organized. crew helped out with baggage. flight - took off on time after short taxi and landed early"
Contras: "equipment could use refurbishment"
Prós: "Boarding"
Contras: "Confort"
Prós: "The cost was cheap"
Contras: "There wasn't much room for someone who is 6'4''"
Prós: "Cheap"
Contras: "Disorganized boarding"
Contras: "They lied about baggage costs My flight on scoot from blr to Singapore was 2 hrs delayed and no reason"
Contras: "This was a return flight I was taking. But even though I paid for a bag when booking, Kayak only booked the bag on the flight over. It there for cost me $48 to book the bag on at the airport one way back. For some reason when I was paying they could not take for the full amount on my CC and so I had to go change money as $8 had to be paid cash (very strange). The flight was very uncomfortable. I could go into detail but now I’m just ranting. Not happy. Won’t be doing that again."
Contras: "I get the seat selection pre-check in is a premium service. Bu to not allow someone to express preference (based on what's left) when they check in is downright snarky. The explanation that I got that "we need to balance the plane" is whitewash. It's clearly to push peopel to buying the premium service. But when you do that at the price of alienating people, you've done them and yourself a disservice. Time to rethink!"
Contras: "Delay one hour"
Prós: "Scoot Business is excellent value for money. 35 seats at the front of a Dreamliner with comfortable seats and some recline. The flight took off on time and landed in Sydney on time. I will go again."
Contras: "Not much really. It does not compare with Business on the national carriers but at half the price what do you expect?"
Prós: "Boarding was quick and plane embarked on time. ScootBiz seats pretty comfortable although don’t seem to recline much more than economy. Overall good flight though."
Prós: "On time"

The actual flight was ok, everything else terrible worst airline in South East Asia, delayed twice and eventually took off late again, waiting in room at gate before flight no staff there no information about second delay, jammed on bus with doors closed waiting to be taken to the plane, just a disgusting airline, do not ever rely on this Vietjet will always cancel or delay your flight, and it’s not cheap when you see luggage price and other add ons, if possible try to book a better airline Bamboo air etc

No, comment Me and my family at the boarding gate more than 30 min early but the flight delayed and they still leave without us.

Very basic, all seats are non reclining

Prós: "Worst Airline Ever"
Contras: "Vietjet needs to update their refund policy"
Contras: "We left 1. 5 hours late! The only food on the plane was prepackaged chemical foods and the only vegan option was a porridge they pour water over ($2)."
Prós: "N/A"
Contras: "Get more Customer Services training for the better and for the next level of international services provider...."
Prós: "Crew was average, need to brush up on geography. One crew member announced that we have arrived to the city of Quang Nam, instead of province of Quang Nam."
Contras: "Take off on time, not 45 minutes late."
Prós: "Clean plane"
Contras: "Late"
Prós: "Vietjet’s staff are always attractive, smiling, and friendly. I like the double embarking and disembarking process."
Contras: "I hate Vietjet’s restrictive luggage policies. I had to repack everything at the ticket counter to match the 7 kilo restriction and one carryon limit. On every other airline the way I pack is acceptable. Then I was given a window seat with no window. It was in the exit row. Terrible!"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Boarding on time instead of delay twice"
Prós: "delay"
Contras: "should be on time"
Contras: "I was charged for a medical device (CPAP) to carry it onboard the plane. Never had to pay before on any flight as FAA permits medical devices for free."
Prós: "The crew was very nice and helpful, comfortable seats and the airline seemed well run for a discount carrier."
Contras: "Getting to and from the plane, they use a bus and only had one bus so we was packed in like cattle on a truck"
Contras: "Airport reception is inexperience, could provide us the info we need. Luggage charging 2 for 70kg which is retarded. If you pay online or declare online it gives you discount, unfortunately that doesn’t work on visitors. The check innprocuedure was ineffective and waste lots of time"
Prós: "Fast and efficient and low cost budget"
Prós: "Nothing really impressive."
Contras: "The online boarding procedures was unavailable for non- Vietnamese. No reminder to tell us which terminal and cause me delayed to the flight, the airport reception was inexperience send me to a wrong terminal. Luggage charging was bad. If you declare online gives you half price and it doesn’t work"
Contras: "No free water on a 5 hour flight. Poor choice of snacks to purchase. No leg room. Chaotic at boarding time. Expensive for the service"
Prós: "It was on time for a change"
Contras: "The seats are uncomfortable. We requested 2 aisle seats. Given the ok, and then found out we were seated window and middle. How did that get lost in translation?"
Prós: "It was a direct flight to Phuket"
Contras: "Flight was delayed for 2 hours, then didn't board for another 45 minutes after that. We were given a mediocre coffee or soft drink in a lounge, no food. Basically the afternoon at Patong was wasted because we didn't arrive until after 5pm. Vietjet is renowned for this sloppiness and persistent delays."
Contras: "Delays with no explanation or expected timing"
Prós: "Quick flight"
Contras: "It was a quick flight from dalat to hmc. So I didn't expect a lot. But they charged for water and there were no tv's."
Contras: "Baggage policy ridiculous. I was prepared bc I’d heard about the 7g rule but still had me running around almost missing the flight to pay the fee at a different location than the check in desk. The other location had staff on a break. Then no one else at the check in wanted to accept payment so that I could move on to boarding. Staff not friendly about the whole process."
Contras: "Crew members playing video games while waiting on the Tarmac.. very unprofessional.. driver of shuttle should be fired for not paying attention..."
Contras: "No online check-in. Flight was late. No legroom."
Contras: "Flight was delayed an hour and a half without any information as to why. Major grievance was baggage policy. My wife and I have been traveling Asia for the last 7+ month and taken 35 flights to 10 different countries. This is the ONLY time we were told we needed to check our bags (which are both soft-sided and weight ~7kg). Apparently our small backpacks also counted toward the carry-on limit, which would have been fine if not for the following two contradictions: this was our THIRD flight with VietJet Air (one from Siem Reap to Hanoi, Hanoi to Da Nang, Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh) and we didn't have to check baggage the first two. We also saw at least half a dozen people get on our flight with either bags larger than ours, or carrying three pieces of luggage. Either enforce all the rules for everyone, every time they fly the airline, or not at all."
Prós: "Good pilot and crew, comfortable seats because we were given the ones right behind the exit row seats with some leg room."
Contras: "Our original flight time was delayed the first time, and then it got delayed AGAIN about 45 minutes after we got to the airport!"
Prós: "It was exactly what we needed. On time flight with few frills but good price and efficient. No complaints at all. Crew did well keeping control of passengers that kept standing while seatbelt sign was on. Firm but not angry. Good job."
Prós: "Uneventful flight. Nothing worth writing home about. No food, no entertainment, no hassle either."
Contras: "VietJet Air has the habit of not announcing delays until after departure time. It was funny to see the billboards announcing: "On time", then "Boarding" when there was no aircraft in sight. On the Arrivals billboard, it showed the in-coming flight as "Landed", when it most obviously had not landed, and there was no information about when it might eventually arrive. With slow operations, we boarded 40 minutes mate and arrived a full hour late. The schedule had been 9:00 PM; days before flying it was pushed back to 10:00 PM. We actually were at the gate at 11:00 PM. VietJet Air is unfortunately the only airline operating a late flight from Pleiku to Ho Chi Minh. No competition means no pressure to be on time."
Prós: "Flights were on time and worked well for us. Flight attendants were helpful"
Contras: "The charges for each checked bag were annoying. We are a family of three and traveling with a 26 Kg kid but paying full price for our seats. With one checked bag the additional 4 Kg in the bag resulting in an upcharge seems foolish. Other passengers weighing 4 times as much pay the same ticket price as our smaller lighter weigh child."
Prós: "Was on time and cheap."
Contras: "I received a text saying the departure time was delayed 5 hours but that was not true. Don't know where or why the text."
Prós: "Nothing"
Prós: "The plane got me to my destination"
Contras: "1) I had to check in my bag (which in any other fight I took was a carry on) 2) I booked thru kayak via kiwi and it was impossible to make a change even though I requested the change 1 min after my booking (I called and emailed them several times without success) 3) there was a delay in the gate and we were not kept up to date"
Prós: "Relatively cheap but you get what you pay for."
Contras: "They are super strict with the luggage, and you have to go through multiple steps. Operations are poor. Flight was delayed."
Prós: "Nothing too special to say here. One nice thing was that the lady that checked us in let us carry-on our overweight bags."
Contras: "I wish they had in-flight entertainment, but it's not that big of a deal."
Contras: "Attendants gave the first three rows drinks, but didn't give the rest of the passengers anything."
Contras: "I don't like how the lineup was at check in. You go the counter to check in. Then go to another counter to limeuo again to pay for your bags. Then lineup again for checking in. Very frustrating and confusing. Flight was almost three hours delayed and they refused to change to earlier flight. Service was poor and staff spoke very limited English. Will try to avoid this airline in future. Not a great first time experience."
Contras: "This airline was impossible to get in touch with. THey we're not at all accommodating to my request to change the flight time and sleazily rip you off with what is written in the small print."
Contras: "I am an average height United States male; never have I been so restricted by seat space."
Prós: "Not much"
Contras: "Bus instead of ramp boarding. No food or drinks provided. The carts raced by us and did not stop to ask if we wanted a purchase. No leg room in seats."
Contras: "DELAYED"
Prós: "Clean, efficient, new aircraft, very good value"
Prós: "Schedule and price were reasonable."
Contras: "Extremely noisy announcements, much louder than necessary. Poor boarding information. Incorrect gate info and poor messaging."
Prós: "Cheap fares"
Contras: "Late. Terrible boarding process, agents showed up 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time, and then put a final boarding call on the message board everyone had a lineup in a long line and no rows called just first come first serve. Male flight attendants were rude."
Prós: "Staff onboard friendly"
Contras: "Flight check very slow"
Prós: "Check in and boarding processes were actually ok this time! Decent timeliness and decent comfort level on flight."
Contras: "I understand that a budget flight will sell food and drink for money, but I feel it would be common courtesy if they at least provided water free of charge if a client asked."
Contras: "Booked a midday flight directly with VietJet only to find the flight no longer was flying that day. We had been up onto a completely different flight, 4.5 hours later, with no communication whatsoever. We had paid extra for certain seats, And we're told during checkin these were given away. Thankfully they gave us the seats 1 row in front of what we'd booked. They should really tell passengers about flights, as this could have caused a lot of issues if choosing connecting flights. We were lucky to be able to rearrange our pick up."
Contras: "2 things: 1) I've traveled dozens of airlines with the same carryon backpack. The ticket agent required me to weigh my bag and since it was greater than 7kg said I'd have to check it. 2) Flight crew was running late which is entirely understandable. BUT rather than let the 200+ passengers know what was happening the gate agents said nothing."
Prós: "Please be aware they can change flight times earlier without communicating"
Prós: "Doing its job to fly you on time with good schedule. For less than 1 hour flight that's all you need"

Reserve passagens baratas de Sudeste Asiático para Hanói

Ofertas recentes de voos de ida e volta

diretoVietnam Airlines
2h 05mBKK-HAN
diretoVietnam Airlines
2h 10mHAN-BKK
R$ 926
diretoVietnam Airlines
2h 05mBKK-HAN
2 escalasVietnam Airlines
7h 15mHAN-BKK
R$ 977
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 993
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.024
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.095
diretoVárias companhias aéreas
1h 50mBKK-HAN
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
11h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.121
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 45mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.136
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.141
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.146
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.172
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 45mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.182
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.187
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.198
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.203
1 escalaVietJet Air
12h 35mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.213
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.218
1 escalaVietJet Air
10h 15mBKK-HAN
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.223
diretoTHAI Smile
1h 50mBKK-HAN
diretoTHAI Smile
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.290
diretoTHAI Smile
1h 50mBKK-HAN
diretoTHAI Smile
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.305
diretoTHAI Smile
1h 50mBKK-HAN
diretoTHAI Smile
1h 50mHAN-BKK
R$ 1.341

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida

diretoVietnam Airlines
1h 55mBKK-HAN
R$ 420
diretoVietnam Airlines
2h 00mBKK-HAN
R$ 425
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
R$ 461
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mBKK-HAN
R$ 502
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
R$ 507
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
R$ 517
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
R$ 583
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
R$ 589
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
R$ 609
diretoTHAI Smile
1h 50mBKK-HAN
R$ 624
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mBKK-HAN
R$ 629
diretoTHAI Smile
1h 50mBKK-HAN
R$ 635
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mBKK-HAN
R$ 645
1 escalaScoot
24h 00mBKK-HAN
R$ 650
diretoVietJet Air
1h 50mBKK-HAN
R$ 686
diretoVietJet Air
1h 55mBKK-HAN
R$ 691
1 escalaScoot
20h 50mBKK-HAN
R$ 696
1 escalaScoot
20h 50mBKK-HAN
R$ 711
diretoTHAI Smile
1h 50mBKK-HAN
R$ 722
1 escalaScoot
20h 35mBKK-HAN
R$ 906

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Voos para Hanói


Hanói (HAN)Vietnã

Classe de cabine:

R$ 12.285
R$ 5.942
R$ 307

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  • Sudeste Asiático
R$ 768

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  • Voos para Hanói
R$ 768