Encontre passagens aéreas baratas de Puebla para São Paulo


Encontre passagens aéreas baratas de Puebla para São Paulo

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Como o KAYAK encontra preços tão baixos nos voos de Puebla para São Paulo?

Como a ferramenta de previsão de preços de voos do KAYAK me ajuda a escolher o momento certo para comprar minha passagem aérea de Puebla para São Paulo?

O que é a opção KAYAK Mix nos voos de Puebla para São Paulo?

O que é o recurso "datas flexíveis" do KAYAK e por que devo levá-lo em conta ao pesquisar um voo de Puebla para São Paulo?

Principal companhia aérea voando de Puebla Huejotzingo a São Paulo

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de usuários do KAYAK

United Airlines
Pontuação geral com base em 68.151 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Prós: "Horrendous experience. 6 hours on the tarmac, followed by a another 7 hour delay. I missed my connecting flight in Sao Paolo - had to spend another $1300 to get to my final destination"
Contras: "Everything was terrible."

Contras: "It is unacceptable that United is still submitting its customers in business class to old planes and very old seats - including rows with four seats looking backwards with no separation between the seats (with the same issue on the window seats, which are double seats). Dreadful flight - my fare shall be refunded in full."

Prós: "Flight was on time"
Contras: "Tight space and food could be better"

Prós: "I forgot my charger at the gate and the purser was so kind to help bring it back #unitedairlinecares"
Contras: "Nothing was a perfect flight"

Prós: "Everything was fast."
Contras: "Comfort, entertainment"

Prós: "The flight was delayed by a couple hours, causing a missed connection in SFO. The United agents, both in PPT and SFO were greatly helpful in getting me rebooked and accommodated. A special shout out to the *captain* of this flight who helped sort me out, off the clock, after a long flight."
Contras: "The media screen at my seat didn't work at all."

Contras: "Small plane"

Prós: "Large plane, quiet ride."
Contras: "Staff was rude to my wife and very useless. Our bags were dropped off together, but only one made it home. We still don’t have the missing luggage."

Contras: "Ended up waiting on bags for the better part of 30 mins"

Prós: "Overall wonderful trip"
Contras: "17L entertainment screen didn't work"

Prós: "Free coffee."

Prós: "service was good. instructions in English & Portuguese."
Contras: "lavatories didn't work below 5,000 ft. It was extremely cold so I had to put on my coat. Seats of course are very uncomfortable."

Prós: "A comida"
Contras: "As cadeiras poderiam inclinar mais para trás."

Prós: "Left on time and arrived on time Direct flight!"
Contras: "Food terrible! No options. $10 sandwich only choice."

Contras: "there was someone sitting in my chair who got angry and it was very rude because I asked him to sit in the right place. I had to put my carry far from me because he put his on my head."

Prós: "*They offered a few snacks (small bags of cookies and water) during our 2 and a half hour delay. *Staff was friendly."
Contras: "*Over two hour delay * No organization between the three boarding classes (3,4 and 5) so people just pushed to the front and stood in the way. *Overhead bin space was limited. *The inflight entertainment never worked."

Contras: "Late, no leg room and bad wifi"

Prós: "Lots of good movies to watch; inflight meal was pretty tasty."
Contras: "Couldn't check in on line; couldn't get a seat at airport check in and had to get assigned at the gate. Understand that the flight was fully booked but still was a little uncomfortable as I couldn't get an aisle seat."

Prós: "Seat have enough space for legs. Airplain was clean and crew was friendly and pilot was nice as well, we had some air bumps on our way, so pilot took time to explain why he turned on seat sign, as well as he told 5-10 minutes before start lending that it is ladt change to get up to use restroom if someone needs it. The landing was smooth"
Contras: "Employees of united in Tampa airport are rood, to be exect lady Jennie M (or something starting with J and inial M) It was my flight back to Chicago. I had basic economy which means I can have only one personal bag (which I did, but it is lil bigger then regular women bags) I new it will fit cause I am flight with it all the time if I am going only for a few days and on those cheapest tickets. She gave me hard time telling me that my purse is to big to take on board and was making me to pay for that and the tone with wich she dpoke to me wasn't nice. When I told her that in Chicago they let me go with that bag, she said: "those united employees are not doing there job, if you want to go with it go, but I'll call too ur gates and they will charge you double for that bag" Which noone did, they did not even stoped me on gates, because my bag is perfectly fitting under the seat."

Prós: "Had to cancel."
Contras: "WaIting for refund"

Prós: "boarding, flight attendant very nice"
Contras: "narrow seat, small aircraft"

Contras: "The pilot's landing was way too fast. I was sure that the plane would come to a stop in Hwy 280 at the end of the Asheville runway. That plane probably needed a major brake job after that landing. We ended up at the absolute very end of the runway!"

Prós: "The meal that was served was exceptionally good."
Contras: "Is it really that much more expansive to provide complementary movies - personally I never watch the movies but many passengers do - I did not notice anyone who purchased this service."

Prós: "Fast flight"
Contras: "Taxiied longer​ to the take off area than the actual flight time. One woman asked if we were driving to Austin."

Contras: "I do not like those head rests.. I wish the were detachable."

Prós: "Excellent and content flight."
Contras: "No complaints"

Prós: "Check-In was very fast and easy. Counter assistance was top notch"
Contras: "It wasn't United's fault that their flight was delayed so that was the only snafu in the entire trip"

Prós: "I got from point a to point b."
Contras: "The seats keep getting smaller and more people are being packed in. Not enough lavatories for passengers."

Contras: "Boarding in IAH was a mess. Several gate changes, airport information screens didn't match with the actual departure gate, lines were not properly identified. Very bad."

Prós: "Boarding process was expedited. Great leg room on Economy Plus- I did pay extra for that but it wasn't much."
Contras: "Only got pretzels and a glass of water. No other drinks available"

Contras: "Service"

Prós: "i liked that the flight was smooth and departed onetime and arrived a little early."

Contras: "I am Asian who was not allowed using restroom located in the front of airplane close to the 1st class cabin, but people sit next to me can. I feel insulted."

Prós: "Boarding was fast and easy. Crew was kind to allow me to use an empty seat in the middle row and get more space. Managed to connect to onboard entertainment with a tablet and avoided to use the tiny screen that still exists on United's 767s."
Contras: "Food was a bit tasteless."

Prós: "It was a pretty smooth flight and it was pretty well organized."
Contras: "The plane was in the Houston hanger most of the day, but it seems they didn't test it. Even after being delayed on the ground due to rain and a mechanical problem with the ramp for three hours, the plane had to turn around and come back to Houston due to another mechanical issue. Finally left 13.5 hours late. I did receive a hotel room, breakfast and 10,000 miles compensation for the hassle, but I would rather have been in Brazil on time."

Prós: "Some gate agents were very helpful and friendly with making (gratis) layover changes due to weather issues in my original layover city."
Contras: "They don't assign seats ahead of time, in FCA...too much "juggling" people around prior to boarding."

Prós: "The flight crew let us know we should anticipate turbulence."
Contras: "No entertainment, no allergy friendly snacks, no help from crew with child kicking me while the mother slept"

Prós: "I liked the plane was comfortable"
Contras: "The first TSA lady was confused and caused us to stand in 3 different lines for check in. Another TSA person stepped in and helped us get through quick and we were able to make it on time to our gate."

Prós: "A really small and swift on her feet lady was waiting for us upon arrival, and had the best attitude meanwhile she rushed us through airport security, costumes, check in desk and boarding desk. I realize the Brussels Airlines delay is not toyr responsibility, yet you assumed the consecuences and managed it smoothly and coformtably for us."
Contras: "Even though the staff did an impeccable job rushing us through LHR to catch the flight, the situation was not comfortable at all. During the flight, the staff made sure that economy felt the economy - no smiles, no please or thank you - deffinitely not paying first class with that kind of staff aboard. On top of that, my luggage arrived 12hrs later on another flight and I was not even offered a chocolate bar... I can see why the tickets were the cheapest ones, I just didn't expect it to get as far as not delivering the luggage with the passenger."

Prós: "The seat next to me was empty"
Contras: "United put my bags on the next flight to San Jose, so I had to wait an extra 2.5 hours in the airport for the next plane to land in San Jose, Costa Rica while my ride waited for me."

Prós: "On time flight"

Prós: "I liked that they waited for me because my flight was late getting in to San Francisco."

Prós: "-Pounctuality"
Contras: "- Horrible food; - Very old airplane. The oldest I ever flew; - The entertainment system was horrible and not worked. We came the whole flight without having access to anything, neither the map of the flight."

Prós: "Crew was very accommodating to the fact that I was flying with a large service animal. They even brought him his own dinner. They were excellent people."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "You guys robbed me"

Prós: "Friendly crew, easy boarding"
Contras: "Small uncomfortable seats"

Contras: "Ride bumpy. Nothing crew did all mother natures fault Food and sandwich choices awful very little legroom No entertainment"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Flight was late , and many other issues"

Contras: "There was a lot of empty seats but the crew never offer the guy seating next to us to move. His elbow kept hitting the buttons and turned on the tv screen while I was trying to sleep. I saw he went to ask one of the crew but was told to wait until flight takes off then no one helped him after. Flight was bumpy most of the time..not a very happy customer"

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Medidas de segurança para companhias aéreas que voam de Puebla para São Paulo

Companhias aéreas que voam de Puebla para São Paulo implementaram medidas de segurança adicionais e ajustaram suas políticas para melhor acomodar os viajantes. As políticas variam de acordo com a companhia.

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