Encontre passagens aéreas baratas de Osaka para o Brasil

Encontre passagens aéreas baratas de Osaka para o Brasil

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As melhores dicas para encontrar passagens baratas para o Brasil

  • Procurando voos baratos? 25% dos nossos usuários encontraram passagens aéreas de Osaka para o Brasil a preços iguais ou inferiores a estes: só ida para o Rio de Janeiro por R$ 4.711 - ida e volta por R$ 11.016
  • Como alta temporada, considera-se janeiro, fevereiro e dezembro. O mês mais barato para voar para o Brasil é janeiro.
  • Em média*, partidas pela manhã são cerca de 34% mais baratas que um voo à noite.
*Média dos preços mais baixos mostrados nos resultados de busca do KAYAK para partidas nos próximos 30 dias

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O que é a opção KAYAK Mix nos voos para o Brasil?

O que é o recurso "datas flexíveis" do KAYAK e como ele pode me ajudar a encontrar um voo para o Brasil?

Principais companhias aéreas voando de Osaka para o Brasil

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de usuários do KAYAK

Japan Airlines
Pontuação geral com base em 4.493 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Contras: "The Entertainment screen could have been larger."

Prós: "I think Japan Airlines is the best airline."

Prós: "The crew was super friendly."

Contras: "Luggage lost. Tv audio did not work"

Prós: "Good service"

Prós: "Easy boarding. Very nice crew."
Contras: "I was unlucky and got the corner rear seat that had no window. Glad it was a short flight!"

Prós: "the Level of service and the Japanese culture was evident at every moment of this flight. Our boarding process was delayed by almost an hour, and it felt like every 5-10 minutes we had an update as to what was going on and why, then passports were checked early, and service was top notch."
Contras: "In my perfect world, we would have updates way in advance if there are mechanical or airport issues but that is a slim to none chance. That is about it. Everything else was amazing!"

Prós: "Everything, the service and the food is great."
Contras: "Keep it up"

Prós: "From the food (dinner and lunch), to the spacious seats, to the impressive beverage selection, there is little I would change. The small touches, including coming through the cabin regularly with delicious green tea, made this a wonderful flight."

Prós: "Smooth ride"

Prós: "Easily upgrade to premium economy class"
Contras: "Some staff lack of basic english"

Prós: "Entertainment was good"
Contras: "PA system was used excessively."

Prós: "JAL made travelling with a toddler easy and the flight attendants were incredibly helpful and courteous."

Prós: "The crew were very polite,"
Contras: "but thet could not help me in getting hooked up with the wifi, which I attempted to do numerous times. The food was mediocre, at best, and the seat was hard and not very comfortable."

Prós: "Courtesy and thoughtful services throughout the flight More leg room and better food than typical American Airlines’ economy"
Contras: "Can’t think of any thing"

Prós: "Thier food tasted excellent!"
Contras: "Wish there was a vegetarian option too."

Prós: "Excellent service, excellent seats and comfort . Good food"

Prós: "It was short flight.. I slept good through."

Prós: "Direct flught, food is always delicious, crew is very attentive, and the in-flight TV seats have great entertainment."

Prós: "Able to accommodate many dietary requirements and friendly crew"

Prós: "Nice staff."
Contras: "Economy seats very uncomfortable especially for long distance flights - barely reclining. Seat selection very painful - can do it online, have to call up to 48h before glight with roaming fees if already abroad. Food okay - nothing Japanese. Movie selection could be richer and better."

Prós: "Excellent entertainment and the crews attention made me fell welcomed."

Prós: "The crew, the flight, the pilot to cabin communications, the food, USB hookup, and the movie selection was amazing. I am so happy that I flew Japan Airlines on my return trip. I would highly recommend them for your travels."
Contras: "My original flight was late and pushed my entire schedule back. I had 15 minutes to deplane and get to my connecting flight. This caused a lot of stress on me however, the Japan airlones Crew escorted me (we ran as fast as we could) to my next flight so that I wouldn’t miss it. I boarded with 1 minute to spare which is way too close for my comfort."

Prós: "JAL is a great airline. Love flying on them. great crew. roomy and comfortable."

Prós: "Great flight, great food (Hagendaus Ice Cream was a great treat)"

Prós: "Great meal compared to other local airlines. Comfortable."

Prós: "Clean and nice staff"
Contras: "Seats separated from my friend for 14hrs."

Prós: "Friendly and respectful staff, great meals, tasty!"

Prós: "Flight crew was very professional and courteous. The food was excellent! It was like eating at an awesome Japanese restaurant! There were toothbrush kits w/small tubes of toothpaste in the bathrooms, which was a nice touch. Bathrooms were very clean. Entertainment was very good and had many choices. Would love to fly them again any chance I get! Probably the best flight experience I've ever had."

Prós: "Everyone on the flight was very nice and helpful. Food was excellent! There were a lot of choices of movies to watch. It was probably the best flight experience I've ever had and I travel overseas quite a lot. If I ever get the chance to fly them again, I will. Great service and outstanding experience."

Prós: "service is great!"
Contras: "nothing"

Prós: "I am all right for travelling by Japan airlines this trips to Taipei. My hometown."

Prós: "I didn't like anything about it."
Contras: "The seats are uncomfortable. No wifi. Need to upgrade the plane. No seats for economy plus or business class available. Will never fly with Japan airlines again!"

Prós: "Good in flight entertainment options. Great food and plenty of it. Service was top notch. No complaints."

Prós: "Everything was perfect - crew, food, service, comfort, entertainment."

Prós: "Seats in cos are comfortable and plenty of leg room compare to US airlines. Food selection is very good as well as the service. Flight Attendants were very friendly and attentive. Will fly JAL again!"

Prós: "Food and drinks"
Contras: "Nothing"

Prós: "excellent seat space, friendly flight attendants, would fly with JAL again."

Prós: "Everything was on time. Crew was outstanding."

Contras: "Very long lines at the security gate at Itami. Difficult web check in."

Prós: "The stewardesses were wonderful-kind, considerate and hardworking. They gave us constant attention offering drinks. I would love to travel with them again!"
Contras: "Nothing- I'd fly with them anytime."

Prós: "The crew was very nice and pleasant. They were very accommodating as well."
Contras: "For my entire flight back I was so hot I could hardly stand it. I had to change my clothes and it still didn't help very much. My meals were also pretty bad on the way back, which is odd because they were not bad on the way there. It was definitely one of the worst flights that I've ever had, mostly because of the heat."

Prós: "Efficient boarding process. Great god and cabin service. On time."
Contras: "Turbulent flight and the crew was not completely reassuring"

Prós: "Good food and excellent service On time"
Contras: "There are not much choices for movies News uses Japanese only"

Contras: "too little legroom seating is designed shorter legged Japanese"

Prós: "My seat and my son's seat were booked apart on the both flights. So I requested the representatives at the check in counters at both airports to change our seats so that we could seat next each other. They were willing to help us out and we got the great seats. They had to ask other customers to help this out, too. In the airplanes, the flight attendants were extremely helpful and friendly when we asked them questions and favors, with nice smiles and calm quiet voices. No wonder the atmosphere was very relaxing and quiet during the both flights. The leg room was roomier and the facilities were newer. When I saw three pilots bowed to the customers before getting into the airplane, I felt they were very professional and ready for their jobs."
Contras: "Some food items were too Japanese. Dried Natto snack was especially weird for my son."

Prós: "Shortest travel time to Japan"
Contras: "OLD PLANES Touchscreens won't 50% of the time"

Prós: "This was the first leg of 3 flights back to the US and it was great!"
Contras: "There was nothing bad about this flight."

Prós: "Amazingly polite, smiling happy people. Respectful, it actually makes your day to deal with employees like this."
Contras: "Nothing. Was great."

Contras: "seats were very uncomfortable"

Prós: "Lufthansa is a great airline."
Contras: "Food was so hot that it was difficult to remove the packaging to be able to eat the pasta.... Desert was ok, brownie was real hard and too sweet...."

Prós: "Nada. Assento não reclinava"
Contras: "Confirto"

Prós: "Everything except delay"
Contras: "Nil"

Prós: "Everything was really good. Crew was helpful and provided excellent customer service. Food provided was good."
Contras: "The only thing that would have been better was cooler air in the cabin. I got very hot on both my flights to and from Frankfurt."

Prós: "Not enough restrooms the food was not the good mor"
Contras: "More choices for food seats not comfortable too narrow no space"

Prós: "Tripulação muito solícita apesar de não entender o português."
Contras: "Avião quente e velho, comprar da ruim e foi servida muito tarde"

Prós: "The flight was on schedule. The pilot was great and avoided turbulence."
Contras: "Compared to my SF to Munich flight, the return trip was a nightmare. The flight attendants were nowhere to be found. Cold face towels, ran out of food and drink. Flight attendants allowing a school field trip to take over the flight. My seat was kicked for 7 hours straight, they did nothing."

Prós: "Everything is fine."
Contras: "No"

Prós: "The crew was really nice."
Contras: "There were some delays, my luggage didn't arrive to final destination I might receive it only tomorrow and also a lot of gates change."

Prós: "Tudo foi bom"

Contras: "As refeições."

Prós: "Air hostesses was rude in flight from India. I have notice lots of passengers couldn’t speak English and they probably thinks everyone is like that."
Contras: "Tell Air Hostess to be polite if any one asking for something it’s part of their job"

Prós: "Pontualidade, conforto e bom atendimento da tripulação."
Contras: "Monitor multimídia nos assentos"

Prós: "Em ar foi bastante rápido."
Contras: "O voo atrasou. Não havia qualquer opção de entretenimento a bordo. A cadeira praticamente não desce."

Contras: "Infelizmente a Enonomy Premium que utilizei era próximo aos banheiros, então o voo todo teve muito movimento, não permitindo relaxar com o conforto esperado"

Prós: "Food and service were phenomenal, and the seats were very comfortable."
Contras: "Gate agents were joking and laughing during pre-board, and the entire plane attempted to board at once."

Prós: "A percepção de segurança e organização fornecem uma tranquilidade para a viagem"
Contras: "Serviço de bordo (Comida) e entretenimento podem ser substanciamento melhorados. A aeronave apresentou vários assentos com problema para reclinar indicando a necessidade de melhoria na manutenção da cabine."

Contras: "Lufthansa flight from Florence to Frankfurt was 45 mins late, so a large group of passengers had 30 mins to transfer from plane to bus to terminal to security to gate on other side of airport. They offered no assistance other than to say run, which we did the whole way. When we reached the gate less than 5 minutes after scheduled takeoff they said flight was closed and next flight was 18 hours later. Not one passenger successfully made the transfer. It took over 2 hours to get hotel and food vouchers, and we were forced to stay in airport Holiday Inn with now sweaty clothes and no luggage. Everyone was furious, and the entire incident could have been easily avoided in many ways, including by delaying the flight 5 mins or by providing passenger transportation at any point in the 30 minute transfer from the Lufthansa A arrival gate and the Lufthansa Z departure gate."

Prós: "Flight crew made up time to arrive on time despite late arrival. They are pretty amazing - they got a plane hundreds of miles in the same time it took the ground crew to get my bag from the plane to the baggage claim."
Contras: "Frankfurt is just an awful airport. Too many landings and not enough infrastructure. Also tired of planes having to park thousands of yards from the terminal. The time to get the bag is as long as the flight. Each about 55 minutes. There is very little about German efficiency here."

Contras: "Temperatura da cabine muito fria durante todo o voo"

Prós: "Atendimento"
Contras: "Alimentação simples e pouca Sem local para carregar celulares"

Prós: "Atendimento"
Contras: "Alimentação simples e pouca Sem local para carregar celulares"

Contras: "Da falta de atenção com os passageiros depois se um atraso que estavam na conexão, hotel longe transporte só depois de muito tempo de espera 3hs. Chegada ao hotel as 23 hs, jantar improvisado, café da manhã bizarro, servido na recepção pequena muitos tomaram café em pé, pão com manteiga e café puro..."

Contras: "Requested assistance in Budapest for my 84 yr old mother that walks with a cane for the Frankfurt airport and Baltimore. No one showed up. Lots of walking at Frankfurt and having to board out on runway up all the steps was not easy."

Prós: "Great departure time. Super comfortable even in coach."
Contras: "The second meal was a bit skimpy and not so tasty."

Prós: "Nada."
Contras: "O funcionário que nos atendeu em Beirute era mal educado. Sala VIP horrorosa. O banheiro era pior que o banheiro de uma rodoviária suja. Os assentos são apertados. Na verdade não são assentos de classe executiva. São assentos comuns, em que eles bloqueiam o assento do meio. Não tem banheiro privativo da classe executiva, o banheiro tinha fila o tempo todo. A comida era medíocre. Enfim, jamais pague um voo de executiva pela Lufthansa nessa rota."


Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Comida e espaço da aeronave"

Prós: "Nenhuma anotação especial. Talvez apenas o registro do serviço correto da tripulação."
Contras: "A classe executiva nesse voo de Frankfurt para Beirute é uma piada. Pequena, apertada, pior que o assento conforto da gol, mas custa uma fortuna. Não vale a pena."

Contras: "Seems like they want to nickel and dime you for everything now..."

Contras: "Sem entretenimento a bordo"

Contras: "Demora na retirada de bagagens"

Prós: "Crew and entertainment options"
Contras: "Passengers gathering against crew instructions. Large group behind me was loud and inconsiderate."

Prós: "Overall. Lufthansa is one of the top airlines in Star Alliance"
Contras: "Seats in economy class. The pouches in from of the seats do not stretch enough. It is difficult to place two books!"

Contras: "Too warm"

Prós: "serviço muito atencioso. apesar de estar em acentos comuns, achei a Lufthansa mais confortável que a Swiss."

Prós: "Pontualidade do voo foi impressionante. Aterrisagem e decolagem ótimos."
Contras: "Tripulação muito seca, só servia bem quem estava no corredor. Passaram reto sem nos servir 3 vezes seguidas. Café da manhã ok, jantar péssimo."

Prós: "The flight is flawless."
Contras: "The business lounge and the shopping options at terminal C in Frankfurt are really poor when comparing to other areas on the same airport."

Contras: "Lufthansa has to upgrade the plane on this flight. The business class comfort is not suitable for a 4+ hours flight. Not at all."

Prós: "Pontualidade e facilidade no embarque."
Contras: "O espaço entre assentos é muito pequeno, fiquei espremido durante a viagem. As telas de Led de entretenimento são muito ruins, forçando as pessoas a baterem o dedo no touchscreen e balançarem a poltrona alheia."

Prós: "The flight attendants all were very helpful and seemed to enjoy their jobs"

Contras: "Never made it and they knew several people were still in customs"

Contras: "Hamburg airport not prepared for winter weather. Delayed over 2 hours due to de-icing staff not ready. Airport did not see light snow on radar? Missed connecting flight. Lufthansa put us in hotel 45mins away from airport with no luggage. Switched us to a united flight and not together."

Prós: "Tudo funcionou muito bem."
Contras: "O banco da classe econômica poderia reclinar mais."

Prós: "Todo o serviço de bordo funcionou muito bem. Os alimentos estavam muito bons!"
Contras: "O assento da Classe Economica poderia reclinar mais."

Prós: "I flew in an A380 from LAX to FRA and that is a huge airplane but very nice. The flight from FRA to TLV was full and that airplane had no USB charge ports and no seat back video. I refuse to fly El Al because they don't have video and charge ports. Now I need to avoid flying with Lufthansa."
Contras: "No USB charge ports and no seat back video. They only have movies from Sony."

Prós: "tripulação comida"
Contras: "atraso no embarque, para decolar e para pousar"

Prós: "Em geral gostei de tudo. Não precisei de nada da tripulação, mas vi conversando com algumas pessoas e acho que eles poderiam ser mais atenciosos."
Contras: "A maneira de com algum(uns) dele(s) se manifesta(am)."

Prós: "Gostei muito da comida, o voo foi super tranquilo e as opções de filmes são ótimas."
Contras: "Os bancos da classe econômica poderiam ser mais confortáveis. São bons! Mas poderiam ser melhores."

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