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On the flight from Miami to Dallas, a father and older teenager boarded. Father was wearing mask under his chin. Son had mask dangling off one ear. They were in middle and aisle seats one row in front of me. Many times flight attendants walked up and down and they were never spoken to. If it's a rule ENFORCE it. I didn't like that my ticket said Alaska and I was actually on American until my connection in Dallas. Then I was on Alaska. Very confusing with booking numbers. Plus, when I checked in I only received ONE boarding pass when I needed to board two planes. Made more of a hassle than necessary.

Overall I would fly Alaska Airlines anywhere and anytime.

Contras: "First class in an airplane this size is a bit limited (especially legroom) when in the first row."
Prós: "We were in row 8 and the plane just wasn’t packed full. It’s just some uncomfortable when flights are booked to 110% capacity. Flight was smooth and the crew was super kind!"
Contras: "The food options were great, the complimentary ones. The ones I paid for were gross. I would have preferred something cold to something everyone thinks should be warm and trying to play it off as cold! It was kinda gross. Overall, service made up for everything else!"
Contras: "Sold out of all meals, only snacks left, before reaching my row."
Prós: "Great crew"
Contras: "No movie ability unless you rent the device"
Contras: "Alaska is unreliable. You either have an hour and a half+ delay, to wait on the tarmac after landing for 25+ minutes bc another Alaska plane is in your spot, they change your seat on you at the last second, break your suitcase, etc. All these things happened to me in the last 4 days w/ Alaska."
Prós: "Overall pleasant experience"
Prós: "Seating comfortable. Free entertainment"
Prós: "The flight got me home to pdx safely."
Contras: "Nothing except more room on the flight from OKC to SEATAC."
Contras: "They didnt tell me I had to order food before getting on the plane and that I needed to download a program to watch on my phone."
Prós: "New plane"
Contras: "It was a bit hot, and delayed"
Prós: "Everything was great"
Prós: "Always happy with Alaska"
Prós: "When the pane lifted off"
Contras: "Rushing for my connection"
Contras: "My luggage was lost and I'm stuck with no clothes or toiletries, sleeping in a dirty hotel with cigarette smell and have no idea when I'll get my belongings and be able to get on with my very imporatant business trip"
Prós: "Somente os filmes"
Contras: "Embarque modificado sem alteração no painel de informações. Funcionários desaparecem dos guichês originais pra atender outro vôo, sem deixar qualquer informação nos balcões. Vôo atrasado por mais 2 horas dentro do avião Tripulação grosseira Não foi servido nada durante o vôo, somente em solo água."
Contras: "While I understand the flight attendants are there to ensure our safety, a little more empathy would be greatly appreciated. Tone is everything."
Contras: "It was a hour late taking off so that’s always a pain but other wise it was okay."
Prós: "Excelente atendimento e ótimo voo."
Prós: "seat number"
Contras: "the flight was delayed they told us there was no room for our carryon baggage and we had to check it and then found out there was TONS of room to store our luggage the plane was old with broken armrests and super dirty stained floors."
Contras: "My entire checked bag was full of my tattoo equipment which is my livelihood. Most of my equipment was destroyed and now I have to spend money to replace it all ASAP or I can’t work! I’m more than upset!"
Prós: "I paid the extra $50 for premium seats. The extra leg room was nice, that's about it. I literally heard conversations throughout the cabin, which is no on at Alaska airlines fault, however, with premium seating we were to be given free snacks and drinks (which obviously we had paid for) but my entire row was not asked or acknowledged the entire 5 hour flight. When I stopped the attendant and let her know upon landing she said they had come through the cabin 3 times and made me feel crazy for asking. I asked my neighbors and they received the Sam treatment. The attendants literally walked right past our row without asking anyone if we were hungry or thirsty. Rude!"
Contras: "I paid the extra $50 for premium seats. The extra leg room was nice, that's about it. I literally heard conversations throughout the cabin, which is no on at Alaska airlines fault, however, with premium seating we were to be given free snacks and drinks (which obviously we had paid for) but my entire row was not asked or acknowledged the entire 5 hour flight. When I stopped the attendant and let her know upon landing she said they had come through the cabin 3 times and made me feel crazy for asking. I asked my neighbors and they received the Sam treatment. The attendants literally walked right past our row without asking anyone if we were hungry or thirsty. Rude!"
Prós: "Did not go to seattle"
Prós: "Flight attendants were very attentive to elderly mom and her needs."
Contras: "Missed connection due to slow ground crew (no ramp to de-plane)"
Prós: "Quick flight"
Contras: "It smelled bad because they kept changing a baby behind me."
Prós: "On time and can check in at least two bags each passenger !"
Prós: "Very efficient; in-time"
Contras: "No food, but none expected."
Prós: "Easy Flight and Friendly Staff"
Prós: "Loved that I ended up in a seat with no one next to me for both flights."
Contras: "The plane was falling apart and smelled like urine."
Prós: "Small plane and short flight. Not too much to expect other than get there on time which they did"
Contras: "No complains"
Prós: "Crew was sincerely nice. Breakfast was OK but a bit too simple for a 5plus hour flight. The entertainment system is a tablet you get in first class or you can pay for it in coach. Is loaded with many movies and tv shows"
Contras: "The seats in the first class cabin felt old and some have the cushions so worn that is like seating in a flat chair."
Prós: "Timeliness"
Contras: "Cramped seating"
Prós: "GOGO Internet is useless"
Contras: "Worst landing I ever experienced"
Prós: "The meal that was served was excellent. The in-flight wi-fi worked great."
Contras: "The plane was freezing- the crew was alerted to this by more than one passenger and the heat came on for about 10 minutes then it was back to cold air blasting through the plane. It was nearly a four hour flight and it was just not comfortable."
Prós: "Many offers for food , beverages and entertainment..consist cleaning of debris ...all in a very friendly courteous manner."
Contras: "The seats where to crowded"
Prós: "Crew was wonderful."
Contras: "Flight was delayed by one hour."
Prós: "Flight was smooth and on-time, onboard service was friendly and competent."
Contras: "Boarding process was chaotic and confusing."
Prós: "Mood lighting"
Contras: "No free snacks and $25 per bag surcharge"
Prós: "Decent flight to LAX from PDX. Boarded a little late but we made up the time. I've flown a lot and Alaska is generally slightly above average when it comes to flight quality and usually punctual."
Contras: "I found the process of changing my flights directly from their website to be more confusing and unforgiving than any other airline I've used. Im not using their website again."
Prós: "LOVE the free WiFi for messaging."
Prós: "Good help for handicap people"
Prós: "They are always on time even earlier, boarding fast and the flight attendants are very kind"
Prós: "Got I early"
Contras: "Lost my seat due to their screw-up. Had to wait 4.5 hrs for next one."
Prós: "Flight Attendant Cindy was so sweet and polite."
Contras: "Getting kneed in the back by the person sitting behind me."
Contras: "Nothing, there was just a lot of turbulence"
Prós: "Kevin the flight attendant and the flight crew were amazing. The cockpit crew got us off exactly on time and with some humor. This was one of the most enjoyable flights in awhile. Kevin again was attentive and friendly. All of the. Made this shirt flight totally pleasing!"
Contras: "Larger plane but there very few folks on the flight"
Contras: "Bigger plane"
Prós: "Even though it was late they got us here quickly. The weather was bad but we got here."
Contras: "Due to the short flight and bad weather there was no service."
Prós: "The seats were spacious."
Contras: "Nothing."
Prós: "Great inflight service. Thomas is one of the most friendly flight attendants I’ve seen in any airline!"
Prós: "Crew was nice."
Contras: "Flight on time or even explanation of my so many delays."
Prós: "Crew"
Contras: "Delayed for hours"
Contras: "We were supposed to go to Denver to see the rolling stones but the show was postponed so we didn't make the trip. American airlines wouldn't give us a refund or let us change our flight to a different date so we just had to eat the tickets. Worst vacation ever because I never left the house."
Prós: "I was traveling with my 80-year-old mother in a wheelchair and that staff could have done just a bit more to make her stay a little bit better."
Contras: "They could have save it as not in the last row of the plane. They could have made it clear that we would be deboarding last instead of first. So, she didn’t have to stand for a long time. They could’ve sent a skycap who knew how to use a manual wheelchair."
Prós: "Fantastic crew. Easy flight. After yesterday's day of cancellations, this final leg home was great!"
Prós: "On-time service"
Contras: "I had to buy a new ticket because AA does not allow same-day standby on earlier flights. Poor service!"
Prós: "the one crew lady was nice...the seats were uncomfortable"
Contras: "No air conditioner"
Prós: "On time, friendly staff."
Prós: "Everything"
Prós: "Arrived 40 minutes early"
Contras: "The 3 hr delay"
Contras: "Flight was delayed and wouldn’t make connecting flight. We were switch to new flights and airline"
Contras: "There was a fly just flying around bothering other passengers and the flight attendant had a horrible attitude"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Filthy plane there was vomit on the seat in front"
Prós: "Short flight to MHK"
Contras: "Nothing"
Contras: "My flight had been canceled because a pilot was fatigued and I felt like this alternative flight was insufficient."
Contras: "No beverages or snacks."
Contras: "Late flight"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Gate crew in LGA non-communicative. Did not have courtesy to keep passengers informed as to why flight was delayed or when we would board. Finally they announced that there was no crew to fly the plane."
Contras: "Terrible service and aircrafts. Constant delays, reroutes, and cancellations. Truly make traveling a nightmare."
Prós: "The crew was pleasant and the flight was comfortabl."
Contras: "The flight was delayed for over an hour, which is the reason for the overall rating."
Prós: "I loved everything!"
Contras: "No complaints, thank you!"
Prós: "Short flight. It was on American Eagle. Nothing more to say. My ratings were generous for them."
Contras: "Small seats. No storage. American Eagle"
Prós: "All Ggod"
Prós: "The captain and crew kept us well informed of the reason for our delay."
Prós: "Good landing. Pilot was pretty experienced which is always appreciated."
Contras: "The seats were very uncomfortable and the crew was just ok. No one really seemed to be enjoying their job. Just a job....Americangot us to where we are going but that was about it."
Contras: "9 people were asked to voluntarily give up their seats on flight 3730 and I did and we were to be compensated. Well at the last minute, the counter person starts putting us on the plAne w/ no explanation. After changing plans that was kind of shoddy. I could only assume they had not over bikes?"
Prós: "rep was responsive to friendly non-complaining attitude, and when she realized I wasn't trying to bite her head off, even started being semi-friendly back. She helped out a lot to get us re-booked for the following morning."
Contras: "Weather delayed all flights coming into DFW, including ours. We had landed, but could not proceed to the gate to deplane. Eventually we arrived along with several other people at our gate the very minute that it was supposed to depart, but the doors were closed and they would not let us on. I saw a plan at the end, although wasn't sure that it was ours - but if it was, does that mean that our seats were given away? Even KNOWING that our connecting flight was present at the airport? Then the rep basically shrugged it off and said not her problem. I don't blame her though - I blame the policy that doesn't prioritize people first."
Prós: "Our flight was excellent on the way home. Super service, roomy flight (wasn't full and flight attendants allowed people to move around so there weren't 3 in a row). A+++ rating!"
Contras: "No complaints!"
Prós: "Smooth"
Contras: "N/a"
Contras: "Seats too close. I am 6'1" and my knees hit the seat infront of me making it uncomfortable. Why does the last rows seat last? Would it not make more sense to seat the back rows first? This would eliminate people in front rows getting hit by numerous people passing by."
Prós: "More room in seats, more flight options."
Contras: "No wifi, no usb plugs."
Contras: "Excellent service. I'm very satisfied. Thank you"
Prós: "Excellent way to go!"
Prós: "Flights were on time."
Contras: "Boarding is typical disorderly. Seating us getting smaller."
Contras: "Our plane was taken 'out of service'. We were delayed waiting for another plane and crew."
Prós: "seating was comfortable. all crew was attentive."
Contras: "I was three minutes late for checked baggage and security was a nightmare. somehow I always picked for "random" screening. I missed my flight by three minutes. I was told I could wait for the next flight but if space wasn't available I would have to buy a new ticket and come back the next day. that was upsetting. I got the flight and a ok."
Contras: "I would like to of signed up for the reward program. I have been flying with you for at least 10 years to California."
Prós: "No food to speak of because it was so short, but the flight attendant was very nice and the pilot did his best to get us out of there, even though the catering was late."
Contras: "No complaints!"
Prós: "Easy boarding and no delays to Dallas"
Prós: "On both my flight legs the crew seemed like they needed to retire. Did not enjoy their jobs anymore. Semi rude and disinterested in pleasing anyone or answering simple questions."
Contras: "Also had a 34 min connection in Chicago. Because aa uses smaller planes now and their is no room for carry ons it poses major issues when trying to catch a quick connection when you have to wait for your gate checked bag. The only thing they could do was tag my bag with a yellow sticker which was suppose to ensure it was returned first yet every Crew I spoke with said it wasn't guaranteed. They were right. My bag came off last. Why have a system so simple you can't get right?"
Prós: "nothing, customer service generally horrible"
Contras: "all"
Prós: "The flight attendant from Charlotte to grad Rapids was hilarious and the TSA at Grand Rapids was so nice."

The staff were great, but they lost my luggage and my flight got delayed 6 hours.

Luggage lost, three days to give it back.


nao tem equipe de solo sufficient em Des Moines, estejam preparado para esperar no avião qdo chegar

We made great time and arrived early

The timeliness.


The mask policy is not enforced by the crew. Multiple people around us would not even wear the mask or have it on their chin. Flight attendants would walk past these people and not say anything. All they do is make overhead announcements about the masks being mandatory but they are terrible at enforcing the rules, very disappointing.

Contras: "No food or beverage service during covid-19"
Prós: "Pontualidade no embarque."
Contras: "Alimentação no voo"
Prós: "Fast food service"
Contras: "Very narrow seats in coach. If you’re sitting next to a larger person expect to be crunched."
Prós: "Everything was awesome"
Contras: "Flight delay"
Prós: "Everything was great."
Prós: "Smooth flight"
Contras: "WiFi entertainment not working"
Contras: "O snack poderia ter sido melhor. E o assento poderia ser mais confortável"
Contras: "Checking at Oklahoma City was a bit chaotic. There were not enough monitors to check in so a long line ensued. Then bags were stacked all over the place making one wonder if your bags would get on the flight. Not good."
Contras: "Estive em Dallas em conexão para montreal e não consegui voar. A cia não deu assistência e tive um b prejuízo de mais de 10mil reais"
Contras: "This leg of my trip went off without a hitch boarding and crew were very professional."
Prós: "Comfortable plane."
Contras: "K&yak was awful. Tossed me to a low end third party provider once booked. Never go through them again."
Prós: "O embarque sem atrasos e bem organizado pro grupos que realmente eram cumpridos foi uma boa supresa"
Contras: "A comida foi bem fraca. Tanto o jantar (Chicken) quanto o café da manhã, sendo que este ultimo foi pior: um saquinho de pão com um sanduiche gelado de peito de peru e requeijão e uma barra de cereal. Sem frutas, e sem nada quente. Algo compreensível para um voo curto, mas não p/ um voo de 11h50."
Prós: "The attendant in first class was really good at his job. The rest seemed a bit lost"
Contras: "The food. The "lasagna" looked and tasted like it came from chef boyardee can"
Prós: "O assento e um pouco apertado !"
Contras: "Conforto nos assentos !"
Contras: "Educação da aeromoça, má vontade . Cara sempre feia e até discutiu com uma moça que estava com 2 crianças"
Prós: "Muito boa tripulação"
Contras: "Não havia nenhum tripulante que falasse português em um voo para o Brasil."
Prós: "Gostei do espaço entre os bancos, a tripulação foi atenciosa e tivemos um vôo tranquilo."
Contras: "Informação quanto ao embarque e tempo para isso não foi muito boa e a distância entre o check-in e o portão de embarque era bem distante."
Contras: "As a handicaped disabled not able to walk and should be using a wheel chair,as I know from my many previous travels with other companies like lufthanza, klm..etc, I used to be the first traveller to go to the air craft when loading it to take off and the last one who would be leaving it after landing. Even when going through the check and security points I used to go in a special route especially for the handicaped but going with all other normal travelers lines with such amount of time waiting and crowdness is completely inconvenient. what happened through the trip was quit different , going with the travelers or after when they are boarding the craft make it very hard and time consuming , Wish you take care of it, as it's a very important handicaped service. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment"
Prós: "The staff on board were excellent, very professional and efficient. Despite the fact we left an hour late, we arrived nearly on time, so kudos to the pilots!"
Contras: "We were delayed but didn’t get any updates from AA staff about new boarding times or gates. The WiFi onboard did not work; we could could connect to it but kept getting “Network Not Available” messages."
Contras: "American Airlines is terrible. Delayed flight, no notification when waiting for flight that flight is delayed (I received a text alert). Pilot had terrible landing. Would not fly American ever again."
Contras: "Tripulação barulhenta conversando e gritando em voo noturno . Não existia fones disponíveis"
Prós: "A variedade de filmes e opções de entretenimento."
Contras: "O ritmo do serviço de jantar parecia atender mais o interesse da tripulação, para "se livrar" do trabalho e p[oder descansar, do que em oferecer um bom serviço aos clientes. A iluminação da aeronave também é apagada antes do término do jantar, aparentemente para acelerar a conclusão da atividade. Decepcionante."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "I did not make it there."
Prós: "Equipe super atenciosa e simpática. Desde os funcionários do aeroporto até os do voo."
Contras: "Assentos na classe econômica um pouco apertado, deveria ter um encosto pros pés para tornar mais confortável."
Prós: "Atendimento e atenção muito bom, principalmente os funcionários do aeroporto."
Contras: "A opção de comida vegetariana/vegana, o bife de soja e o arroz integral não tinham muito tempero."
Prós: "Do atendimento da tripulação. Estou me referindo ao trecho entre Philadelfia e Lisboa. O trecho de Miami a Philadelfia foi aceitável."
Contras: "Devido ao tempo de duração do voo a aeronave poderia ser melhor com ponto de energia, e espaço maior entre as poltronas"
Prós: "No need to drive from OKC!!!"
Prós: "Movies available."
Contras: "One segment had very Little leg room and a reclining seat in my lap."
Contras: "Houve, segundo informações, problema mecânico da aeronave que motivou a permanência de todos dentro da aeronave do horário do embarque (antes das 20 até próximo a meia noite. No dia seguinte o mesmo vôo previsto para 15:30 acabou saindo na madrugada do outro dia."
Prós: "Personal screen with all recent movies at no charge, my flight was almost 8 hours and I received four times meals and snacks"
Prós: "Nada superou as expectativas"
Contras: "O atendimento no aeroporto nos USA foi terrivel, com atendentes mal-humoradas e sem nenhuma vontade em ajudar. Houve atraso na decolagem do aviao de quase 1hora. O voo nao estava lotado, no entanto, apesar do conhecimento, me deixaram embarcar em uma poltrona recem-vomitada. Apesar da limpeza o cinto de seguranca apresentava o cheiro caracteristico. Ainda assim, viajei nessa poltrona usando o cobertor da companhia para abafar o cheiro. As refeicoes oferecidas eram horriveis as duas."
Prós: "I made it"
Contras: "I had to run for all its worth."
Prós: "When I went from London to Chicago, I felt one male crew member wasn’t very kind. He wasn’t tall but healthy and serving the other side away from the main door. I felt him greeting others with a smile but with no smile to me. I thought in my heart seems like he is discriminating, I could be wrong, but I always felt he wasn’t so humble while serving to me or may be other Indians too. But he was smiling extra to rest of the passengers,"
Contras: "I didn’t like his attitude. I would request you to request the crew members to be kind to everyone. Since Iam vegtarian ..I couldn’t eat the egg that was served an hour before landing in Chicago. He could have given me the chocolate inside. He just said in haste this has egg. I told him oh I don’t eat egg, thank you. still he could have been considerate and offered me the chocolate “Toubolron” but he just went away. Later on I saw everyone eating the chocolate."
Prós: "The original flight time was an hour and 30 minutes. We got there in 45 minutes."
Contras: "The departure times changed several times and the plane was over packed to the point they had to put carryons into checked baggage."
Prós: "I planned a very affordable & organized trip, using KAYAK! Very satisfied so far!"
Contras: "NA"
Contras: "1 hour delay leaving. I’m flight entertainment didn’t work. 10 minute arrival delay because the alley to the terminal was blocked."
Prós: "Pontualidade."
Contras: "Não tem entretimento individual a bordo e nem comida. Só biscoitos secos."
Prós: "Aeronave limpa, nova e bem arrumada."
Contras: "O conforto da aeronave deixa a desejar. Alimentação não agrada. Muitas das telas de entretenimento não funcionavam."
Prós: "Flight was delayed due to ice storm. AA personnel were calm and kept passengers informed of when we might expected to get the next flight out. They brought in sandwiches, chips and water, which was a thoughtful thing to do."
Prós: "Comunicação do piloto com os passjeiros."
Contras: "Falta de entretenimento."
Prós: "Nothing at all"
Contras: "It was very hot inside the plane and dificult to sleep No breakfast when we arrived in Brazil In Lima, after the flight from Miami, the period for the connection to Brazil was very short. At the airport, when I inquired about attention to get through the security line, the answered was that we have to ask for permission to pass before the passagens that was waiting in queue."

atrasos frequentes

Da atenção dos funcionários de terra ajudarem na questão de resolver os problemas causados pela pandemia com testes exigidos e formulários a preencher etc. Foi uma confusão !

Contras: "Not enough space between seats. I could not book my seat"
Contras: "Not enough space. I could not choose my seat"
Prós: "Fast and efficient"
Contras: "Seats could be more comfortable. Especially head rest."
Prós: "Nothing :("
Contras: "My trip was delayed 2 times and I had to boook for a different flight on different day! Absolutely no voucher or anything for hotel stay very disappointed"
Prós: "Always love the Stroopwaffel snacks! Flight attendant was very friendly and worked to help passengers who had short layovers get off the plane first."
Prós: "Tribpulação muito boa."
Contras: "Conforto. Os assentos são muito desconfortáveis para um voo longo."
Prós: "Smooth flight. Friendly crew."
Contras: "Por conta de um problema da united, perdemos a conexão de Chicago pra São Paulo. A united pra variar perdeu minha bagagem, não pagou hotel e os funcionários do aeroporto estavam bem mal humorados. Experiência terrível!!!"
Contras: "O avião tem bancos demasiado estreitos. Um corredor único também excessivamente estreito. Apenas 2 WC para a economia - a confusão é grande, há dificuldade em ir ao WC e de circular minimamente. Não acho o avião adequado para a extensão da viagem."
Contras: "Checkin com poucos antendentes."
Prós: "Pontualidade."
Contras: "Avião muito velho. Comissárias despreparadas."
Prós: "Pontualidade."
Contras: "O avião podeira ser mais novo. E as comissárias mais educadas."
Prós: "Pontualidade."
Prós: "Avião novo e comissárias educadas."
Contras: "I had to change the flight because the ores delayed"
Contras: "Não efetuei o voo por causa de um atraso no voo anterior que fez com que perdesse a minha conexão. Senti que a swiss nao se esforçou em ajudar os passageiros da melhor forma possível"
Contras: "Air conditioning, I wanted an option for heat."
Contras: "O inspeção do aeroporto newark da united foi tão chato e cansativo, até uma inspeção bem rigoroso dar pra entender mas mal vontade da funcionária e certo discriminação me deixou frustrado. Pois viajo muito e principalmente usa e nenhum aeroporto foram tão chato e cansativo."
Prós: "De pelo menos ter conseguido dormir e saiu no horário"
Contras: "Tripulação sem motivação, o embarque de um 777 por ônibus em GRU é lento, pelo menos dar para tirar fotos. Comida fraca, avião velho, entretenimento antiquado e dem usb. Conforto péssimo para um 777"
Prós: "Love the wifi and free movies!!"
Contras: "To cramped. Only a 85 minute flight but my legs were cramping."
Contras: "A cada dia que passa , os espaços entre os assentos , diminuem (em todas as Cias) ficando cada vez mais desconfortavel, de viajar, e para pessoas com alguma necessidade especial , pior fica, ou você ganha muito dinheiro e viaja na classe executiva ou está fadado a chegar ao destino totalmente torto. Tenho 4 hérnias de disco, e está ultima viagem foi um verdadeiro terror , ficar expremido nas poltronas da classe economica."
Prós: "Comida"
Contras: "Espaço da poltrona, atraso no voo."
Prós: "You had us leaving from Dallas...we were on flight from Houston to Amsterdam"
Prós: "From the comissary"
Contras: "The seats and space"
Prós: "Embarque com crianças Entrerenimento"
Prós: "Pontualidade e profissionalismo"
Contras: "Conforto, comida e sistema antigo de entretenimento"
Contras: "Entretenimento de vídeo avariado"
Contras: "Voo de 3 horas e não serviram comida Nao tinha tv para se destrair Tripulação antipqtica"
Prós: "On time"
Prós: "Simpatia dos comissários"
Prós: "Comissários"
Contras: "Tripulação mau humorada e grossa"
Contras: "Manter a pontualidade"
Prós: "gostei de tudo d modo geral"
Prós: "gostei de tudo"
Contras: "Avião inteiro com cheiro do banheiro"
Prós: "Pontualidade no voo; comida (voo de Rio de Janeiro para Houston (escala));"
Contras: "Nos voos de Houston para Denver e de Denver para Vancouver o espaço entre as poltronas era muito apertado e com grande desconforto, mesmo se tratando de voos curtos (2h e 3,5h). A comida era escassa e se resumia em apenas um pacote de 30g de snacks nos voos também de Houston-Denver e Denver Vancouver."
Prós: "Muito bom"
Prós: "Time and crew."
Contras: "In general, United team on the bag drop (from Atlanta too) are rude, as well as the officers of the security scan team are rough. They have no courtesy. They should understand that passengers are paying for the service and 99% are not “bad guys.” So, politeness and respect are the minimum things they deserve. Additionally, the Atlanta airport checking area and boarding check are not organized. They need to improve signal support for all customer."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Everything! Flight was delayed made my daughter miss her connector and there were no other flights to her destination. Then your airline refused to put her on another airline . I had to pay $600 for her to fly delta because she had to get back to school for her finals the next day. And United was absolutely NO help!"
Prós: "*Nice crew - Communicated well and did their job efficiently *Friendly seatmate"
Contras: "I will forever hate airplane seats."
Prós: "On time departure and arrival"
Contras: "One lavatory inoperable"
Prós: "Tripulação atenciosa, temperatura interna da cabine agradável e poltronas com bom espaço para as pernas."
Contras: "A largura das poltronas pareceu menor do que o padrão. Me senti apertado pelo passageiro do lado"
Prós: "Entretenimento disponível com muitos filmes lançamentos."
Contras: "nada a declarar, tudo ok!"
Prós: "Pontualidade e embarque"
Contras: "Entretenimento somente pago!"
Prós: "Embarque rápido e prático"
Contras: "Nenhum filme disponível sem pagamento, nem canais de música"
Prós: "...."
Contras: "Cheiro a jet fuel dentro do avião, barulho despropositado feito pelo pessoal de bordo aquando no tempo de descanso."
Prós: "Boarding was easy and comfortable seat."
Contras: "Snack was pretzels as I prefer nuts and no entertainment!"

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida e volta

2 escalasAmerican Airlines
23h 21mOKC-GIG
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
18h 06mGIG-OKC
R$ 5.850
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
18h 10mOKC-GIG
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
18h 06mGIG-OKC
R$ 5.855
2 escalasUnited Airlines
58h 25mOKC-GIG
1 escalaUnited Airlines
21h 10mGIG-OKC
R$ 5.953
1 escalaUnited Airlines
15h 10mOKC-GIG
1 escalaUnited Airlines
18h 25mGIG-OKC
R$ 6.082

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida

2 escalasEnvoy Air
38h 18mOKC-GIG
R$ 4.415
1 escalaAlaska Airlines
12h 17mOKC-GIG
R$ 5.101
2 escalasEnvoy Air
17h 40mOKC-SDU
R$ 5.272

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Voos Oklahoma City - Brasil


Oklahoma City (OKC)Estados Unidos

Ofertas de voo de volta:

Brasil - Oklahoma City

Classe de cabine:

R$ 6.420

Descubra aeroportos de origem:

R$ 8.008

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