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VIX — Coreia do Sul
3 set — 10 set1
Ida e volta
1 adulto
sáb 3/9
sáb 10/9

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  • Reserve pelo menos 2 semanas antes da partida para conseguir um preço abaixo da média.
  • Como alta temporada, considera-se janeiro, fevereiro e dezembro. O mês mais barato para voar para a Coreia do Sul é março.

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Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de usuários do KAYAK
Air CanadaPontuação geral com base em 25344 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Everything was good. The only thing that I wish was it could be better if the seat was not full.

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Everything was good. The only thing that I wish was it could be better if the seat was not full.

AC dropped the ball. Asked us to deboard and then board again after an hour. Then stayed in plane for 30 minutes before moving absolutely unprofessional.

A classe econômica premium é muito confortável. A fila para despacho das malas estava enorme e muito demorada, mesmo para quem já tinha feito o check-in.

Prós: "Padrão adequado dos equipamentos e funcionários"
Contras: "Pontualidade e serviço de bordo pago ( pizza muito ruim)"
Prós: "Air Canada business class is superior comfort."
Contras: "Deram fones de ouvido com 1hora de voo. Os assentos eram muito apertados. Comida ruim."
Prós: "A tripulação foi muito atenciosa e resolveram o problema da minha comida com muita rapidez."
Contras: "A comida é péssima, sem gosto e ainda veio queimada. As opções de filmes são limitadas. O assento é desconfortável, reclina pouco e eu senti nas costas todas as vezes que o passageiro de trás se mexia."
Prós: "Atrndimento e atenção da equipe"
Contras: "A comida completamente sem gosto O café da manhã foi regular"
Prós: "Do embarque"
Contras: "A tripulação nao e boa"
Prós: "Entretenimento"
Contras: "Completa falta de compromisso da companhia com horário dos vôos"
Prós: "Entretenimento"
Contras: "Descaso com o cumprimento de horário de voo. É impossível fazer um compromisso contando com a pontualidade da companhia aérea para saída e chegada de seus vôos."
Prós: "Boa variedade de filmes"
Contras: "Pouco espaço e cadeira um pouco desconfortável, mas ok por ser um voo curto"
Prós: "Everything except delay"
Contras: "3 hour delay thst redulted in missed connections in Seoul."
Prós: "Cordialidade do atendimento"
Contras: "Atraso no voo mais de 30 minutos"
Contras: "Não tem alimentação em um voo de 4:00 horas."
Prós: "aeronave"
Contras: "Fila Check in"
Prós: "The seating is well laid out and the service aboard the flight was excellent. Wonderful duck entree."
Prós: "Comfort and service"
Contras: "Had nit boarded any cognac or gochuchong hot pepper paste."
Contras: "A comida, frango cozido e vegetais sem sabor. Massa sem molho. O pão estava gelado no café da manhã. Alimentos sem sabor, cardápios muito ruins."
Prós: "Food was great for airplane food, there was bibimbap, jjajjangmyun and egg sandwich"
Contras: "Didn’t like being in a small seat for 10+ hours. Plane seemed more cramped than I remember"
Prós: "they had top movies, which helped me get through. The staff were friendly enough to not be rude and to do what they were suppose to on the flight. the food was good for the first meal, real chicken. second meal only had pork so luckily I had bought a burger in the airport before boarding since I do not eat pork. All my layover flights were on time with on time boarding/ departure which i Highly appreciated."
Contras: "I did not understand why they would use the same seat design they used for a 2-5 hour flight for a 11Hour Flight!! I had never experienced being that uncomfortable in my seat. I am used to flying 13hours straight but with comfortable and Padded! seats with room to move. the seats were not padded and there was little to no space to put your legs in a comfortable position. My back and neck were killing me in the last 2 hours."
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Tudo"
Prós: "Everyone was very kind and approachable. My gate numbers weren’t included on my passes but when I asked personnel that works for air canada they were quick to help me and guide me to which gate I needed to go to."
Contras: "The only issue was the arrival of my luggage, it didn’t arrive in Charlottetown when I was told it was going to HOWEVER, I got it and the staff in the Charlottetown airport were very kind and eager to help me track down my luggage Overall great airline to deal with"
Prós: "I liked the entertainment. The crew was very attentive."
Contras: "One of the meals wasn’t extremely desirable."
Prós: "Fairly comfortable flight. I enjoyed the new shading windows with no physical shutters"
Contras: "I did not like the glass in my food. I mentioned it to the flight attendent and she said I probably have nothing to worry about but took my information down."
Contras: "Comida não estava legal. Entretenimento sem filmes com legenda em português."
Prós: "The flight crew went the extra mile to give good service. There were plenty of meals and snacks throughout the trip."
Contras: "The bathrooms are cramped, they are clean however. Seats are also very close together, others must get out if you are in a middle or window seat."
Prós: "Great Service."
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Embarque e os funcionários"
Contras: "Passageiros"
Contras: "I think the air quality on the flight from Toronto to Seoul was bad. I felt really neaseous for most of that flight and thought I would be sick on the landing. the illness went away completely once I landed and I didn’t experience it on the Asiana flight from Seoul to Phuket"
Contras: "I wish there was more options with the seats. I would have liked to have my legs out more so they reached the part where I could rest them on the end which is raised and at the same time have my back in a more upright position. This plane did not have that option. I have had it on other planes."
Prós: "The flight was a little late due to weather but everything else about the trip was smooth and painless."
Contras: "The leg room was just adequate. The food was good but nothing too great."
Prós: "Conforto , entretenimento e atenção da equipe de bordo."
Contras: "A refeição que é servida na volta deixa muito a desejar. Já as refeições de ida Gru_Yyz é muito melhor."
Prós: "Great food"
Contras: "Uncomfortable chairs"
Prós: "Gostei de sermos os dois únicos passageiros do voo de Toronto para Rochester, num jato com capacidade para 48."
Contras: "No check in em Rochester a atendente colocou duas pessoas que viajam juntas em fileiras separadas. O avião que nos levou de Rochester para Toronto era alem de muito pequeno, velho e sujo o que causa preocupação com a segurança."
Prós: "Nada."
Contras: "Avião pequeno, poltronas desconfortáveis, auto falante em cima das poltronas com volume muito alto. No embarque, não havia informações do vôo nos painéis dentro da sala de embarque, nem mesmo no próprio portão de embarque. Foi necessário confirmar pessoalmente com um atendente da companhia se o local estava correto"
Prós: "Inonized windows"
Contras: "No"
Prós: "The seat comfort was wonderful. And the food was great."
Prós: "Movie"
Contras: "English subtitles for movie collections"
Prós: "After a bad connection, it was nice to have a smooth flight."
Prós: "comfort."
Contras: "dinner menu (chicken was tasteless)."
Prós: "The aircraft, the crew"
Contras: "Films have to be more updated"
Contras: "Even the preferred seats in front are not that long legeooms. Unless it's exit row, don't waste your money on it."
Prós: "Plenty of Entertainment Choices"
Prós: "I had wheel chair service for transit"
Contras: "Layover time was not enough. I got 1 hour or so for transit. Ridiculous short"
Prós: "The new tinted windows are cool"
Prós: "We flew premium economy, and it was so much better than regular economy. Seating just two across made my wife's and my journey much easier. The crew was attentive when they needed to be, and the food was quite good. I managed to sleep several hours, which is about as good as it gets on a long haul flight."
Contras: "I was surprised at the selections available for movies and TV; not much that was appealing. Took a Singapore air flight a few days later and felt like the selections were better. But we brought an iPad and had downloaded House of Cards, so we were OK. Besides, I got to sleep."
Contras: "They could have done the boarding different. There was a bit confusion about when to board."
Contras: "No wifi and i paid for it"

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Voos Vitória - Coreia do Sul


Vitória (VIX)Brasil

Classe de cabine:

R$ 40.694
R$ 7.806

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R$ 11.351

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R$ 11.351