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UYU — Brasil
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  • Como alta temporada, considera-se janeiro, fevereiro e dezembro. O mês mais barato para voar para o Brasil é janeiro.

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Principal companhia aérea voando de Uyuni Joya Andina a Brasil

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BoAPontuação geral com base em 453 avaliações
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flight was good. Food is a small sandwich so eat before you get into the plane. There is no entertainment on the flight, so make sure you bring ur own device.

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flight was good. Food is a small sandwich so eat before you get into the plane. There is no entertainment on the flight, so make sure you bring ur own device.

This is one of the oldest airplanes I've ever been in. No tv, no entertainment at all, seats are SO UNCOMFORTABLE and the whole flight was so cold. It's the worst flight ever. Avoid it.

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Boa delayed the fly without explanation"
Prós: "The flight was priced right and direct but the plane is pretty old and didn’t have any outlets or entertainment"
Contras: "See above"
Prós: "Boarding was super fast and they give you a snack for a 45 minute flight. That was nice."
Contras: "Nothing really, it was just fine for such a short flight."
Contras: "Boarding process...it said boarding at 9:30pm. We didn't board until 10:30 and didn't leave until 11:00pm. Would have been nice to know there was a delay."
Prós: "Friendly crew"
Contras: "No entertainment"
Prós: "Friendly folks"
Contras: "Not related to airline, but customs and immigration process from Bolivian government was a bit rough"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Flight was delayed for 11 hours, lost my Miami connection to Wisconsin, had to buy another ticket to reach my destination."
Prós: "Everything was ok, the flight was on time, all the crew was kindly, the seat was comfortable."
Contras: "They should have better food on board"
Prós: "Yes, the crew was fantastic. The lady who upsold us to first class was great The food was good. The cabin service was wonderful. I will use BOA next time I fly their way."
Contras: "Nothing. We got to the terminal on time, the flight representative offered a nominal cost upgrade to first class, and we took it. Great move, as we got past the line and seated quickly in very comfortable seats aboard. It was great."
Prós: "Thank you BoA for holding our connecting flight so we could transit to Buenos Aires after our first flight was delayed and diverted"
Contras: "There was a delayed"
Contras: "The crew left a XXX Lady left by my side. This person had to eat on my tray because she didn’t fit into her chair... there was no assistance from the crew to move me or her."
Prós: "Comfortable wide seats. Fantastic staff and lovely attitude of flight crew. Pleasant in this age of over exposure to screens to have peace and quiet on a flight! A bit like flying 15years ago in many regards, including not having online check-in but the process was so easy and pleasant that it makes it unnecessary."
Prós: "La atención y servicio"
Contras: "No salió en hora y los asientos algo incomodos no había entretenimiento"
Prós: "Todo en hora buena atención"
Contras: "Hubo turbulencia y cancelaron las bebidas"
Prós: "The crew on land tried to do their best to speed up the boarding, but the departure was delayed 45 min because "connection problems" and warned only 15 minutes before boarding should started"
Contras: "Small airport with almost no services, plain is old and not clean"
Prós: "No complaints"
Prós: "La atención de las azafatas fue muy gentil, me agradó el servicio."
Contras: "La atencion de las ,azafatas fue muy gentil. El catering muy agradable."
Prós: "Good space"
Contras: "Mi madre es adulta mayor y viajaba con mi hermano. cuando pedimos que por favor la atendieran como adulto mayor para evitar la larga fila, se negaron. Le indicaron que como viajaba acompañada, podía ir a sentarse. Que el acompañante hiciera la fila. Que descortés, que falta de cumplimiento de la LEY."
Prós: "Tentei cancelar a passagem pois nao consegui pegar esse voo por motivos particulares. Tentei cancelar mas nao consegui um retorno positivo"
Contras: "Mesmo cancelando em tempo habil nao fui atendido."
Prós: "O serviço dos comissários é muito bom, sempre solícitos."
Contras: "Não há opções de comida para quem não come carne. Não há nenhum tipo de entretenimento ou entrada USB."
Contras: "Overnight flight to Miami. Flight itself was fine. But no entertainment on board whatsoever. Dinner was OK, but practically no breakfast, only a piece of bread was offered."
Prós: "We got there checked in and checked the bags. We went to the what we thought was f but was not. We happened to turn a corner with no signs. After going to the bathroom and sitting for 20mins, i thought it was weird no one was calling boarding 12mins before the flight. After talking to two people they said they left."
Contras: "No paging for checked in guest, no warning of early departure."
Prós: "Good service at the counter"
Contras: "They sold me a Business ticket and there was no Business on the flight. I asked for a reimbursement on the ticket and they told me that I had to contact VAYAMA. I did not get on the flight."
Prós: "Excelente service from their staff"
Contras: "Airports for the stops in Bolivia are very poor in service and confort and even in Miami the gate is an old one, also a very bad one. To be considered if the stop is long enough. No entertainment and the food is not good."
Prós: "Very reasonably priced."
Contras: "Despite the Santa Cruz airport only having two international flights leaving that night we started boarding 20 min after the scheduled departure time. The plane was at the gate 4:30 hours before the scheduled flight time."
Prós: "I'm not sure if the aircraft had some problems. I was sitting next to the window and I have never felt the floor and window that cold before."
Contras: "I'm not sure if the aircraft had some problems. I was sitting next to the window and I have never felt the floor and window that cold before. Lack of tv, outlet"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Everything"
Prós: "I love how professional and comfortable BOA is. If I could fly BOA all over the world, I would."
Contras: "There was a mechanical problem with the plane that caused my flight to be delayed for about 6 hours. Of course, I wish this would not have happened, but it was not the airline's fault. They were very gracious, provided beverages for us free of charge while we waited, explained things to me in English (very helpful, as my Spanish is not great), and made sure we were still accommodated for our connecting flight in another city."
Contras: "In the flight from Buenos Aires to Miami we had to spend 5 hs VVI airport waiting for the connection flight."
Contras: "No can beverages, small cup of water. Sporting luggage is charged for oversize even if you are taking skis. The plane is a small one, no entertainment, poor food. If you are connecting in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the airport over there is so small and you cant even charge your phone."
Prós: "BoA is easy to fly, but loose with time schedules"
Prós: "good food, good service, helpful stewards"
Contras: "the flight to Miami left late. the return flight to Santa Cruz also left late. No movies."
Prós: "BOA needs to improve entertainment in its fligth, considering the long flight"
Prós: "Flight attendants were professional and efficient."
Contras: "Crazy boarding process--passport checked 3 times and bags searched twice (all passengers). That was AFTER our arrival on same carrier (having cleared secrurity)."
Contras: "Side note- other inter Bolivian flight attempted to purchase online but system didn't work"
Prós: "The only good thing were the beverages"
Contras: "BoA check-in crew need to be trained, they leave their desks when you are hand them your passpport and make you wait more than 45 minutes, this is due to the M.A.S controlled government, this issues never happened before this party came into power. Beware when you check in , these shady employees will try everything the can to halt this process and leave some passengers behind and too late to board the plane, and you will have to pay $200 to reschedule your flight next day, Also beware of the changing lanes for check in, thats how they get you pay those fines, you are first in line , then it changes and you are now last."
Prós: "Great service, and the food was actually very tasty and fresh! I was comfortable and felt like I was in good hands. Thanks! Also loved the pillow and blankets, as well as the wine, which was surprisingly very high quality and also put me to sleep."
Prós: "There was no way to check in ahead of time, either on-line or otherwise. It would be helpful. The staff was friendly, the seats comfortable with plenty of leg room."
Contras: "The meals are at awkward times. I would prefer one or the other, but not both."
Prós: "Everything that BoA provided was top notch. They just simply do not provide entire swaths of things that other airlines typically offer."
Contras: "Website check-in is a joke: the site crashes or just gives you errors, it barely gives any information. You can't even look up your itinerary. You most certainly can't check in, nor get help. Useless website. No wifi, on any plane, of any type. No on-board entertainment: My all-day flight had no entertainment of any kind. No movies, no reading material, no wifi, and no power outlets. You better have pre-loaded stuff on a computer or tablet that is fully charged, or you're just going to sit in a metal tube for 7 hours with nothing to do."
Contras: "SAME AS ABOVE"
Contras: "Atraso"
Prós: "I liked the service in cabin plus the vegetarian meal was decent. Request in advance though. Comfortable seats. Can't beat the price."
Contras: "NO AIR CONDITIONING VENTS! It got very hot at times and there's no way for you to get fresh air of you're feeling sick."
Contras: "Sucks the way they treated nnhh"
Contras: "The check in ladies were rude and spoke about me to each other in Spanish. You can only take 10 kilos on with you including carry on luggage and your purse. Their system is rigged. It is 23kilo weight limit but if you pay $100 per bag you can take 9 more kilos. On the plane there is nothing!! No wifi, no power outlets, no tvs not personal not even drop down ones you can share. I vegetarian and they only gave me a veggie meal my first flight. My second they were well we don't have it but let me give you the number of the office so you can call and make sure it doesn't happen on your return flight. As if I would ever fly them again!!! Worse than Spirit, Ryanair, and southwest combined!!!!"
Prós: "Cheap"
Contras: "They don't give your the seat you requested a week in advance and put you in middle seat."
Contras: "The flight had NO in flight entertainment for a 12 hour journey. The call buttons for the crew weren't working . Had to go myself to personally get water AFTER HALF HOUR only to realize that they were not getting any indication inspite of the call button being active from my seat. Asked crew for water an hour before landing while they were collecting our trays of our last meal ( not even close to being edible ) but did not get any. They conveniently forgot! Food was average. It was a TORTURE !!!!!"

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