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AviancaPontuação geral com base em 13464 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia
Prós: "Great flight.. super fast everything!"
Contras: ":)"
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Prós: "Great flight.. super fast everything!"
Contras: ":)"
Prós: "Short fligt"
Contras: "Crew came in late. Airline did not explain anything. Ended up taking off 1hour after departure time."
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "El vuelo me dejo en bogota"
Contras: "Honestly everything was perfect transportation wise. The only issue I had was that my bag was broken in the process. The strap was almost ripped completely off and it made the rest of my trip a little inconvenient because I had to catch more flights and I had to check my bag. This made hard for me."
Prós: "Comfortable seating"
Contras: "Mediocre crew"
Prós: "Charming crew Excellent attention. Very helpful"
Prós: "Very good flight"
Contras: "Food"
Contras: "There was a delayyyyy pffff, 1.30h in the plane waything and then 20 min flying"
Prós: "Breakfast meal snd seats with entertaiment all flight"
Prós: "service, great plane, always on time. With Avianca you cannot go wrong. if you find a Delay is usually not because of them"
Prós: "service, great plane, always on time. With Avianca you cannot go wrong. if you find a Delay is usually not because of them"
Prós: "service, great plane, always on time. With Avianca you cannot go wrong. if you find a Delay is usually not because of them"
Prós: "service, great plane, always on time. With Avianca you cannot go wrong. if you find a Delay is usually not because of them"
Prós: "service, great plane, always on time. With Avianca you cannot go wrong. if you find a Delay is usually not because of them"
Prós: "service, great plane, always on time. With Avianca you cannot go wrong. if you find a Delay is usually not because of them"
Prós: "service, great plane, always on time. With Avianca you cannot go wrong. if you find a Delay is usually not because of them"
Prós: "service, great plane, always on time. With Avianca you cannot go wrong"
Prós: "Fly on time, nice food."
Prós: "Service. The plane"
Contras: "Just awful!!!! Original lay over was 2 hours in Cartagena it became 7 hours. Missed my rental car. Missed my first day at the hotel Los recuerdos!! Just awful. I need something done."
Contras: "La puntualidad de la aerolinea"
Prós: "Fast"
Prós: "Short easy flight. Good crew."
Contras: "Long line for checkin. I tried online checkin but did not receive email. Wanted aisle seat but ended up with window."
Prós: "Fue todo muy puntual saludas y lkegadas muy buen servicio"
Prós: "Nothing."
Contras: "This was another connecting flight. Awful the dynamics of: “its ok for your flight to be late, is Avianca”."
Prós: "No delay in takeoff"
Contras: "Check in was incredibly slow, food was substandard"
Prós: "Probably one of the most modern and comfortable planes I've even been on."
Contras: "Flight was delayed by an hour"
Prós: "Lost the flight. The flight was closed early, even though a delayed message was sent and it stayed at the gate for a while"
Contras: "They moved the original flight (direct flight) for a flight with stop in bogota. They did this because the flight NYC-bogota was empty. They delay the flight nyc-medellin to mive the people and fill the bogota flight. I need to arrive at 1 because i was attending a funeral and i couldnot attend the funeral"
Prós: "I booked the flight for my girlfriend. Although she had a reservation code, the flight was cancelled because she didn't respond to a message. She doesn't check her email regularly. When she opened her email this morning, she discovered that her reservation was cancelled. After getting the reservation code, we didn't think that additional confirmation would be needed from either of us. To rebook the flight would have been substantially more expensive."
Contras: "I had been checked in and when I arrived at the gate they told me and my 13 year old son that we could not fly on our direct flight to Medellín because it was overbooked and they had decided to change planes. Absolutely ridiculous, it was about 20-30 passengers that were denied boarding, including us. They sent us on a plane through Bogota, then to Medellín, arriving 7 hours later and only with a dumb breakfast voucher. I spoke to them that I had an important medical appointment for which I was travelling for, it did not matter. They made no no accommodations whatsoever."
Contras: "I was first on a direct flight to Medellin then they changed me to a connrcting flight to bogota then to Medellin. A direct flight that would have been one hour changed. Now it was a 3 hour flight. Well it ended up being like a 6 hour flight with so many delays. Ended up losing a whole day because of it. I was not happy about it."
Contras: "Avianca cambió nuestros vuelos directos de Isa y regreso sin consultarnos por Bogotá Habiendo otras opciones mejores"
Prós: "Very comprehensive service. They don’t charge anything extra, the entertainment options are good, the service excellent, the food okay. Much better than most US airlines."
Contras: "This is complete false advertisement and a blatant example of bait and switch. After booking 4 direct flights from New York to Barranquilla to Cartagena to Medellin and back to New York, only one of which was through bogota, I got 3 notifications that all my flights were now going through bogota with 3.5 hr layovers! Worst airline ever."
Contras: "We seats assigned and they didn’t let us board the plane. We had to spend a night in Bogota. Even though we where clear with the Avianca people we had early meetings in Medellin."
Contras: "No prior notification was given about the yellow fever requirements on the trip from Brazil to Columbia."
Contras: "I was not allowed on the flight, but I was allowed to book the flight without being warned that I must have a yellow fever certificate to travel to Costa Rica after I have been to Brazil, Avianca airline staff are EXTREMELY RUDE and would not admit it was their fault for not displaying the correct details in the booking details. NEVER AGAIN,"
Prós: "That I was able to stop in Bogota on my way to Rio"
Contras: "Flight delays outbound (4 hours) Flight delay on Return Flight (14 hours) The Avianca Rio de Janeiro land crew was very disorganized. Long lines to check in and help others to fix the delay and re-routes, while many Avianca employees were standing around."
Prós: "Entertainment system"
Contras: "Flight attendants were rude"
Prós: "I appreciated the amount of food and drink offered, and the flight attendants were extremely helpful."
Contras: "There were no televisions on our seats."
Prós: "The planes had individual entertainment systems"
Contras: "First flight delayed causing us to miss connection by 3 minutes. A large group of people on our plane missed the same flight. We had to wait 9 hours with 2 kids for the next flight with only a free fast food lunch offered as compensation."
Prós: "Flight was quick but equipped with music shows and games. They informed us they would transfer bags for us which was great because I would have to worry."
Contras: "It took two hours in line to be told our flight was cancelled. After waiting another hour we were told they did not have alternative flights for us. They refused to have conversation and would randomly leave to the back office for 20 minutes at a time or stop assisting people at all. There were people screaming at the ticketing counter and security was called. In the end we spent 14 hours waiting there for a new flight, got split up and sent to different countries, had to miss work, and were not given any flight credit, accommodation, or even an apology."
Prós: "Food was really good."
Contras: "In the seats close to the bathroom of economic class it was impossible to sleep. The sound from the discgarge was horrible!!!! In a flight of 6h it is really important."
Prós: "The crew was nice and got me a salad and a roll"
Contras: "Avianca forgot my vegetarian meal even though I requested it a week before. This is unacceptable."
Prós: "The movie selection, crew very profesional, bathroom was always clean, everything move fast and on yime"
Contras: "Missed connection both ways"
Prós: "Smooth flight with ample attention."
Contras: "Boarding time was delayed without reason."
Prós: "Todo me gustó"

To hot befor the flight departure. And the food is very poor quality, the bread doesn’t test fresh.

Prós: "I got home"
Contras: "Boarding experience for star alliance gold members Give something to eat! Your lounge areas don’t provide any real food. Just some crackers w/ the worst coffee ever. Maybe I won’t fly again with copa"
Contras: "A bigger plane"
Prós: "Comfortable chair"
Contras: "They didn’t finish the in flight service supposedly due to turbulence but the plane was actually fine"
Prós: "Vuelo tranquilo y todo a su hora"
Prós: "Better entertaining sistem"
Contras: "Better entertaining sistem"
Prós: "On time"
Contras: "Expensive airline for type of service. Hate their monopoly in the region. Plane news some update.. very bad sandwich, it’s better not to give anything than that."
Prós: "Even on a short flight, food was provided."
Contras: "Waiting area before boarding was too crowded."
Prós: "Crew were trying but non of them spoke English"
Contras: "I have never had such a terrible experience like this one"
Prós: "Premier class services."
Contras: "entertainment and toilet cleanest."
Contras: "I want to separate the flight from from the airport service. Our (4) luggage were sent on a different flight. We arrived in Guayaquil and we were told that all our luggage was sent on the flight after ours. We left the airport 3 hours later."
Contras: "Food and movie selection"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Honestly nothing."
Contras: "Poor boarding process with no water or bathroom available after security at gate. Flight attendants were lazy. Did not provide drinks until 2 hours into the flight or good service. Additionally, did not tell kids playing on iPads with volume full blast to use headphones during take off and landing."
Contras: "They had to change the plane we took on the flight which left several people without a seat. We made it on, only because we were traveling with a baby otherwise it would have added to an already awful travel day."
Contras: "Entertainment options like a Movie"
Prós: "Crew was friendly"
Contras: "Food options ran out twice and it tasted terrible. Seats were very uncomfortable"
Prós: "We waited o9ver 1/2 hours so our flight was ;35 minutes late arriving in Medellin."
Prós: "If you get in line early, there might be overhead bin space."
Contras: "Seats are awful. FAs don't want to speak slowly so you can understand them or English, basically saying they don't care. Every Copa flight I have taken is a late departure."
Prós: "nothing"
Contras: "Change flight without notifying me"
Prós: "Price"
Contras: "food and entertainment, check-in in Rio de Janeiro was awful."
Prós: "The flight attendants where and are amazing.. the service was the best. Highly recommend to fly with “copa”"
Contras: "I don’t think I did not like anything to be honest."
Prós: "Panama uses American dollars so no need to get extra cash to use during layover. The flights are always quick out of Panama."
Contras: "My food in my luggage is spoilt. My trip was cut short and I missed the event I had come up for in the first plAce"
Prós: "Convenient times."
Contras: "Service level was pretty amateur—late food, understaffed, had to ask for things repeatedly. Business class seats are very dated."
Prós: "Excelente"
Contras: "Nada"
Prós: "The flight from Rio to Panama was very good. The only complaint I have is the food, which is too simple and it could taste a little better. All my flights were on time and arrived in time at the destinations. They have an excellent option for entertainment with good movies and documentaries."
Prós: "Service is awesome, plus the amenities are great; food, drinks, TV."
Prós: "Convenience, price , service"
Contras: "Late take off but it was not the airlines fall , Captain apologized many times"
Prós: "Missed my connections, lost my bags, uncomfortable planes, inconvenient flights"
Contras: "Missed my connections, lost my bags, uncomfortable planes, inconvenient flights"
Prós: "Flight time didn’t feel long at all. Great service"
Prós: "I flew business class and the cabin crew were great. The cabin was clean, tray table and entertainment system worked as expected. Cabin crew were friendly and checked after my needs. Meal choice was broad and tasted very good. Beer selection was very limited on all my Copa flights from the US to South America and back. I love their new 737-800 aircraft."
Contras: "There wasn't much not to like but I would have to say the in-flight entertainment movies could have been better. i.e. wider selection. The entertainment screen sometimes performs a little slow."
Prós: "Tv's and that there were 2 open seats next to me."
Contras: "Food is atrocious."
Prós: "Went by quick, great staff"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "The service wheelchair for old people is very good. All time took care at my mom tks."
Prós: "I bought a return ticket from Panama City to Rio on Kayak and was not notified that a Yellow Fever shot was necessary for re-entry to Panama. Turned back at the air port in Rio I had to spend an extra 13 days in Rio de Janeiro at my expense, three to see doctor and get vacine, plus ren day waiting period."
Contras: "To change ticket I had to pay change fee plus fare difference. Copa said it was not their responsibility to notify passengers of health alerts and Kayak should be responsible. Needless to say I was on the hook for the time and the bill. I have flown Copa with satisfaction a number of times but this is enough to discourage me from ever flying them again and possibly ever using Kayak again."
Prós: "They provide any of your requests is they have it"
Contras: "Everything was fine"
Contras: "bad web site lost luggage stolen items from luggage no option to wrap my luggage in plastic unfriendly staff late flight and take off"
Prós: "Service, is great the staffing very courteous and polite."
Contras: "Space, entertainments and other passengers behavior. Nothing that really can be controlled by your services."
Prós: "All it is fine"
Contras: "Nothing"
Contras: "Too much complain whit my carry on"
Contras: "Only the spaghetti was edible and the salad only had 2 ingredients. Also would appreciate changing up the entertainment options from leaving my destination to going to it."
Prós: "Excelente la aerolinea COPA y muy buenos precios"
Prós: "Lost my luggage"
Contras: "Lost my luggage"
Prós: "The flight was on time"
Contras: "Again, I ended in a middle seat. Your web site does not allow to select seats ahead of time. I will select another service next time."
Prós: "Food, short length of flight"
Contras: "Colombian customs forms were only in Spanish; would've helped if crew offered assistance to those who needed some help w translation"
Contras: "Service"
Prós: "The leg from RIO to ,Panama the crew crew not pleasant, the service was horrible, they started serving drinks to passengers from the first row to,the back and since the plane was completely full it took forever and the 2 flight attend that were in the galley, refused to, give me a cup of water I had to beg for it saying please I Need any liquid (since I was felling nayseas and needed to,take my medicaction) sol she gave me (practically through me a cup of a warm apple juioe) not even offered ice cubes, plus etc"
Contras: "The crew, and the plane is very old not fit, for a such,long flight"
Prós: "Crew was very supportive. My son went to eat , but distance to food court was very far. It took him a long time to order , and almost missed our flight."
Contras: "from Panama to Medellin they could not regulate air temp, hot, cold hot cold.."

Need certificate yellow fevor we dont know this,boarding impossible

Check in so slowly

Prós: "The boarding process of back to front was really efficient and thoughtful with the pandemic. And the smocks the FA wore."
Prós: "Muito confortável. Boarding muito rápido. Muito bem atendido a bordo."
Contras: "Infelizmente o serviço de bordo não pode ser apreciado, mas entendo que é pela segurança dos passageiros."
Prós: "The crew was great"
Contras: "They should be on time but we left 30 minutes later."
Prós: "Entertainment"
Contras: "You misled people not telling I have to pay for luggage"
Contras: "Check-in was terrible, the agent checked our suitcase and then found out that we can't take the flight and the suitcase was gone. After waiting 3 hours at Medellin the suitcase was still not found. We left , besides we missed half of our vacation day, and after calling a lot we got the suitcase back in Guatapé. So much trouble for us because the agent was not able to do the check-in properly."
Contras: "Quick, easy, no problem."
Contras: "The flight was delayed 7 hours"
Prós: "Crew speaking french"
Contras: "Check in process is a disaster. The passenger is asked to even weight the luggage to be said by the machine to gonto a counter without good reason: the only thing missing with LATAM is to pilote the plane. Awful."
Prós: "punctuality"
Contras: "45 minutes between getting off the plane and getting your bags is ridiculous"
Prós: "The seat assigned"
Contras: "Not having to pay so much for a carry on luggage"
Contras: "Be on time"
Prós: "Close to nothing. If i had to applaud something it would be the fact that you have an option to check in early via your mobile or laptop."
Contras: "LATAM was incredibly unprofessional, alarming, and entirely non-communicative. After a 3 hour delay that caused me (and tons of others) to miss a connecting international flight, LATAM’s telephone servers had the nerve to claim I was a no show and needed to pay them for my absence. This resulted in a long discussion where I was held on hold until they could adequately determine that yes i missed the flight because they held us late. This was the only way that i was able to avoid their charge to me for being a “no show.”"
Contras: "Low cost, no frills, but on time. It's what we want and they delivered that today."
Contras: "The boarding in Rio de Janeiro was great, the land crew was very helpful. In Lima it was below par, the crew was not helpful at all, and no warnings or communications to when to board. Had to wait an hour inside the plane for some sort of maintenance."
Prós: "Good seat. Nice aircraft Helpful check in."
Prós: "Nice crew, easy on line and airport check in. Flight slightly delayed but arrived on time."
Contras: "The San Andrés airport was way too small for all the passengers. People sitting in the aisles, clogging up fire exits, Very unsafe. The AC was too low, locals were fanning themselves. Gate was changed, crowds pushing to line up. I’ve never wanted to get on a plane and OUT of the airport so much."
Prós: "Fast check in, friendly staff, left earlier"
Contras: "Chairs (knees in back)"
Prós: "Quick comfortable trip."
Contras: "Some food or drinks"
Prós: "Puntual"
Prós: "We bought "priority boarding" and this was key, because we could board early, choose good seats (exit row) and take our bags on board."
Contras: "It's a short flight, only water offered on board."
Prós: "Nothing. My advice is to look for alternatives. Latam has gone from good to worse. Believe it or not, low cost are giving a better service"
Contras: "Everything. It is a mess. Delays, baggage problems, aircraft passenger entry... the list goes on"
Prós: "Flight staff, food, seating, Personnal space, restrooms were clean, landing was smooth"
Contras: "Checking in at the counter and boarding the aircraft can use some polishing. The boarding process is confusing due to lack of communication to customers and faulty speaker/PA systems at LATAM gates."
Prós: "Crew and flight was fine and short"
Contras: "While I received an email to checkin on the way there, I did not receive anything for the return flight. Had to wait in line to check in. Also KIWI was the booker and did not share the regular flight code of Latam, only KiWis number which wasn't helpful. Finally, both flights were delayed."
Prós: "The food and in-fight entertainment"
Contras: "Comfortable seats"
Prós: "They're very professional I would recommend to everyone"
Contras: "Free soft drinks it was $10 brasilian money"
Contras: "Food"
Prós: "The seats were typical airliner seats - good enough but more leg room would be nice. Our flights ran on time, and the crew was excellent. Our experience at the Lima Airport was much improved from our first stop there."
Contras: "In my last connection in Santiago airport I was asked to pickup my luggage and do check-in again and all of this in a 1 hour and 20 minutes connection, when I arrived to the check-in desk at first they said that I was late and needed to be there 2 hours ago, just after argueing they let my pass"
Contras: "Perfect flight and staff"
Prós: "Departed exactly on time & arrived early. Excellent!"
Contras: "Check in / bag drop was very slow and impersonal. Cabin service restricted to tea, coffee, or soda - for a 3 hour flight (5am-8am). Cramped seating."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "They lost my luggage and didn’t care to do anything about it. They name no means of tracking. They don’t know where the luggage is, whether it even left Bogota or not. They literally don’t have a tracking system. And their only response to us was that we could go ahead and leave a bad review on the website and that’s it. I’m not kidding! I can’t believe they are still in business. It’s just a terrible company."
Prós: "We made the flight in great time after our connecting flight was delayed."
Contras: "Our bags didn’t make our flight. We are very disappointed."
Prós: "Smooth flight good staff"
Contras: "Very cramped seating"
Contras: "7:50 am flight, arrived EZE 5 am as instructed, boarded plane at 10:40 am, missed connecting flight and spent 14 hours in Lima, shuttled off to a hotel 1-1/2 away, for a 2am flight. Arrived next day in LA and missed shuttle. Both legs very poor service on and off airplane, added security for having to enter Peru complicated and delayed things further. LAN used to be the best to SA, LATAM is the worst, never again."
Prós: "Friendly service"
Contras: "Only give you water for free"
Prós: "the flight was quiet"
Contras: "only a sandwich and 1 glass of coke for a four hours flight? And if ask for a beer you has to wait until the end of the services... VERY POOR"
Prós: "Timely, safe 3-hour flight from Punta Arenas, Patagonia, to Santiago, the capital of Chile. Fine leather seats, interesting in-flight magazine, OK seat recline and pitch. Great in-flight entertainment for as long as it was available. You can watch or listen to for free on your smartphone, tablet or laptop is a great selection of movies, TV series and music."
Contras: "The flight entertainment abruptly ended about 45 minutes before landing. The flight attendant told me they had to reset it because it was not working properly (it was fine as far as I could tell). However, it was not available for the rest of the flight."
Prós: "the whole experience. the food was great , attendants were top notch friendly and super helpful"
Contras: "nothing."
Prós: "Cheap flight, decent service, clean and safe plane overall"
Contras: "Flight was delayed about an hour but no communication from the airline as to why"
Prós: "Never"
Contras: "Never made flight because of Latham delays"
Prós: "The crew were very nice and friendly."
Contras: "It was a little slow to get on and get off the airplane."
Prós: "On time, professional crew"
Contras: "Seats are squeezed together so tight that you essentially have to climb over the arm rests to get into the window seat"
Prós: "Smooth flight, on time"
Prós: "Ticketing and boarding were well executed."
Contras: "The service was slow and not very helpful."
Contras: "Flightwas canceled and customer service was horrible through the entire experience."
Contras: "Latam could not link with American Airlines. It was like I had two separate tickets even though they had a code share with AA. I couldn't get a boarding pass across airlines and my seat assignments were a real problem. Also, the food was a joke."
Contras: "The ground personne in Iguazul were terrific. Flight got cancelled after check in. We were in waiting area. Staff remembered who we were, found us, had us hurry bavk to check-in. Got our luggage, got it retagged, and got us on another flight leaving almost immediately. We got to BA with no problems as did our luggage. Yay for your smart, resourceful, thoughtful and efficient ground crew in Iguazu. They deserve a special thanks."
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Medidas de segurança das companhias aéreas que voam desde Rio de Janeiro para Medellín

As companhias aéreas que voam desde Rio de Janeiro para Medellín implementaram medidas de segurança adicionais e ajustaram suas políticas para melhor acomodar os viajantes. As políticas variam de acordo com a companhia.

Higiene intensificada

Limpeza diária e filtros HEPA a bordo em voos desde Rio de Janeiro para Medellín

Máscaras obrigatórias

Máscaras obrigatórias e fornecidas a bordo em voos desde Rio de Janeiro para Medellín

Distanciamento social nos assentos

Assentos do meio não disponíveis para reserva em voos desde Rio de Janeiro para Medellín

Exame pré-voo

Teste de anticorpos e triagem de sintomas em voos em voos desde Rio de Janeiro para Medellín

Cancelamentos flexíveis

Sem taxas de alteração. Pesquise voos flexíveis desde Rio de Janeiro para Medellín

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1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
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2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
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1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
8h 43mMDE-GIG
R$ 2.481
1 escalaCopa Airlines
25h 24mGIG-MDE
1 escalaCopa Airlines
27h 46mMDE-GIG
R$ 2.503
1 escalaAvianca
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17h 57mMDE-GIG
R$ 2.541
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20h 34mGIG-MDE
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14h 53mMDE-GIG
R$ 2.585
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
24h 35mGIG-MDE
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
20h 52mMDE-GIG
R$ 2.809

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1 escalaCopa Airlines
23h 04mGIG-MDE
R$ 991
1 escalaAvianca
8h 37mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.035
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
27h 03mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.057
1 escalaCopa Airlines
9h 04mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.068
1 escalaAvianca
16h 45mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.084
1 escalaAvianca
8h 42mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.090
1 escalaAvianca
16h 57mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.112
1 escalaAvianca
10h 02mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.117
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
32h 12mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.123
1 escalaCopa Airlines
13h 04mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.145
1 escalaCopa Airlines
11h 24mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.156
1 escalaCopa Airlines
13h 38mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.167
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
25h 27mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.172
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
32h 20mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.177
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
22h 34mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.188
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
30h 59mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.194
1 escalaAvianca
14h 17mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.199
3 escalasLATAM Airlines
43h 00mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.210
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
26h 20mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.265
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
28h 38mGIG-MDE
R$ 1.369

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Voos Rio de Janeiro - Medellín


Rio de Janeiro (GIG)Brasil


Medellín (MDE)Colômbia

Ofertas de voo de volta:

Medellín - Rio de Janeiro

Classe de cabine:

R$ 1.885

Descubra aeroportos de origem:

Descubra destinos:

R$ 2.415