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  • Procurando uma passagem barata? 25% de nossos usuários encontraram um voo para esta rota por R$ 8.154 ou menos (só ida) e R$ 8.602 ou menos (ida e volta).
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Principal companhia aérea voando de Recife Guararapes Intl a Gotemburgo Landvetter

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Air FrancePontuação geral com base em 4454 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

The flight was wonderful. The crew was polite and professional. The aircraft was clean and new.

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The flight was wonderful. The crew was polite and professional. The aircraft was clean and new.

The gate crew in Paris was HORRIBLE. I purchased a Premium Economy seat and was "involuntarily downgraded" to regular economy, splitting up my family. There was no apology and they were very rude. And then they subjected me to an additional security check. When I asked about a refund for the difference, they simply said, "check with the ticket agent in LA when you get there." But due to flight delays, we didn't get to the ticket counter until 11 p.m. and they couldn't help me. The flight crew was astonished this had happened, and they tried to be helpful. But the whole experience was pretty lousy.

Adorei a companhia é super recomendo

Check-in was TERRIBLE !!! The AF staff was mostly clueless and not helpful, and the procedures in place were outdated.

A comida foi excelente

Um voo maravilhoso!

Se puder dispor de alguma grana, pague pelas poltronas em duplas, se estiver acompanhado é o melhor, para evitar o estresse de levantar para um banheiro no meio da madrugada

Prós: "Poor"
Contras: "Poor"
Contras: "The food was not as usual."
Prós: "Seats ok. Crew is super. Drinks offered"
Contras: "Nothing, AF rocks"
Prós: "I like the crew and their service, the food was amazing speacially the vanilla cheese cake desert was on point, loved it. I loved the “my flight “interaction on the screen and the different view of the plane, cockpit view, left, right etc.. amazing feature."
Contras: "The seat could have been much better as far as reclining and space. Overall I loved the flight."
Prós: "The seat was really comfortable and I was able to sleep the whole flight with no disturbance"
Contras: "N/A"
Prós: "n/a"
Contras: "The entertainment system was very old with minimum selection. My entertainment system actually stopped working. The seating area was very cramped. I called for service a couple of times from my seat, but nobody came."
Prós: "The bread was fresh and food better than other times"
Contras: "Crew is always aggressive and unfriendly"
Prós: "Crew memebers"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Tripulação boa"
Prós: "Tripulação excelente."
Prós: "crew was great, seats were comfortable"
Contras: "departure board listed flight as being boarded and gate closed hour before flight leading to confusion and standing in queue for over an hour, part of food was frozen and inedible, paid for upgraded seat which turned out to be by bathroom smells were as bad as you can imagine"
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Horário"
Prós: "Crew was wonderful and welcoming!"
Prós: "Amazing crews!"
Contras: "N/A"
Prós: "The new movies selection, food was very good, staff more friendly than previous flights"
Contras: "Boarding always a problem on MEA we have to wait too long in the queue"
Prós: "The crew was amazingly helpful. My son was having some anxiety and they went out their way to make him comfortable. They were the best!"
Prós: "Genial ! Comissários fantásticos ! Alegres e educados ! Parabéns ! Comida nota 10."
Contras: "Nunca havia visto um time de comissários tão educados , prestativos , felizes e que tornam a viagem uma excelente experiência ! Parabéns !"
Contras: "Booked with my partner. Ended up sitting apart. Not good"
Contras: "WiFi"
Prós: "Do conforto, comida e os atendentes muito educados."
Contras: "A falta de creme para as mãos na necessaire, ou ao menos no lavatório. As mãos ressecam muito em voos longos."
Prós: "We were a little delayed, so I read my book. Not for long though as I was really tired after my flight from Los Angeles. I fell asleep right after take-off and didn't wake until we landed. Best way to fly :-)"
Contras: "Very little legroom for a 6'1" guy. Would have liked a bit more space, but I guess I was too tired to let it bug me."
Contras: "Arrived 5 hours late"
Prós: "1. The flight attendant staff was very polite and cheerful. 2. The plane was clean and comfortable."
Contras: "1.The entertainment monitor did not function well enough to be able to watch. 2.The headset only function on one ear. 3. You could not hear announcements over the PA system"
Prós: "Leg space was great, food was delicious, alcohol served 3-4 times, and the in-flight entertainment was spectacular. I saw 4 movies and slept somewhat comfortably for once!"
Contras: "Engine noise in the cabin is loud."
Prós: "Efficient and smooth flight. Service was great and flight attendants were friendly"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "The only thing that I like about the flight was that it was easy to boarding"
Contras: "The food was not heat correctly it was cold and I felt that the crew rush to give out the food. The seats are terrible, if the person in front of you reclines you won’t be able to see the screen if your watching a movie and you will see the top of the persons head."
Prós: "Food and wine was very good. Music selection was excellent."
Contras: "Not enough leg room."
Prós: "Late leaving - no reason or apology. A bumpy flight all flight. Food almoat inedible. Seat gave bum axhe after 45 minutes. Staff friendly, but they dropped my meal"
Contras: "Nothing to like"
Prós: "The crew and flight was faultless"
Contras: "We were not advised of a flight number change or checking in location change. This could have resulted in us missing our flight."
Prós: "Cordialidade da tripulação."
Contras: "Assentos demasiadamente inconfortaveis para um vôo de longa duração. Comida de baixa qualidade."
Prós: "It was ok fligh"
Contras: "Food was not so good"
Contras: "Horrible Crew..."
Prós: "Arriving safely."
Contras: "We didn't get boarding passes for the second flight at EDI so we had to exit the secure area, get boarding passes, and go through security a second time for the same trip."
Prós: "Plenty of seat space"
Contras: "In flight entertainment and call button was broken ... crew never passes to ask if you’d like water."
Prós: "I would like to come on time each trip because I got two late time before with airfrance"
Contras: "It was delayed. I missed my flight. Now I don’t have a bag. I am not sure when I get it back or if I have to go all the way back to the airport"
Prós: "Charmingly nice crew and involving captain"
Contras: "the delay of the flight, the drinks we had to pay in the lounge, some poeple got a 25$ compensation coupon and we didn’t. The connecting time was about 1 hour and the luggage was not put on the plane to beirut"
Prós: "The cheese and the bread"
Contras: "The unprofessional staff during boarding and food serving"
Contras: "Very small seats, space for nothing All the time delays and the horrible things is a lost luggage, even when there is enough time between flights."
Prós: "The inflight service"
Contras: "The 3 hours delay"
Prós: "Comida"

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Voos Recife - Gotemburgo


Recife (REC)Brasil


Gotemburgo (GOT)Suécia

Classe de cabine:

R$ 8.602

Descubra aeroportos de origem:

R$ 7.620

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R$ 7.620