Encontre passagens aéreas baratas de São Paulo para Rovaniemi


Encontre passagens aéreas baratas de São Paulo para Rovaniemi

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Dicas para encontrar uma passagem barata

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Perguntas frequentes sobre reservar um voo de São Paulo para Rovaniemi

Existem restrições de viagens em Rovaniemi devido ao coronavírus?

Quanto tempo leva um voo de São Paulo para Rovaniemi?

Quais companhias aéreas oferecem os voos mais baratos de São Paulo para Rovaniemi?

Que aeroportos vou usar ao viajar de São Paulo para Rovaniemi?

Como o KAYAK encontra preços tão baixos nos voos de São Paulo para Rovaniemi?

Como a ferramenta de previsão de preços de voos do KAYAK me ajuda a escolher o momento certo para comprar minha passagem aérea de São Paulo para Rovaniemi?

O que é a opção KAYAK Mix nos voos de São Paulo para Rovaniemi?

O que é o recurso "datas flexíveis" do KAYAK e por que devo levá-lo em conta ao pesquisar um voo de São Paulo para Rovaniemi?

Principal companhia aérea voando de São Paulo a Rovaniemi

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de usuários do KAYAK

LATAM Airlines
Pontuação geral com base em 5.462 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Prós: "Muito confortável. Boarding muito rápido. Muito bem atendido a bordo."
Contras: "Infelizmente o serviço de bordo não pode ser apreciado, mas entendo que é pela segurança dos passageiros."

Contras: "Boarding was very confusing. The waiting area was filled with people milling around, trying to find their line."

Prós: "The middle seat empty AMAZING!"
Contras: "Bigger glass for wine !"

Contras: "They don't come around with drinks very often on LATAM. We bought our startup supply at the airport. First drink round was two hours into the flight."

Prós: "The crew was very warm."
Contras: "Seats very tight."

Contras: "the cabin and seats are old and seems dirty"

Prós: "Crew was good"
Contras: "Seat not comfortable"

Prós: "Neat, polite and orderly. Great food!"
Contras: "Not much."

Contras: "Strange use of curtains upfront during flight. I was asked to check my carryon for free to help out with boarding, but then had to wait longer to get the bag in baggage claim. It was the last bag of my checked bags to show up. Checked carryon bags should have a higher priority to return."

Prós: "Friendly and correct cabin crew."
Contras: "Leg space. There was very little leg space. One hour before the flight departure they were already announcing 'last call' on the airport screens."

Prós: "This non-stop flight was wonderful. The aircraft is comfortable, the whole flight was smoothly, even though it's fifteen hours flight."

Contras: "Bad"

Prós: "Seats were fairly comfortable. Almost all seats on planes are tightly crammed together."
Contras: "More options of TV shows to watch."

Contras: "They lost one of my bags. Amateur and inefficient company. Avoid at all cost."

Prós: "Not much I can think of"
Contras: "Undisclosed charges for bags and a check on that lasted over 30 minutes and my entire family ogn6 people were scattered throughout plane with absolutely no effort to put young kids next to parents"

Contras: "After getting off the shuttle to board the plane via stairs, men at the bottom and top of the stairs both stopped everyone and refused anyone to board. We were stuck on the tarmac for around 2-3 minutes. No entertainment options during the flight. No free food. Only water."

Prós: "Crew good, disembarking slow."
Contras: "A drink and/or snack."

Prós: "the crew was not friendly on boarding, or during the trip. I like it when they great you and say welcome aboard."
Contras: "long long line at check in... long line at the TSA late getting to the gate. Flight left an hour late did not meet my connecting fight no help in SP no ground crew for directions. long long line at customs then long line to rebook flight had a 7 hour layover in SP before Rio."

Prós: "yo tenia comida kosher y no me la dieron"

Prós: "Nice space in the aircraft and the crew was really nice too."
Contras: "The delay was very tiring."

Prós: "Confortable seats, flight on time"
Contras: "The flight attendant kept talking all night with two passengers. I could hear them even with ear plugs. When I finally was able to sleep, she didnt wake me up for breakfast even when I especifically asked to be awakened. And than replied that she wasnt able to wake me. Awful service for executive."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Look for alternatives. This airline used to be good, but they grew too much and now is really bad. Overall experience was very bad. Evaluate low cost competition. Today they are much better than LATAM"

Prós: "The leg place and reclining chair"

Contras: "offering some free snacks and soda (3 hour flight, other than water, everything else is charged). An online entertainment system that actually works."

Prós: "The entertainment options were good, my device connected immediately, and the movie started right away (while the boarding process was being completed)."
Contras: "More vegetarian options in the menu."

Contras: "The temperature should be a bit warmer"

Contras: "Offer refreshments"

Contras: "Food"

Prós: "I liked the person I was sitting next to"
Contras: "It was fine, but they scattered my group of six all over the plane because we didn’t pay for special seats"

Prós: "Crew was extremely unfriendly"
Contras: "Better service. Train your people. Learn from azul airlines"

Prós: "latam airlines only wants your money, if you miss your flight they will book your seat to someone else, you will be stranded, and they will not reschedule or refund. i now live in the airpot and I sold my car for this and I just want to die now"
Contras: "less ignorant/greedy management"

Prós: "They were very kind!"
Contras: "Probably the space we need more room, so we could stretch our legs and be more comfy!"

Contras: "I've flown a lot of different business class flights in my time and these are the narrowest I've ever seen. I am not overweight but I felt very restricted in these seats. Add to the narrow seats is the design of the seat and armrests themselves and you don't have much space at all. No way I was going to be able to work on my laptop in this LATAM business class seat."

Contras: "Lack of food!! LATAM you are doing it wrong"

Prós: "I liked almost all!!!"
Contras: "The sandwich (cool meal)... The may improve it..."

Prós: "Said Paulo airport was chaos but flight was great"

Contras: "No entertainment. The airplane seems to be an older model."

Prós: "The crew was very kínd!"

Prós: "The seats are comfortable, the attention of the crew is great."
Contras: "1 hour delay with no email or other notification. Flight number changed with no notification until check in. Electronic check in system was not working twice, perhaps due to international minors, had to wait in line in order to check in. The boarding pass for our connection from Rio to Miami was not given to us in Sao Paulo when we had to manually check in. As a result, we had to exit the secured area in Rio to go check in manually again for our connection and then go through security and customs again."

Contras: "Flight delayed well over an hour, Airport stuff unhelpful, Very below average."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "It was nasty, disordered. Bad experience"

Contras: "Aeronave muito velha, parecia que ia desmontar no ar."

Prós: "Wine and whisky"

Prós: "Seat was comfortable, as expected in business class"
Contras: "1. Entertaining not working Rebooting didn’t fix it Nobody offered any alternative 2. As the last seat, NONE of my meal options were available. Surely they could hv started fm the back at least once to offset this handicap?"

Prós: "Service"
Contras: "The plane is ok but it is an old 767"

Prós: "there was way too little leg room and the seats went back too far. I love LAN and LATAM because the crew and cudtomer service are always EXCELLENT."
Contras: "Standing too long before boarding at 2am!"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "The flight at first had a 3 HOUR delay do to a "mechanical breakdown". We were told that they were going to bring another airplane from Rio de Janeiro. After the 3 hours passed they were only announcing in Portuguese to board the original plane. They never changed planes or provided a clear explanation to the passengers. Many of us refused to board. This was one of the worse experiences I have ever had. The staff was disrespectful and would not help us. We ended up taking another flight until the following night!!"

Contras: "Company was not able to understand situation and did not offer solution. I lost my money"

Contras: "Latam The website of Latam is useless. The services for people in broadcoast is so difficult that almost impossible (email, facebook, telephone, etc) In my case, i was in Africa and couldn´t change my ticket. My brother had to change it from Argentina."

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Medidas de segurança para companhias aéreas que voam de São Paulo para Rovaniemi

Companhias aéreas que voam de São Paulo para Rovaniemi implementaram medidas de segurança adicionais e ajustaram suas políticas para melhor acomodar os viajantes. As políticas variam de acordo com a companhia.

Higiene intensificada

Limpeza diária e filtros HEPA a bordo em voos de São Paulo para Rovaniemi

Máscaras obrigatórias

Máscaras obrigatórias e fornecidas a bordo em voos de São Paulo para Rovaniemi

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Assentos do meio não disponíveis para reserva em voos de São Paulo para Rovaniemi

Exame pré-voo

Teste de anticorpos e triagem de sintomas em voos de São Paulo para Rovaniemi

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