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Japan AirlinesPontuação geral com base em 4771 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Amazing over all.

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Amazing over all.

JAL is a good flight to visit Far East, especially Thailand for a discounted fares:-)

Super, long line at check-in. Once they opened up the first class window for everybody, things moved somewhat faster. Flight was still delayed by one hour. Flight itself was smooth. Food was good for the first meal and mediocre for the second. JAL flight attendants could speak better English.

plane air was too hot with mask on hard to breath with mask!!!

Nothing special

The crew at the check-in counter was super-helpful and exceptionally kind.

Prós: "Nice staff"
Contras: "More Movies and TV shows"
Contras: "Flight cancelled. Impossible to manage flight or request refund directly. Must make the request to the travel agency. The problem is that the client should have the right to bypass the travel agency..."
Contras: "Flight cancelled. Requested refund and was directed to my travel agency. Edreams was worst than useless: spent 10 hours waiting for them to pick up but no answer. JAL should allow the clients to bypass a travel agency in order to manage the flights. Otherwise we are hostages of the travel agencies."
Prós: "Every thing in airplane was wonderful. I would like to recommend this airline to my friends"
Contras: "You are best ."
Prós: "Economy was surprisingly comfortable. Boarding and deplaning were very quick."
Contras: "Not a ton of movies to choose from. Enough, but less than most domestic US flights."
Contras: "Good space with large seats. Good food and service."
Prós: "Seating and service"
Contras: "Flight to Haneda airport not Narita"
Prós: "Everything."
Contras: "The chairs were just a little uncomfortable, too firm, but everything else made up for it."
Prós: "the selection of beverages and the crew are very friendly and helpful"
Contras: "Selection of entertainment"
Prós: "The crews were very kind and helpful."
Prós: "Great food. Excellent cleanliness"
Prós: "The crew was amazing. The meal choices were great !"
Contras: "I feel like this is Japan Airlines’s chance to present some great actual Japanese food in flight and instead it was a tuna melt and macaroni salad. Just saying."
Contras: "Flight attendants"
Prós: "Smooth ride"
Prós: "Entertainment was good"
Contras: "PA system was used excessively."
Prós: "They were very accommodating and helped ensure a good travel experience (first time traveling with a young child)."
Prós: "JAL made travelling with a toddler easy and the flight attendants were incredibly helpful and courteous."
Prós: "Lots of leg room in economy, flat screen, very friendly crew, and this was the cheapest direct flight to Japan I could find 2 weeks in advance!"
Prós: "Was fed a meal and snacks/drinks for this connecting 3 hour flight in economy. Hard to sleep in the economy seats, But with a blanket and thick clothes it would be better! Japan Airlines crew extremely nice!"
Prós: "Great flying on JAL...such great service and sweet attendants. US carriers could learn a lot from the Japanese carriers...they actually make it enjoyable and easy"
Prós: "Courteous and professional flight attendants"
Contras: "Long gap between meals. At least they could have provided juice or snacks in between meals"
Prós: "Excellent service from flight attendants and crew. food and snacks were excellent. seating,movies and experience was above my expectations. no problems at all"
Prós: "Jal should gave me a better resting seat. The connecting flight is too long hours. Very tiring for a 73 years old person."
Contras: "Too long and no rest."
Prós: "Still, love JAL's customer service from the cabin crew. The flight attendants are always friendly, courteous and professional. They do a great job of meeting and exceeding passengers expectations"
Contras: "The cabin area was extremely warm; at one point, I had to take out the safety card and fan myself. There was no explanation why the approximately 5-hour flight was uncomfortably warm. During the flight, I woke up from a sound sleep because of the heat in the cabin."
Prós: "Fast flight"
Contras: "No entertainment."
Contras: "Airplan so old and ac not work super hot."
Prós: "I didn't expect neck pillow on board"
Contras: "Seat wilder would be great"
Prós: "Great service. Great in flight entertainment. Served a meal. Had USB charge port. Spacious even though I was in the last row."
Contras: "Wish they offered a vegetarian meal, however the food was great and I still was satisfied with the parts I could eat."
Contras: "The father next to me that spilled two drinks on me. I didn't even get an apology. Beyond sold out plane too..."
Prós: "The workers are always wonderful."
Contras: "Food was not as good as in the passed."
Prós: "Airplane is well kept. Snacks are available near the beverage area."
Prós: "Very good premium economy seats and airline service was excellent - highly recommended"
Prós: "The flight's timing and airports are perfect for a short weekend getaway between Seoul and Tokyo. JAL service is also perfect!"
Contras: "nothing"
Prós: "Good service, good food. On time arrival. Comfortable seats. Great airline."
Prós: "Everything about the Japan air portion of our trip was excellent."
Contras: "No problems whatsoever."
Prós: "The seats were very comfortable, the staff were friendly"
Contras: "we requested for halal food when we booked the flight, but they brought us the normal food which we couldn't eat"
Prós: "My flight was on time everything went perfectly and there was nothing I could've done better everything is great."
Contras: "i'm kind of tall so I would've liked to of gotten to see with more space especially since there are more seats on the plane available. But other than that my flight was good and I was happy that everything went according to plan."
Prós: "Me & my family already travel from penang malaysia to kuala lumpur air port, reached KLIA to check in, the MAS/JAL counter told me that our ticket been void by agnet kayak/flight network. Nothing can the counter do till i've to call kayak/flight network. One hour conversation from malaysia to canada. What a wast & replace me with air china. Stupid kayak & flight network."
Prós: "Great flight attendants"
Contras: "Japanese food not great"
Prós: "Efficient boarding process. Great god and cabin service. On time."
Contras: "Turbulent flight and the crew was not completely reassuring"
Prós: "The food was delicious and interesting. Also, the flight crew allowed me to sleep through the rest of the night after dinner service was complete."
Contras: "I don't recall having seen an option for a vegetarian dinner, either when I was booking my ticket or after I was on the plane. Perhaps I just missed that part of the booking process."
Contras: "Could not enjoy the music and NHK news on the plane."
Prós: "Great service. Great seat."

ANA is great

Overall experience is good. Except that the one of the assistant ground attendant during my check in is quite annoying when i asked her only one question, something regading the boardong pass. She should be more helpful and accommodating not arrogant.

Prós: "The crew took care of us during a strange virus affected flight."
Prós: "Cheapflights ..I will book my ticket from you again.. I am so delighted."
Contras: "None"
Contras: "!"
Prós: "ANA is nothing but amazing. Great customer service and pleasant ambiance."
Prós: "The crew was so kind and helpful, the kind of people I wish that I could have spent time to get to know."
Contras: "It would have been really nice to have taller seats. I’m only a little over 6’3” with shoes on and the seats were still quit short and uncomfortable for me."
Contras: "If there was no delay."
Prós: "The Japanese food was fantastic - individual Japanese food selections which I wondered if would be good turned out totally amazing - well done!"
Prós: "Service was great"
Contras: "Sound on entertainment system did not work"
Prós: "Overall the service was good."
Contras: "ANA flight attendants were not very well versed in the English language. Very hard to communicate our needs."
Prós: "Everything on time"
Contras: "no outlet to charge phone"
Prós: "Zero"
Contras: "Asked specifically at the ticketing counter not to be seated in a non-emergency row. Were seated in an emergency row. For a 12 hour flight with seats that don't recline and nothing the on-board staff could do about the ticket counter's negligence and bad faith other than apologize. Seated upright for an overnight flight (for the second time on the same trip) for 12 hours. Not a pleasant experience. Had a feeling ANA would be bush league. This trip confirmed those suspicions. It wasn't the crew's fault (though they, unfortunately bore the brunt of my displeasure) so much as the counter's fault, but airlines charging what they are shouldn't be putting passengers or crew in this position. The ticket counter folks literally mislead us. They specifically told us that these were not emergency row seats and that we would have reclining seats and seatback displays in front of us like everyone else. The entire reason I asked is because we got stuck in the last row on the way in with seats that don't recline, which blows for a 12 hour red-eye flight. Instead we got seats that did not recline and a fold out screen that came from the right-hand arm rest. Not the end of the world if one had no choice, but certainly not what I paid for and certainly not what the ticketing counter people stated we were getting (under specific inquiry about the very point). The ticketing counter in particular seems to be skeevy, at best. To the detriment of their own crew, who is left apologizing for things they can do nothing about. As stated, this is a bush league international carrier. Avoid unless you love sleepless nights crossing the international dateline..."
Prós: "Great service"
Contras: "A bit warm"
Prós: "Friendly & helpful stewardesses, watched new release movies, good meals, overall a smooth ride."
Contras: "Quite a few passengers with young children crying throughout the trip but I can sympathize trying to keep them occupied on such a long flight."
Prós: "Service and crew were good, very kind and accommodating!"
Contras: "The layover at Narita airport was rather short to do some duty free shopping to bring home to U.S."
Prós: "Prepackaged sandwiches were so so. Crew were friendly and helpful. Leg room was pretty good. Bathroom had a lot of amenities."
Contras: "The seats are kind of flat."
Prós: "Good service"
Contras: "baggage was broken."
Prós: "The quality of your aircraft. Clean, modern, plenty of leg room. The check in agent in Manila, Arnel (or maybe Armel) was especially helpful and accommodating."
Contras: "Pax are advised to show up at least 3 hours before flight. My wife and I showed up 3hrs 45 min before takeoff. There were perhaps 40 to 50 people already in line ahead of us. But no checkin counters were open. The first check-ins began 3 hours prior to take off. By that time the line was backed all the way out into the main corridor. It would be MUCH better for ANA and the customer to begin the checkin process 3.5 to 4hours prior instead of 3."
Prós: "Staff very friendlym Flight was on time."
Contras: "There is not entertainment at the plane even though is a international flight in a not low cost airline. The space between seat is quite small."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "First, I did an online check-in and was able to secure a seat for the first leg of the flight, but was able to get any information on my second leg. So when I arrived at the Thai Airways counter to load in my bags I asked the Thai Airways representative about the missing information. His response was that he could not get into the ANA system and that I have to go to the ANA counter to ask for that information. Given that my layover in Narita was only about 45mins landing to going to the gate, I was not comfortable with not knowing if I would be on that flight or not. The Thai Airways representation at the boarding counter did help me a bit and got in touch with a guide in Narita to help me get my luggages and get to gate properly. I wanted to note that we did not arrive in Narita on time due to the high air traffic so the plane had to circle around for 15 mins. When we finally landed I had about 15 mins to get through the custom and ran to my gate. When I received my ticket I was shocked that I got a middle seat on a 13 hours flight! If I have known this earlier I would have paid for a better seat, but since I was not able to check-in online and didn't receive any info about this flight prior to boarding I was not allowed to change on this full flight. In addition, the plane ride was awful. The food was disgusting and the seat was very uncomfortable. The seat did not even recline back! I don't expect much from a short distance flight but for a 13 hour long flight, I at least expect the seat to be slightly better than sitting on a rock against a brick wall. All in all, this was a HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE I went through. The stress and the discomfort on the plane was an experience that no one should ever feel while traveling. It was an awful nightmare on an ANA flight. I would like a refund on this flight with no exceptions. Sincerely, Jessica Saesue"
Contras: "https://twitter.com/devanshsoni10/status/940564856142311424"
Contras: "Everything perfect for me!"
Prós: "crew was professional and very attentive and beer and wine and ice cream on the flight"
Contras: "wish they had more movies choices from the u.s."
Prós: "The crew has always been so polite, they seem like they are actually having a good time :) The planes have always been clean, and I've never seen a fellow passenger complaining."
Contras: "While I've always had plenty to eat, I'm not always familiar with some offerings...but that's on me."
Contras: "More of an movie selection. Maybe up date movie ever 2-3 weeks as they become available for the company"
Prós: "Excellent, polite service, very comfortable seats."
Prós: "The flight was very well organized and the plane left on time and arrived exactly on time. The service was excellent even though the plane was close to full."
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Friendly and helpful staff. Although flight was delayed slightly with boarding, flight crew maintained same flight time, thus not adding any further delays."
Contras: "Meal options and/or supplied should be expended to expend options passengers have, especially if one option runs out."
Prós: "ANA has done well recently, with top notch offerings of food, flight crew, entertainment, and creature comforts. The food options consistently good (and I do enjoy the small touches like the candy at the end), and they are very friendly!"
Contras: "The music... it's catchy... but too catchy and I find myself whistling it for an hour or so after the flight!"
Prós: "The friendliness of the crews and the cleanliness of the rest rooms."
Contras: "The delay before taking off."
Prós: "Excellent check in experience. Lots of leg room in Economy class. Meals were well prepared and tasty."
Prós: "Friendly flight attendants, clean toilets"
Contras: "Flight attendant missed our breakfast and when reminded didn't even apologize. old aircraft"
Prós: "I like the courteous and efficient service of the whole crew."
Contras: "I didn't like part of the journey to USA to be run by UNITED."
Prós: "Good food and service"
Contras: "Delay too much time"
Prós: "The stewardesses were always smiling and very engaging!"
Contras: "Pretzels"
Prós: "5 stars around"
Prós: "Great service and great food"
Contras: "No complaints from me"
Prós: "The food was really good, service was great, and nothing to complain about"
Contras: "I don't have any complaints"
Contras: "I did not like the delay of the plane which, instead of taking of at 10pm took off at 7h45 am."
Prós: "ANA has one of the best friendly and courteous service. I was kept well fed through my flight and had a smooth flight."
Contras: "I wish the English announcements were not in so heavily thick accent and more understandable. Transfer from the plane to the airport is quite tedious when the plane is parked away from the airport. I wish they would make transferring carry-on more disabled friendly."
Contras: "limited movie selections"
Prós: "Ok"
Contras: "Not ok"
Prós: "I liked the plane! Beautiful and new, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was a pleasure to ride in. Staff was as pleasant and helpful as they always are on ANA and despite the long delay due to an engine repair, the ANA staff conducted themselves incredibly professionally."
Contras: "It wasn't such a bad experience for me but the plane did have a mechanical failure and the part was not in stock in Cambodia so had to be flown in. That resulted in a 24 hour delay. The ANA staff were excellent and did take care of us well."
Prós: "Nice friendly staff in the plane. Nice friendly staff at the airport, although very slow and getting confused easily. Need more training."
Contras: "Check-in process at the airport was ridiculous ! One ANA staff sends us to wait to a certain counter after looking at our ENTIRE trip (all 3 segments), only to find out 20min later that we were supposed to go to ANOTHER counter, because our ultimate destination was International (USA). Also, boarding passes had to be REPRINTED in Tokyo for some reason. Note: on the way to Okinawa 2 weeks earlier, we had similar poor experience, but we only had to wait 5 min in the wrong lane. Overall ANA staff is very nice, friendly and smiling, but seems to get overwhelmed and confused very easily, and take FOREVER to do simple tasks that their US counterparts do 3x or 4x FASTER. --> do more regular TRAINING of your staff at airport counters !"
Contras: "There was turbulence at the beginning of the flight so we couldn't get the snack that we ordered. When the turbulence died down, the flight attendants did not bother to complete the food service for snacks or drinks ordered. I had to get up and ask twice. They were not present much at all in BUSINESS CLASS. So that's why I rated the experience as poor. The international food choices are poor. They do not taste good. I think I have to stop flying ANA. Kisha"
Contras: "The lack of legroom in economy class is a serious problem on long flights. I am only 6' tall/145 pounds, Window and middle seats are are not an option for me. This fact Is a strong disincentive to travel (no, I am not willing to pay the upcharge for the minimal legroom increase, i.e. to make that charge worth paying considerably more room would have to be provided."
Prós: "Smooth operations, friendly crew, clean plane, free booze in coach!"
Contras: "Nothing really when flying coach. Second meal now like a box lunch instead of full meal. Cost cutting I guess. Seats are small but not as bad as United domestic. No major complaints."
Prós: "I liked my seat. It was in the first row behind first class. The ticket lady was very nice and patient"
Contras: "I was very frustrated because I thought I had 90 minutes between flights but by the time I got my luggage it was too late to get my scheduled plane. This forced me to wait two hours for the next plane after I had been on a plane for 13 hours."

Evitar escala em amsterdam

Aeroporto de amstedam colapsou Evitar

O atendimento foi ótimo, seja no embarque seja no avião, todos muito atenciosos...

Overbooked flight of airBaltic, tow hours of delay

24 hour delay due to a crew member arriving 1.5 h late. People clapped for this? Obscene. Will never fly delta again. A simple error could have been resolved by holding connecting flights for 15 minutes. But no, not enough passengers to cross the 8-10 person threshold. Lost $800 due to this malfeasance. Never flying delta again.

Voo atrasou uma hora para aguardar passageiros em conexão.

A heads up on filling in an e-ticket prior to flight departure would have been helpful.

Tenho necessidades especiais de alimentação (doença celíaca) e fiquei com pouca opção para o lanche a bordo no trajeto Amsterdão/Lisboa.

New 737 and seats too confining

Fui muito bem assistida, principalmente pq antes de voar eu despenquei da escada rolante e recebi uma assistência incrível. Mas a comida e a variedade de filmes muito ruins.

Prós: "Nice food"
Prós: "Absence of food"
Contras: "In flight service"
Contras: "No internet available (2020). For the my previous flight, a month ago, was the same problem."
Contras: "Bigger seats the new ones are way to narrow"
Contras: "Boarding at Florence is always chaotic but this isn't within the control of KLM or their crew."
Prós: "I was sorted on Row 3 and the drapes kept hitting the back of my head."
Contras: "Move the drapes a few more inches back."
Prós: "Professional crew. Good simple check in."
Contras: "Nothing."
Prós: "Loved the smooth ride."
Contras: "Bathroom was pretty nasty"
Prós: "The crew tried to be helpful but were equally frustrated with the ground crew."
Contras: "Follow your own policies. Allow people to board (economy plus) with their hand luggage who have followed all the rules and chosen a seat in the front of the plane. My daughter and my KLM approved baggage were taken by the boarding crew while allowing other passengers to go with more than allowed"
Prós: "A Gol faz o estilo low cost então não espere grande coisa."
Contras: "O atendimento da tripulação."
Contras: "A mesa de bordo e a bandeja de refeições não estavam firmes. A bandeja escorregava o tempo todo."
Prós: "The crew were excellent and seats were comfy."
Contras: "Headphones for the entertainment centre.could have been better. Sound quality not great."
Prós: "Infelizmente não tive nada que me agradou, tanto que não voltarei a voar nesse companhia."
Contras: "Tudo, o atendimento ao cliente é péssimo."
Prós: "Nada."
Contras: "Tudo tem que ser melhorado"
Contras: "The plane is so old..,"
Prós: "O voo saiu adiantado, pois todos ja estavam no aviao."
Prós: "Refeições de alto nível"
Prós: "Very professional"
Contras: "Lost luggage"
Prós: "Reasonable space in economy class seats"
Contras: "Staff hurrying us up 40 minutes before departing and threatening to take our bags out of the plane in case we didn’t board then. I had to leave my coffee and run."
Contras: "Staff rude and short"
Prós: "The crew is really welcoming"
Contras: "The seats are too narrow and a bit too hard"
Prós: "The entertainment was amazing"
Contras: "The seats were a bit hard"
Contras: "Entertainment"
Prós: "the drinks"
Contras: "seat reservation. having to pay for luggage...."
Contras: "Acomodação na área econômica, espaço entre as poltronas."
Prós: "Filmes à disposição"
Contras: "Comida"
Contras: "Auxiliei no atendimento a um passageiro que passou mal, e a comissária me informou que iria receber um desconto numa próxima viagem, e que receberia tal desconto em meu e-mail, porém não o recebi. Meu nome: ELISABETE DE SOUZA PINHEIRO. Preenchi e assinei em seu tablete inclusive."
Prós: "A tripulação fez o quê pode para nos ajudar!"
Contras: "Devido à um pouso de emergência fomos forçados a pemanecer dentro do avião por 8 horas!"
Prós: "Sistema de entretenimento é um destaque a parte! Opção de internet à bordo (pagamento a parte), refeição de excelente qualidade!"
Prós: "Os acentos são os padrões da classe econômica, mas um destaque que merece respeito é o sistema de entretenimento/multimídia, além da opção de internet à bordo (pagamento a parte, caro, mas para quem precisa, é ótimo). Sempre tem algo na galley para quem gosta de esticar as pernas!"
Prós: "Do serviço de bordo"
Contras: "Gostaria que tivesse uma tradução para português, através do sistema de multimídia, seja por legenda ou áudio, nas orientações no decorrer do voo"
Prós: "Smooth flight."
Contras: "Seat a little cramped."
Prós: "Nice crew pilot food and beverage"
Contras: "No wifi"
Contras: "old screens and entertainment system leg room to small"
Contras: "Nothing special"
Prós: "Seat 39A did not recline. The gentleman next to me spread his arms out a bit as he typed on his computer the entire way. So I did not get ANY sleep. Plus he got up at least four times."
Contras: "Except for the man next to me - great!"
Prós: "Tripulação"
Prós: "Arrieved on time!"
Contras: "Dem entretenimento"
Contras: "Ter que caminhar muito no chegada ao Galeão"
Contras: "Do conforto no banco do meio da fileira de 3(três) pessoas"

A classe econômica premium é muito confortável. A fila para despacho das malas estava enorme e muito demorada, mesmo para quem já tinha feito o check-in.

90 min delay

Prós: "TV movies"
Contras: "More popular movies"
Prós: "Padrão adequado dos equipamentos e funcionários"
Contras: "Pontualidade e serviço de bordo pago ( pizza muito ruim)"
Prós: "The food was good"
Contras: "My girlfriend’s Tv stopped to work in the beginning of the flight."
Prós: "hilarious crew and they were very helpful"
Contras: "seating was so uncomfortable and i'm petite/slim. the bathroom wreaked and the toilet seat would not stand up alone"
Prós: "My flight was canceled"
Prós: "The crew was kind"
Contras: "Seat space is too cramped"
Prós: "Everything was great. From food to entertainment was great."
Contras: "Nothing"
Contras: "Deram fones de ouvido com 1hora de voo. Os assentos eram muito apertados. Comida ruim."
Prós: "A tripulação foi muito atenciosa e resolveram o problema da minha comida com muita rapidez."
Contras: "A comida é péssima, sem gosto e ainda veio queimada. As opções de filmes são limitadas. O assento é desconfortável, reclina pouco e eu senti nas costas todas as vezes que o passageiro de trás se mexia."
Prós: "Tre crew was fantastic"
Contras: "Food"
Prós: "Atrndimento e atenção da equipe"
Contras: "A comida completamente sem gosto O café da manhã foi regular"
Prós: "Crew is very friendly and helpful. Leg space is bigger than other flights."
Contras: "Food is not as good as before. I could smell the restroom from my seat (41H). Hopefully Air Canada flights can depart and arrive on time."
Prós: "Do embarque"
Contras: "A tripulação nao e boa"
Prós: "Entretenimento"
Contras: "Completa falta de compromisso da companhia com horário dos vôos"
Prós: "Entretenimento"
Contras: "Descaso com o cumprimento de horário de voo. É impossível fazer um compromisso contando com a pontualidade da companhia aérea para saída e chegada de seus vôos."
Prós: "Boa variedade de filmes"
Contras: "Pouco espaço e cadeira um pouco desconfortável, mas ok por ser um voo curto"
Prós: "Cordialidade do atendimento"
Contras: "Atraso no voo mais de 30 minutos"
Contras: "Não tem alimentação em um voo de 4:00 horas."
Prós: "aeronave"
Contras: "Fila Check in"
Contras: "A comida, frango cozido e vegetais sem sabor. Massa sem molho. O pão estava gelado no café da manhã. Alimentos sem sabor, cardápios muito ruins."
Prós: "They did feed us and provided cover and small pillow"
Contras: "every thing including service is minimum."
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Tudo"
Prós: "Entertainment"
Contras: "Steward. & meals"
Contras: "Delayed flight"
Contras: "Comida não estava legal. Entretenimento sem filmes com legenda em português."
Prós: "Seats were comfortable. Food was OK."
Prós: "Embarque e os funcionários"
Contras: "Passageiros"
Prós: "Seat selection."
Contras: "The meals didn't taste that great."
Prós: "Conforto , entretenimento e atenção da equipe de bordo."
Contras: "A refeição que é servida na volta deixa muito a desejar. Já as refeições de ida Gru_Yyz é muito melhor."
Prós: "Well designed comfortable sleeping Pods"
Contras: "Flight was delayed for 3 and half hours."
Contras: "Boarding was a disorganized free-for-all. Complete chaos and the gate staff seemed unable to manage the situation. The plane itself was an aged 767 with uncomfortable, cramped seats and no entertainment options whatsoever. Haven't taken an international flight this bad in years. Entire cabin smelled like the lavatories for the duration of the flight."
Prós: "staff was great. Nice variety on the entertainment selection, movie and TV"
Contras: "seats are a little too crammed."
Prós: "Gostei de sermos os dois únicos passageiros do voo de Toronto para Rochester, num jato com capacidade para 48."
Contras: "No check in em Rochester a atendente colocou duas pessoas que viajam juntas em fileiras separadas. O avião que nos levou de Rochester para Toronto era alem de muito pequeno, velho e sujo o que causa preocupação com a segurança."
Prós: "Nada."
Contras: "Avião pequeno, poltronas desconfortáveis, auto falante em cima das poltronas com volume muito alto. No embarque, não havia informações do vôo nos painéis dentro da sala de embarque, nem mesmo no próprio portão de embarque. Foi necessário confirmar pessoalmente com um atendente da companhia se o local estava correto"
Contras: "Didn't board as I missed the connection."
Contras: "No vegetarian options"
Prós: "Great timing of flights to arrive in afternoon. Also liked flying on the 787. Service was great as there was always someone checking to see that you were comfortable."
Contras: "Delays"
Prós: "comfort."
Contras: "dinner menu (chicken was tasteless)."
Prós: "The aircraft, the crew"
Contras: "Films have to be more updated"
Prós: "Food, service, seat (Business class), aircraft"
Contras: "No internet connection"
Prós: "Seats were comfortable and Crew was friendly. The Captain was giving updates when appropriate and even was friendly when the passengers were disembarking. It seems like he really enjoys his job and that made my trip nice. I liked getting the blanket and pillow on every seat. It was very nice not to have to search for them."
Contras: "Didn't have the Air Canada app so couldn't access WiFi to download app for the entertainment. It might be helpful if the airline would tell you ahead of time so you are prepared. Also, no real description of food offerings. Would be helpful if there was a description beside chicken or vegetarian."
Prós: "Lots of leg room! Quite and relaxing."
Prós: "The young kids really enjoyed the multi-player video games that were offered on the plane. The windows were really cool too! The amount of light/color coming from the windows were adjustable with the press of a button. It was the first flight for the younger kids, and they loved it!"
Prós: "Nice to see some older flight crew members."
Contras: "First meal was frozen. Bread, veggies and brownie cake were frozen while the chicken and rice wasn't appetizing. Flight crew should be more aware of the first row seats when pushing their food carts down and now bumping into passengers tvset."
Prós: "There was good food and entertainment"
Contras: "I'd like better vegetarian options for food though"

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2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
38h 55mGRU-TPE
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 50mTPE-GRU
R$ 8.643
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
39h 55mGRU-TPE
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
53h 20mTPE-GRU
R$ 8.685
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
56h 55mGRU-TPE
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 50mTPE-GRU
R$ 8.715
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
38h 55mGRU-TPE
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 50mTPE-GRU
R$ 8.731
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
55h 30mGRU-TSA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
37h 10mTSA-GRU
R$ 8.860
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
53h 00mGRU-TSA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
37h 10mTSA-GRU
R$ 8.907
2 escalasKLM
57h 10mGRU-TPE
1 escalaKLM
32h 20mTPE-GRU
R$ 9.191
2 escalasAir Canada
46h 15mGRU-TPE
2 escalasAir Canada
44h 30mTPE-GRU
R$ 9.857
2 escalasANA
51h 15mGRU-TSA
2 escalasANA
56h 10mTSA-GRU
R$ 9.882
3 escalasKLM
63h 25mGRU-TPE
2 escalasKLM
32h 20mTPE-GRU
R$ 9.893
3 escalasKLM
57h 10mGRU-TPE
3 escalasKLM
45h 40mTPE-GRU
R$ 9.913
2 escalasAir Canada
46h 15mGRU-TPE
2 escalasAir Canada
29h 15mTPE-GRU
R$ 9.944
2 escalasANA
51h 15mGRU-TSA
2 escalasANA
56h 10mTSA-GRU
R$ 9.955
2 escalasAir Canada
46h 15mGRU-TPE
2 escalasAir Canada
44h 30mTPE-GRU
R$ 10.017
2 escalasAir Canada
46h 15mGRU-TPE
2 escalasAir Canada
29h 15mTPE-GRU
R$ 10.053
2 escalasAir Canada
46h 15mGRU-TPE
2 escalasAir Canada
29h 15mTPE-GRU
R$ 10.104
2 escalasANA
51h 15mGRU-TSA
2 escalasANA
54h 55mTSA-GRU
R$ 10.832
2 escalasANA
51h 15mGRU-TSA
2 escalasANA
32h 10mTSA-GRU
R$ 11.963
2 escalasJapan Airlines
34h 50mGRU-TSA
2 escalasJapan Airlines
49h 40mTSA-GRU
R$ 12.846
2 escalasJapan Airlines
49h 15mGRU-TSA
2 escalasJapan Airlines
53h 55mTSA-GRU
R$ 13.368

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Voos São Paulo - Taipei


São Paulo (GRU)Brasil

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R$ 7.328

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R$ 8.860

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