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Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de usuários do KAYAK
Qatar AirwaysPontuação geral com base em 11769 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Chair recliner wasn’t working at all, after reporting crew member they didn’t do anything at all and entertainment wasn’t working anything and it was boring. Only good part shorter flight time all over..

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Chair recliner wasn’t working at all, after reporting crew member they didn’t do anything at all and entertainment wasn’t working anything and it was boring. Only good part shorter flight time all over..

Nice flight.. crew members were attentive all the time and friendly.. love to travel once again.

Embarque não respeitam o cartão de fidelidade q tem prioridade são confusos e não adianta explicar .

Atrasou os

Would have been good if we left on time. I understand that some delays cannot be helped but there was also a delay of my flight going home to Manila. These delays made me worry about whether or not I will make it to my connecting flight or do I have to just keep running again?

Excelente opção para rotas para a Asia

It’s difficult to understand whether it is quatar airlines or Indigo Airlines

Prós: "Although my flight was canceled they quickly found me a flight on another airline and provided me with a hotel room for the night"
Prós: "I understand why this airline is ranked very high. The food was very good, the seats have more legroom even in coach and the movie selection was good."
Contras: "The plane was about 1/4 full. Not that that's bad I just thought it should be mentioned."
Prós: "Amazing crew, seats were super confortable. Overall top experience !"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Decent seats. Good amenities for a long flight - entertainment, pack with toothbrush/mask/earplugs/socks."
Prós: "Amazing"
Prós: "My flight attendant, Grace, was delightful. There were several challenging passengers around me and I observed her handle them with the grace of someone who embodied their name—Grace."
Contras: "No wifi on board. The plane was one of the older ones, but still perfectly nice."
Prós: "O vôo foi tranquilo, sem problemas ou imprevistos."
Contras: "A comunicação e orientações poderiam ser em meu idioma, mesmo que fosse uma gravação eletrônica, incluindo o menu da alimentação e o check in no balcão."
Prós: "I really appreciated that my bags were not lost"
Prós: "crew was nice and helpful"
Contras: "food quality needs to be better food quantity needs to be increased slightly food options need to be better entertainment system was ok but content was mediocre."
Prós: "Tripulação muito atenciosa"
Contras: "Nao funcionou a tv"
Prós: "All crews are helpful especially to parents traveling with young kid."
Contras: "More variety of food would be great"
Prós: "Não há nada a comparar com a Qatar, atualmente."
Prós: "much better than average food"
Contras: "shorter length flight but maybe little can be done,"
Prós: "Plenty of beverage service and food was very good."
Contras: "The other passengers were often rude and uncivilized. I guess Qatar couldn’t do anything about this."
Contras: "Our flight was delayed from Hyderabad to Doha and they did not allow us to board the flight as connecting flight from Doha to Dallas would have been left. They did not have seats for next day , the earliest we could go was 2 days later. They did not apologize or compensate for delay."
Prós: "seat was great"
Contras: "flight attendant should be nicer"
Prós: "Extra leg room only coz I was on exit isle"
Contras: "Entertainment is poor. Very few selections on black movies and music. Mostly Arabic and Indians. Food was alright"
Prós: "There was a flight attendant that this was only her second flight. She was amazing. Really enjoyed the service."
Prós: "Servico espetacular"
Prós: "Super comfy seat and entertainment, plus staff super nice"
Contras: "Too long on boarding"
Prós: "Great service from all staff ,"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Qatar beats every US based airline, hands down! The planes are clean and modern with better seats, leg room, technology, food and staff. Everything is included in the cost of a ticket, something that US airlines should learn! I cannot say enough about the experience and wood recommend to anyone traveling to destinations served by this airline."
Contras: "I cannot think of a single thing."
Prós: "The crew was excellent"
Prós: "all are nice"
Contras: "nothing but avoid bread"
Prós: "O serviço de bordo da Qatar é muito bom."
Contras: "O lounge de Guarulhos é muito simples, poderiam melhorar."
Prós: "The 17hr flight went relatively quickly. Much faster than expected."
Contras: "The long wait between flights and finding a scheduled flight before mine that I could have taken."
Prós: "Atendimento muito bom melhor que outras companhias, Qatar faz diferença"
Prós: "It arrived on Time."
Contras: "Entertainment system was broken and had to be restarted a couple of times before It crashed completely. Food sucked."
Prós: "Great Staff"
Contras: "Asian Vegetarian meals needs some improvement. Lack of Africans as part of the crew."
Prós: "Seats were comfortable, they were aware of alternative meal requests, professional, comfortable temperature"
Contras: "When dropping my bag at check in counter, the employee at the counter asked, somewhat intrusively, what the extra fee I paid was for. When I told her it was for the Al Mourjan lounge in Doha, her facial response and attitude came across as judgemental, and was not appropriate"
Prós: "Helpful and friendly crew"
Contras: "Same as kochi to Doha flight"
Prós: "The service was impeccable, flights on time and the transfer easy!"
Prós: "food, crew ."
Contras: "entertainment choices for Hollywood movies are limited."
Prós: "Great service. Courteous staff"
Contras: "Outdated IFE-overhead screens. Biz customers get iPads preloaded with movies"
Prós: "It was comfortable flight with a friendly crew."
Prós: "Very comfortable flight and crew"
Contras: "The plain was very old."
Prós: "Food OK"
Contras: "Massive delay over 15 hours! I was shocked. Once arrived, also luggage was delayed ADDITIONAL 7 hours"
Prós: "clean airline, modern airplanes, good food, friendly service"
Contras: "Nothing not to like. Spacing between seats is a little tight for med-tall passengers. Food service was slow. few/Infrequent additional beverage & snack visits."
Prós: "Atendimento, cordialidade , poltronas , entretenimento , simplesmente é tudo muito bem feito"
Contras: "Nada a declarar"
Prós: "The older style seats are actually more comfortable for taller and larger people."
Contras: "The previous Qatar flight took 1.5 hours longer than originally stated and we had to rush to the connection without visiting the lounge. We missed out on the lounge on the flight down as well due to timing."
Prós: "I was actually impressed with the entertainment selection :)"
Contras: "The economy seats are just unfortunately not a place you can get comfortable enough to sleep. On 14 hour flights one hopes to sleep."
Contras: "Poor service, didn't get to sit with rest of our party, food average, overbooked flight, no room for luggage storage."
Prós: "Good entertainment choices"
Contras: "One of the rudest check-in staff I have ever dealt with"

Espaço da poltrona podia ser melhor. Os filmes tinha que ser no máximo o tempo do voo.

Comprei mala nova pra essa viagem, é simplesmente a mala sofreu danos enormes, chegaram a quebrar pedaços da mesma. Quando realizo reclamação, nos dão apenas a opção de aceitar um voucher em valor inferior ao valor pago pela mala, ou encaminhar pro conserto. Extremamente decepcionada com a companhia aérea, esse é o primeiro e último voo que realizo com a mesma!

Seat doesn’t recline - had to travel 8 hours like a zombie, Besides, sound on entertainment device (TV) only one channel worked. Was monaural not stereo (just one side) Stewardess said “sorry” meaning “it’s your problem

Entretenimento estava abaixo do esperado.

Disponibilidade de entretenimento, tripulação, vôo, brinde revista. Devido a pandemia, não teve serviço de bordo. Espero que volte quando tiver segurança.

Gostei do atendimento , da aeronave .

I really like this airline I just wish that they would make arrangements with connecting flights when one is a few minutes late it’s ridiculous hold up your travel for what would’ve been about five minutes

Inexplicável o fato dos embarques e desembarques da Azul em Viracopos serem feitos em pista, com acesso por ônibus, considerando-se o tamanho do aeroporto.

Good have been much better being informed of the delayed.

Prós: "TV screens on the back of seat"
Contras: "TV screen stopped working mid-flight. Long wait at gate"
Contras: "I couldn't take the flight, because of the sanitary situation, and couldn't get my refund yet"
Contras: "i am trying to obtain a refund, as she was not able to make the flight - held on phone for over 2 hrs on 2 separate occasions"
Prós: "Everything was excellent accept the entertainment."
Contras: "Entertainment"
Prós: "The airport is small and easy to get by. The crew was friendly, and I had four seats to myself! It was an excellent experience."
Contras: "Food was decent."
Prós: "extremely considerate crew. Courtesy necessaire pack. very clean plane"
Prós: "Do atendimento e da pontualidade"
Prós: "For business class tickets this was the worst food and boarding I’ve experienced. United airlines are horrible."
Contras: "more and more current movie options"
Contras: "We landed and spend 45min instide the plan to be able to unboard"
Prós: "I arrived safely and so did my bags"
Contras: "The delay of over an hour"
Contras: "Minha mala não chegou ao destino, estou fora de casa apavorado!"
Contras: "Food !!!!"
Prós: "N/A"
Contras: "N/A"
Prós: "We got all of our bags! No lines. Smooth sailing"
Contras: "Viagem fantástica, o horário é respeitado e alimentação é ótima. Só falta servir leite ou chocolate"
Contras: "Funcionar tv"
Prós: "A tripulação"
Contras: "Cancelaram meu vôo de conexão"
Contras: "Fomos enganado pela equipe de do aeroporto. Quando fui despachar a bagagem, eles elevaram que a aeronave seria trocada e poderíamos a conexão. Mas tinha um amigo meu no mesmo voo e ele embarcou normalmente e chegou no horário estimado. Uma safadeza da equipe de Porto Alegre."
Prós: "Tripulação muito atenciosa"
Contras: "Entrega de bagagem em Viracopos. Péssima"
Contras: "O voo atrasou"
Contras: "Menor tempo de atraso para embarcar"
Prós: "Good food, good plain condition, good entertainment"
Prós: "Embarque"
Contras: "O sistema de audio/video estava inoperante. Luz do lavabo com defeito"
Contras: "Atendimento excelente, minha filha que é menor viajou sozinha e foi muito bem assistida. Feliz com a companhia. Poderia ter wifi na aeronave."
Prós: "Limpeza"
Contras: "Comida"
Prós: "Priority checkin at Ezeiza airport."
Contras: "The A320 planes was too cramped and it's an older plane."
Prós: "Da gentileza do pessoal da tripulação."
Prós: "Profissionais atenciosos."
Prós: "Voo no horário. Aeronave em boas condições."
Contras: "O embarque meio tilintado pelo cruzamento de pessoas desembarcando."
Prós: "Boarding was easy, crew members were friendly, snack food service was good, and the flight was smooth and on time. My baggage arrived promptly at Chapeco after the flight. No complaints!"
Contras: "The crew was non-responsive to simple requests. The food was abismal and void of nutrition."
Contras: "Very disappointed that there were only junk food options on the snacks served. Same goes for the drinks. And no option to buy anything healthy either. Arrived hungry at 1:20am!"
Prós: "tranquilidade como sempre e a tripulação sensacionais ."
Prós: "Tranquilo , pouca turbulência, tripulação sensacionais como sempre"
Prós: "foi um voo tranquilo , alias teve aqueles snaks maravilhosos, tripulação incrivel e sao maravilhosos em todos os voos que fiz pela companhia."
Contras: "nao tem como nao gostar de nada , porque alem do atendimento incrivel o pessoal é muito bacana."
Prós: "Loved all the support and attention from the crew"
Prós: "Muito bom e azul legal."
Prós: "Bom dia! Excelente trabalho de Azul muito honesto bom e certo! O Deus abençoe vai ajudou a vocês tá saúde bem melhor !"
Prós: "Pontualidade"
Contras: "Pouco Conforto. Sistema de entretenimento não funcionou"
Prós: "Dont know who or why. Plane out of Orlando mco delayed from 9:30-2:30 am. All food places closed 9or 10 pm"
Contras: "Delay, no place to eT"

No leg room


Flight was canceled and had to stay overnight

Entertaining options could be expanded but I wouldn’t trade for anything else. Excellent experience all around.

Prós: "Tripulação"
Contras: "A cadeira estava c assento partido , viajei 3 horas assim"
Prós: "Crew was perfectly fine."
Contras: "Departure time was delayed due to over crowding in Zurich airport. Info on connecting flights and transfer requirements was insufficient, no offer to help those with tight connections, e.g., by trying to seat them at front of plane or help them get off faster. Missed connecting flight as a result!!"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Had to pay the $259.00 to get another flight because my name wasn’t on the flight had to be on the phone for a hour and 28 minutes just to get my name on a flight after I paid over $900.00 on my round trip flight this was an awful experience and did not and will not book any flight ever with these airlines or the company representing them as VAYAMA"
Prós: "I was in business class and it was great. The staff the food and the seats were awesome."
Contras: "I booked through Kayak and when I arrived at the airport Swiss air had no seat available for me. I was forced to upgrade to ensure a seat."
Prós: "The food was great and the other flight attendants were kind and understanding."
Contras: "There was a flight attendant who was of an older demographic who was extremely rude to me and not accommodating at all to myself, my husband, or my children. She had an attitude and seemed irritated by my questions, concerns, and overall being there. We had an issue with seating and no seats together with our 4 and 7 year old."
Contras: "It would have been better if I had made the flight, but the first leg was canceled. We were tortured for 6 hours before it was canceled."
Prós: "Exelent Crew, great food and service I really like Swiss airlines. The best so far!!! Thanks"
Contras: "Vôo atrasado 2h. As minhas 2 primeiras experiências com a saída foram péssimas. Houve sempre atrasos. Perdi a conexão por causa do atraso. Não houve o cuidado de deixar sair os passageiros com conexão primeiro. Nem havia staff do aeroporto para ajudar os passageiros a chegar ao outro terminal. Fiquei num hotel 2*. Pelo que ouvia da swiss nunca pensei que fosse ter uma experiência tão desagradável"
Contras: "Vôo muito atrasado sem conseguirem assegurar a conexão. Não houve nenhum staff a acompanhar nos, nao nos deixaram sair em 1o do avião. Não houve esforço da parte da swiss em garantir que conseguiamos embarcar. Primeira vez com a swiss nem tão cedo volto a voar com esta companhia"
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Voo com atraso de 40 minutos. Não deixaram os passageiros com conceção sair primeiro. Não havia ninguém para nos acompanhar. Ninguem sabia dar informações viemos para o hotel sem bagagem porque ninguém sabia quando chegava."
Contras: "Não pude fazer o vôo por falha grave da swiss que atrasou e não teve o cuidado de fazer com que os passageiros chegassem à sua conceção atempadamente. Senti-me muito desamparada."
Contras: "Pleasant overall experience"
Prós: "Companhia com excelente tratamento ao passageiro, ainda mais quando comparamos às companhias brasileiras!!!"
Prós: "Companhia com excelente tratamento ao passageiro, ainda mais quando comparamos às companhias brasileiras!!!"
Prós: "Primeira viagem pela Swiss, mas uma experiência altamente recomendável!!!! Atenção do início ao fim com o passageiro!!!"
Prós: "Primeira viagem pela Swiss, experiência altamente recomendável!!! Atenção com o passageiro do início ao fim da viagem!!!"
Prós: "Left on time. Quick flight."
Prós: "I enjoyed the 7 lay over. Took a train to the city (12 minutes ), walked around and shopped, ate and tracked back with the train . A nice stop over"
Prós: "Eu gostei de tudo muito agradáveis pontuais muito bom"
Contras: "Eu não gostei da comida porque não hove"
Prós: "I was gratified to see that the 777 Boeing aircraft have now replaced the older Airbus aircraft..... This is my sixth time traveling to Switzerland from San Francisco on Swiss....Their service in my opinion remains excellent......The cabin crew was cheerful friendly yet remained very efficient at the same time... The food was very good, , The two meals that comes with one's Ticket still also comes with complimentary beverage service .... and even a warm moist towel is offered towards the end of the flight ... not bad for a seat in coach ...."
Contras: "I had no complaints except that there was a 40+ minute delay in receiving our checked baggage..... this could have been a problem With the airport ground crew at Zurich airport ....."
Prós: "Crew was great. Ice cream was fun. Swiss chocolate was a nice surprise!"
Contras: "Short flight with no entertainment, no means to charge devices."
Prós: "Excellent airline. The flights are always on time and the email notifications make it easy to print out boarding passes and go right to the gate."
Contras: "The seating and leg room is quite cramped"
Prós: "The movies were good, the food was good. Servers were kind and helpful. Clean and overall positive flight."
Contras: "Several delays and gate changes."
Prós: "Friendly Crew , modern and spacious aircraft B777"
Prós: "Service was great and the flight very smooth. Great flight!"
Prós: "Nice breakfast treat and chocolate is always appreciated"
Contras: "Not a specific complaint about this flight but boarding in general is not smooth No online check-in that I could find."
Prós: "Comida muito boa"
Contras: "Cadeiras apertadas e com ferros nos pés. Descomoda"
Prós: "Flight staff was attentive and professional."
Contras: "The food was mediocre."
Contras: "muito, muito, muito apertado para as pernas. tentei comprar o mais espaço mas quando finalmente abriram as reservas já estava lotado. não recebi nenhum aviso de quando poderia reservar os acentos e nem algum tipo de "promoção" para trocar de vôo."
Prós: "The seats in exit row were large enough for me to straighten my legs"
Contras: "Very rude attendants. Also if you sit in the exit row they don’t let you put ANYTHING on your lap or by your feet, even a sweatshirt that you remove for a moment. I have never had this problem on any other airline."
Contras: "Cabin temperature was a little hot"
Prós: "Flight was exactly on time as described. Crew was friendly"
Prós: "He service was fantastic."
Contras: "My tv screen wasn’t working."
Prós: "Pretty much on time even with snow conditions!"
Contras: "Coffee was pretty much cold."
Prós: "The airline crews politeness & courteous comfortable seating were helpful on meal selection."
Contras: "See comment above. Zurich airport transfer desk was not staffed by Swiss air staff. Made resolution of missed flight more difficult. Also was not informed till I checked in at San Francisco that my bag would probably not arrive at the time I arrived in Geneva."
Prós: "Flight is conformable.. Crew was fine."
Contras: "they did not put our special meal request for the 1st leg of our journey .. it was only 2.5 hours flight.. so its okay,.. but generally not a good thing...experience at the Zurich airport was not good. They checked our passports 3 times before we got to our gate. Swiss airlines should account for these things when they give options for the connections. we had about and hour and half layover and did not even have time to have coffee or anything before a 9+ hour flight. We just ran from one flight to another and barely made to our flight.."
Prós: "General attitude of staff"
Prós: "Crew"
Contras: "Food"
Prós: "Everything. They are in their own class."
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "The food was really great! And the crew was very friendly."
Contras: "Many delays that seemed unnecessary. We waited for a while for late passengers to board, which seemed strange, given that last time when Swiss made me miss my transfer, the next plane left without me when delaying takeoff would not have been necessary at all. After the passengers arrived, we were delayed again because of weather. And once we arrived at Newark, we had to wait for over half an hour to get to the gate for some mysterious reason."
Prós: "I was concerned the connections would be too tight but it worked out great!"
Prós: "The punctuality."
Contras: "The food was not up to the mark."
Prós: "Loved the crew and movie options, the hydrating must in the bathroom was awesome!"
Contras: "I wish the seats were more comfortable"
Contras: "O voo atrasou mais de uma hora, sem nenhuma justificativa"

Atendentes poderiam ser mais simpaticos A comida estava horrivel Demora para chegada das bagagens muito demorada,ainda mais sendo prioritaria

A cobrança de mala de bordo para voo internacional é um absurdo, ainda mais com um valor acima de outras companhias que cobram por mala despachada. Avião totalmente desconfortável, banheiro sujo. Não recomendo pra ninguém está companhia. Eles nunca poderiam está fazendo voos internacionais Apenas doméstico Péssima exp

Embarque péssimo, espera em pé, confinados em espaço pequeno, aguardando onibus p transfer ao aviao.SOFRÍVEL

PAREM DE BUSCAR PASSAGEM DA KIWI. Essa empresa não respeita os clientes. Só comprei a passagem na kiwi porque apareceu na minha busca do kayak, como é o site que eu sempre utilizava e o que eu mais confiava para comprar passagens comprei, e só tive problemas. Quando fui buscar mais sobre a empresa vi que a reputação dela é péssimas e tinham muitos clientes descontentes. Fiquei muito decepcionada com a Kaiak por isso. Se vcs se importam com os clientes de vcs, tirem a kiwi dos mecanismos de busca, para que outros clientes não tenham a mesma experiência frustrada.

As mudanças feitas de última hora foram desgastante por não ter opções razoáveis dentro do horário que eu tinha contratado. A LATAM tem um serviço muito ruim de APP que poderia facilitar resolver estas pendências de mudança de voos.

reduziram absurdamente as porções de comida! Na janta serviram ou macarrão ou carne com batatas escolhi a carne por encher mais o estomago mas foi uma porção absurdamente pequena , junto com uma tirinha de pão e 1 alfajor... antes serviam porção de salada, sobremesa e uma porção decente de comida! Café da manhã foi um sanduíche de queijo com presunto ou omelete aí tem escolha de iogurte ou fruta, bem diferente de como era, serviam pão, iogurte e fruta para todos! Sem contar que no meio do vôo não serviram nem água nem nada

I TRULY liked the boarding process by groups. Even though people kept trying to board when it wasn't their turn, Latam personnel did an AMAZING job forcing them to respect the process. PLEASE keep it up! Same when arriving at destination. Only let people to disembark by rows. It's much more organized and fast. Thank you LATAM for implementing these two processes. I Loved them.

Boarding and crew were excellent Space too small Tv didn’t work at all Food not ok

Vôo tranquilo e dentro do tempo

Atraso no voo e embarque. Saída com duas horas após o previsto. Inconveniente desnecessário.

Atualmente existe a possibilidade de preparar a documentação para a viagem com antecedência, de modo a ganhar tempo nos processos de check in e embarque. A Latam até que tem uma tentativa de automatizar previamente esse processo, mas não funciona bem. Aceita apenas arquivos em PDF, mas o formulario Anvisa não tem versão PDF (apenas e-mail).

Seria muy bueno que primero bajaran los pasajeros con conecxiones ….se hace muy dificil ir de un lado a otro y las lineas son largas. De uruguay a Montevideo nos hicieron en chile pasar revisacion de bolsos a los que teniamos conecxiones y habia 1 sola fila?????Habia mucha gente que se dirigia hacia diferentes paises y estaba enojada.Ojala algun dia cambien los asientos x lo menos cuando son viajes de 8 horas muy apretados y incomodos, no todos tenemos dinero para viajar en Primera Clase

Poderia melhorar quanto a mais informações do Check in no app pois não foi muito claro demorei um pouco para achar aonde fazia check in na volta e na ida deu um pequeno probleminha no check in do outro passageiro. Tirando isso gostei do atendimento.

Nada para reclamar. No quesito atendimento da Latam via telefone (SAC) sobre dúvidas da viagem fui excepcionalmente bem recebida. Fiquei muito feliz. Obrigada!!!

Tdo muito bom

Great Airline!

Paguei mais caro pra mudar meu assento. Aí chegou na hora e não tinha mudado. Aí me colocaram em outro assento mais pra trás. Uma demora no atendimento pra despachar bagagem. Foi muito ruim. Eu com meu bebê de colo.

Vôo atrasou mais de 6 horas e a empresa com total descaso para com os clientes

O portão de embarque usualmente utilizado para esta rota, é um dos piores do aeroporto de Guarulhos; fica no piso inferior, com 2 ou 3 portoes de embarque e além de geralmente o espaço estar lotado, o acesso à aeronave se dá através de um onibus. Gostei do desembarque feiro por fileiras.

Não vejo sentido em etiquetar uma bagagem em um Totem se a mesma será pesada no checkin.

Os funcionários serem menos arrogastes e estupidos.

Prós: "Atenção do atendente no aeroporto de Navegantes."
Contras: "O voo foi tranquilo e tive toda a atenção, mas tivemos problemas pois o nosso nome não constava na lista do voo. No aeroporto tivemos a maior atenção para resolver o problema."
Prós: "Educados e atenciosos."
Contras: "Foi td bom."
Prós: "Tripulação bastante solícita, do entretenimento e boas luzes de leitura."
Contras: "Assentos muito próximos um ao outro, desconfortável pra gnt cm 1.80m."
Contras: "Eu poderia ter conseguido ir viajar. Recebi o bilhete na madrugada e tive que comprar outra passagem. Péssimo atendimento da Kayak.... NUNCA MAIS"
Contras: "Vôo atrasou quase 5h. Pouca informação para a equipe de solo passar aos passageiros. A aeronave com a poltrona quebrada, não travava reclinada, o entretenimento a bordo desligado. Uma das piores experiências que já tive em vôo. Péssimo!"
Prós: "nada a destacar"
Prós: "A Tripulação atenciosa"
Contras: "Comida"
Contras: "Would not let us board with 25 minutes prior to departure Because they lock their doors 35 minutes prior"
Prós: "Embarque organizado e no horário apesar de ter sido feito no portão J5 que não é dos mais espaçosos. O atendimento da tripulação foi excelente!"
Contras: "A comida é OK, mas a apresentação da comida poderia ser mellhor."
Contras: "the cabin and seats are old and seems dirty"
Prós: "The variety on the LATAM Play."
Contras: "There was no vegetarian food. I do not eat meat and the only available sandwich had ham. Having an only cheese option is not that expensive or complicated..."
Prós: "So late and they not Help in my petition"
Contras: "Be more organized"
Prós: "The plane was new."
Contras: "Smallest seats and shortest leg room I’ve experienced in a long time! They even charge for a cup of coffee, and anything else, other than water! I didn’t try to use the bathroom, but they probably charge for that, too!"
Prós: "Aeromoça educada e atenciosa"
Contras: "O overhead bin muito pequeno para a mala de mão, comida péssima, e no desembarque uma mala chegou rápido e a outra depois de mais de uma hora. Outro voo que chegou 40min depois já estava com malas entregues"
Prós: "Flights were on time"
Contras: "One little cookie for snack is nothing. Planes are old. Seats are uncomfortable. The movies app doesn’t work very well and it requires subtitles available for non English speakers"
Prós: "tripulação"
Contras: "Embarque em Manaus"
Prós: "Seats were fairly comfortable. Almost all seats on planes are tightly crammed together."
Contras: "More options of TV shows to watch."
Prós: "Pontualidade"
Contras: "Espaço entre as poltronas"
Prós: "The crew was very friendly and attentive."
Contras: "With the red eye flight, there were limited food options. Probably what happens normally, but it was a third leg of a journey for us an we were hungry!"
Prós: "Nothing much, really."
Contras: "Baggage handling. They lost one of my baggages and are giving me a hard time to get a refund."
Prós: "smooth flight"
Prós: "O embarque foi rápido e a decolagem aconteceu no horário."
Contras: "Espaço entre os acentos. Não poder escolher o acento durante o check-in, é ruim."
Prós: "Nice hosts. Good seats. Delicious food. Smooth flight."
Prós: "Nice space in the aircraft and the crew was really nice too."
Contras: "The delay was very tiring."
Prós: "Estou vivo!"
Contras: "Alimentação cara!"
Prós: "Everything was on time. Food was good and movie selection was good"
Prós: "Voo no horário e sem alteração de portão em cima da hora."
Contras: "Empresa serve apenas água. Qualquer outra coisa, tem custo adicional. As luzes internas do avião estavam com falhas, piscando intermitentemente, me causando um certo temor."

Canceled flight, terrible re-booking assistance, lost bags. Worst experience ever. I will never, ever fly AA again.

In Business/First Class we boarded later than announcement but still used priority lane with ease. Mechanical difficulty with storage unit close to entrance/exit delayed another AA one hour. Service was attentive at last, with Kimberly

Luggage lost, three days to give it back.

Equipe de embarque muito mal-educada. Processo de checagem de segurança muito desorganizado (culpa da TSA)

Voo cancelado

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Well my flight was cancelled a few hours before my departure and was sent on another flight to a different city that was 3 hours away"
Prós: "I paid $118 for an extra legroom seat (D26) which then turned into a pass through for passengers to cut across to the other side to use the lavatory. This happened throughout the flight, hence took away the comfort I paid for and needed on this long flight."
Contras: "The food. I mean who makes this stuff?"
Prós: "The crew was great"
Contras: "The chairs are hard and no lumbar support"
Prós: "Emergency row seating is great for really tall skinny people. Plenty of legroom but seat width by no means helpful."
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Assento com defeito. Não reclinava nada. Voo atrasado. Confuso por causa do clima. Chegada além de atrasada, demora enorme no desembarque."
Contras: "Cabin crew was good not great - expected more in flagship"
Contras: "Chicago to Venice flight was amazing. We were in premium economy, although the seats were larger it was hard to sleep in them, we all felt it needed some back support in order to sleep better. Crew was fantastic, would fly AA again internationally"
Prós: "O embarque sem atrasos e bem organizado pro grupos que realmente eram cumpridos foi uma boa supresa"
Contras: "A comida foi bem fraca. Tanto o jantar (Chicken) quanto o café da manhã, sendo que este ultimo foi pior: um saquinho de pão com um sanduiche gelado de peito de peru e requeijão e uma barra de cereal. Sem frutas, e sem nada quente. Algo compreensível para um voo curto, mas não p/ um voo de 11h50."
Prós: "Tudo"
Prós: "Tripulação amável."
Contras: "Comida. Nunca vi tão ruim e limitada, e olha que viajo muito!"
Prós: "O assento e um pouco apertado !"
Contras: "Conforto nos assentos !"
Contras: "Educação da aeromoça, má vontade . Cara sempre feia e até discutiu com uma moça que estava com 2 crianças"
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Não serviram lanche num voo de 6 h, só biscoito e suco e não tinha o que comprar! Esgotou antes de chegar no meu assento. Tripulação mal educada, o voo atrasou, turbulento quase o tempo todo. Não houve tempo habil pra comprar nada de lanche porque o voo de Los Angeles chegou em cima do embarque dele"
Prós: "Aeronave pequena porém é um voo rápido."
Contras: "Nada a declarar"
Prós: "Da conversa que tive com outro passageiro e a forma de resolução no problema com o atraso na entrega da baga"
Contras: "Paguei por um assento maior, mas não vi nada diferente dos outros assentos. O embarque foi bem confuso, pois a atendente não era clara ao falar e o áudio também não ajudava. Atrasaram bastante na entrega da bagagem."
Prós: "On time, super help , confortable"
Contras: "Nothing"
Contras: "Disgusting Food. Extremely uncomfortable seats: unable to recline far enough, my knees on back of seat in front of me, unable to sleep at all the entire trip. This was American Airlines, not British Airways. Cheap headphones kept falling out of line in port. TERRIBLE FLIGHT, Never Again!"
Contras: "Tripulação barulhenta conversando e gritando em voo noturno . Não existia fones disponíveis"
Contras: "AA flight into Miami delayed due to late arrival of aircraft, followed by significant delay on the tarmac waiting for another plane to leave. This then delayed getting bags that required rechecking. At the AA booth, even though I was 42 minutes before the flight, they would not let me check my bags (not 45 minutes before) requiring me to stay in Miami overnight before booking me on a standby flight the next day. Customer service representatives were unhelpful and supervisor was rude. As someone who travels a lot, this was the worst service I have ever received from an airline (which says quite a bit). Will rethink ever booking a trip on American again."
Prós: "video choices"
Contras: "seat width leg space aisle are way too narrow"
Prós: "Crew was great!"
Contras: "Isles for walking are way too small! I mean you can’t walk normally. I am 5’11” 195 lbs. not big but I have to move sideways down the isle. This is a very dangerous situation in a emergency situation. Something needs to be done. The seat space between the seats is another story"
Contras: "Serviram apenas um pacote com 2 bolachas no cafe da manha"
Prós: "Pontual e hospitalidade no check in"
Contras: "Comida ruim no jantar, cafe da manha nao tinha nenhum tipo de proteina, somente croissant, fruta, suco e cafe. Comparando com a Air France, qualidade da comida foi bem inferior"
Contras: "The stewards on American Airlines are literally scary to talk to; rude and unprofessional."
Prós: "A variedade de filmes e opções de entretenimento."
Contras: "O ritmo do serviço de jantar parecia atender mais o interesse da tripulação, para "se livrar" do trabalho e p[oder descansar, do que em oferecer um bom serviço aos clientes. A iluminação da aeronave também é apagada antes do término do jantar, aparentemente para acelerar a conclusão da atividade. Decepcionante."
Prós: "Mostly really friendly crew members. Plane seemed new, first and business class looked lovely."
Contras: "Wihout question, the most uncomfortable seat ive ever been in. It was obviously a newer plane, long haul flight, and thw configuration maximized space for more passengers. Width of economy seat was tightest I've ever experienced, with the arms of the seats literally right at my legs, nearlt digging in. The leg room was very short with my knees nearly touching the back of the seat in front of me. When i put my tray down, it actually rested on my knees, and was not level because it pitched up due to longer legs (and I'm only 5'9). This was a long haul, 8 hour flight. I've never beeñ so uncomfortable on a flight in my life, and have never counted the minutes I could get out. Seemed obvuous that meal service had taken a hit when corporate looked for places to cut expenses, its one of the lower quality meals. If compared with an international carrier, the food was really sub par. Mostly really friendly crew members, unfortunately, one who really didnt seem to enjoy the job any longer."
Prós: "Attentive and caring flight crew. Speedy and efficient boarding."
Contras: "Food was not that great. Entertainment Monitor kept freezing which was a bit annoying."
Prós: "The flight was early to arrive. There was also a rather frightening bit of turbulence, and the pilot explained why it had occurred, which I found very reassuring."
Contras: "The food was definitely below average. It's virtually all carbohydrates.Other airlines provide you with a printed description of the menu options, so it's easier to make a choice. "Chicken or pasta" doesn't give the passengers any idea of what they are actually choosing. This time the chicken dish was served with pearl couscous, so it was basically pasta as well. The salad I was given was brown and wilted, and while the cabin attendants were kind enough to give me two salad that were in better shape (after meal service), I just think that quality control should have prevented a inedible salad from being served in the first place. I am also extremely opposed to American Airlines Transatlantic luggage fees. Since I was moving abroad rather than taking a short trip, I was not pleased about paying 100 USD for a second bag on top of an already expensive flight."
Prós: "Flight did not take place because of cancelled return flight. the whole itinerary was cancelled."
Contras: "because of cancelled flight I had to schedule a new itinerary directly through American Airlines. The cost increased from $947.50 to $1,873 plus airport parking for 17 days."
Prós: "Atendimento e atenção muito bom, principalmente os funcionários do aeroporto."
Contras: "A opção de comida vegetariana/vegana, o bife de soja e o arroz integral não tinham muito tempero."
Prós: "Do atendimento da tripulação. Estou me referindo ao trecho entre Philadelfia e Lisboa. O trecho de Miami a Philadelfia foi aceitável."
Contras: "Devido ao tempo de duração do voo a aeronave poderia ser melhor com ponto de energia, e espaço maior entre as poltronas"
Prós: "Crew, food and boarding."
Contras: "Limited entertainment selection. Tight setting with minimal leg room."
Prós: "A AA está com aviões reformados e peguei um 787 Dreamliner de LAX para GRU, na saída de emergência. A poltrona é bem confortável, os banheiros estiveram surpreendente limpos até o final e os horários foram respeitados."
Contras: "O atendimento das FAs foi daquela secura habitual, a comida era um lixo de chicken or pasta usual e o entretenimento conta com nos filmes, mas leve seu fone de ouvido porque o que eles entregam é ruim de doer."
Prós: "Everything went as expected. Overall a smooth flight and friendly service."
Contras: "Well, it's never comfortable to try to sleep in economy class, right? But I knew that going in, and that's what I chose."
Prós: "We left early and arrived early. Smooth flight."
Prós: "Janela do avião com gradiente de abertura"
Contras: "Demora no raio x no terminal 4 em LAX"
Prós: "Foi pontual e comida estava boa."
Contras: "Poltronas apertadas bem desconfortáveis. Não há entretenimento individual."
Prós: "Pontualidade."
Contras: "Não tem entretimento individual a bordo e nem comida. Só biscoitos secos."
Contras: "As opções de menu não eram tão boas quanto o voo Aa950 ( Sao Paulo - New York) O aviao era um 767, que não possuia entretenimento indicidual. Alguns passageiros não respeitaram os demais, conversando auto ou utilizando a lanterna do celular. Os comissários não eram simpaticos"
Prós: "Tripulação muito fofa. Conforto ok. Entretenimento muito bom."
Contras: "Comida sempre nada demais - poderiam melhorar muito. Problema no check-in - cheguei com uma mala de 27 kg e disseram que agora para o Brasil é 23 kg. Mencionei que sabia lógico disso, mas que tinha lido na noite anterior minha reserva da American e dizia que era de 32 kg. Eu disse que teria que seguir o que estava falando e eles nem quiseram ler o email que a própria American me enviou. No final a passagem tinha sido emitida em novembro e podia ser uma de 32 kg."
Prós: "Nada, mesmo pagando o que se paga em outras companhias para ir de Exec, a exec da American nada mais é do q uma econômica com mais espaço."
Contras: "Tudo!"
Prós: "Do you really think there is anything to like about flying these days. We are sardines pack on a your planes."
Contras: "Purchased business class seats, boarded in group 5. Had no where to put my 1 backpack. All the storage up front was gone. Why should I pay extra for a seat if I have to wait for everyone to get off the plane so I can go back 10 seat rows to get my bag. Dirty tray tables."
Prós: "O serviço de embarque do Aeroporto LAX é ótimo , tripulação cordial e atenciosa."
Contras: "As opções de alimentação são limitadas"
Prós: "Crew and other personnel"
Contras: "I was not able to select a seat 24 hours before flight"
Contras: "The set I paid for I didn't get that and service was not good at all"

Reserve passagens baratas de Santa Catarina para Baden-Württemberg

Ofertas recentes de voos de ida e volta

2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 05mFLN-FRA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
31h 50mFRA-FLN
R$ 3.533
40h 25mFLN-FRA
35h 00mFRA-FLN
R$ 3.727
22h 00mFLN-FRA
45h 20mFRA-FLN
R$ 3.763
30h 00mFLN-FRA
39h 10mFRA-FLN
R$ 3.778
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
40h 45mFLN-FRA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
23h 15mFRA-FLN
R$ 3.956
24h 30mFLN-FRA
39h 10mFRA-FLN
R$ 4.058
45h 50mFLN-FRA
51h 20mFRA-FLN
R$ 4.109
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
22h 20mFLN-FRA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
21h 35mFRA-FLN
R$ 4.242
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
47h 35mFLN-FRA
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
25h 55mFRA-FLN
R$ 4.334
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
25h 40mFLN-FRA
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
23h 40mFRA-FLN
R$ 4.425
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
26h 05mFLN-FRA
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
20h 20mFRA-FLN
R$ 4.430
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
37h 30mFLN-FRA
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
19h 00mFRA-FLN
R$ 4.436
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
37h 30mFLN-FRA
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
20h 20mFRA-FLN
R$ 4.522
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
25h 30mFLN-FRA
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
23h 40mFRA-FLN
R$ 4.527
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
22h 55mFLN-FRA
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
39h 35mFRA-FLN
R$ 4.736
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
32h 15mNVT-FRA
3 escalasAmerican Airlines
53h 15mFRA-NVT
R$ 6.036
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
32h 15mNVT-FRA
3 escalasAmerican Airlines
53h 15mFRA-NVT
R$ 6.077
2 escalasAmerican Airlines
32h 15mNVT-FRA
3 escalasAmerican Airlines
53h 15mFRA-NVT
R$ 6.087
2 escalasAzul
59h 35mNVT-FRA
2 escalasAzul
22h 25mFRA-NVT
R$ 6.898
2 escalasQatar Airways
30h 10mJOI-FRA
2 escalasQatar Airways
52h 05mFRA-JOI
R$ 9.503

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida

2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
20h 15mNVT-FRA
R$ 2.723
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
17h 00mNVT-FRA
R$ 2.743
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
22h 00mFLN-FRA
R$ 2.804
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
24h 30mNVT-FRA
R$ 3.074
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
17h 00mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.156
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
37h 50mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.186
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
30h 00mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.253
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
17h 00mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.339
2 escalasAzul
36h 40mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.365
2 escalasAzul
36h 40mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.396
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
23h 35mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.447
2 escalasLATAM Airlines
42h 30mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.452
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
16h 50mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.477
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
29h 20mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.610
2 escalasAzul
36h 40mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.666
1 escalaLATAM Airlines
27h 25mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.737
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
25h 55mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.870
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
41h 50mFLN-FRA
R$ 3.885
2 escalasAzul
36h 40mFLN-FRA
R$ 4.007
3 escalasSWISS
23h 40mNVT-FRA
R$ 9.203

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Voos para Baden-Württemberg

Ofertas de voo de volta:

Baden-Württemberg - Santa Catarina

Classe de cabine:

R$ 8.309

Descubra aeroportos de origem:

R$ 9.911
R$ 4.986
R$ 5.848

Descubra destinos:

R$ 3.533
R$ 8.244