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  • Procurando uma passagem barata? 25% de nossos usuários encontraram um voo para esta rota por R$ 1.465 ou menos (só ida) e R$ 3.153 ou menos (ida e volta).

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AzulPontuação geral com base em 2229 avaliações
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Um voo direto entre Maceió e Porto Alegre é algo bem vindo, mas a aeronave Embraer 195 é um pouco mais desconfortável que a Airbus da Azul. Pra um voo de 4h, incomodou razoavelmente. Já o sistema de entretenimento é muito bom!

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Um voo direto entre Maceió e Porto Alegre é algo bem vindo, mas a aeronave Embraer 195 é um pouco mais desconfortável que a Airbus da Azul. Pra um voo de 4h, incomodou razoavelmente. Já o sistema de entretenimento é muito bom!

Excelente recomendo

Não houve disponibilização de lanche devido as regras definidas para combate ao COVID-19, portanto esse item deverá ser desconsiderado em minha avaliação.

Seat doesn’t recline - had to travel 8 hours like a zombie, Besides, sound on entertainment device (TV) only one channel worked. Was monaural not stereo (just one side) Stewardess said “sorry” meaning “it’s your problem

Disponibilidade de entretenimento, tripulação, vôo, brinde revista. Devido a pandemia, não teve serviço de bordo. Espero que volte quando tiver segurança.

I really like this airline I just wish that they would make arrangements with connecting flights when one is a few minutes late it’s ridiculous hold up your travel for what would’ve been about five minutes

Inexplicável o fato dos embarques e desembarques da Azul em Viracopos serem feitos em pista, com acesso por ônibus, considerando-se o tamanho do aeroporto.

Aviões mais confortáveis que outras companhias e partidas pontuais

Prós: "Pontualidade"
Prós: "Crew was fine. Seat average."
Contras: "At meal time 200 people take their masks off to eat. And that’s acceptable. But in the middle of the night you wake people up because their masks slipped down off their noses! Ridiculous."
Prós: "The food served was really good."
Prós: "Tripulação"
Contras: "Embarque atrasado e aglomerado"
Prós: "they change the gate last min"
Contras: "Should advise the passagers better"
Prós: "I loved that even during a pandemic, alcohol in glassware and full meals were served in business class (unlike other airlines, so I avoided them). The lighting looked nice, the crew was professional and attentive, and the bathroom was well maintained. The blanket and pillow were comfy as well. I like the 1-2-1 layout in business class, which leaves window seats with a lot of windows and privacy."
Contras: "The headphones were not the most comfortable, sometimes the passenger moving around behind you will shake your seat too, and before take-off the plane was quite hot. Also a lot of the food choices I wanted were gone already but not a big deal as there were many choices."
Contras: "Two hours stuck at gate with no information. Info on site and at airport on baggage costs different. Left bag behind to fit more cargo. Two days and haven’t delivered bag."
Contras: "i am trying to obtain a refund, as she was not able to make the flight - held on phone for over 2 hrs on 2 separate occasions"
Prós: "Friendly crew and delicious snacks. Comfortable chairs."
Contras: "Gate was change and no announcement was made. Could have miss might flight if I didn’t ask someone 30 minutes before boarding. Also could do a little better with the entertainment part. All the channels were in Portuguese. I understand it’s a Brazilian airline but you need to consider your foreign customers. Have some English Channels."
Prós: "Embarque super rápido e eficiente."
Contras: "Poderiam servir café nos vôos."
Contras: "Food! Communication between airports. They were not prepared in Belem for late travelers from Fortaleza who needed to catch the flight at the last minute to Fort Lauderdale. I.e. security had already left and they had to call them back."
Prós: "extremely considerate crew. Courtesy necessaire pack. very clean plane"
Prós: "extremely gracious crew. very clean plane. courtesy necessaire pack."
Contras: "more recent movies options"
Contras: "Passagem cara aero aeronave se entretenimento. falta fone de ouvido."
Contras: "O pouso poderia ser melhor. Muito ruim o pouso."
Prós: "Infraestrutura do avião e serviços oferecidos."
Contras: "Preço da passagem"
Prós: "Airplane was comfortable and food was good. The crew was also very friendly."
Contras: "There was a long delay in the connection at Viracopos/Campinas: there was a technical problem with the airplane. I arrived very late in Curitiba (approximately 1 hour late)."
Prós: "Azul airlines the best !!"
Prós: "The crew was amazing"
Contras: "Atraso de 50 minutos"
Prós: "I arrived safely and so did my bags"
Contras: "The delay of over an hour"
Prós: "Flight left on time."
Prós: "They have the friendliest crew I have ever seen in an airline. Specially if you have flown with American Airlines who has the rudest crew I have ever seen."
Contras: "Definitely the food. Pretty tasteless and unappealing"
Contras: "They cheat on us about the place of the seats. Saying was a good place but giving us the worse seats in the plane - just after bathroom where it doesn’t recline and impossible to sleep due traffic"
Contras: "The flight was originally scheduled to depart at 0915 hours but the departure time was changed to 0635 hours without notification. Fortunately I checked my baggage the night before and discovered the change. Not a good deal."
Prós: "The flight attendants are terrific. A huge packed plane and all were well cared for. The food, while not thrilling, was actually hot."
Contras: "Not enough closed captioning in the onboard entertainment system."
Prós: "Cordialidade do atendimento, tanto no despacho de bagagem, embarque quanto da tripulação."
Contras: "No embarque eu acho que a divisão das categorias pode ser mais eficiente e lógica."
Contras: "Very narrow seats"
Contras: "Viagem fantástica, o horário é respeitado e alimentação é ótima. Só falta servir leite ou chocolate"
Prós: "A tripulação muito atenciosa."
Contras: "O espaço da poltrona."
Prós: "Aeronave em ótimas condições e bastante confortável"
Contras: "A refeição, não tinha disponibilidade de todas as opções do menu e a comida não estava saborosa."
Contras: "I was charged for luggage and I wasn’t given the option to purchase luggage while booking the flight"
Prós: "The crew were very friendly and attentive. Most of them spoke English and Spanish in addition to Portuguese."
Contras: "The snacks could have been healthier and the bathroom could have been cleaner."
Prós: "Tudo perfeito, tripulação, conforto, serviço de bordo, limpeza da aeronave. Simplicidade a melhor."
Contras: "Nada"
Contras: "More recent movies on board"
Contras: "Atraso do voo de 1 hora"
Prós: "Pontualidade"
Contras: "Conforto"
Contras: "Tudo é nota 10"
Prós: "Limpeza"
Contras: "Comida"
Prós: "Crews worked hard to please under built in circumstances (cramped seating etc)"
Contras: "For post landing gateholds it would help to say why waiting and say something about how long the wait might be."
Contras: "O atraso de quase uma hora sem a menor explicação por parte da Cia. O entretenimento gravado era sofrível."
Prós: "Bus service from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 was clearly marked and frequent. The flight crew members were all helpful and friendly and I enjoyed the drink (especially suco de maracuja) and snack offerings. As I spoke only limited Portuguese, I greatly appreciated the attempts made by the ground staff and flight crew to communicate with me, both in English and via hand gestures. I am certain that no domestic airline would be so helpful to non-English speakers in the USA!"
Contras: "I realize Azul cannot help being stuck in Terminal 2, but it's not the most comfortable place to wait for a flight. Also, after I walked through the gate, several boarding flights merged confusingly in a single passageway with exits to multiple planes and many people got lost and ended up (temporarily!) on the wrong airplane, despite heroic attempts by the ground crew to direct passenger traffic. There must be a better method than having everyone follow colored lines to the planes - it wasn't working!"

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