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Contras: "The plane departed almost two hour late. What’s wrong with alaska air?"
Prós: "Friendly crew."
Contras: "More food options. Free WiFi."
Prós: "They were really nice. The flight was delayed due to bad weather in DC and they let us deboard for awhile to stretch our legs, etc."
Contras: "Nothing. Even their legroom in coach was good!"
Contras: "Most service good"
Prós: "Crew was excellent!"
Prós: "Lots of legroom. I was in the middle seat and was very comfortable. The staff was excellent. Left on time and arrived early! Bags were delivered by the time we got to the carousel."
Prós: "The flight attendants were amazing; very pleasant, accommodating, and helpful. Wonderful take-off and landing."
Contras: "Narrow aisles"
Prós: "Quick flight, low price, great crew."
Contras: "Typical short leg room, seat wouldn’t recline at all."
Prós: "The plane was very updated with TV & Internet. Flt attendants were very nice & responsive as usual & expected of Alaska."
Contras: "Not enough first class seats!"
Prós: "New plane"
Contras: "It was a bit hot, and delayed"
Prós: "The crew was pleasant and helpful"
Contras: "First the flight was delayed for 1.5 hours as it left the previous city late, no reason was given, however when the plane finally arrived we boarded a hot plane that was experiencing electrical problems. The plane was rebooted multiple times, making it even warmer as the air was shut off with the plane. We waited on board at the gate for over an hour to be told we would deplane and reboard a new plane. All in I experienced a 3.5 hour delay on a late night flight. The second plane was much more comfortable, but didn’t make up for the long delays"
Contras: "due to delays, switched to United"
Prós: "The timeliness, crew were very nice and courteous. The overall feel was very positive. The lady at the check in counter was amazing.she was friendly,welcoming and set a very good tone for the flight"
Contras: "There was really nothing that I did not like on the flight that I can think about right now"
Prós: "Somente os filmes"
Contras: "Embarque modificado sem alteração no painel de informações. Funcionários desaparecem dos guichês originais pra atender outro vôo, sem deixar qualquer informação nos balcões. Vôo atrasado por mais 2 horas dentro do avião Tripulação grosseira Não foi servido nada durante o vôo, somente em solo água."
Prós: "Plane was very clean. Great staff. Overhead space was geat. The aisle was wide enough to pull my roller bag.Best thing was the leg room. It was more spacious than most of your competition."
Contras: "N/A. There was no entertainment: Regional Jet. And the food was...Airplane Food. Not a big deal."
Prós: "Efficiency, communication, flight attendants, seats, space, food options, pilot communication and flight skills. Clean, modern, spacious airline. Fantastic customer service before, during, after the flight. Exceptionally efficient and friendly flight attendants. It’s the Lufthansa of domestic airlines."
Contras: "That the flight was delayed by two hours but it was due to weather and air traffic controllers."
Contras: "Na"
Prós: "Excelente atendimento e ótimo voo."
Prós: "Great staff. Quick boarding. Appreciate them greatly."
Contras: "Nothing it was a wonderful experience. Maybe if the weather in DC had have been better"
Prós: "Flights left on time and arrived early. Friendly flight attendants."
Contras: "You get two cookies, but for such a long flight a more substantial snack would be much appreciated."
Prós: "Good boarding process. Good flight time"
Contras: "There isn't food."
Prós: "On time, service, food. It was first class but worth it."
Prós: "Comfy seats, attentive staff, smooth flight, outbound flight was very early"
Contras: "Would be nice to see more ethnic diversity in staff and crew"
Prós: "Repeated drink service appreciated on the long route"
Contras: "Entertainment Wifi wouldn't play any movies"
Prós: "On time/early arrival"
Prós: "When flight was delayed for better than two hours with mechanical problems, they allowed us off the plane, kept us briefed, made up some of the time in the air, provided free drinks and discounts on subsequent flights. If you can't be perfect, they displayed an exemplary response when things went wrong."
Contras: "flight two hours late."
Prós: "Flight attendants and gate staff are welcoming, attentive, and helpful. Food onboard is well above average."
Contras: "Boarding is a bit chaotic. Zone boarding with different lines at gate might help."
Prós: "Fantastic flight - we got in early even!"
Prós: "Clear regular flight notifications. Clean cabin. Good movie selection."
Contras: "Both flights in and out had snappish flight attendants who were short-tempered and actively unfriendly. Otherwise fine flights."
Prós: "We sat at the economy class; yet Alaska crew treated us marvelously. They kept on bringing us drinks and smiling all the time. Special recognition to Pearson—he is phenomenal; he remembers our names and treats us royally."
Contras: "No pillow or blanket"
Prós: "Crew was great. I was carrying a tuxedo and a suite and one of the crew offered to take them from me and hang them instead of folding them in the overhead. Everyone was very please t."
Contras: "1. Entertainment was a small tablet that you rent to see movies. I can’t believe it has reached that extent. 2. Food. We ordered a chicken sandwich and the veggies that go in the sandwich came separately in. ZIPLOCK bag. The shredded carrots were all over the place. Really bad idea."
Contras: "The usual: poor seating and no food/beverage service gratis. Compared to the majors United, American, and Delta, Alaska service and helpfulness are outstanding."
Prós: "I like that there is good legroom for long flights. I also like the entertainment."
Contras: "It was actually a pretty good experience."
Prós: "Alaska delivers -- even though taking off took a lot longer, the pilot made good time during the flight"
Contras: "I brought economy plus seat but unfortunately my immediate neighbor was a mom with a two year old screaming boy. And he screamed and screamed."
Prós: "Crew was so awesome keeping us hydrated the whole time! Early flight arrival, and it was such a smooth trip. Comfortable seats, and not what I was expecting from an "off" airline"
Contras: "It was quite hot sitting next to the window."
Prós: "Flight attendant really kind and helpful, brought me tea and honey for laryngitis."
Contras: "Pilot should welcome, check in at some point, and definitely comment on turbulence or any turning on or off of seatbelt sign other then for takeoff or landing. Was really weird to get no updates other than from flight attendance when at times we had bad turbulence but silence from cockpit. I'm afraid of flying so I listen for this every time I fly and this was first experience of so little from pilots."
Prós: "The entire on line checking in process including self bag tag was easy and bag drop was efficient."
Contras: "Initially I had problem with on line checking in. So I called help as was suggested. But the agent was not helpful or resourceful in solving my problem. So I said goodbye and tried it again from beginning and it worked."
Contras: "i didn't like the fact that we did the plane did not take off on time from LA making the arrival time very late to DC."
Prós: "the plane was late so boarding was late. it took a while for us passengers to all get on board."
Contras: "good entertainment options."
Prós: "Ample legroom, quick boarding and baggage handling. Love the "print them yourself" luggage tags. Did not use entertainment but loved power outlet at seat. Even lucky enough to arrive early."
Contras: "No lemonade available"
Contras: "The lavatory smell. How about have some air freshener like Emirates airline."
Prós: "Good movie"
Contras: "The flight attendant taught he was funny but he was not to me. I eent to the restroom the the same flight attendant poke me to get him stuff from the back for him twice while he was seating at his seat. He gave 7 bottles of Jack Daniel to two young ladies without even asking for ID. They got drunk and starting pushing my friends seat several time while she was sleeping. Five hour flight and had to withstand this two ladies and the flight attendant seems yo not be helping by giving more alcohol and encouraging them. Will not reccomend american airline to my friends."
Contras: "Baggage fees."
Contras: "I was seated at the emergency exit, seat 17a. Flight attended tells everyone that were responsible to open the emergency door and we must know english. For some crazy reason she singles me out and says "you understand that sir". My neighbor in seat 17b said "she told you off hahaha". I was embarrassed."
Prós: "Best flight attendants in a long time. Lots of fun!"
Contras: "seats seemed extremely narrow"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "I was sent to the wrong city making my flight time more tiring and longer from Washington D.C. to Seattle to Portland to Honolulu. I was told I would get a $25.00 waiver and did not. Mean while the representative never asked me for id. On the return home I explained to the representative what had happened she kindly apologized for the rep not asking for my id and also saying she would give me a waiver that did not happen so the rep waived my baggage fee on my departure back. Unfortunately I ended up loosing my wallet during my layover because I was overwhelmed with going to a city that was never a part of my itinerary. On the way back to Washington D.C there was massive turbulence but the staff at Alaska airline did not make an announcement or serve any kind of drink for the first four hours. Finally the last hour and twenty minutes people finally came around. Overall I am turned off with the customer service I received,"
Prós: "Crew was very professional. Flight was very smooth and pleasant."
Prós: "I think Alaska is trying hard to compete with the big boys, and they do a good job. Seats are comfortable and the entertainment device is really good."
Prós: "The flight was on time and the service at the gate and in the plane was outstanding."
Contras: "Wish they offered more free TV programs on their in flight video system."
Prós: "Some of the crew was decent others seemed annoyed they were doing their job."
Contras: "Some of the crew was decent others seemed annoyed they were doing their job. Two of the employees serving the cabin could use an attitude adjustment. The crew was late in getting food out but for a four hour flight there is no value in flying anymore. Airlines are just trying to rake in as much money as possible. When are they going to be responsible for everyone getting sick like cruise ships are? They should hand out masks and sanitizer because airlines are one of the dirtiest public spaces that there is! Show up late and barely clean the plane between its third or fourth leg of the day."
Prós: "The crew were great. The seat could always be bit more comfortable."
Contras: "Examine the seats in the cabin it seems to be loose from the mounting to the floor."
Prós: "crew was great."
Contras: "flight was 3 hours late with lame excuse. tray tables disgusting. felt unclean. cookies tasted gross. pa system not working. live flight not working either"
Contras: "Not only was our flight delayed two + hours because the crew was delayed (which happens), but then when we landed at midnight, there wasn't a gate open for us. We had to wait another 30 minutes just for a gate. What gives, JetBlue? Did you forget we were coming?"
Prós: "flights on the DCA-BOS route are the 2x2 planes, so no bad seats. Seats are also nice amount of space compared to some airlines."
Contras: "Not really the airline's fault, but there was bad weather on our route so we sat on the plane for 3 hours before we even took off. So for a 1.5 hr flight we were on the plane for 5+ hours."
Contras: "Food and entertainment were Not Applicable."
Prós: "Everyone was boarded early so we departed early. Quick flight with pleasant flight attendants and nice snacks."
Contras: "The desk agent in Boston could be a little more pleasant."
Contras: "Delayed. Ground crew was rude. Pilot wasn’t good. Landing was rough and ears hurt."
Prós: "The service and the food"
Contras: "Entertainment"
Prós: "crew member good."
Contras: "delay delay delay"
Prós: "Crew was accommodating and friendly-as I would expect."
Contras: "Service above and beyond the expected."
Contras: "No three hour delay on the flight world have been better"
Prós: "Fast boarding, kind crew, smooth takeoff and landing."
Contras: "Loved the leg room but the seat cushions are not that comfortable."
Prós: "A lot"
Contras: "a little comfy seats"
Prós: "Plane was clean and on time"
Contras: "Better snacks"
Prós: "so easy. thank you for having Starbucks in the DCA and BOS terminals. got text msgs about delays and all smooth!"
Prós: "Flight on time, smooth birding/disembarkment"
Contras: "I boarded the flight with a carry-on and one personal item. As usual I personally place the carry-on in an overhead bin. After the flight landed and I went to retrieve my carry-on, it was gone! The flight was full, so I checked with the flight attendants if my bag somehow got gate-checked or it was moved. They didn't know and they said maybe it went into the checked bags. So I wait at the baggage claim and out comes my carry on bag without any tags. Strange! My carry on didn't have anything valuable, but a bit of communication or some form of record would have made this odd incident a little less nerve-wracking. 1. Please communicate with the passenger if their bags get transferred to the checked bags 2. Please communicate with the crew which bags get moved from the cabin to the checked luggage 3. Please label the bags if they get moved around--there was no gate-checked tags or any stickers to communicate with the checked luggage folks."
Contras: "Poor"
Prós: "The quality of the JetBlue team was the best I have experienced in years on ANY airline, domestic or international!"
Contras: "Nothing, it could not have gone better."
Prós: "Arrived early."
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Crew efficient, polite, & communicative. Array of tv channels allowed me to watch football while our departure was delayed."
Contras: "Mechanical problems delayed our departure."
Prós: "Boarded early, plenty of leg room, delicious in-flight free beverages & snacks, arrived at DCA 27 min early. My wife had a panic attack and the two stewardesses took great care of her and calmed her down. Despite my wife's condition, the stewardesses took great care of the rest of the passengers, too. We've flown JetBlue to Puerto Rico and loved the service. My adult son is a fan of JetBlue."
Contras: "Nothing."
Prós: "The fly-fi worked very well."
Contras: "The "tv" didn't work - One of the things I like about Jet Blue"
Contras: "It was great. I slept and did not partake in any hospitality."
Prós: "Roomy"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Flight delayed. Other than that everything was good, friendly crew, TV program on board, drinks and snacks, plus a carry-on item allowed, will use JetBlue more in the future ."
Prós: "Loved the live TV and spacious room between seats."
Contras: "I didn’t like the weather delay but that’s not JetBlue’s fault."
Contras: "4hr delay"
Contras: "The plane was miserably cold, with tempuratures dipping well into the 50s on the aircraft. I was shivering and sneezing the entire time, guests in the row in front of my had their leather jackets over their faces. Air was pummeling me in the window seat. It was the most miserable 2 hours on a plane I have ever experienced, and I have been on thousands. I would highly reconsider the tempuratures on the plane seeing as that this could severely sicken children and elderly. I have never experienced this before."
Prós: "The app on my phone allowed me to do nearly everything but place my luggage in the back"
Contras: "N/A"
Prós: "Usual great Jet Blue experience."
Contras: "Crew took too long before they told us reason for delay of flight from DCA to CHS"
Prós: "Everyone was great, and the communication through the weather delay was excellent."
Contras: "The entertainment: headphone jack was tricky to connect and (due to the weather) the stations didn't work."
Prós: "Left on time, arrived early. No disruptions. Nothing else to say' all good."
Contras: "I got a kind late notice about flight delayed when already was on my way to airport in a cab So we wait 4 hours at airport very disappointed"
Prós: "Slight delay getting out of Boston, but we had received an email that there are runway repairs. Flight was smooth with pleasant service."
Prós: "Opções de entretenimento e Wi-Fi free a bordo."
Contras: "Tripulação interrompe demais o voo vendendo produtos e cartões de crédito da cia. Entretenimento é interrompido o tempo todo. No voo de ida, houve atraso de 50min onde a tripulação não explicou a razão."
Prós: "Plane on time - snacks were fine"
Contras: "Entertainment system didn't work"
Prós: "The service and timeliness was excellent"
Contras: "The machines to print the luggage tags were not working so we had to stand in a long line - after I had checked in and paid the fees the night before to avoid that."
Prós: "Joseph, the agent at the desk at FLL"
Contras: "I missed my original flight despite being at the airport. The agent I spoke to at my original airport (PBI) was awful."
Contras: "Baggage was 25 dollars but airline checking same size bags for free at the gate?????"
Prós: "On time take off, nice flight attendants, on time arrival."
Contras: "The entertainment system stopped working about 10 minutes before take off and never came back up."
Prós: "pontual"
Contras: "TV and seat"
Prós: "Left on time and arrived early both ways."
Prós: "The departure and arrival times were met. The crew was professional and corteous."
Contras: "There is no WiFi, directTV on the flight. There is “no satellite coverage “ during the flight. Even though it’s sate and it comes from space, there’s no coverage. Come on, there has to be a copyright issue or something."
Prós: "Voo no horário, sem burocracias e pessoal agradavel"
Contras: "Aeronaves muito antigas precisando de reforma"
Prós: "Efficient crew charge"
Contras: "Charge for earphones"
Prós: "I bought a ticket for my 85-year old Mom to fly from Puerto Rico to Washington, DC, where I'm stationed, and from Curbside to Curbside, she told me your people and your service were all SUPERB! Thank you for making my Mom feel comfortable and safe during such a traumatic time. You have a customer for life!"
Prós: "Apoio ao cliente da JetBlue é excepcional. Fácil reservar és mudar voo."
Prós: "Flight was on time. Got to my destination ahead of schedule. Great work."
Prós: "I checked my carry-on bag. The crew let us know that the best view in DC would be on the left side, so we switched seats so that the children could see from that side."
Contras: "Lack of leg room."
Contras: "Conforto"
Prós: "Crew was nice and friendly"
Contras: "The economy seats in an A321 are uncomfortable and there is very limited legroom."
Contras: "O espaço entre as poltronas"
Prós: "Da tripulação e entretenimento"
Contras: "Conforto. Espaço entre os bancos muito pequeno em todos os sentidos. Comida. Nada incluso em mais de 4 horas de voo , apenas snacks e no horário de almoço."
Prós: "A tripulação super atenciosa e disposta a ajudar"
Contras: "Aeronave muito pequena e desconfortável"
Prós: "Foi tudo ótimo, atendimento, embarque rápido, entretenimento, comida boa."
Contras: "Só para dormir e sempre desconfortável."
Contras: "Meu voo atrasou e acabei perdendo a minha conexão."
Prós: "Comida e entretenimento."
Contras: "Conforto. Pouco espaço para as pernas, voos domésticos são mais confortáveis do que esse voo internacional."
Prós: "As refeições, entretenimento e cordialidade"
Contras: "Oferecer algum petisco durante o período enre refeições, savemis que tem a opção, nas echato ficar pedindo. A poltrona podera reclinar mais um pouquinho, mas é normal"
Prós: "A comida, o entretenimento, pontualidade."
Contras: "Oferecer algum petisco durante o período enre refeições, savemis que tem a opção, nas echato ficar pedindo. A poltrona podera reclinar mais um pouquinho, mas é normal."
Prós: "I loved being upgraded to first class and the crew was so attentive."
Contras: "Nothing, glad this was a better experience than the trip to Miami."
Contras: "The DCA airport was having some problem. 1.5 hours late. Not very good."
Prós: "Reliable Airline - on time - kept up to date on flight timing - Great crews."
Contras: "Good stuff."
Prós: "No delays. Easy boarding."
Prós: "Internet access. Waiting area at JFK with charging stations for every seat and a tablet to order food & drink."
Contras: "Flight was delayed and we missed our connection. Wondering why all the shuttles were parked and unavailable when you knew there were connection s that were tight."
Contras: "Flight was delayed by an hour. No explanation given"
Prós: "avião antigo mas confortável. serviço de jantar razoável."
Contras: "embarque confuso. a Delta resolveu me separar da minha esposa, em um voo de 10 horas, colocando-nos em assentos “separados” pelo corredor SEM RESPEITAR A ESCOLHA PREVIA DE ASSENTOS."
Prós: "embarque rápido. avião moderno."
Contras: "Atraso de mais se 6h."
Contras: "It took longer to get from nyc to dc that it did Venice to NYC. Horrible....got home at 2am"
Prós: "Amazing entertainment display and the boarding process is smooth."
Prós: "Can’t do anything about bad weather-we got through despite a weather delay. Crew was terrific."
Prós: "Filmes"
Contras: "Poltronas, conforto... um verdadeiro pesadelo, não dá pra descansar ou dormir."
Prós: "Embarque no horario"
Contras: "Comodidade"
Prós: "On time boarding. Good entertainment options, friendly staff"
Prós: "Da rapidez o voo de Vancouver a Seattle durou 35 minutos..."
Contras: "Ter um avião mais confortável. Esse era péssimo minha cadeira estava com o braço esquerdo quebrado... Não reclinava a cadeira... Uma lástima!!!"
Contras: "Embarque foi sendo adiado de meia em meia hora, sem previsão real de quando iríamos embarcar. No final, o voo acabou sendo adiado em 3 horas."
Contras: "Tripulação pouco cordial. Comida regular. Café da manhã bem medíocre. Assentos muito desconfortáveis e apertados. Sistema de entretenimento travando continuamente."
Prós: "Sinceramente, nada de positivo que tenha se destacado"
Contras: "O tripulante ficou falando mal do Brasil para mim quando chegamos, o café da manhã foi uma piada."
Prós: "Crew was good"
Contras: "No idea why there was over a two hour delay."
Prós: "Arrived on time and smooth flight though it was completely full"
Contras: "Foi um pesadelo. A Delta jogava a culpa na Gol que jogava para a Decolar. Isto de meia noite até as 3 da manhã no aeroporto do Galeão. Só consegui ser realocada em outro vôo da Gol para os Estados Unidos no dia seguinte, Tive que sair do aeroporto SantosDumond no Rio para Brasília em 19/dez à noite para só pegar outro voo no dia 20//dez pela manhã. Todas as despesas de hotel, alimentação e transporte em Brasília foram custeadas por mim. Não recomendo comprar passagens internacionais pela Decolar.com. Principalmente se houver mais de uma cia aérea envolvida na mesma viagem"
Prós: "vôo aterrissou em W.DC 25 minutos antes do horário fixado pela companhia. Excelente"
Prós: "Atendimento do balcão no embarque, qualidade dos serviços de bordo e as malas terem chegando corretamente. Muita pontualidade de horário."
Prós: "The crew onboard was very good."
Contras: "My 4 year old daughter and I were not seated together and I was told that a 4year old could not sit alone yet Delta refused to move anyone. Instead I had to get on board and beg someone to please wait h seats with us."
Prós: "Early boarding for Seniors"
Contras: "Limited food"
Prós: "The efficiency of having my boarding pass on my phone (Apple Wallet). The Kayak and Delta apps streamlined perfectly and I was able to check in and pay for luggage through Kayak! I just need to do better at checking my phone due to both apps sending me updates about flight delays and luggage locations"
Contras: "Lack of space from being confined to the middle seat but the passengers next to me were nice and the plane ride was over before I realized it."
Prós: "Very comfortable seating!"
Contras: "The landing was a bit rough. Lol"
Prós: "Staff are adept at dealing with these issues but it is a systemic problem."
Contras: "Rather than pay luggage fees, people are bringing on their luggage and the flight ALWAYS runs out of space. Suitcases are being moved around right at people heads and more than once I've been hit and seen other people be hit in the head by a suitcase. Getting luggage in place used to be a simple and minor issue, now it occupies much of the time, energy, and attention of the cabin crew as well as the gate crew. I realize this is making money for Delta but the cost is being paid by people being hit in the head with luggage and the crew's unavailability to deal with other issues."
Contras: "Food was awful. Didn't get my checked luggage in Manila upon arrival, was traced and left in New York JFK. Don't know who messed up with my luggage if Delta connection or China airlines."
Prós: "Voo saiu no horário e chegou 20 min antes do previsto"
Contras: "A falta de espaço e conforto acentua-se cada vez mais!!!"
Prós: "Great crew"
Contras: "AC was not working properly and it was very hot and miserable trip"
Prós: "Tripulaçao de cabine jovem e atenciosa."
Prós: "Arrived safely"
Contras: "Crew arrived late from Buffalo (?!?!) so our 7:59 flight didn’t start boarding until very close to that time. That delay, as Delta well knows, dominoed into LGA’s ATC issues and resulted in an arrival at DCA well after our scheduled arrival."
Contras: "Atraso de 1h na saída. Delta deve prover meios facilitados para rearranjar conexões perdidas, mesmo c outras companhias n parceiras."
Prós: "Not too bad once we got on the plane"
Contras: "They make up this lame excuse about a slight delay on the plane arriving and having no flight attendants to get on the plane on time. This delayed our flight by two hours. They need to staff their flights !"
Prós: "Thanks to Angel in the ATL airport who helped ensure I had a more comfortable flight. He was very kind and I appreciated his help."
Prós: "The seats."
Contras: "In typical Delta fashion they boarded, deplane, board it again and then beat the plane. Blamed it on weather even though a full maintenance crew was beneath the plane in the entire time and, for the coup de gras moved a new flight an hour later 30 gate down. Classic Delta hopefully they'll be out of business in a year"
Contras: "Disgusting smell to urine and else. It was a two-hour bad experience"

atrasos frequentes

Da atenção dos funcionários de terra ajudarem na questão de resolver os problemas causados pela pandemia com testes exigidos e formulários a preencher etc. Foi uma confusão !

Contras: "There should have been food for purchase."
Contras: "Not enough space between seats. I could not book my seat"
Contras: "Not enough space. I could not choose my seat"
Contras: "Able to choose own seats"
Prós: "Tribpulação muito boa."
Contras: "Conforto. Os assentos são muito desconfortáveis para um voo longo."
Prós: "Crew was amazing. Very professional and organized. Plane was clean and seats comfortable."
Contras: "No seat entertainment."
Contras: "No delays"
Contras: "Por conta de um problema da united, perdemos a conexão de Chicago pra São Paulo. A united pra variar perdeu minha bagagem, não pagou hotel e os funcionários do aeroporto estavam bem mal humorados. Experiência terrível!!!"
Contras: "O avião tem bancos demasiado estreitos. Um corredor único também excessivamente estreito. Apenas 2 WC para a economia - a confusão é grande, há dificuldade em ir ao WC e de circular minimamente. Não acho o avião adequado para a extensão da viagem."
Contras: "Everything was excellent. I got upgraded to first class, the flight arrived early and I was on the left side of the aircraft so I had an excellent view of DC as we came in for a landing."
Contras: "Checkin com poucos antendentes."
Prós: "Pontualidade."
Contras: "Avião muito velho. Comissárias despreparadas."
Prós: "Pontualidade."
Contras: "O avião podeira ser mais novo. E as comissárias mais educadas."
Prós: "Pontualidade."
Prós: "Avião novo e comissárias educadas."
Prós: "The seat was very comfortable"
Contras: "Wasn't expecting to have to run all the entertainment through my mobile device. I'd that's what you're gonna do, we're should get free wi-fi"
Contras: "Não efetuei o voo por causa de um atraso no voo anterior que fez com que perdesse a minha conexão. Senti que a swiss nao se esforçou em ajudar os passageiros da melhor forma possível"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Late flight No room for bags for Group 2 in bulkhead row"
Contras: "O inspeção do aeroporto newark da united foi tão chato e cansativo, até uma inspeção bem rigoroso dar pra entender mas mal vontade da funcionária e certo discriminação me deixou frustrado. Pois viajo muito e principalmente usa e nenhum aeroporto foram tão chato e cansativo."
Prós: "De pelo menos ter conseguido dormir e saiu no horário"
Contras: "Tripulação sem motivação, o embarque de um 777 por ônibus em GRU é lento, pelo menos dar para tirar fotos. Comida fraca, avião velho, entretenimento antiquado e dem usb. Conforto péssimo para um 777"
Contras: "A cada dia que passa , os espaços entre os assentos , diminuem (em todas as Cias) ficando cada vez mais desconfortavel, de viajar, e para pessoas com alguma necessidade especial , pior fica, ou você ganha muito dinheiro e viaja na classe executiva ou está fadado a chegar ao destino totalmente torto. Tenho 4 hérnias de disco, e está ultima viagem foi um verdadeiro terror , ficar expremido nas poltronas da classe economica."
Prós: "Comida"
Contras: "Espaço da poltrona, atraso no voo."
Prós: "From the comissary"
Contras: "The seats and space"
Prós: "Embarque com crianças Entrerenimento"
Prós: "Pontualidade e profissionalismo"
Contras: "Conforto, comida e sistema antigo de entretenimento"
Contras: "Entretenimento de vídeo avariado"
Contras: "Voo de 3 horas e não serviram comida Nao tinha tv para se destrair Tripulação antipqtica"
Prós: "Nice crew. Free tv for delay"
Contras: "Flight delayed and then boarded very suddenly"
Prós: "Simpatia dos comissários"
Prós: "Comissários"
Contras: "Tripulação mau humorada e grossa"
Contras: "Manter a pontualidade"
Contras: "Atraso"
Prós: "gostei de tudo d modo geral"
Prós: "gostei de tudo"
Contras: "Avião inteiro com cheiro do banheiro"
Prós: "That it got me to Paris safe"
Contras: "No outlets to charge your phone, and the tv played the same movie over and over. The meals were also cheap. Didn't like any of them. Should have flown southwest or delta."
Prós: "Pontualidade no voo; comida (voo de Rio de Janeiro para Houston (escala));"
Contras: "Nos voos de Houston para Denver e de Denver para Vancouver o espaço entre as poltronas era muito apertado e com grande desconforto, mesmo se tratando de voos curtos (2h e 3,5h). A comida era escassa e se resumia em apenas um pacote de 30g de snacks nos voos também de Houston-Denver e Denver Vancouver."
Prós: "Muito bom"
Prós: "Time and crew."
Contras: "In general, United team on the bag drop (from Atlanta too) are rude, as well as the officers of the security scan team are rough. They have no courtesy. They should understand that passengers are paying for the service and 99% are not “bad guys.” So, politeness and respect are the minimum things they deserve. Additionally, the Atlanta airport checking area and boarding check are not organized. They need to improve signal support for all customer."
Contras: "Seats are not very comfortable. Food selection is not very good.."
Contras: "THere was no entertainment"
Prós: "We flew for only 45 minutes on a flight that had been scheduled for 1.3 hours."
Contras: "The long delay seemed strange, as the plane had arrived from Costa Rica. Why would an airline schedule the same plane for an international flight and then a short hop from Newark to DC without adequate time in between? The departure gate at Newark was absolute chaos! Announcements were overlapping and not understandable. There was inadequate seating."
Prós: "Tripulação atenciosa, temperatura interna da cabine agradável e poltronas com bom espaço para as pernas."
Contras: "A largura das poltronas pareceu menor do que o padrão. Me senti apertado pelo passageiro do lado"
Prós: "Entretenimento disponível com muitos filmes lançamentos."
Contras: "nada a declarar, tudo ok!"
Prós: "Pontualidade e embarque"
Contras: "Entretenimento somente pago!"
Prós: "My flight was delayed. So i would miss my meeting in NY Since I would miss the meeting I didnt take the flight. But i have to be in NY for the weekend. So I bought another One Way ticket to NY. But now, I found out since I dindnt take my first leg to NY, united cancel my flight back from NY to Miami! Thats completely unaceptable !!! It happened to me before with American and I could easily take my flight back. I will never fly United again, everytime you have an issue, the only word the attendents know is Unfortunately ... they NEVER help!"
Prós: "Embarque rápido e prático"
Contras: "Nenhum filme disponível sem pagamento, nem canais de música"

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida e volta

1 escalaUnited Airlines
5h 14mMIA-DCA
1 escalaUnited Airlines
5h 59mDCA-MIA
R$ 798
1 escalaUnited Airlines
5h 14mMIA-DCA
1 escalaUnited Airlines
6h 31mDCA-MIA
R$ 952
1 escalaDelta
7h 33mMIA-DCA
1 escalaDelta
6h 12mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.013
1 escalaDelta
6h 35mMIA-DCA
1 escalaDelta
5h 39mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.059
1 escalaDelta
5h 22mMIA-DCA
1 escalaDelta
5h 59mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.162
1 escalaDelta
7h 33mMIA-DCA
1 escalaDelta
6h 12mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.254
1 escalaDelta
6h 35mMIA-DCA
1 escalaDelta
5h 39mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.264
1 escalaJetBlue
8h 34mMIA-DCA
1 escalaJetBlue
8h 13mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.279
1 escalaUnited Airlines
6h 16mMIA-DCA
1 escalaUnited Airlines
7h 53mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.285
1 escalaDelta
6h 22mMIA-DCA
1 escalaDelta
8h 12mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.300
1 escalaDelta
4h 58mMIA-DCA
1 escalaDelta
6h 52mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.325
1 escalaDelta
7h 31mMIA-DCA
1 escalaDelta
5h 30mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.392
1 escalaDelta
7h 25mMIA-DCA
1 escalaDelta
7h 57mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.438
1 escalaDelta
5h 16mMIA-DCA
1 escalaDelta
6h 31mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.494
1 escalaUnited Airlines
7h 13mMIA-DCA
1 escalaUnited Airlines
6h 16mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.499
1 escalaDelta
6h 35mMIA-DCA
1 escalaDelta
5h 39mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.515
1 escalaUnited Airlines
6h 31mMIA-DCA
1 escalaUnited Airlines
6h 08mDCA-MIA
R$ 1.699
1 escalaJetBlue
5h 34mMIA-DCA
1 escalaJetBlue
6h 13mDCA-MIA
R$ 2.062
1 escalaJetBlue
7h 32mMIA-DCA
1 escalaJetBlue
8h 13mDCA-MIA
R$ 2.073
1 escalaJetBlue
5h 34mMIA-DCA
1 escalaJetBlue
6h 13mDCA-MIA
R$ 2.170

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida

1 escalaDelta
5h 57mMIA-DCA
R$ 507
1 escalaDelta
6h 19mMIA-DCA
R$ 553
1 escalaUnited Airlines
6h 43mMIA-DCA
R$ 578
1 escalaDelta
5h 55mMIA-DCA
R$ 650
1 escalaDelta
5h 18mMIA-DCA
R$ 747
1 escalaDelta
5h 55mMIA-DCA
R$ 757
1 escalaJetBlue
7h 31mMIA-DCA
R$ 783
1 escalaDelta
5h 12mMIA-DCA
R$ 850
1 escalaDelta
5h 44mMIA-DCA
R$ 860
1 escalaJetBlue
6h 10mMIA-DCA
R$ 880
1 escalaDelta
8h 00mMIA-DCA
R$ 885
1 escalaJetBlue
9h 40mMIA-DCA
R$ 911
1 escalaDelta
4h 45mMIA-DCA
R$ 988
1 escalaUnited Airlines
7h 13mMIA-DCA
R$ 1.100
2 escalasUnited Airlines
14h 13mMIA-DCA
R$ 1.136
2 escalasUnited Airlines
14h 13mMIA-DCA
R$ 1.198
2 escalasUnited Airlines
14h 28mMIA-DCA
R$ 1.356
1 escalaJetBlue
7h 50mMIA-DCA
R$ 1.443
2 escalasAlaska Airlines
23h 57mMIA-DCA
R$ 2.047
2 escalasAlaska Airlines
23h 59mMIA-DCA
R$ 2.083

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Voos Miami - Washington, D.C.


Miami (MIA)Estados Unidos


Washington, D.C. (DCA)Estados Unidos

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R$ 1.618

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  • Miami
R$ 1.013

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R$ 1.013
Washington, D.C.