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Alaska AirlinesPontuação geral com base em 31049 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

The Screening need to be reversed the flight itself was great

Ler mais sobre a Alaska Airlines

The Screening need to be reversed the flight itself was great

Tudo perfeito

Check in crew was very helpful and friendly.

It was alright. Just boarding was delayed.

Alaska is the best airline out there right now. Period.

Extremely smooth process, well organized & very friendly, professional staff. Best flight in a long time. Will definitely fly Alaska Airlines again!

Air vent above seat was not working properly. Ambient temperature in the plane was too warm.

The staff members seemed lazy and rude. Didn't announce all group members to board their flight and we were all left feeling confused. Wouldn't allow previously checked in carry on bags because of "full capacity". Also, they never told us where to pick up our baggage claim.

After purchase I was unable to get a boarding pass on line. At airport I found my seat selection had been changed to a middle seat. Personnel at the gate were able to get me back on an isle, but in the last row, where I had to listen to the flight attendants talk-shout the entire flight over the extremely high level of cabin noise, and seemingly perpetual toilet flushes.

Prós: "Nothing at all memorable Nothing bad Standard didn’t see much of them honestly"
Contras: "Beverage and movie player service was quite a while after when I expected. Movies were very limited compared to other airlines, and a $10 fee. The beverage/ food sales service did need to stop because of turbulence and didn’t restart fast enough for the passengers at the back of the plane that missed out. No water offered before landing, FYI. No blankie and pillow either."
Prós: "The crew was very good"
Contras: "The flight going was delayed and the flight coming back was delayed. My first time flying Alaska airlines, probably my last time flying Alaska airlines."
Contras: "No other airline I flew to Germany with every charged extra for movies. That was really disappointing. We also didn't get our luggage until two days later (which happens, and I completely understand). But what I absolutely didn't understand was that nobody could ever tell me when we would get it."
Contras: "Politely asked boarding agent Michelle if my wife could be put in the isle because she's pregnant and needs to get up a lot. She rudely told me to sit down and she would call me up when she was ready. She serviced everybody else first, made us wait until last, and gave us two window seats instead."
Prós: "Arrival was early"
Contras: "More sandwiches selections"
Prós: "Crew was not amazing, no service offerd (not even water), only snacks and no beverage service. When I went to restroom, I asked crew who were watching TV and chatting for a glass of water, got a nasty stare, the water, and no acknowledgement of my thank you. Captain very open with taxi info."
Contras: "Polite flight attendant, at least service for those of us who can't sleep even on overnight flights. Middle seat not great but okay, everything else on ground in Kona lovely as usual."
Prós: "Love 1st class. Comfrtable"
Prós: "All the movies and tv shows were 100% free. A very good selection of things to watch."
Contras: "The WiFi was too expensive."
Prós: "Everything works well and we were pleased with legroom"
Prós: "Service always good!"
Contras: "Nothing I can think of yet."
Prós: "New plane"
Contras: "It was a bit hot, and delayed"
Prós: "The nicest flight attendants in a long time. In-flight entertainment options good."
Contras: "I prefer Delta’s snack options and overall generosity within the limits of today’s stripped down hospitality."
Prós: "Somente os filmes"
Contras: "Embarque modificado sem alteração no painel de informações. Funcionários desaparecem dos guichês originais pra atender outro vôo, sem deixar qualquer informação nos balcões. Vôo atrasado por mais 2 horas dentro do avião Tripulação grosseira Não foi servido nada durante o vôo, somente em solo água."
Prós: "Flight attendants were very nice"
Contras: "No televisions in the headrest"
Prós: "Always great service on the flight."
Contras: "Had to wait for >30 mins at DFW Alaska ticket counter since there was no agent at the gate to drop off bags already ticketed. Had to call airport central control to have an agent paged. Sign on counter said open at 10am and when spoke to Alaska agent Andy P. He said sign was wrong though there was already a line of customers and just walked away. It was only after a 2nd overhead page for an agent that 2 ladies appeared. Luckily, I wasn't in a hurry and may have missed my flight."
Prós: "Boarding was a little slow but the overhead bins were a total win! Love the bigger compartment! The seats were comfy and the flight crew were great! Plenty of complimentary drink choices and delicious snacks that could be purchased. Free in flight wifi was awesome and loved being able to charge my tablet at my seat."
Contras: "Needs wider seats, more help with boarding so it could go smoother and faster. More than one passenger struggled to raise the arm rest."
Prós: "Excelente atendimento e ótimo voo."
Prós: "I had the whole row to myself."
Contras: "Asked for napkins for water that got dumped on me, i only got one."
Prós: "I didnt eat so I am not sure regarding the food quality and i didnt had a headphones so i couldn't enjoy the entertainment."
Prós: "I liked that we were going to Hawaii."
Contras: "No entertainment no food only 1drink service. Staff seemed generally unhappy and burdened by passengers."
Contras: "Only one food choice in first class. Seat fine but hard to recline. Boarding was slow and late. My luggage was sent to the wrong place with a bunch of other peoples. They knew but lest us just wait for 40 minutes around the carousel."
Prós: "poor"
Prós: "The 737 is preferable to small A/C."
Prós: "Service"
Contras: "No food"
Prós: "On time and no lines"
Prós: "Great flight, lots of attention by crew. Arrived early!"
Prós: "Flight good and luckily for passengers, not full so more space!! Bought hot meal, and was good ."
Prós: "You need an N/A block for this survey. There was no food from Missoula to Seattle because it’s a short flight."
Prós: "We upgraded to first class and it was amazing! The staff was very friendly and it was a perfect end to our honeymoon!"
Contras: "The flight was 4 hours late-when I got to the gate they announced they didn't know where the plane was coming from San Jose. Later they said it hadn't left. They gave us vouchers for dinner which I appreciated."
Prós: "Direct flighy"
Contras: "Nothin"
Prós: "I had ample leg room the seat"
Contras: "The seats were very uncomfortable. They were too hard. They need to be a soft chair"
Prós: "The staff was so helpful from the moment I walked in to helping me check in to discreetly giving me a seat belt extender. The airplane was comfortable with plenty of space for a coach seat. I really had a good experience."
Contras: "I have no complaints whatsoever."
Prós: "I was late to the airport so I was rushing and the crew was so helpful knowing that I needed to get checked in and to the gate."
Prós: "The flight crew..."
Contras: "You lost my bag, and it still hasn't come, its a big hassle. Customer service for paying customers is more important than transporting fish. Then entire plane saw the boxes of fish getting loaded on the plane, and half the customers had their bags delayed. Priorities please."
Contras: "Crew was trying to be funny but it fell a little flat. Seats were small and cramped, no place for luggage overhead. Poor selection of beverages."
Prós: "Nice crew."
Contras: "Crowded. Very bumpy ride in some places."
Contras: "What happened to the complimentary meals? Lordy, it was a 6-hour flight!"
Contras: "Walking in rain to the steep ramp into terminal. A very nice gentleman saw I was struggling with my carryon and cane and kindly pulled my bag to the top for me."
Prós: "The staff"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "The overhead bins seemed to have more space than usual for non-checked bags."
Contras: "Boarding was delayed and the flight was late. This was already an evening flight, so the delay meant that I missed the last public transit train once I was home and had to pay for a cab."

The boarding process was chaotic and haphazard. The unloading of the baggage was slow and frought with issues (frantic small women attendants trying to handle the oversized baggage and having jamming of the baggage belt).

Prós: "The crew."
Contras: "Nothing was mediocre about the crew or delta. The other passengers around us made a 4 1/2 hour flight feel like 8 hours of hell."
Prós: "Comfortable seats and the plane was not crowded."
Contras: "Wheelchair for my mom was not at the gate in Atlanta, she had to walk and we had to still check immigration, customs and reroute our luggage."
Contras: "It was actually quite good, Delta is by far the airline to use compared with the other airlines."
Contras: "Conforto"
Contras: "O espaço entre as poltronas"
Prós: "Da tripulação e entretenimento"
Contras: "Conforto. Espaço entre os bancos muito pequeno em todos os sentidos. Comida. Nada incluso em mais de 4 horas de voo , apenas snacks e no horário de almoço."
Prós: "A tripulação super atenciosa e disposta a ajudar"
Contras: "Aeronave muito pequena e desconfortável"
Prós: "The food and drinks were so lovely, it felt like I was in first class rather than the cheapest economy seat. Great entertainment selection and comfortable seat that let me sleep well."
Prós: "Crew ok ... not engaging"
Prós: "Foi tudo ótimo, atendimento, embarque rápido, entretenimento, comida boa."
Contras: "Só para dormir e sempre desconfortável."
Contras: "Meu voo atrasou e acabei perdendo a minha conexão."
Prós: "Comida e entretenimento."
Contras: "Conforto. Pouco espaço para as pernas, voos domésticos são mais confortáveis do que esse voo internacional."
Prós: "As refeições, entretenimento e cordialidade"
Contras: "Oferecer algum petisco durante o período enre refeições, savemis que tem a opção, nas echato ficar pedindo. A poltrona podera reclinar mais um pouquinho, mas é normal"
Prós: "A comida, o entretenimento, pontualidade."
Contras: "Oferecer algum petisco durante o período enre refeições, savemis que tem a opção, nas echato ficar pedindo. A poltrona podera reclinar mais um pouquinho, mas é normal."
Prós: "crew with good attitude"
Contras: "food was a waste of time, of energy, of bread, etc"
Prós: "Everything was good/adequate, nothing was exceptional."
Prós: "48 hours travel from Europe Thanks to sucky Delta airlines that are absolutely the most horrible company Never ever again"
Prós: "The crew and the comfort plus seat"
Contras: "The in-flight entertainment in my seat did not work properly so I could not enjoy watching movies or shows. A minor but unfortunate inconvenience."
Prós: "Flight crew was ok and boarding was really quick"
Contras: "Terminal 2 security at LAX is awful and inefficient Also plane had a malfunctioning switch and it took them 1.5 hrs to fix while we are on the plane. This was 1.5 hrs delay on a 58 minutes flight. :("
Contras: "Broken in-seat entertainment system for one of our seats, customs pre-clearance in Dublin took forever, but not the airline's fault."
Prós: "Service"
Contras: "Older aircraft"
Contras: "The flight attendants were quick with the pick up of drinks. I had only been served my drink for five minutes and they were already coming around to pick up trash."
Prós: "avião antigo mas confortável. serviço de jantar razoável."
Contras: "embarque confuso. a Delta resolveu me separar da minha esposa, em um voo de 10 horas, colocando-nos em assentos “separados” pelo corredor SEM RESPEITAR A ESCOLHA PREVIA DE ASSENTOS."
Prós: "embarque rápido. avião moderno."
Contras: "Atraso de mais se 6h."
Prós: "Everything was amazing"
Prós: "The turkey sandwich was okay."
Contras: "I was seated next to an extremely large man. I possessed only half of my seat for the duration of the six hour flight. I asked a flight attendant to move me but she said the flight was full. There should be a protocol for passengers over 300 lbs."
Prós: "Nice crew"
Prós: "Embarque no horario"
Contras: "Comodidade"
Contras: "The seats are not very comfortable for such a long flight"
Prós: "Da rapidez o voo de Vancouver a Seattle durou 35 minutos..."
Contras: "Ter um avião mais confortável. Esse era péssimo minha cadeira estava com o braço esquerdo quebrado... Não reclinava a cadeira... Uma lástima!!!"
Contras: "Embarque foi sendo adiado de meia em meia hora, sem previsão real de quando iríamos embarcar. No final, o voo acabou sendo adiado em 3 horas."
Contras: "Tripulação pouco cordial. Comida regular. Café da manhã bem medíocre. Assentos muito desconfortáveis e apertados. Sistema de entretenimento travando continuamente."
Contras: "Leg room was lacking."
Prós: "Crew were very good but the seats were not comfortable for an eight hour flight"
Contras: "A little bit of leg space"
Prós: "Sinceramente, nada de positivo que tenha se destacado"
Contras: "O tripulante ficou falando mal do Brasil para mim quando chegamos, o café da manhã foi uma piada."
Prós: "The cabin crew was efficient and very cooperative. My seven hour flight in economy class could not have gone better. Kudos to Delta for a safe and comfortable ride."
Contras: "A few more audio selections would have been welcome."
Prós: "Very friendly cabin crew. Comfortable and food was good and drinks and water was plentiful. I would highly recommend Delta for transatlantic flights,compared to so called 4* airline Aer Lingus, then Delta are a 6* in comparison"
Prós: "Yravelling goes well when workers are competent and organized."
Contras: "Boarding front to back seems counterintuitive. People carrying 2 bags appear more hassled bumping through people to get to their seats further. Ack"
Contras: "Foi um pesadelo. A Delta jogava a culpa na Gol que jogava para a Decolar. Isto de meia noite até as 3 da manhã no aeroporto do Galeão. Só consegui ser realocada em outro vôo da Gol para os Estados Unidos no dia seguinte, Tive que sair do aeroporto SantosDumond no Rio para Brasília em 19/dez à noite para só pegar outro voo no dia 20//dez pela manhã. Todas as despesas de hotel, alimentação e transporte em Brasília foram custeadas por mim. Não recomendo comprar passagens internacionais pela Decolar.com. Principalmente se houver mais de uma cia aérea envolvida na mesma viagem"
Prós: "vôo aterrissou em W.DC 25 minutos antes do horário fixado pela companhia. Excelente"
Prós: "Atendimento do balcão no embarque, qualidade dos serviços de bordo e as malas terem chegando corretamente. Muita pontualidade de horário."
Prós: "Crew did not serve breakfast because flight arrived earlier How about better communication with pilot?"
Prós: "Very comfortable, great entertainment selection"
Prós: "Flight crew was excellent. We had the emergency exit row so leg room was awesome! Kind bar and soda we good."
Contras: "Flight delay due to the older aircraft and lack of a pilot that knew how to fly it. Bathroom needed some tending to"
Prós: "Voo saiu no horário e chegou 20 min antes do previsto"
Contras: "A falta de espaço e conforto acentua-se cada vez mais!!!"
Prós: "I like the fact that entertainment and technology is always good."
Contras: "Boarding is always a horrible experience. I never know what zone is boarding. Your agents at the gates are overwhelmed with so many things."
Prós: "Seats were pretty comfortable, awesome flight, flight attendants were beyond excellent."
Contras: "Probably the time factor"

Delay 1 hü

Pontualidade zero. O costume. 50m de atraso a aterrar. No aeroporto de Lisboa não havia autocarros à espera. Avião estacionado longe. Tudo péssimo em horários e experiência de chegada

A atenção dos comissários e a comida

O embarcar foi muito fácil. Está companhia pelo menos oferece água aos passageiros, e tem outras bebidas para venda. Só é pena não ser possível entregar a mala para o porão antes de passar a segurança à saída de Lisboa.

Embarque poderia ser mais organizado. As pessoas poderiam ser orientadas desde o checkin a como proceder durante o embarque, para evitar aglomerações, e esperas de pé em fila.

Atraso significativo, mais de uma hora. Não é servida qualquer refeição a bordo, apenas oferecem uma miniatura de chocolate.

No mínimo uma garrafa de água.

Misleading or incorrect information resulted in us being charged $95 to check a bag. This did not happen on our flight from Boston to Lisbon - the bags were checked through. So at the end of our trip, we were tired and waited a long time to be told that we had to pay $95 for each bag (two of us, we each had one). This was profoundly disappointing. The food was not good. The crew was great. Seats are uncomfortable, and it's like riding a bus. I'd never pay for an upgraded seat because even business class didn't look much different. Generally, I fly a legacy airline, but I wouldn't book with TAP again.

além do absurdo do primeiro trecho que NÃO houve nenhuma distinção entre classe econômica e classe executiva e SEM lounge no aeroporto no aeroporto de New Yourk o lounge fechou as 18h ... é um verdadeiro absurdo pagar cerca de U$ 6 mil dólares e ser tratado como quem comprou classe econômica ... nunca mais vou viajar com TAP ...

considerei um absurdo que passageiros da classe executiva que pagam muito mais caro, serem tratados exatamente como os que compraram classe econômica, NÃO teve fila para classe executiva, nos colocaram no último assento do avião e mesmo pagando quase U$ 6 mil dólares o tratamento foi o mesmo de quem pagou U$ 400 dólares ... vou compartilhar com todas as minhas redes sociais ...

Seats are too tight.

Lisbon Airport is the worst in EU, for sure.

Fiquei profundamente irritado por me enviarem a minha mala para o porão e depois no avião vi varias iguais e algumas ainda maiores.

Good entertainment

Tripulação era boa , a companhia Tap é uma péssima companhia

Contras: "Business class food is a disgrace. On the way to Lisbon they had at least some warm meal, skipped now and just got a box with bad, cold food. The crew was apologetic."
Prós: "The seats are comfortable.nice leg room."
Contras: "Boarding on every airplane company seems off. Sitting in seat 6D and I’m in the second to last boarding group. That cheese on the burger pricing for getting on before others is getting old. Be better."
Prós: "The crew was outstanding!"
Contras: "Slightly more comfortable seats would have been helpful."
Prós: "legroom in business is good, food was ok. only one round of drinks was offered."
Contras: "no lounge access in dublin for TAP Business Passengers. Handling of the delay was not well managed."
Contras: "Melhorar o embarque, muito desorganizado"
Prós: "O atendimento da tripulação e o conforto do nosso assento"
Contras: "Oferecer o início do embarque às prioridades por lei e não à categoria premium."
Contras: "Waiting in many lines, waiting on and taking bus to plane on tarmac, climbing stairs with luggage in hot sun."
Prós: "Yes"
Contras: "Was exelent"
Prós: "Chief of the cabin"
Contras: "Terrible customer service. Attention to disable customers is null. They literally torture the disable passengers. Very rude and insulting wheel chair staff."
Prós: "A atenção da tripulação"
Contras: "O entretenimento no avião, muito limitado."
Prós: "Everything very professional and high quality."
Contras: "The queue for the check-in / bagagge drop-off took almost an hour; only towards the end a second regular counter (besides the premium) was opened."
Contras: "The boarding process was awful! The airport itself is difficult to maneuver in. No information provided regarding the flight. Airport security and police very very rude!"
Contras: "O voo partiu com um atraso superior a 1 hora"
Prós: "Tripulação muito simpática"
Contras: "Atraso de uma hora"
Prós: "The flight crew was great. The boarding crew and gate staff where rude."
Contras: "Flight was delayed by 2 hours. Long day. Did not inform you of what was going on. Changed gated not very clear."
Prós: "Crew were amazing. Timely departure. Inflight meal was good."
Contras: "Not much."
Prós: "Crew was superb!! Very attentive and extremely willing to help people when called upon."
Contras: "Aircraft entertainment screens were not working at all at a lot of seats. Airbus 330-300 was dated and the cabin amenities were in disrepair. But overall the flight satisfied everything that was needed!"
Prós: "The crew were very friendly, a nice and relaxed flight and they gave out complimentary food and coffee which was brilliant"
Contras: "Flight was delayed which was out of their control"
Prós: "Simpatia da tripulação"
Contras: "Atraso no voo"
Prós: "Tripulação simpatica"
Contras: "Poltronas reclináveis"
Prós: "Espaço, regulagem do encosto e mídia."
Contras: "Embarque em Lisboa"
Prós: "Organizado e no tempo correto."
Contras: "Conforto dos bancos."
Prós: "Com pouca ou nenhuma opção de voo direto para Portugal, a TAP fica como a opção de quem quer um pouco de decência nesse percurso."
Contras: "O atendimento é bastante impessoal, e eu, como sou muito tímido, tenho receio de pedir um copo de água e ser negado. A utilização dos banheiros após as primeiras quatro horas de voo fica impossível"
Prós: "A limpeza da aeronave"
Contras: "A comida é pouca, muito pouca."
Contras: "We were just surprised by the charges for our checked bags. Thought we had it all covered, but no!"
Prós: "The crew on both flights were despite the first flight being delayed by 2 hours."
Contras: "More communication with the passengers."
Contras: "Tecnologia"
Prós: "A tripulação era competente e simpática!"
Contras: "Aeroporto sem meios de embarque"
Prós: "A tripulação é extremamente educada e o avião super confortável"
Contras: "Não foi oferecido nem água durante o vôo"
Prós: "O atraso só foi de 30 minutos."
Contras: "Processo de faturação de bagagens caótico. Colaboradoras de terra indisponíveis para ajudar e prestar esclarecimentos. Tripulação antipatica. Avião alugado a outra companhia."
Prós: "Nada."
Contras: "Alguns comissários eram extremamente grosseiros. Meu marido foi tirar uma foto dentro do avião e um deles fez ele apagar a foto dizendo que não podia tirar fotos lá! Um absurdo! A televisão de entretenimento é da idade da pedra e mal funcionava. Não tem carregador USB e o banheiro estava muito sujo. Poltronas com zero conforto e o espaço para as pernas é um dos menores que já vi. Não viajo mais com a TAP."
Contras: "Vôo com atraso."
Prós: "airlines could have mentioned that the second leg would require going thru security again and would take a very long time and that I should do this immediately after disembarking even though a gate had not yet been assigned. As A consequence of an intensive interview process before boarding the international leg of the trip (initially only two reps processing everyone on the plane for a few minutes each) the plane left the gate late. It also lost another 15 -20 minutes in flight making it 30 minutes late and I missed my connection in Miami necessitating me to spend a night in a motel and finish my flight the next day."
Contras: "Had the crew enabled me to be first off the plane I would have made the connection but I lost an additional 20-25 minutes being seated in the rear of the plane"
Prós: "chegar a horas"
Contras: "comida"
Prós: "Foi organizado"
Contras: "Refeição foi trivial."

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1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
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2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
29h 00mBEL-DUB
R$ 7.323

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Voos Dublin - Belém


Dublin (DUB)Irlanda


Belém (BEL)Brasil

Classe de cabine:

R$ 5.562

Descubra aeroportos de origem:

R$ 5.276

Descubra destinos:

R$ 5.276