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  • Procurando passagens baratas para as Filipinas? 25% dos nossos usuários encontraram passagens para as Filipinas por preços iguais ou inferiores a: Só ida de Florianópolis por R$ 8.238 - ida e volta por R$ 8.750, só ida de Brasília por R$ 6.868 - ida e volta por R$ 14.798, só ida de Fortaleza por R$ 7.137 - ida e volta por R$ 15.596
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  • Como alta temporada, considera-se junho, julho e agosto. O mês mais barato para voar para as Filipinas é agosto.
  • Insira seu aeroporto de origem preferido e suas datas de viagem nos campos de busca e descubra as ofertas mais recentes de passagens para as Filipinas.

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ANAPontuação geral com base em 4719 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

ANA is excellent in everything they do

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ANA is excellent in everything they do

It's ok flying ANA. I'm going to fly again with this airlines and endorsed them to my friends

Contras: "Very uncomfortable seat. A bit rude flight attendant."
Contras: "Chair isn’t comfortable."
Prós: "The 787 is fantastic. First class feels in the economy. The food offering is also first class. Service is amazing."
Contras: "Serve the cold soba for all meals. :) Love it."
Contras: "Food was great, flight attendant were very friendly and helpful and eager to make sure I was comfortable, ANA rocks as a awesome carrier; my goto airline when it’s time to cross the pacific again"
Prós: "The crew was wonderful. Polite and professional. The meals were very good for economy class."
Contras: "The seats felt like there was no padding in the seat. The back was fine."
Prós: "The crew was amazing. They were all very nice to us."
Prós: "The crew"
Contras: "The seats were substantially more cramped than the other flight."
Prós: "Crew was great. Economy premium was definitely worth the extra cost"
Contras: "I wish the flight wasn't 13 hours haha"
Prós: "Crew was good"
Contras: "The way they board"
Prós: "Crews are very helpful and always have a smile in their face. Comfortable seats and entertainment system are very nice. The only thing that makes us not satisfied was the food, for 10 hours flight there’s only 1 main dish...Totally I like their service."
Contras: "The food was not enough, we felt so hungry before arriving."
Contras: "Fellow passenger didn't stay in his space , would prefer flight attendant to inform kindly"
Prós: "The stewardesses were kind and courteous, attending to every need with a smile."
Contras: "Not vegan/vegetarian options for meals. Also if you are able to upgrade from economy seating, do so! Your legs will thank you for it. L"
Prós: "The crews' smile and politeness were excellent."
Contras: "The line was way long to check in at the Narita International Airport."
Prós: "Clean and comfortable"
Prós: "Economy seats were spacious and same size as Economy Plus seats of United. Clean. Crew was amazing, helpful and friendly."
Prós: "everything"
Prós: "Smooth boarding and smiley staff."
Contras: "No tv/ intertainment on the plane"
Contras: "Enjoy the free money, cause I didn't go on my flight. Work had me cancel my vacation a month ago. I tried to cancel, but it wouldn't let me. I tried cancelling through the insurance I purchased on it and they said they couldn't either (even though cancellation was covered in full)."
Prós: "The food and courteous flight attendants."
Prós: "The crew were helpful and nice. It was comfortable."
Contras: "The food was horrible. The movie selections were quite limited."
Prós: "Economy premium was very comfortable. Best service I’ve had on an airplane since Pan American days."
Contras: "I didn’t like the boarding process one long line. However, it moved quickly and unlike American airlines there was plenty of overhead space. They let you check 2 bags free. Of course, it is an international flight."
Prós: "Very efficient, friendly and helpful staff"
Contras: "Food was gross."
Contras: "Salad and fruit came Frozen"
Prós: "Great service by the crew! Excellent food and flight was on time,"
Contras: "Film and movie offerings and music entertainment while on board should be improved with more selections."
Prós: "It was alright."
Contras: "Prepare to wake up with neck pain."
Prós: "ANA use the Boeing 787 for this leg of the journey. This is the best plane flying in the air right now."
Contras: "Nothing to dislike."
Prós: "Food"
Contras: "Sitting space"
Prós: "Staff were friendly from check in to disembark. Food was quite good. Boarded on time and people were accomodating of one another in the entry and exit process."
Contras: "I was travelling with my twin 11 yr olds one of whom has limited sight. They normally only allow early boarding of young children, but we need extra time as I have 2 children to organise and my daughters sight dictates that i have to assist her. Other passengers were not impressed. I would like the airlines to take the initiative to have all children boarded early as if we board with everyone else, the aisles will be blocked as my children try to get organised."
Prós: "Very polite staff"
Contras: "The curry made me sick and the movies were outdated."
Prós: "Good food, seats were comfy enough for a 4.5-hr flight."
Contras: "Better Hollywood options for entertainment."
Prós: "Configuration of your 787-800 Busn./ Class,was nothing more than an updated 707 from the past. Crew was good food was average. A flight I may avoid."
Prós: "service from crew"
Contras: "chaotic boarding process/queue. connecting flight gate is quite a walk from 1 terminal to another (went down 3 floors of escalator ride and a distance tunnel walk - on a tight connection time (after a delayed departure/arrival)."
Prós: "Food & Entertainment"
Prós: "The service from this airline is so great. Everyone is smiling and treats you like a valued guest."
Contras: "Obviously you will not get the best food on an airplane. The food is enough to keep you alive, but is not going to earn michelín stars."
Contras: "seat labeling not clear"
Contras: "Our seats are much less comfortable with very little leg room. My daughter couldn't recline her seat."
Prós: "Food, staff, and entertainment."
Contras: "Tight space and the tray was on the dirty side."
Prós: "Food and movies options."
Contras: "Not enough help to put my carry on on the overhead luggage storage."
Contras: "Lounge is full and food in lounge not spectacular. Ground crew unfriendly"
Prós: "The crew was very friendly and attentive. The food was generous and very good"
Contras: "There really wasn't anything I didn't like"
Prós: "Polite attendants"
Contras: "small leg room......"
Contras: "Seats seem extra small, narrow and short. As a window seat there was very little room between the seat and the wall. Food and entertainment average to below average (compared with Qantas, Singapore Airlines)"
Prós: "The flight crew was definitely the best part of the flight! Not only did it seem that all the flight attendants were highly attractive - but, they were also extremely attentive throughout the flight AND they did it with enthusiasm & smiles! What a remarkable group of service professionals!"
Contras: "No foot rest=back pain"
Contras: "Delayed flight an hour and a half"
Prós: "It was an awesome flight, very nice and great service,"
Prós: "Boarding was efficient the crew was polite, professional and helpful, seats were comfortable, and the food was surprisingly good."
Prós: "From ticketing/check-in to flight crew personnel; they ensure you are taker care of."

Embarque não respeitam o cartão de fidelidade q tem prioridade são confusos e não adianta explicar .

Atrasou os

A long haul flight needs roomy and comfortable seats.

Excelente opção para rotas para a Asia

The flight attendant from SFO to Doha was amazing and so eager to serve

Checkin was greuling slow and an excruciating experience at the Indira Gandhi international airport. There were only 4 windows open to check in 300 passengers. It took me 50 mins to get to the window. I was there 3+ hours before departure time upon arrival from my domestic flight that arrived on Terminal 2. Security took another hour and no one from the flight ground staff came looking for me to expedite my security unlike the KLM staff. KLM staff was looking for their passengers going to Frankfurt in the security and immigration area for a good half hour. Also, I tried multiple times the day of my flight to WEB CHECKIN. the Qatar website and APP didn't let me do that either. I nearly missed my flight and was the last one to board!!!! I hope the airlines adapts to handle larger volume of passengers given the type of Airport rules and regulations. For example, IGA at New Delhi has an additional Immigration step before security that added an additional 45 min to my time to board the plane. Thank you and I hope a real human actually reads this survey response and it doesn't end up being processed by a computer bot that lacks human compassion and emotional IQ.

Great flight!

Prós: "The seating was cramped for a 14 hours flight but the staff was excellent."
Contras: "Food options not always what I was expecting."
Prós: "Crew and food"
Contras: "The flight was 3 hours delayed - and the captain never told us exactly what was wrong. The boarding lane was a chaos as well - and the tv screens never really worked. Terrible!"
Prós: "The flight crew/staff were professional and very helpful and accommodating to the passengers from check in to deboarding."
Contras: "Seats were a little close, especially for a long flight, with meals. Tight fit to be maneuvering, literally rubbing elbows."
Prós: "O vôo foi tranquilo, sem problemas ou imprevistos."
Contras: "A comunicação e orientações poderiam ser em meu idioma, mesmo que fosse uma gravação eletrônica, incluindo o menu da alimentação e o check in no balcão."
Prós: "The “mini-refrigerator” for beverage storage at the business class seat."
Contras: "The portion of the Arabic language expression on the live flight mapping software should have been minimized."
Prós: "The service. The friendly crew. The clean airplane and bathrooms, the food and drinks. A1"
Contras: "Check-in for ticket took 2 hours!"
Contras: "Lots of noisy babies / young children"
Contras: "Delayed by 1 hout"
Prós: "Food selection. However, the snacks need to be readily available on long flights."
Contras: "Entertainment is lacking behind other international carriers"
Prós: "Tripulação muito atenciosa"
Contras: "Nao funcionou a tv"
Contras: "Lights did not work, so diner was guessing whats was in the tray"
Prós: "Left on time, arrived on time. Children aboard did not cry !uch."
Prós: "Friendly crews. Excellent food. Great service. On time arrival."
Contras: "They could provide hotel for transit passengers with long layovers."
Prós: "Não há nada a comparar com a Qatar, atualmente."
Prós: "Crew was very accommodating"
Prós: "Great crew. Met every request and did a very professional, yet personal job."
Contras: "Overall meals were best I've had on flights. Did not care for last one but probably just a personal taste."
Prós: "Great aircraft"
Prós: "Servico espetacular"
Prós: "It is so far a cut above the American carriers. There’s no way to compare them, because Qatar Airways is so far superior. The seats are far more comfortable and larger, the amount of legroom is far superior, you have much more personal space, and the craft is cleaner. Flight Attendants are fantastic! They provide excellent personal care, and are there for everything. They are supremely polite and courteous, and bring things in mediately. Very often anticipating your needs. This is what flying used to be like on United and American. But those people have completely forgotten what service is. Qatar is a 5 star airline. United and American, to my view, are 2 star at best."
Prós: "Foods were great."
Contras: "Flight was delayed for 7 hrs in Manila. Then in Qatar, there's no flight available going to Philadelphia. It will be the next morning. But they did very good in assisting us in everything. From food to accomodation. We'll still fly with Qatar Airways. I know there's a good reason for the delays."
Prós: "The service of the cabin was great!"
Contras: "The food was not of the quality I would have expected from the expectation created by the airlines marketing. We boarded close to a full hour later than scheduled and the boarding process was very slow."
Prós: "I got free internet on this flight: sponsored by Ooredoo. You can get 8MB for free! Breakfast was good quantity"
Contras: "Entertainment Oryx One, lunch quantity aswell. FPML had one tray, VJML and AVML had the same packed wrap."
Prós: "Seating and comfort is great, as long as you are not seated next to a 'larger' person or a person with restricted mobility. Not a fault of Qatar airways, but probably the norm in most international flights in Economy. Food was the best of all the airlines I have flown, and the correct temperature as well."
Contras: "Seat width could be a little better, but this is the norm, I would assume across all airlines."
Prós: "I loved the service. All of the attendants were really nice and helpful."
Contras: "My tv on both 12 hr and 8 hr flights didn’t work well and the food wasn’t the best. Also they ran out of food options when they got to me twice."
Prós: "O serviço de bordo da Qatar é muito bom."
Contras: "O lounge de Guarulhos é muito simples, poderiam melhorar."
Prós: "Overall a good service with good food."
Contras: "When flying from New Zealand to Doha, we departed Auckland at 15h25 and due to the time zone, most passengers body clocks would have been expecting sleep within a few hours. However we were flying West and thus into daylight. Sadly the window seated passengers were not asked to close their window blinds to block out the sunlight and many were left open. This made the cabin very bright and a difficult environment in which to sleep. Too much advertising before the on board videos, but otherwise content was good."
Prós: "Excellent service from check in to disembarkation. I was surprised at the amount of leg room, as being a 6+ footer it has always previously been an issue, but not with Qatar."
Contras: "Only downside was the lack of the free traveller pack, eye shade and ear plugs, sleep was denied as I could not block out the sound of the very talkative travellers behind me."
Prós: "Atendimento muito bom melhor que outras companhias, Qatar faz diferença"
Prós: "smooth flight"
Contras: "- the baggage drop off counter guy was rude, so was his supervisor, they forced us to check our carry-on luggage and made it as they're doing us a favor for not checking our backpacks - there was a problem with the flight and got delayed 90 min, we missed our connecting flight and had to stay in DOH airport overnight - the food was really bad compared to other flights by QA, my wife got food poisoning from their food"
Contras: "The planes weren't as comfortable as others I've been on like the double deckers of Emirates. Their economy class was NOTHING special. Everyone talks about how superior Qatar is, but I found nothing special about it...the seats, the food, the entertainment were all basic and nothing fancy. The crew, while very sweet, seemed inexperienced and green to me..but they were lovely and that's all that ultimately matters."
Prós: "There were a lot if security checks but the boarding crew was very helpful and let me check in a bag at rhe last minute with duty free shopping items that i would not have been able to carry with me on-board the airplane."
Contras: "No internet and the food was mediocre at best."
Prós: "Everything except food"
Contras: "Food"
Prós: "Excellent airport; always on time; good meals; excellent entertainment"
Contras: "The flight from Sao Paulo to Doha was canceled which delayed our travel by 24 hrs. With the baggage being mis-labeled from Rio we almost lost our bags. the crew was not communicative and the entire experience terribly stressful."
Prós: "All"
Contras: "None"
Prós: "childrens meals and play packages. service was good, and bathrooms were kept clean. The meals were tastey and fresh."
Prós: "I liked everything from A to Z! the aircraft was spacious and new. The staff were very friendly and cooperative and attentive. the seat was comfortable and entertainment system was great!"
Prós: "Atendimento, cordialidade , poltronas , entretenimento , simplesmente é tudo muito bem feito"
Contras: "Nada a declarar"
Contras: "It's been more than 50 hours and I still haven't received both of my checked in luggage and I am getting no straightforward answer"
Prós: "Clean. Friendly staff. Good food. Good entertainment."
Contras: "Small cramped seats."
Prós: "Seats are comfortable with plenty of leg space. Aircrafts were clean and tidy. Landing and take off were smoothest I have ever experienced."
Contras: "Menu choice was very basic and quantity was also poor. Food quality was below par in terms of taste and presentation. In-flight crew was inefficient and flow. Meal trays laid on meal tables for hours after the passengers finished food. Flight attendants literally responded in over 30 min of call. I pressed special meals online before boarding. However, the flight attendants were not sure. They went back to kitchen to verify that and return with the ordered meal."



Mais opções de filmes em português.

Perfeito em todos os aspectos

Prós: "The flight was SO OLD and uncomfortable which is absolutely ridiculous for a 16 hour flight. My screen did not work the entire time despite asking flight attendants to fix the issue. The flight attendant would not attend to me despite me pressing the button and twice skipped me while giving out meals. I had to call them back and ask for it. The bathrooms were SO dirty and yet no flight attendant took out the trash or cleaned it even though we are in the midst of a pandemic. We were also not given hygiene kits to keep ourselves safe. DO NOT FLY WITH THIS AIRLINE."
Contras: "EVERYTHING."
Prós: "The crew were very friendly and accommodating."
Contras: "Most long flights giveaway a personal kit. They didn't."
Prós: "Voo"
Contras: "Embarque com finger e mais próximo do gate"
Prós: "O voo foi ótimo e bem tranquilo. Ótimo bar para as classes Premium e assentos muito confortáveis."
Contras: "A ultima refeição da rota não foi oferecida, mesmo sem ter colocado a informação de não incomodar no assento (adesivo disponível para informar a tripulação que o cliente optou por não fazer a refeição)."
Prós: "O assento é realmente muito confortável e o bar no fundo do A380 é fantástico."
Prós: "Seating was comfortable and crew was amazing."
Contras: "Food food food. Things have gotten from average to worse in recent times. Specially Travelling from United States out to Dubai."
Prós: "Easy to check in, outstanding crew!"
Contras: "Old, old, old plane! :("
Prós: "I like overall, food , entertainment, cleanliness and the amazing crew."
Contras: "I would fly again with emirates."
Prós: "Everything else"
Contras: "The crew didn’t have me the right food"
Prós: "O entretenimento foi ótimo!! Tripulação muito atenciosa!!"
Contras: "Alimentação!!"
Prós: "Not really Seat cushion hard ."
Contras: "Boarding disorganised..little management of the process"
Prós: "The crew is great . Service excellent"
Contras: "No almoço tinha 2 opcoes: frango e peixe, escolhi peixe mas não tinha no momento e teria de esperar para esquentar, optei pelo frango e no final foi ma boa escolha, pois estava bom"
Prós: "Seats weren’t all that comfortable."
Contras: "Service and meals were good."
Prós: "Padrão Emirates Ou seja, tudo muito bom"
Prós: "Assento comum da classe econômica mais largo e com mais espaço para as pernas"
Prós: "Flight attendants are very friendly, actually smile, rather than scowl at you, as so many of the American carriers do."
Prós: "Tripulação e assento"
Contras: "Breads must be at least warm. The breads were frozen."
Prós: "Crew always great. Aircraft great."
Contras: "Tv screen too old. As not good as A380."
Contras: "Food is ok but can be improved."
Prós: "Voo e ótimo"
Contras: "Staff no solo e PESSIMO"
Prós: "Tudo"
Contras: "Quando cheguei minha conexão durava mais de 24h eles não me deram hotel muito menos alimentação! PÉSSIMO atendimento!"
Prós: "Great and helpful see ice. Food is good as well. One of the few airlines where flying 24 hours (over 2 legs) is bearable."
Contras: "Takes a long time to board and de board the plane, which almost made me miss my connection at Dubai."
Prós: "Emirates perfeita"
Contras: "Nada"
Prós: "Excelente!"
Prós: "Food, and space"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "The crew was both friendly and attentive. I was satisfied with their interest."
Contras: "I found the boarding experience in Dubai to be quite tedious. We were shuffled around here and there and getting on the plane itself was tough."
Contras: "Staff don’t smile! I ask for hot towel the crew didn’t give me any!"
Prós: "The food"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Still flying . I lost my first hotel night what to doooo"
Prós: "The crew was excellent. Very friendly and helpful. Inflight entertainment selection was great tho the screens were average. Good beer selection."
Contras: "Seats are so uncomfortable. I'm a young guy, and by the end, my back was hurting. They barely reclined and no leg room. Food was about average."
Prós: "Embarque pelo Lounge é muito rápido"
Prós: "Need a little more leg room. Staff made sure the toilets were clean."
Contras: "No footrest."
Prós: "We got upgraded to business class--best experience of my life!!!"
Contras: "No one single thing was wrong"
Contras: "A cadeira ao se apertar os botões travava.... A tv toda hora, do nada, saía do filme.e ia pra tela principal. Melhorou qdo comecei a usar o controle que fica ao lado da poltrona, pois pelo touch screen na própria tela wstava impossível. Decepção para quem paga caro por um serviço melhor."
Contras: "Cobrança de excesso de peso apesar de eu e minha família ainda termos 69kg de franquia é de termos despachado as mesmas malas do voo Brisbane para Dubai, com a mesma Emirates, normalmente. Assento quebrado. Assento do meu filho sujo. Não recomendo parar em Dubai pela arbitrariedade da Emirates"
Prós: "Atenção e simpatia da tripulação"
Contras: "A classe executiva na disponibiliza chinelo, muito menos pijama como outras companhias aéreas fazem. A poltrona ao estar totalmente na horizontal não dá o conforto que dá, por exemplo, a poltrona da Etihad."
Prós: "Da comida e do entretenimento. Apreciei o cardápio e a quantidade de comida oferecida. O entretenimento também agrada bastante."
Contras: "O salão de embarque não oferecia espaço suficiente para todos os passageiros. Não havia uma organização para acomodar a enorme quantidade de passageiros. Poucos banheiros. Tripulação sobrecarregada de serviços."
Prós: "A comida oferecida é muito boa e saborosa. Porém, pela quantidade de passageiros, há uma dificuldade em servir a todos. O entretenimento é bem diversificado."
Contras: "Faltam banheiros na classe econômica. A grande quantidade de passageiros sempre precisa aguardar em filas para conseguir usar o banheiro."
Prós: "Everything, great staff! Great service.go Emirates !"
Contras: "Track special food reservations I didn't get my kosher food which I double checked when booked the flight"
Prós: "The food was decent."
Contras: "While checking in, they demanded me to show them my ticket back to the US and insinuated that I will stay in Rio permanently. There was a very disorganized line to get into the plane. They also forgot to give me immigration forms for Brazil."
Prós: "I liked the food and entertainment only."
Contras: "I was surprised when i got on the plane because i always hear great thinhs about the Emirates airplanes, this one was very low quality airplane, and for a long distance flights the flight must have been a better one."
Prós: "Good service, plenty of food, nice crew."
Contras: "Charge to select seats, had to embark and disembark to the tarmac in dubai (horrible experience because of the extreme heat)"
Prós: "Good service, plenty of food, nice crew."
Contras: "Charge to select seats, had to embark and disembark to the tarmac in dubai (horrible experience because of the extreme heat)"
Prós: "The flight was on time."
Contras: "Never had an experience where "pocket book, was weighed. After my carry on was weighed , my personal bag where I had my essentials and medications were included in the total weight of carry ons. I ended up paying for overweight. It was a big surprise for me. I came from NY and your agents approved . I had to pay,or discard."

A l'enregistrement à punta cana il a fallut négocier pendant une heure et demander à parler à un responsable car la personne voulait nous faire payer nos deux bagages en soute 200 dollars alors qu'ils étaient compris dans notre réservation. Cela nous a fait perdre du temps avec notre petite fille de 3 ans. L'escale de 2h à New York est trop courte, les files d'attente sont très très longues pour le contrôle des passeports et aussi pour la douane. Il a fallut négocier avec beaucoup de personnes pour demander à passer devant, et aux États-Unis cette pratique n'est pas du tout appréciée, et tout ca avec ma fille dans les bras. Nous sommes arrivés 30 min avant le décollage àla porte d'embarquement, juste au moment de d'embarquer, mais le vol a finalement été retardé d'une heure. Et enfin nous avions demandé à été placés ensemble côté hublot, à l'enregistrement on nous a dit oui évidemment mais au premier vol on était même pas à côté ( il a fallut négocier encore une fois) et au deuxième nous étions dans la rangée du milieu. Bref ce voyage retour à été très stressant et épuisant !

Evitar escala em amsterdam

Aeroporto de amstedam colapsou Evitar

Better food more confortable seats.

O atendimento foi ótimo, seja no embarque seja no avião, todos muito atenciosos...

24 hour delay due to a crew member arriving 1.5 h late. People clapped for this? Obscene. Will never fly delta again. A simple error could have been resolved by holding connecting flights for 15 minutes. But no, not enough passengers to cross the 8-10 person threshold. Lost $800 due to this malfeasance. Never flying delta again.

Delayed flight, it is noticeable airplanes noticeable aged

Voo atrasou uma hora para aguardar passageiros em conexão.

Tenho necessidades especiais de alimentação (doença celíaca) e fiquei com pouca opção para o lanche a bordo no trajeto Amsterdão/Lisboa.

Both airports totally understaffed. Awful experience.

New 737 and seats too confining

Fui muito bem assistida, principalmente pq antes de voar eu despenquei da escada rolante e recebi uma assistência incrível. Mas a comida e a variedade de filmes muito ruins.

Travelling from Nigeria was a nightmare. Those thugs at the airport gave my husband and i hell because we had our boarding passes on our phone. We had to keep bribing and begging them to let us through. It is the worse travel experience I’ve ever ever had in my entire life. And I travel a lot

Prós: "Absence of food"
Contras: "In flight service"
Prós: "The crew from Kili to DarEsSalam was tired. A fresh crew worked from DarEsSalam to AMS and they were great."
Contras: "The boarding process was chaotic. The passengers in the first boarding group had to fight through the crowd because there were no boarding lanes."
Prós: "Services is good ."
Contras: "Food can be better"
Prós: "The pilot and the crews were helpful about the transit. Pilot make up a lot of time."
Contras: "Flight was delayed, had to run to my next connection flight."
Prós: "Customer care was super supportive"
Contras: "Inflight sandwiches"
Prós: "A Gol faz o estilo low cost então não espere grande coisa."
Contras: "O atendimento da tripulação."
Contras: "A mesa de bordo e a bandeja de refeições não estavam firmes. A bandeja escorregava o tempo todo."
Contras: "Everything was OK"
Prós: "Infelizmente não tive nada que me agradou, tanto que não voltarei a voar nesse companhia."
Contras: "Tudo, o atendimento ao cliente é péssimo."
Prós: "Nada."
Contras: "Tudo tem que ser melhorado"
Contras: "Boarding was chaotic & therefore delayed take off a little Receiving luggage was slow -@ 35 minutes from landing to luggage claim, so actual arrival was considerably later for those meeting me"
Prós: "O voo saiu adiantado, pois todos ja estavam no aviao."
Prós: "Refeições de alto nível"
Prós: "Reasonable space in economy class seats"
Contras: "Staff hurrying us up 40 minutes before departing and threatening to take our bags out of the plane in case we didn’t board then. I had to leave my coffee and run."
Prós: "The crew is really welcoming"
Contras: "The seats are too narrow and a bit too hard"
Prós: "General flight journey"
Prós: "Our flight was delayed in Bejing, than we loosed the booked flight of KLM. When we arrived in Amsterdam, we get the recheked in flight."
Contras: "Doesn't"
Contras: "Late departure. Rush to connect."
Prós: "Entertainment was amazing"
Contras: "Seats a bit hard"
Prós: "Good beverage service."
Contras: "Over an hour delayj for departure."
Prós: "Crew was very engaging and service was good."
Contras: "My seat was horrible. Right at the door, crammed, and no place to store my carry-on luggage."
Prós: "Checkin 1a at Schiphol had long lines, and no seperate counters for just bag drop. My family and I had to wait for 50 mins, to do a bag drop which in,y lasted 1 min! Flight was delayed, without proper announcements."
Contras: "Seat pitch could've been more. At least let us know via Whatsapp that the plane is delayed, or at which belt the bags would come out. This basic info was lacking."
Contras: "Acomodação na área econômica, espaço entre as poltronas."
Prós: "Filmes à disposição"
Contras: "Comida"
Contras: "Auxiliei no atendimento a um passageiro que passou mal, e a comissária me informou que iria receber um desconto numa próxima viagem, e que receberia tal desconto em meu e-mail, porém não o recebi. Meu nome: ELISABETE DE SOUZA PINHEIRO. Preenchi e assinei em seu tablete inclusive."
Prós: "quick/efficient boarding - good staff - good food - easy flight !"
Contras: "the connecting times for klm seem to be very close - if your running late to start - you may not make your next one -"
Prós: "The earphones for out two seats only worked intermittently, but the Purser, Lee-Ann handled it professionally and pleasantly. That was the only disappointment in an otherwise pleasant flight"
Contras: "The earphones could have worked!"
Contras: "Lost all our bags so couldn’t ski"
Prós: "A tripulação fez o quê pode para nos ajudar!"
Contras: "Devido à um pouso de emergência fomos forçados a pemanecer dentro do avião por 8 horas!"
Prós: "Sistema de entretenimento é um destaque a parte! Opção de internet à bordo (pagamento a parte), refeição de excelente qualidade!"
Prós: "Os acentos são os padrões da classe econômica, mas um destaque que merece respeito é o sistema de entretenimento/multimídia, além da opção de internet à bordo (pagamento a parte, caro, mas para quem precisa, é ótimo). Sempre tem algo na galley para quem gosta de esticar as pernas!"
Prós: "Do serviço de bordo"
Contras: "Gostaria que tivesse uma tradução para português, através do sistema de multimídia, seja por legenda ou áudio, nas orientações no decorrer do voo"
Prós: "Very good service, teh flight attendants made it as pleasant as possible, plane left on time"
Contras: "tough to sit on a plane for 9.5 hours"
Prós: "Friendly crew! More legroom, good entertainment and food was great! Smooth landings pretty much on time."
Contras: "Boarding could be better"
Prós: "Nice people and good service"
Contras: "Not much"
Prós: "Amsterdam airport and Rome airport were as breeze to navigate, even only knowing English"

Communication could have been better during the delay. Formatting the plane was poor.

The staff were nice & communicates very well. The food was not good.

Poltrona espaçosa

PAREM DE BUSCAR PASSAGEM DA KIWI. Essa empresa não respeita os clientes. Só comprei a passagem na kiwi porque apareceu na minha busca do kayak, como é o site que eu sempre utilizava e o que eu mais confiava para comprar passagens comprei, e só tive problemas. Quando fui buscar mais sobre a empresa vi que a reputação dela é péssimas e tinham muitos clientes descontentes. Fiquei muito decepcionada com a Kaiak por isso. Se vcs se importam com os clientes de vcs, tirem a kiwi dos mecanismos de busca, para que outros clientes não tenham a mesma experiência frustrada.

An old plane, with entertainment wifi failures, cold sandwich.

Quando chegaram em nós para servir q comida, já não havia mais nenhuma opção, apenas macarrão. Eu não como massa, então acabei ficando sem o jantar. Muito ruim!

I TRULY liked the boarding process by groups. Even though people kept trying to board when it wasn't their turn, Latam personnel did an AMAZING job forcing them to respect the process. PLEASE keep it up! Same when arriving at destination. Only let people to disembark by rows. It's much more organized and fast. Thank you LATAM for implementing these two processes. I Loved them.

Poderia permitir escolher assento em algum momento

A experiência foi excelente porque optamos por fazer upgrade de classe e a viagem foi muito confortável.

Atraso no voo e embarque. Saída com duas horas após o previsto. Inconveniente desnecessário.

Flight boarded late and left late making the Sao Paulo connection more stressful..

This flight did not happen because Kayak and LATAM systems did not effectively communicate and I could not board the flight on the first leg of my trip.

They didn’t give any food so I was starving in the end of flight and one of the flight attendants wasn’t polite with passengers.

Pediram pra despachar uma bagagem de mão e, chegando na cabine, as prateleiras de bagagens estavam vazias. Inaceitável.

In honesty. I was very upset that my husband and uncle flight wascancel coming back from Peru. Going to peru also it was cancel two times one because the covid was not accepted The second time he could not board the plane i dont know why? the third time is when he finally left to peru but he did not notice that rhe flight coming back home was cancel. Latam split the tickes and send us two to Miami and two to NY. I could not believe what Latam did why they cancel our flight itenary coming back without telling us or sending us a message. I was trying to talk to you about this matter and your long distance numbers do not work outside USA. your work is very poor. I dont know if i should recomend your company to anybody. I shall get some money back too for all that we went through. Even my ludgage bag was missing. It will be nice if someone from latam call me and explain the reason of the mistakes and probably own us an apology. .

Need certificate yellow fevor we dont know this,boarding impossible

Viagem tranqüila!

Tripulantes atenciosos e educados

Cheguei com 1 hora de antecedência no aeroporto e me impediram de embarcar, alegando que as novas regras da ANAC pedem antecedência de duas horas.

Vôo atrasou mais de 6 horas e a empresa com total descaso para com os clientes

O voo de BH x RJ foi bem organizado sem intercorrências absolutamente pontual!!

Comida ta proibida , faltou entretenimento, mas eu tinha , entao ok

Voo atrasado, tripulação omissa

Comprei assento conforto com a promessa de haver vaga exclusiva para colocação da mala de mão porém não havia e tive que colocar 6 fileiras atrás do meu assento.

Não vejo sentido em etiquetar uma bagagem em um Totem se a mesma será pesada no checkin.

Alguns funcionários muito bons, já outros muito ruins com muita estupidez e arrogância.

Assento péssimo, extremamente apertado.. muito mais que as concorrentes!! Entretenimento também não funcionou

Prós: "Somente do ckek in"
Contras: "Maior cuidado com as medidas nesta pândemia..Tive muito medo de estar a bordo com a aeronave lotada"
Prós: "Tripulação excelente"
Contras: "Assentos achei muito compacto"
Prós: "O tratamento dos funcionários."
Contras: "Ter algum conforto para quem tem escalas demoradas."
Prós: "Atenção do atendente no aeroporto de Navegantes."
Contras: "O voo foi tranquilo e tive toda a atenção, mas tivemos problemas pois o nosso nome não constava na lista do voo. No aeroporto tivemos a maior atenção para resolver o problema."
Contras: "Eu poderia ter conseguido ir viajar. Recebi o bilhete na madrugada e tive que comprar outra passagem. Péssimo atendimento da Kayak.... NUNCA MAIS"
Prós: "The crew was great"
Contras: "They should be on time but we left 30 minutes later."
Prós: "nada a destacar"
Prós: "Foi tudo como esperado ou padrão, nada que foi estupendo para ressaltar."
Contras: "deixar todas empresas aéreas cientes do pacote de bagagem extra que foi pago para você não ter de pagar novamente as pressas na hora do embarque. Foi o que ocorreu com a LATAM em Aracaju."
Contras: "Good airline, will fly them again"
Contras: "The flight was delayed 7 hours"
Prós: "Helpful crew"
Contras: "Foi ótimo"
Prós: "Crew speaking french"
Contras: "Check in process is a disaster. The passenger is asked to even weight the luggage to be said by the machine to gonto a counter without good reason: the only thing missing with LATAM is to pilote the plane. Awful."
Prós: "Aeromoça educada e atenciosa"
Contras: "O overhead bin muito pequeno para a mala de mão, comida péssima, e no desembarque uma mala chegou rápido e a outra depois de mais de uma hora. Outro voo que chegou 40min depois já estava com malas entregues"
Contras: "I paid U$100,00 to dispatch a piece of luggage and it did not arrived."
Prós: "Close to nothing. If i had to applaud something it would be the fact that you have an option to check in early via your mobile or laptop."
Contras: "LATAM was incredibly unprofessional, alarming, and entirely non-communicative. After a 3 hour delay that caused me (and tons of others) to miss a connecting international flight, LATAM’s telephone servers had the nerve to claim I was a no show and needed to pay them for my absence. This resulted in a long discussion where I was held on hold until they could adequately determine that yes i missed the flight because they held us late. This was the only way that i was able to avoid their charge to me for being a “no show.”"
Contras: "The boarding in Rio de Janeiro was great, the land crew was very helpful. In Lima it was below par, the crew was not helpful at all, and no warnings or communications to when to board. Had to wait an hour inside the plane for some sort of maintenance."
Contras: "Menos tiempo en las escalas"
Prós: "Crew"
Contras: "Everithing else"
Prós: "O embarque aconteceu de maneira rápida e o voo saiu no horário."
Contras: "Conforto entre acentos é ruim, e a não opção de troca de acento durante o check-in a não ser pagando pela troca, mesmo para acentos padrões é ruim, principalmente para quem viaja acompanhado."
Contras: "The flight was delayed more than an hour. The seating is super uncomfortable, a small sandwich is all we got for an almost 4 hour flight plus the delay. No entertainment on board makes it a killer. I will no longer be booking any flights with LatAm."
Prós: "the crew was realy great and everything was very good."

Reserve passagens baratas para as Filipinas

Ofertas recentes de voos de ida e volta

2 escalasEthiopian Air
29h 45mGRU-MNL
2 escalasEthiopian Air
30h 35mMNL-GRU
R$ 6.523
2 escalasEthiopian Air
29h 45mGRU-MNL
2 escalasEthiopian Air
30h 35mMNL-GRU
R$ 6.539
2 escalasEthiopian Air
29h 45mGRU-MNL
2 escalasEthiopian Air
30h 35mMNL-GRU
R$ 6.860
2 escalasEthiopian Air
29h 45mGRU-MNL
2 escalasEthiopian Air
30h 35mMNL-GRU
R$ 6.892
2 escalasEthiopian Air
29h 45mGRU-MNL
2 escalasEthiopian Air
30h 50mMNL-GRU
R$ 6.903
2 escalasEthiopian Air
29h 45mGRU-MNL
2 escalasEthiopian Air
30h 50mMNL-GRU
R$ 6.913
2 escalasANA
36h 05mGRU-MNL
2 escalasANA
33h 05mMNL-GRU
R$ 7.784
2 escalasANA
36h 05mGRU-MNL
2 escalasANA
35h 00mMNL-GRU
R$ 7.958
2 escalasANA
36h 05mGRU-MNL
2 escalasANA
55h 00mMNL-GRU
R$ 8.111
2 escalasANA
36h 05mGRU-MNL
2 escalasANA
53h 50mMNL-GRU
R$ 8.138
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 35mGIG-MNL
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
49h 25mMNL-GIG
R$ 8.285
1 escalaQatar Airways
33h 00mGRU-CEB
1 escalaQatar Airways
27h 45mCEB-GRU
R$ 8.338
2 escalasKLM
36h 30mGRU-MNL
2 escalasKLM
32h 05mMNL-GRU
R$ 8.343
2 escalasKLM
36h 30mGRU-MNL
2 escalasKLM
32h 05mMNL-GRU
R$ 8.359
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
53h 05mGRU-MNL
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
53h 50mMNL-GRU
R$ 8.380
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
53h 35mGRU-MNL
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
53h 50mMNL-GRU
R$ 8.391
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
53h 05mGRU-MNL
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
53h 50mMNL-GRU
R$ 8.396
2 escalasKLM
36h 30mGRU-MNL
2 escalasKLM
32h 15mMNL-GRU
R$ 8.428
1 escalaQatar Airways
32h 25mGRU-CRK
1 escalaQatar Airways
26h 35mCRK-GRU
R$ 8.539
1 escalaQatar Airways
26h 55mGRU-CEB
1 escalaQatar Airways
27h 45mCEB-GRU
R$ 8.554

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida

2 escalasEthiopian Air
30h 05mGRU-MNL
R$ 4.438
2 escalasEthiopian Air
30h 05mGRU-MNL
R$ 4.449
2 escalasEthiopian Air
30h 05mGRU-MNL
R$ 4.734
2 escalasEthiopian Air
29h 45mGRU-MNL
R$ 4.781
1 escalaEthiopian Air
30h 05mGRU-MNL
R$ 4.908
1 escalaEthiopian Air
30h 05mGRU-MNL
R$ 5.256
1 escalaQatar Airways
32h 25mGRU-CRK
R$ 5.356
1 escalaEthiopian Air
30h 05mGRU-MNL
R$ 5.367
1 escalaQatar Airways
26h 20mGRU-CRK
R$ 5.620
1 escalaQatar Airways
24h 20mGRU-MNL
R$ 5.647
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
30h 40mGRU-MNL
R$ 5.847
1 escalaQatar Airways
39h 10mGRU-MNL
R$ 5.911
1 escalaQatar Airways
32h 55mGRU-MNL
R$ 5.916
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
31h 25mGRU-MNL
R$ 6.196
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 05mGRU-MNL
R$ 6.232
1 escalaQatar Airways
33h 05mGRU-MNL
R$ 6.322
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
26h 45mGIG-MNL
R$ 6.396
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
31h 30mSDU-MNL
R$ 6.396
1 escalaEmirates
27h 50mGRU-MNL
R$ 6.918
3 escalasKLM
57h 40mGRU-MNL
R$ 10.122

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Voos para as Filipinas

Ofertas de voo de volta:

Filipinas - Brasil

Classe de cabine:

R$ 100.184
R$ 45.885
R$ 26.408
R$ 5.608

Descubra aeroportos de origem:

R$ 13.383
R$ 10.729
R$ 13.631
R$ 8.206
R$ 21.230
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Descubra destinos:

R$ 8.539
R$ 8.539
R$ 14.702
R$ 10.043
R$ 8.206
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