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Miami, FL, Estados Unidos
21 out — 28 out
Miami, FL, Estados Unidos
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R$ 307/diaEconômico
R$ 297/diaCompacto
R$ 345/diaMédio
R$ 335/diaStandard
R$ 315/diaNormal
R$ 451/diaMinivan
R$ 473/diaSUV tamanho completo
R$ 333/diaPremium
R$ 547/diaLuxo
R$ 581/diaConversível
R$ 434/diaSUV compacto
R$ 434/diaStation wagon standard
R$ 457/diaSUV intermediário
R$ 814/diaSUV standard


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Avaliação geral7.1 BomBaseado em 296 avaliações
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Prós:Almost one hour wait to get car Line for return/drop offAvaliado em 29 jan 2021
avaliação dekayak
Didnt happenPrós:Didn't happen, they didn't take either of my cards and we were told to go elsewhere which were much more accomadatingContras:I didn't like there customer serviceAvaliado em 20 jun 2017
avaliação dekayak
Tidy companyPrós:Good rental experience. Great car. Easy pickup and dropoff. Advisor very calm and polite.Contras:Car was a bit dirty outside and inside.Avaliado em 13 abr 2016
avaliação dekayak
Prós:Staff need customer service trainingContras:If you are charging a $200 deposit it needs to be stated in contract and not at counter when you pick vehicle upAvaliado em 6 dez 2020
avaliação dekayak
Prós:Very quick car return.Contras:If you aren't familiar with the way to get to the rental car facility, it could be a little frustrating. A little pricey, as well.Avaliado em 16 dez 2020
avaliação dekayak
Lots of hidden chargesContras:First of all, the building isn't marked very well. The GPS, Google Streetview, Google Maps, etc. all took us to the back of a huge glass buildings with no markings or indications of exactly what that building is, nor directions of how to get to the front of it. No fault of Dollar, or the other rental agencies in there, but this added at least ten minutes to our Uber ride as our driver was equally confused. Having an odd address number only added to the confusion as the businesses on the opposite side of the street were all odd numbers as well. Secondly, all of the hidden charges doubled the advertised price.Avaliado em 21 nov 2018
avaliação dekayak
Prós:Dollar Car Rental had reservation filed, check out at Front Counter was prompt except for...Contras:Salesperson added daily insurance charges of $30 per day to my reservation even though I had told him that I did not need it (I'm covered through my personal car insurance and credit card benefits), he also was pushing road toll charges of $10 per day which I declined and was not included. When I went to pick up the car, there was no one to assist you to find it, everyone that was there was scrambling to find their rental cars on their own, after a lengthy checkout process at exit stop (20 minutes) I got a car that: had over 40K miles, transmission problem with first gears and highway speeds, a flat tire on a Saturday which I had to fix myself since customer service could not pick up call because they were closed. There was no service until the next working day, a Tuesday since it was a Monday Holiday weekend. Everyone I spoke to upon returning vehicle refused to take my complaint as a report and was told by a manager that my contract was binding and that I was responsible for all charges incurred. This rental car experienced greatly diminished my vacation experience while seeing some family members.Avaliado em 28 fev 2017
avaliação dekayak
Unprecedented Detriment to TravelContras:Waited in counter-line for slightly longer than "usual" for car rental. Was then sent to garage where no-one guided ANY customers regarding what they should do. After a short while I sought out someone in uniform who informed me that we were to have given our paperwork to they or another representative to garner our "place in line" as there was no-one in the reception booth. I went around assisting customers who were simply confused and did not speak the language so that they were not forgotten/passed-over. After being told numerous times we would be taken care of in "10-15 minutes" I asked why we were waiting for over an hour and twenty minutes. The woman who appeared to be "in charge" informed me that I had "rented the wrong type of vehicle." To this I asked how reserving a luxury vehicle was "my fault" and the response I received was, "Maybe you like I give you economy car?" I do not engage in threats nor confrontations so I then went upstairs and spoke with Imrahn who was very surprised that I was still there. He summoned the manager and instructed me to meet him downstairs. I did so and waited. Imrahn then politely informed me that it would be a long time before the car that I had reserved would be available. This 1.75-2.0 hour debacle disrupted the travel plans of seven people. Never have I experienced this level of lacking performance or unprofessional/inappropriate behavior (garage staff, not counter) in any form of rental experience. I honestly cannot believe that an entire day was ruined due to scheduling that had buffers built-in but were unrecoverable with such a ridiculous delay. Please feel free to ask Imrahn what my behavior consisted of before making any assumptions that I/we were what I refer to as the typical "impossible to please" travelers.Avaliado em 7 mar 2017
avaliação dekayak
Poorly organized, unfair and extremely slow pickup processPrós:Nothing - an overall unpleasant experienceContras:It took over 90 minutes for Dollar Rent A Car to bring my rental car to me from somewhere off-site I presume at Miami International Airport which is unacceptable. Others waited similar amounts of time to receive their rental car and this seemed to be normal operating procedure, which I had never experienced before. Dollar Rent A Car did not bring up rental cars in the order that customers delivered their rental slips to the receiver personnel, which meant that while some people waited over 90 minutes, many others walked up handed their rental slip to the receiver and received their vehicle within a matter of a few minutes, which is unacceptable and unfair.Avaliado em 18 jul 2017
avaliação dekayak
Misleading Prices & Awful ServicePrós:The car was fine, although we didn't get to pick it out.Contras:-We were quoted $10/day but the price almost quadrupled once we got on site due to mandatory hidden fees. -Service reps sold us toll tags that were never explained. -Outbound Service Rep instructed us that we HAD to have a receipt for refilling the tank WITHIN TEN MILES of our dropoff location or we'd be charged more than $10/gallon. After spending 45 minutes searching the nearest gas station to the Orlando Airport, the dropoff location quickly tossed the receipt without so much as looking at it or asking for one.Avaliado em 26 mar 2016
avaliação dekayak
Prós:The staff was very friendly and the pick up and drop off was very easy and convenient...Contras:The cleanliness inside was completely undesirable and scary....Chips between the seats, seates on front passenger side sticky as well ad steering wheel...Foot print on dashboard and front windshield and sand every where in the car including seat, shifter area and dashboard console areas too..Just about everywhere..being the times of Covid-19 it was surprising to get a vehicle that dirt, fortunately I had a pack of hand sanitizer wipes that my wife had pack to disinfect the car and wipe everything down befor I drove off. Spent 30 minutes just clean the seats to put my backpack down and used a remaining wipes to clean and disinfect the vehicle. I'm a Hurst car rental and was a bit disappointed of there sister companies cleanliness ethics...Avaliado em 20 fev 2021
avaliação dekayak
Contras:Whole experience was perfectAvaliado em 29 nov 2020
avaliação dekayak

Onde posso alugar um carro com a Dollar em Miami?

3900 Nw 25th Street, Aluguel de carros no Dollar


3900 Nw 25th Street


Segunda-feira05:00 - 23:59
Terça-feira05:00 - 23:59
Quarta-feira05:00 - 23:59
Quinta-feira05:00 - 23:59
Sexta-feira05:00 - 23:59
Sábado05:00 - 23:59
Domingo05:00 - 23:59


+1 866 434 2226


3900 Nw 25th St


Segunda-feira08:00 - 15:00
Terça-feira08:00 - 15:00
Quarta-feira08:00 - 15:00
Quinta-feira08:00 - 15:00
Sexta-feira08:00 - 15:00
Sábado08:00 - 15:00
Domingo08:00 - 15:00


+1 305 894 5050

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3900 Nw 25th Street

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Preço médio

R$ 169/dia

Boa oferta

R$ 137/dia

Dicas importantes para alugar um carro da Dollar em Miami

  • 25% dos nossos usuários encontraram carros para alugar na Dollar em Miami por R$ 137 ou menos
  • Reserve seu carro na Miami em Dollar pelo menos 1 dia antes da viagem para garantir um preço abaixo da média
  • Os carros do tipo Médio na Dollar em Miami são, em média, 11% mais baratos do que outros tipos de carros

Perguntas frequentes sobre o aluguel de um carro da Dollar em Miami

  • Um aluguel de carro com a Dollar em Miami custa, em média, R$ 169 por dia.

  • O tipo de carro mais reservado com a Dollar em Miami é Médio (Hyundai Elantra ou similar).

  • A Dollar tem 2 agências em Miami. Confira nosso mapa de agências da Dollar para encontrar os melhores carros para alugar perto de você.

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