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  • Procurando passagens baratas para Hoedspruit? 25% dos nossos usuários encontraram passagens para Hoedspruit por preços iguais ou inferiores a: Ida e volta de São Paulo por R$ 9.884
  • A alta temporada ocorre nos meses de janeiro, fevereiro e dezembro. O mês mais barato para voar de Brasil é janeiro.
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Qatar AirwaysPontuação geral com base em 11746 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Embarque não respeitam o cartão de fidelidade q tem prioridade são confusos e não adianta explicar .

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Embarque não respeitam o cartão de fidelidade q tem prioridade são confusos e não adianta explicar .

Atrasou os

Kayak canceled and re- issued my ticket at the last minute so my seating got messed up. They did it without my permission

Would have been good if we left on time. I understand that some delays cannot be helped but there was also a delay of my flight going home to Manila. These delays made me worry about whether or not I will make it to my connecting flight or do I have to just keep running again?

Excelente opção para rotas para a Asia

A quality of airline is determined on how they handle things when something goes wrong. My 1st flight was delayed by 5 hrs and I missed my connection. This was applicable to all connecting passengers on the flight. There was no communication on what was going on. It would have been helpful if somebody made an announcement that they are working on rebooking and asking us to be patient. There was a mad dash at the rebooking counter with almost 200 passengers crowding around 3 booking agents. There was no crowd management. The message I got from them was inconsistent as well. Just a total mess. When things go well, Qatar is a great airline, but when things don't go well... they absolutely suck. I had a 14 hour layover in Doha because of Qatar's fault and they did not provide hotel stay and I was business class passenger who payed top dollar for this shitty service.

My TV screen was freezing, it was hard to navigate. Everything else was just excellent.

Prós: "The crew was super attentive. The seats were really confortable. I loved that the seat would completely flatten to make a « bed », wonderfully for sleeping!"
Contras: "The check in and boarding in Kathmandu was really not good. I requested wheelchair assistance when I booked, and was never offered a wheelchair nor any assistance for that matter ..."
Prós: "The crew was really sweet and making sure passengers were comfortable."
Prós: "O vôo foi tranquilo, sem problemas ou imprevistos."
Contras: "A comunicação e orientações poderiam ser em meu idioma, mesmo que fosse uma gravação eletrônica, incluindo o menu da alimentação e o check in no balcão."
Prós: "The portion for LAX to Doha was fairly comfortable and crew was helpful.. they kept running out of meal options by the time they reached us mid flight .. Doha to Bengaluru portion was less classy— the TV/ remotes etc didn’t work well and overall service not as good .."
Prós: "Seat comfortable"
Prós: "Excellent food choices, multiple meals, very fast boarding process, comfortable seats that recline much more than US domestic flights"
Contras: "My movie was a bit dicey, but thankfully I wanted to sleep anyway"
Prós: "Good flight"
Prós: "Everything alright"
Contras: "As with all economy seating...it is cramped"
Contras: "Delayed by 1 hout"
Prós: "The customer service and food were excellent."
Contras: "Next time I will fly business class for more space and comfort."
Prós: "Tripulação muito atenciosa"
Contras: "Nao funcionou a tv"
Contras: "Lights did not work, so diner was guessing whats was in the tray"
Prós: "Não há nada a comparar com a Qatar, atualmente."
Prós: "Service"
Prós: "The crew were very friendly"
Contras: "I was made to gate check my hand luggage."
Prós: "Great crew and food served was nice for airline food."
Contras: "You need to bring a snack with you. This is a 16 hour flight and there is a long time between their food services. 2 meals and one snach"
Prós: "Servico espetacular"
Prós: "It is so far a cut above the American carriers. There’s no way to compare them, because Qatar Airways is so far superior. The seats are far more comfortable and larger, the amount of legroom is far superior, you have much more personal space, and the craft is cleaner. Flight Attendants are fantastic! They provide excellent personal care, and are there for everything. They are supremely polite and courteous, and bring things in mediately. Very often anticipating your needs. This is what flying used to be like on United and American. But those people have completely forgotten what service is. Qatar is a 5 star airline. United and American, to my view, are 2 star at best."
Contras: "food options exhausted pls tell ground catering to provide more food"
Prós: "We carefully taken care . The Hotess were alright"
Contras: "Their food are ok"
Prós: "Entertainment system good,"
Contras: "Boarding was late, seating very cramped."
Prós: "Boarding was smooth; Plane was clean; Flight departed on time;"
Contras: "Flight arrived late for no obvious reason; Crew was good but not as good as what I have experienced in the past with Qatar and other airlines"
Prós: "Nice touches like the giddy bag of toiletries and air freshener in the bathroom. I appreciated the multiple food offers"
Contras: "I would like more healthy food sides likes vegetables. There were a lot of carbs"
Contras: "I requested a chicken meal and I told the steward that I would wait because he did not have anymore at that moment. He never came back until it was time to pick up trash. I proceeded to tell him I never got the main course, he apologized and told me that there was only an egg entree left. I went ahead and took it, then as a way to apologize he offered to get me a piece of fruit, a banana. I accepted but he never came back with it. It was not a big deal but I did not appreciate being offered something and then no follow up. Next time do not offer something and then not follow through."
Contras: "Leg rooml"
Prós: "Crew was very friendly"
Prós: "business cabin nearly empty. comfortable seats"
Contras: "Expensive WiFi"
Prós: "The flight from Doha to Beirut was not fully booked, we could move easily."
Contras: "I have requested seafood for my meals. Unfortunately I was told that no such request was mentioned on the list as special meal. Overall the food was okay, we had 2 small pieces of beef in one meal, the two salads has no taste and the sandwich was too salty. A passenger who sat next to my husband snored all the time and leaned a bit over my husband as he was heavy."
Prós: "Excellent on board staff"
Prós: "O serviço de bordo da Qatar é muito bom."
Contras: "O lounge de Guarulhos é muito simples, poderiam melhorar."
Prós: "Cabin crew service is excellent. Food is very nice. Safe travel."
Contras: "Little bit congested."
Prós: "Atendimento muito bom melhor que outras companhias, Qatar faz diferença"
Prós: "Plane was clean and modern. Staff was very courteous. An overall pleasant flight."
Prós: "Very affordable flights, good value for money. Most of the journey from Sydney to Oslo (via Doha) went qiluite smoothly)."
Contras: "The only thing I didn’t like about the experience was the fact that you can only check in one piece of luggage on economy class, and one very sour individual at the gate when boarding."
Prós: "Flight was good n easy"
Contras: "My flight was delayed almksr 3 hours...nothing more. It's very frustrating because the problem could have been avoided if they were more careful but oh well. I'm making this review very short compared to my others because I know that if I start on a rant, I won't stop. Trust me, I'll safe that for the phone call complaint I'll be making in a few hours..."
Prós: "I am always glad to see a working USB port for charging mobile devices on these 12+ hour flights and was not disappointed here. The list of movies was long. Also positive was the tallest headrest I have experienced in coach."
Contras: "The seat are thinly padded and felt close together, making the already long flight feel even more fatiguing."
Prós: "I havn't flown a lot of international flights, but Qatar Airways is now my favorite"
Prós: "Cabin crew including the ground staff were awesome in providing best of its class customer service. Food and entertainment onboard was really good."
Contras: "The flight from Sao Paulo to Doha was canceled which delayed our travel by 24 hrs. With the baggage being mis-labeled from Rio we almost lost our bags. the crew was not communicative and the entire experience terribly stressful."
Contras: "Food."
Prós: "Ground crew was helpful On Time Flight Clean aircraft Good food"
Contras: "seat was not much comfortable"

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Voos para Hoedspruit


Hoedspruit (HDS)África do Sul

Classe de cabine:

R$ 8.174

Descubra aeroportos de origem:

R$ 12.180

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R$ 12.180